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Shopping List For Golden Retriever Puppy

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Different Dogs Different Diets

SHOPPING FOR OUR PUPPY! What We Bought Our Golden Retriever Pup

Nutritional needs vary from breed to breed. One only needs to look at golden retrievers to know they require a different diet than a Chihuahua!

Large breeds have special requirements, and its important that they be met. For example, joint and bone problems are much more common in big dogs than in little ones, but choosing the right puppy food can reduce the risk.

Large-breed puppy food has reduced amounts of calcium and phosphorus, which helps control the rate of skeletal growth. Also, you may find puppy foods that contain glucosamine and chondroitin to support joint health and mobility.

With proper nutrition, you can lessen your dogs chances of developing conditions such as arthritis and hip dysplasia.

Other Food Alternatives For Goldens

Yes, cooking and feeding your Golden Retriever homemade food is a great way to give him the nutrition levels your dog needs to live a healthy, allergy-free life.

As a Golden dog parent, your number one priority is to ensure that all the ingredients used are safe to eat and that your Goldens nutritional requirements are met with every meal.

Remember, switching your Goldens food to homemade from kibble is a slow process and should be done progressively. You need to consider factors like your Goldens eating history, weight, and overall health before giving homemade food to your pet.

Can golden retrievers be vegetarian? Yes. If your Golden Retriever has food allergies, digestive issues, or any other food/health-related issue, vegan dog food might be a great alternative to explore.

Additional Costs To Consider

Not all dog owners will need these services, but they can be costly if you need them regularly. If you think youll need them, go ahead and budget for them and add the costs to the total figures.

Dog Walking

Golden Retrievers are active and sporting dogs, so they need to be exercised for at least an hour every day. Not all families can commit to this every day. Either through work commitments or because of an unexpected injury yourself. This means youll need to hire a dog walker to keep your Golden exercised and healthy.

Dog walkers will charge, on average, $20 for a group walk lasting 30 minutes. Longer or one-to-one walks cost more. Some owners find that they are better off going to doggy daycare instead. This will typically cost around $25, and it can be a great way to keep your dog healthy and socialized.


The best asset of a Golden Retrievers appearance is its golden coat, and it can take a fair bit of work to keep it looking pretty. For this reason, some owners prefer to send their pooch to a professional groomer every few months. This is more likely to be a must rather than a want if you have a show dog.

Grooming costs depend on the groomers experience, the dog breed, the level of service you need, and your pups behavior. If your dog doesnt enjoy grooming, it will cost more because it takes longer, and there is more risk for the groomer. Typically, the cost of grooming a Golden will cost around $70.


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Golden Retriever Puppy Handbook

Getting everything you need will help you physically prepare for your puppy, but you also need to mentally prepare for your puppy.

This book will help you know exactly what to do before you bring your puppy home, how to handle the first month , and how to handle the common problem behaviors youre likely to run into.

Get the Golden Retriever Puppy Handbook here.

License And Microchip Your Pet

Golden Retriever Puppies

If your puppy ever gets loose or lost a fate we dont wish on anyone, but it happens to the best of us a microchip will make it much more likely that youre reunited with your canine companion. Though its not a feature of all pet insurance plans, Pumpkin Pet Insurance plans cover microchip implantation. Once your puppy is microchipped, register and license your puppy and be sure to include its chip number on your files.

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Did The Breeder Request A Meeting And Interview

A good breeder will ask you questions. In fact, theyll ask you lots of questions.

Passionate breeders want to be sure that their puppies are going to good homes and will be taken care of for years to come. Its not uncommon for them to request that you come to visit their facilities in person and conduct an interview so they can get to know you better.

Some common questions may include:

  • Why do you want a dog?
  • Do you have the time to meet your puppys needs?
  • What is your daily work or school schedule like?
  • Who is responsible for this dogs care?

Additionally, visiting the facility in person will give you a good idea of how the breeder takes care of its dogs. A healthy kennel should be clean, have dog-friendly flooring, plenty of pens, fresh water, and staff members actively on the scene. There should also be plenty of ventilation, doors, and windows.

Snowy Pines facility is located on a 120-acre property in the heart of the Ozark Mountains. They encourage visitors at any time so that prospective families can see just how they operate, even behind closed doors.

The New Puppy Checklist: Essentials For New Pet Parents

  • This review contains affiliate links. Read more here.

Congratulations on your new puppy! Youve made the decision to add a dog to your home, youre ready to go get your furry bundle of joy, and now youre wondering, Okay, whats next? Were here to help. Our new puppy checklist covers everything youll need to prepare for your new best friend.

This checklist isnt just for puppies, eitherthese tips are useful if youre adopting an older dog, too.

From health and safetyitems to training and grooming tools and even essential servicesweve rounded up the best products and information for your new puppy. And to help you budget, weve estimated the total cost for these items as well. According to our research for the cost of dog parenthood, bringing a new dog home with all the supplies can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $4,450.

Read on to get the ultimate scoop and start ticking off those boxes.

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Do Your Research: Important Things To Consider

Unfortunately, not all breeders are the same. Many breeders out there dont prioritize their dogs health and happiness and are simply in the industry to make money.

But good breeders care about their puppies and will be certified, offer a guarantee or return policy, request an in-person interview, and be open to contact after youve brought your puppy home.

Does High Cost Mean High Quality

13 Things You Need For Your New Golden Retriever Puppy

By contrast, costlier dog foods usually have higher-quality ingredients. The scales will be tipped heavily in favor of high-grade animal protein sources and fillers will be few and far between.

Price is not, however, a guarantee of quality. Check the ingredients list to see whats inside before you make your decision.

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Have Your First Wellness Visit With Your Vet

Once youve found a great vet, its time to book your first wellness appointment and get your puppy vaccinated. While not insurance, Pumpkins Preventive Essentials Pack for Puppies is an easy optional add-on you can buy with your insurance plan to get a full refund for one wellness visit exam fee in the first year, any four puppy vaccines you and your vet choose, and one fecal poop test to screen for intestinal worms. This can make it easier to plan and pay for routine wellness expenses your puppy needs.

Heres what to remember on your first veterinary visit:

  • Bring all your paperwork from any prior veterinary visits your puppy may have had. You may need to acquire these from your puppys rescue, shelter, or breeder, depending on where you got them.
  • Let your vet know what food youre feeding your puppy, as well as what treats and any and all supplements you may be giving them.

There are also other procedures your puppy may need, Dr. Woodnutt advises. Depending on your pups worming regime up to now, they may also need worming. I generally advise worming pups every two weeks until they are 12 weeks old, but this varies between regions depending on disease risks, she says. Flea and tick prevention may also be necessary, depending on your area and the time of year.

For a wellness visit, Dr. Claudine Sievert, DVM, says you can expect your vet to check in on the following for your puppy:

Learn How To Spot A Good Golden Retriever Breeder

Its a good idea to buy a puppy from a reputable breeder. This helps to avoid lack of health test certificates, poorly puppies, and other disappointments.

Home bred puppies can be very nice if the owners have taken the trouble to health test and raise their puppies responsibly. Whatever you do, avoid puppy mills and pet stores.

Reputable breeders will treat their own dogs well. Their dogs and puppies will be healthy, with all the up to date vaccinations needed, and no signs of problems like fleas, skin issues, or malnourishment.

Good breeders like this will care whether their puppies are going to the best homes. So, expect lots of questions from a reputable breeder.

The best breeders will answer all questions you have, and wont mind you spending some time with the puppies and parent dogs.

They will also be able to show you proof of health testing, and provide you with all of the relevant documents that you need.

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House Train Your Puppy

Here comes the really hard stuff! House training a puppy isnt easy, but its rewarding! Some house-training tips from Dr. Sievert:

  • If you are considering getting a new puppy, having an older, well-behaved dog around can help a younger dog understand the rules of the household. Because dogs are pack animals, the older dog will naturally take the role of the pack leader, and the younger dog will mimic their behavior.
  • Puppies eat four to five times a day. 10 minutes after their meal they usually have to go potty. That is when you need to put them on the potty pad. Use the same potty pad several times, so they can associate the smell with the action of peeing/pooping.
  • Once they get their vaccinations, you can start taking them out after their meals. Walking will promote intestinal mobility and they will most likely poop. Make sure to have the same walking schedule every day.

What To Think About Before Getting A Puppy

Were Going Shopping: Golden Retriever Puppy Rides in Cart

Before you decide that a puppy is the best pet for you, or before you get your heart set on a particular breed, theres lots of things you need to consider. Its essential to make sure that a puppy is the right pet for you and your family, as taking on a pet is a huge commitment. Remember, your puppy will soon turn into a beautiful adult dog who will hopefully be with your family for many happy years.

Youll need to make sure you can meet your puppys 5 Welfare Needs, providing everything they need to be happy and healthy and youll need to make sure you can continue to do so as their needs change throughout their lives. Heres some things to carefully consider before you make a decision:

When looking into getting a puppy, you’ll also need to carefully consider where you get your new four-legged friend from remember that this can have a big impact on their health and wellbeing.

If you’re buying a puppy from a breeder, beware of puppy farms and get to know the signs so you can recognise one when doing your research. We’d recommend using the puppy contract to help you find your perfect pup from a good and responsible breeder. For pedigree puppies, you can also look at finding a Kennel Club Assured breeder, as they need to meet higher standards.

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Feeding Schedules And Guides

Small puppies need small and frequent meals. As a rough guide:

  • Four meals a day until three months
  • Three meals a day until six months
  • Two meals a day until one year

Many people worry a lot about getting food quantities and schedules exactly right and want to know how many ounces or grams of puppy food to give their Goldie pup at each stage of their lives.

You can find all this and more in our guide:

Try not to worry too much it isnt an exact science!

Golden Retriever Puppy Zoomies

At first, it might not seem like zoomies should be anything to worry about. But all puppy owners can tell you just how destructive these random bursts of energy can be.

Especially with a relatively large breed like the Golden Retriever.

In fact, it can lead to broken ornaments, ripped fabric, muddy pawprints all over the house, and knocked over children. It can be quite distressing for new puppy parents!

Running after your puppy can often make this worse as it seems like a fun game to your puppy.

Instead, encourage calm behavior by rewarding your puppy when theyre relaxing peacefully.

You wont be able to avoid the zoomies altogether, but you can try to minimise them by ignoring this behavior and rewarding calmness.

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Put Away Medicines And Cleaning Supplies

You want to make sure your puppy wont get its paws on anything that can kill it, and a big issue with puppies is medication and cleaning supplies. Both of these types of substances can kill a dog that ingests them. So, keep your medications and cleaning supplies high up in cupboards or include childproof latches if the cabinets are on the dogs level.

Golden Retrievers And Children

Golden Retriever Puppy First Week Home – Professional Dog Training Tips

If you have a young family then Golden Retrievers can be fantastic with children. If socialised properly from a young age, Retrievers can be quite calm and tolerant. While they usually have a great temperament, its best to always supervise your dog with children.

As puppies, its normal for Retrievers to be mouthy, which means they have a tendency to nip and play bite. This is especially true when theyre teething. Although they dont mean this in an aggressive way, its best to use positive training techniques to let them know that biting you can be sore and isnt a fun game. That way, when theyre adults theyll know this isnt a good way to play with humans or other dogs.

Always supervise children and vulnerable adults with your Golden Retriever and make sure you can recognise the signs of unhappiness or anxiety in your dog to help avoid any conflicts. As with every breed, you should always teach children how to approach and play with dogs with care and kindness, to prevent any issues.

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What About Training Courses

You can also get a start on training by enrolling your Golden puppy into a training course.

These are available in person, but also online. You could attend a group class, or hire a personal dog trainer to work with you individually.

There are plenty of books and resources available for all dog owners to buy, too.

Take a look at Pippa Mattinsons online training courses here.

These are a great way for you to learn the best training methods whilst your dog is learning all of the key commands to keep him safe and happy.

A Durable Rope Leash With A Padded Handle So Even If Your Golden Is A Tugger Your Hand Won’t Get Hurt Or Strained

Promising review: “Purchased the two pack for my one old golden retrievers so comfortable to hold onto, and they seem to do better walking with it! I was actually quite shocked by the quality it’s excellent! Ive had so many people ask where I got it such a great price!” Kirsten


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Golden Retriever Puppy Supplies: Dog Beds

  • Kuranda Bed: We love and recommend this aluminum heavy duty bed. This is a raised cot-like bed that is cool and comfortable. We train our older puppies to go to a Kuranda Bed with a place command and use one to start training the stay command. There is a new Kuranda Bed that we have not tried ourselves but it looks amazing. It is a raised cot like the aluminum bed that we have loved for years but it is sized to fit perfectly into a crate!
  • We have purchased both the aluminum as well as the less-expensive PVC Kuranda beds. Though the company says that the PVC beds are for dogs up to 125 pounds, they dont hold up for heavy use with a Golden. Our aluminum beds still look brand new but our PVC beds are starting to warp a little after a few years. We like the Ballistic Nylon fabric which has held up for us for several years. The large is the correct size for both boy and girl Goldens.
  • Orvis Memory Foam Dog Bed: We recommend this if you want a soft cushy bed for your dog. We have two of them and they are as comfortable as many human beds. We have the extra-large size but a large would be plenty big enough for a girl.

    What Is The First Thing You Should Train Your Puppy To Do

    Baby dogs, Golden retriever, Retriever puppy

    Potty training and crate training are the first two things I teach my puppy.


    Its imperative that our service dog puppies do not have accidents in the house or any indoor establishments since they will be out and about in the public with their owners/partners.

    A crate is an essential tool for all puppies. Its a place where your puppy can go and feel safe. Its also a place you can have your puppy go to give yourself a break.

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