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Things To Know Before Getting A Golden Retriever

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They Are Intelligent Dogs

9 Things you MUST KNOW Before Getting a Golden Retriever!

It is said that the golden retriever is the fourth most intelligent dog breed in the world. That being said, this breed when well trained can understand and comprehend basic commands and even human emotions which makes it perfect for a companion and also for a therapy dog.

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Coat Color And Grooming

Golden Retrievers have a dense, water-repellent outer coat with a thick undercoat. Some coats are wavy, some are straight. The fur feathers on the back of the front legs and underbody, with heavier feathering on the chest, back of the thighs, and tail.

Golden Retrievers come in all shades of gold, from light to dark gold. Some breeders have begun selling “rare white Goldens,” but the American Kennel Club does not recognize white as a coat color for the breed.

Golden Retrievers shed moderately in the winter and summer, and heavily in the spring and fall. If you live with a Golden, you’ll need to adapt to a certain amount of dog hair in your house and on your clothes.

The Golden’s thick coat means lots of grooming. Daily brushing is recommended to prevent tangling, and once a week is the bare minimum. Your Golden will also need a bath at least once a month, often more frequently, to keep him looking and smelling clean.

Brush your Golden’s teeth at least two or three times a week to remove tartar buildup and the bacteria that lurk inside it. Daily brushing is even better if you want to prevent gum disease and bad breath.

Begin accustoming your Golden to being brushed and examined when he’s a puppy. Handle his paws frequently dogs are touchy about their feet and look inside his mouth. Make grooming a positive experience filled with praise and rewards, and you’ll lay the groundwork for easy veterinary exams and other handling when he’s an adult.

Things You Need To Know Before Getting Golden Retriver Puppy

Owning a pet, especially a Golden Retriever is nothing less than adopting a baby. You will have to tend to it, look after it, feed it, bathe it, and get it checked for health issues regularly. Having said that, there is a lot of effort that goes into training and raising a Golden Retriever pup so that it matures into a well-behaved and smart adult dog. Below are given a few measures on how your life is bound to change when you get home a Golden Retriever pup. You need to consider these things and be very comfortable with these changes if you are going to adopt one.

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Who Is The Best Human For A Golden Retriever

Golden retrievers are a tried and true family dog. They love swimming , running, and playing in a big backyard. Theyre highly social, so a large and active family household works well for them. They also need plenty of affection and snuggles. Due to their hunting heritage, they love to play fetch! Looking to please you, theyre relatively easy to train.

Theyre great with children and seniors alike. Golden retrievers do best with plenty of companionship, and so despite their activity level, often do very well with retirees who can devote plenty of time to them.

Picking Golden Retriever Puppies From The Litter

Golden Retriever  5 Things To Know Before Getting One

Generally, getting a Golden Retriever puppy does not actually entail wonderful tricks. Finding a reputable breeder is the key here. Moreover, doing so is also included on the things to know about Golden Retriever puppies. Below are ways to successfully pick a Golden Retriever puppy.

  • Basically, observe for the ways on how the Golden Retriever puppy reacts with the littermates.
  • Check on their energy level. Too much barking and running of dogs indicate that he is not a calm breed.
  • Observe the way the puppy mingles with people
  • Usually, to show their alertness, the puppy may generally watch a toy using their eyes. So, try tossing a key or a toy to check on this.
  • Moreover, to check their calmness, try cradling the puppy on their back or roll them with their back on the floor. Keep in mind that a well-adjusted puppy will basically calm down after a while when on this position.
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    Give Your Golden Retriever Puppy The Right Food For Them

    Pet owners who have this kind of dog breeds always want to give the food that will suit to their tummies.

    However, it is challenging to search for foods that you can find from the different markets near you.

    You, as a pet owner is in need to be trained to be a label reader to find the foods that will fit for your golden retriever puppy.

    You can search for different foods that were made for puppies, but there are some manufacturers of dog food that will give you a specific food that can suit the needs of your dog breeds.

    It is imperative for you, as a pet owner to feed you golden retriever for about three to five meals per day, for the first two-quarters of the life of your puppy.

    Moreover, after the two-quarter of your puppys life, you can now feed your golden retriever puppies for about two time small meals per day.

    If you have the right schedule on feeding your puppy will help you to monitor the food amount that your puppy ate easily.

    This will also help you to have easier potty training for your new puppy and will help you to control the weight of your golden retrievers.

    How To Puppy Proof Your House

    When puppy-proofing your house, think like a puppy.

    Crawl around on the floor and take note of what you see.

    Puppies will chew nearly anything, so make sure that there are no valuables down at puppy-height, or things that could be poisonous to them or be a choking hazard.

    Make sure there are no open cabinets or pantries where your puppy could get into food.

    Be careful of small trash cans that could hold some smelly trash that would be enticing to a puppy.

    And hide your cords and cables and make sure your puppy cant shock themself by chewing them.

    Your puppy should be under supervision or in a crate or playpen at all times until theyre mature enough to not ruin your house or cause themselves harm, but puppy-proofing the house will help keep them safe, too.

    And finally, next are a few other random tasks to do before you bring home your new puppy.

    P.S. Getting a golden retriever puppy? Check out the Golden Retriever Puppy Handbook!

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    What You Should Expect From A Good Breeder

    Contracts: Breeders should provide a companion puppy sales contract that details certain responsibilities of both the buyer and the breeder. Be sure to read and discuss the contract before committing to buy the puppy, and dont sign anything that you dont intend to follow.

    Health Certifications : The Golden Retriever Club of Americas Code of Ethics strongly recommends that all breeding dogs have examinations by appropriate veterinary specialists and certifications indicating that the dog does not have hip or elbow dysplasia, or heritable heart or eye diseases. Its wise to verify that the sire and dam have these certifications by asking for their registration numbers and using the QuickSearch feature at For more information about heritable diseases, read Health Screenings for the Parents of a Litter

    More on Health: No dog or line of dogs is genetically perfect, and conscientious breeders have investigated the health issues in their lines. Buyers should feel free to ask about any subjects of concern to them, and reputable breeders will voluntarily point out potential health risks . In fact, open disclosure of the lines negative information can be a mark of an honest, knowledgeable breeder.

    AKC Limited Registration: Companion puppies are usually provided with Limited Registration, which means, among other things, that litters produced by that dog would not be eligible for AKC registration.

    Common Health Problems In Golden Retrievers

    10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Getting A Golden Retriever Puppy (This Could Save Their Life!)

    Like any purebred dog, Golden Retrievers may encounter some breed-related health problems throughout their lives. Often, Breed Clubs will also be able to provide advice on what tests your breed may need and where to get these done. Make sure the parents of your puppy have had the relevant health screening to reduce the chances of your puppy being affected by these upsetting conditions.

    Golden Retrievers are amongst a group of breeds classed as Category Two by The Kennel Club. These are breeds of dog that have been highlighted as having points of concern visible features which, if exaggerated, might potentially affect the breed in the future and cause health and welfare concerns. For Golden Retrievers, this is because they can have short legs in proportion to their body and a tendency to become overweight.

    Some of the conditions Golden Retrievers are more prone to developing include:

  • Ichthyosis a skin disease that causes thickening of the footpads and makes other areas of skin rough and covered with thick, greasy flakes that stick to the hair.
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    They Are Prone To Waxy Ears

    Unfortunately, Golden Retrievers are prone to waxy ears. This tends to be a result of poor air circulation due to their long ears.

    Although it is not always the case, waxy ears can be the symptom of a more serious problem, such as an infection or mites. If left untreated or if not treated correctly and consistently, ear problems can become chronic and affect the dog’s quality of life.

    The most common cause of ear infections in Golden Retrievers is yeast. After swimming or bathing, take the time to dry your dog’s ears. Effort should also be made to keep ears clean. There are solutions available for purchase or that you can make at home that, in addition to cleaning and soothing your Golden Retriever’s ears, will also change the pH level, creating an environment yeast should not thrive in.

    Be careful Goldens will eat almost anything that resembles food, regardless of whether or not it is good for them.

    Things You Must Know Before Getting A Golden Retriever

    Golden Retrievers are hands down the best least for me. But raising one is not simple as it seems. With lots of love, comes lots of responsibilities.

    I still remember the day I got my Golden Retriever, I was completely ill-prepared and had no idea what I was getting into. So I decided to make this article about few things you must know before getting a Golden Retriever.

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    Neutering Can Cause Health Issues To A Golden Retriever

    Researchers at the University of California have discovered that neutering has negative effects on Golden Retrievers, increasing your dogs chances of getting joint disorders and cancer. In this post, Dr. Karen Becker talks about alternative methods of keeping your dog from breeding, such as a vasectomy or tubal ligation.

    Even if you choose not to neuter your dog shes still prone to a long list of medical conditions, which include:

    • hypothyroidism
    • eye disorders
    • skin problems.

    If you own a Golden Retriever you need pet insurance that covers her for a wide range of health issues, besides accidents. This can increase your regular expenses, but its usually a good investment as Goldens are in the top of the most expensive breeds in terms of medical costs, with an average of $961 a year.

    Golden Retriever Puppy Likes To Chew Things

    10 Things To Know Before Getting A Golden Retriever ...

    Golden Retrievers are a type of dogs that love to chew things they can find in your house. They love to chew some stuff inside your home when they are bored.

    They are popular on possessing a chewing habit, so if you want to buy a golden retriever puppy, make sure that you have resistant toys that were made up by heavy chewers that will not let her make feel so bored.

    Put your remote controls, clothes, kitchen utensils, shoes, small pillows or telephones in a safe place or else your golden retriever will create these things very messy.

    Also, put your garbage bins in the cabinet or in an area that your dog will not reach.

    Do not let your golden retrievers ate the human food leftovers or else. It might cause harm to your puppy.

    Also, hide all the electric cables that were located inside your house before you bring your new golden puppy. This is for your safety and the safety of your new puppy.

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    Reason For Getting Golden Retriever Puppies

    The following information below is the best things to know about Golden Retriever puppies before looking for the one on sale. Generally, this information may help you to identify if the Goldies is the perfect match for you.

    1. Easily trainable

    The Golden Retriever is generally a dog breed that is very easy to train. However, included in the things to know about Golden Retriever puppies is that training them can be difficult during the beginning phase. Eventually, they can catch up easily as the training goes along. This is due to the fact that the Golden Retriever are naturally intelligent and learns fast.

    2. Great with kids

    Basically, one of the best things to know about Golden Retriever puppies is that they are great with kids. Because of their gentle, loving nature, being around with children is not a thing to worry about.

    3. Shedding

    Another things to know about Golden Retriever puppies is that they usually shed similar to other dogs. Thats why it is very much important to ensure that you do not have any hypersensitivity to dog hairs and danders. Moreover, cleaning the house most often as you can also be okay with you especially during the shedding season.

    4. Perfect for novice pet owners

    The Golden Retriever puppies are good choice to be the pet for first-time owners. As a novice pet parent, included in the things to know about Golden Retriever puppies is their friendly characteristics. Due to this, they tend to handle and maintain easily.

    They Are An Intelligent Breed

    Golden retrievers are smart dogs. Aside from being hunting partners and therapy dogs, they are often used in rescue and police missions and serve as guides because of their powerful noses.

    These are just some of the things that golden retrievers are known for. Its important that before you get a golden retriever or any pet, you are ready for the responsibility and commitment because having a dog is like raising a child.

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    Golden Retrievers Are Large Dogs

    And they are not aware of it. Add to this they are super excited and hyperactive and you know small children, especially toddlers are unsafe around them. A hyperactive golden retriever can easily knock down a young kid or an elderly person. Its extremely important to be extra careful with kids and the elderly around, especially during the times when your golden retriever is hyperactive and running around the house mindlessly.

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    Golden Retrievers Love Water

    Things I Wish I Knew Before Getting a Puppy! Golden Retriever Puppy Things to Know

    But they hate to bathe. This is contrary but the fact is if you want to get your pooch into your bathroom for a bath, chances are that it will run away. Go to a nearby pond or lake or beach or a swimming pool, and he will happily take a dive and enjoy the cool waters. Come bath time, and you will be at your wits end to drag him for a refreshing shampoo shower.

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    Do Not Leave Your Golden Retriever Puppy For More Than 5 Hours

    Golden Retrievers can make a strong bonding with the members in the house. They are ready to please their owners.

    They also love to be with people especially with children who like to play with them.

    If you leave your golden retriever puppy alone in your house, it will just make her feel sad that can lead her to have anxiety, depression, or in other cases, their sadness can make them have destructive behavior.

    Even though you already hired a pet walker or a person that will take care to your retriever puppy in times that you are busy, all of these solutions will never replace the presence that you always give to your golden puppy.

    Golden Retrievers Want To Play

    The breed was meant to fetch the hunted fowl from the lake to their owner. This genetic tuning has now turned into an urge to play a game of fetch. A golden instinctively will bring back a dog toy to you when it is as young as 4 or 5 months. This is one thing you dont have to train your pooch. However, this also means, it will pester you to play whenever it feels like. A golden retriever will get you a toy and want you to play fetch with it silly until it is tired and exhausted.

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    Golden Retrievers Need Exercise

    This is kind of tricky because you need to time the exercise when the puppy is hyperactive. You cant exercise a puppy when it is sleepy. This means that you need to devote your time and energy when the puppy is hyper this could be at any time of the day or night! But dont worry, they will develop a pattern and you can predict the timing and adjust your lifestyle accordingly. After about 2 years of age, they sober down.

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