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How To Find A Good Golden Retriever Breeder

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Golden Retriever Club Of Americas Website


The first place to look is the website of the Golden Retriever Club of America. Under Puppy Referral is a list of contact people by state. They will give referrals for breeders who adhere to the code of ethics the Golden Retriever Club has established and that have puppies that meet the standards of the American Kennel Club. This site also has helpful information about Golden Retrievers.

Learn How To Spot A Good Golden Retriever Breeder

Its a good idea to buy a puppy from a reputable breeder. This helps to avoid lack of health test certificates, poorly puppies, and other disappointments.

Home bred puppies can be very nice if the owners have taken the trouble to health test and raise their puppies responsibly. Whatever you do, avoid puppy mills and pet stores.

Reputable breeders will treat their own dogs well. Their dogs and puppies will be healthy, with all the up to date vaccinations needed, and no signs of problems like fleas, skin issues, or malnourishment.

Good breeders like this will care whether their puppies are going to the best homes. So, expect lots of questions from a reputable breeder.

The best breeders will answer all questions you have, and wont mind you spending some time with the puppies and parent dogs.

They will also be able to show you proof of health testing, and provide you with all of the relevant documents that you need.

Do You Really Want An English Golden Retriever

We, as breeders of the imported lines are of course partial to them. However, as the demand for the English lines has increased, more and more unscrupulous breeders have come on the scene touting their English Cream Golden Retrievers or White Golden Retrievers. More and more unscrupulous eastern European and Russian breeders have started catering to these American breeders wanting to get on the English Cream Band Wagon.

Because so many American breeding dogs are treated the same as livestock, hardly any good breeder in Europe will sell indiscriminately to Americans. This has opened the door for eastern Europeans to make money off of both the dishonest American breeders as well as those who dont know better. In todays breeding climate, it is difficult for breeders in America to get dogs from England or western Europe. These are where the truly great dogs are from and these breeders will only sell to those who have a proven breeding record or a solid relationship.

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Golden Retriever Grooming Need

Due to their double-coat, Golden Retrievers do need regular brushing. They are major shedders and daily brushing can help reduce the amount of hair found around the house. During the changing of the seasons, it can be a good idea to get them professionally groomed and get their undercoat blown out. This can help reduce the shedding at home. Regular tooth brushing is ideal and helps maintain a dogâs oral health. It is also important to regularly clean a Goldenâs ears, especially if they go swimming. Monthly nail trims should also be done.

How To Find A Reputable Breeder

How To Buy A Golden Retriever Puppy

Now that youre prepared with all of this knowledge on how to spot a good breeder, how do you actually find them?

One of the best ways is to go to a local club , email or call them, and ask them to refer you to a good breeder.

Another way is to ask your friends who have golden retrievers where they got them.

This is how we found our golden, Oliver.

A friend from church had a golden and we went over to their house and met him.

We instantly fell in love and decided we needed to get his brother.

You can also find breeders on Google, Facebook, or Instagram.

Obviously, youll want to thoroughly vet these breeders since you heard about them through their marketing efforts and not their breeding achievements.

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Adorable Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale

You want a happy, healthy Golden Retriever puppy to join your family. Make sure theyve been bred and raised with the love and care we all deserve. The kind of attention that comes from caring breedersnot a puppy mill or pet store. Golden Retrievers are gentle with children, make great family pets and are easy to train. Its no surprise theyre one of the most popular puppies for sale in Ohio! Families trust us because of our high standards for breeders, the ability to meet our pups in person where they are raised, the ease of our adoption experience, and because we have the cutest Golden Retriever puppies youve ever seen.

Explore our goldmine of Golden Retrievers for sale near you and adopt your fur-ever friend today!

What You Should Expect From A Good Breeder

Contracts: Breeders should provide a companion puppy sales contract that details certain responsibilities of both the buyer and the breeder. Be sure to read and discuss the contract before committing to buy the puppy, and dont sign anything that you dont intend to follow.

Health Certifications : The Golden Retriever Club of Americas Code of Ethics strongly recommends that all breeding dogs have examinations by appropriate veterinary specialists and certifications indicating that the dog does not have hip or elbow dysplasia, or heritable heart or eye diseases. Its wise to verify that the sire and dam have these certifications by asking for their registration numbers and using the QuickSearch feature at For more information about heritable diseases, read Health Screenings for the Parents of a Litter

More on Health: No dog or line of dogs is genetically perfect, and conscientious breeders have investigated the health issues in their lines. Buyers should feel free to ask about any subjects of concern to them, and reputable breeders will voluntarily point out potential health risks . In fact, open disclosure of the lines negative information can be a mark of an honest, knowledgeable breeder.

AKC Limited Registration: Companion puppies are usually provided with Limited Registration, which means, among other things, that litters produced by that dog would not be eligible for AKC registration.

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Checking The Body Structure

  • 1View the size of the dog. Golden Retrievers are medium-sized dogs. Males are 2324 inches tall, weighing 6575 pounds , while females are 21.522.5 inches tall and weigh 5565 pounds .XTrustworthy SourceAmerican Kennel ClubThe American Kennel Club is a purebred dog pedigree registry in the United States. The AKC advocates for the responsible ownership of dogs and promotes purebred dog events, such as the Westminster Dog Show.Go to source
  • 2Check the ears. Golden Retrievers have rather short ears. The front edges are attached behind and just above the eyes.XResearch source The tips fall close to the dog’s cheeks and, if pulled over, should cover the eyes.XResearch source
  • 3Look at the eyes. A Golden Retriever’s eyes are medium-large, and they can be either medium or dark brown with dark eye rims.XResearch source They give the dog an intelligent, friendly expression.
  • 4See the dog’s tail. The tail of a Golden Retriever is thick and muscular at the base. It is carried level or moderately curved upward, though never curled or between the legs.XResearch source
  • 5Inspect the overall body structure. Golden Retrievers have a muscular build with a strong back and straight legs.XResearch source Their bodies are described as being symmetrical and well balanced, and they have a smooth, free gait.XResearch sourceAdvertisement
  • What Is Industrial Hygiene

    Dog Breeds : How to Select a Golden Retriever

    Industrial hygiene is the evaluation and control of hazards at workplace. This field could lead to illness or injury and help to ensure safety and health for workers. Industrial hygiene can help reduce the risk of injury and illness. The primary goal of occupational hygiene is to create an environment that is healthy for workers. It can also lead to better health. It is essential to know the workings of this field and how it can be kept current.

    Workplaces and employees are affected by a variety of hazards. Certain are biological while others are chemical. These factors can lead to hearing loss in a number of scenarios industrial hygiene. A small group of people can work to manage them, while other methods require the development of effective controls. Many organizations provide training and information on occupational hygiene. Some are not-for-profit, while others are a part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Additionally they help employees in their education and expertise.

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    What To Initially Look For In A Reputable Golden Retriever Breeder

    Reputable Golden Retriever Breeders should be open to any questions you may have with regards to Golden Retrievers, their breeding program and their puppies. Do not hesitate to have a list of questions to ask that will require the breeder to take some time out of their busy day to answer for you. A breeder should be just as committed to finding a good home for their puppies are you are to find a reputable breeder to purchase your puppy from.

    What should be the first thing you ask the breeder? You may want to start with what organizations the breeder is associated with. Most reputable Golden Retriever breeders are members of the Golden Retriever Club Of America . They may also be associated with local Golden clubs, kennel clubs or competition clubs. More important next to being a GRCA member would be is if the breeder also is or has been a member and volunteer of their local Golden Retriever Rescue.

    If a Breeder is not a member of either the Golden Retriever Club Of America, a local Golden Retriever Club or Golden Retriever Rescue, and has not been active in AKC competition events, you may want to look elsewhere at that point.

    How Do They Compare With Standard Golden Retrievers

    While the aim of Miniature Goldens was simply to create a dog that was a companion sized version of the standard Golden, there are a number of differences and similarities between them. This should be expected if you account for the Mini also having some Poodle characteristics.

    Theres no breed standard for the Mini Golden, but there is enough breeding activity at this point to accurately gauge some sort of average across the dogs.

    Heres how they compare.

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    Why Famn Damily Farm

    At Famn Damily Farm, our main focus is instilling a calm temperament. Our dogs get along wonderfully with children and kitties. We focus on the four major health clearances for eyes, heart, hips and elbows. We breed dogs that have no hot spots and do not need to have their anal glands drained. While our pups may be busy , we receive many phone calls, emails, cards and letters telling us how calm they are.

    When you come to see a pup, you will not find their parents in a cage. All of our dogs are members of our family. While we do have a large pen, our dogs are seldom in it. In fact, mom and dad will insist on meeting you. One of the Goldens’ greatest goals in life is making as many human friends as they possibly can. The majority of our clientele comes from referrals.

    When coming to pick up a pup, you may have the lucky chance to meet some of the friends of Famn Damily Farm, Phil and Kathy!

    When you come to see a pup, you will not find their parents in a cage. All of our dogs are members of our family. While we do have a large pen, our dogs are seldom in it. In fact, mom and dad will insist on meeting you. One of the Goldens’ greatest goals in life is making as many human friends as they possibly can. The majority of our clientele comes from referrals.

    When coming to pick up a pup, you may have the lucky chance to meet some of the friends of Famn Damily Farm, Phil and Kathy!

    History Of The Golden Retriever

    How To Find A Reputable Golden Retriever Breeder (And What ...

    Golden Retrievers were developed during the mid to late 1800s in Scotland. They were bred by the first Lord Tweedmouth, named Dudley Marjoribanks, to be bird dogs. Tweedmouth bred for the golden color in a time when yellow or gold-colored hunting dogs were unwanted. He picked the yellow unwanted puppies from Flat-Coated Retriever litters and bred them with other breeds to get the desired appearance. Their unique breeding also means that they have a soft mouth, or rather a mouth that will not bite hard, which allows them to carry a bird without injuring the body. A good demonstration of this can be seen in videos where Golden Retrievers carry eggs in their mouth without cracking the shell. Since their development, they have quickly become a popular breed across the world.

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    Are They Officially Recognized

    Miniature Golden Retrievers are not a member of the American Kennel Club but a certain mix of them is recognized by the Designer Dogs Kennel Club the Golden Retriever x Goldendoodle.

    Responsible breeders are clearly committed to work towards the recognition of the breed and the enforcement of best breeding practices for Mini Goldens/ small golden retrievers. This usually translates to puppies sold already neutered, microchipped, with an ID tag and a health certificate.

    As with any breed of dog, its imperative that you choose to buy from a reputable breeder in order to ensure the good health and longevity of your new pup.

    How To Pick A Golden Retriever Puppy From The Litter

    Im going to be honest here

    There are no tricks to getting the perfect puppy for you.

    The most important thing is to find a breeder that breeds parents that resemble the dog you want.

    Do you want a sweet, calm golden?

    Then look for a breeder that breeds sweet, calm goldens.

    Do you want a dog to go hunting with?

    Then look for a breeder that breeds hunting dogs.

    After finding a good breeder, talk with them and tell them what you want.

    For instance, when my wife and I went to pick up our golden retriever, Oliver, we told the breeder that we wanted a big, calm golden.

    It was obvious to see which of the puppies were going to be big, and from being with these puppies the previous eight weeks, they were able to help advise me on which ones seemed to be on the calmer side.

    Here are a few other tips for picking a puppy:

  • Watch how your puppy reacts with their littermates. Are they dominant? Submissive? This might give you some insight into their personality.
  • Take note of their energy levels. If a dog is barking a lot and running around, that might be a warning sign if you want a calm dog. Its at least something to talk to the breeder about.
  • Observe how your puppy interacts with people. Are they fearful? Curious? A friendly dog will be outgoing and interested in you.
  • Toss your keys or a toy. A puppy should at least watch a toy with their eyes, if not try to go follow it, to show that theyre alert.
  • Touch the puppys paws, ears, mouth, and tail. They should be ok with being handled.
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    What Is The Rarest Color Of Golden Retriever In Massachusetts Why Are They Rare

    What I can state from my research is, Red is the rarest color of Golden Retrievers in Massachusetts because breeders there are most likely to not breed Retrievers of this color. It becomes really difficult to find one red Golden Retriever.

    Many breeders prefer breeding Red Goldens because of their attractive and memorable coats. Due to their unusual coat color, the red Golden Retrievers are rare here in Massachusetts.

    Breeders mostly believe in purebreds and Golden Retrievers with red golden fur are often mistaken for the Irish setter which is also a red-colored Retrievers much and that makes them rare.

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    Maintain Contact With You

    Golden Retriever Dog Breed Guide

    Third, they will maintain contact in the weeks after your purchase. It you have any questions or concerns relating to the care of your new puppy, your breeder should be knowledgeable enough to answer these questions and provide you with the necessary education to properly care for your pet. Never hesitate to contact them even after the purchase is complete.

    When you have found an individual that encompasses each one of these factors, you can be much more confident in their ability to provide you with a positive experience. When you work with a reliable Golden Retriever breeder, you may find the whole experience of purchasing a dog to be that much more enjoyable.

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    Should You Get A Golden Retriever From A Breeder Or A Rescue

    If you want a golden retriever puppy, chances are youll have to get one from a breeder.

    There are usually more people that want to rescue goldens than there are goldens that need to be rescued, and golden retriever puppies available to be rescued are rather rare .

    If you do want to rescue a golden retriever, check out this article to find a golden retriever rescue near you.

    But if you want to get a golden retriever puppy from a breeder, you need to know how to find the right breeder for you.

    Raising A Golden Retriever Puppy Settling In Time

    It could take a while for your puppy to settle in properly to your home. It can be stressful for puppies.

    After all, theyre leaving their mother, siblings, and the only home theyve known to come and live somewhere completely new and unknown.

    You can help your puppy settle in faster by keeping them by your side so they arent ever alone and scared, and showing them how great their new life is.

    It can also help to follow a routine for a while. This will include feeding your Golden puppy, training them, and socializing them.

    Some common problems that new puppy owners face in those first few weeks include: biting, potty training accidents, waking at night, and over-excitement.

    So, lets take a look at each of these issues next, and the best ways to establish a routine.

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