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What To Know About Getting A Golden Retriever Puppy

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Golden Retrievers Are Prone To Separation Anxiety

What You Need To Know Before Getting a Puppy, Especially A Golden Retriever

One of the biggest deal-breakers for many aspiring Goldie owners is the fact that this breed isnt for busy people.

If you live alone and work long hours, a Golden Retriever isnt the best choice for you. Unless you can find a pet sitter or afford a second companion dog, you should think this over carefully.

Golden Retrievers are bred as companion dogs to hunters. When they got domesticated, they retained this dependence on human interaction. When you leave them alone for long, Goldies will become anxious, notorious barkers, and aggressive chewers.

Take note that affects 20% to 40% of all dogs. Some of the symptoms are accidents despite being housetrained, howling and barking, escaping, chewing, and eating their feces. These conditions just get worse the longer you subject your Goldie to solitary confinement.

Proper training and desensitization will surely go a long way for Golden Retrievers. Still, its best to keep them accompanied as much as possible.

You wouldnt want to go home to a shredded couch. Trust me, you wont.

Why Does My Golden Retriever Get Car Sick

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Im sure this is something that many of you want to know Why Does My Golden Retriever Get Car Sick?

Weve all been there, the well-meaning adventurous car ride that we take our Golden Retriever on, that ends up as a very unpleasant experience!

Im talking about your Golden vomiting all over your car. Yuck!!

So, what gives? For some Goldens, it can happen on the shortest car rides, and for some, it can happen when the car isnt even moving.

Allow me to explain the reasons why Golden Retrievers get car sick, and how you can prevent it from happening in the future.

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  • What To Expect With A Golden Retriever Puppy

    When I told my mom I was going to get a golden retriever puppy, she asked me this: have you been around puppies much?

    I was a little curious about why she asked me that, and honestly, I hadnt been around them much, but I just shrugged her off and told her how excited I was.

    A week after bringing Oliver home, it was very obvious to me why she asked me that.

    Puppies are hard work!

    I wasnt sleeping, spent most of my waking hours taking him out to pee or making sure he didnt chew up the house, and whenever I tried to pet him, he would just try to bite me.

    Of course, there were nice moments, too, like cuddling with him on the couch, watching him sleep, or seeing how happy he got when we came home, but Ill be honest

    I was completely surprised and overwhelmed.

    And so youre not blindsided, too, heres a little about what to expect

    Waking up in the night

    Most puppies will wake up one to three, and sometimes four, times per night.

    Their little bladders can only hold it for a few hours, so this is expected.

    Hating the crate

    Most puppies will hate the crateat first, and thats totally expected, but that doesnt make it much easier when youre trying to sleep and theyre whining or crying.


    Puppies will try to chew any and everything.


    Puppies have not learned the phrase, Dont bite the hand that feeds you

    Peeing in the house

    Accidents will happen, but the best way to stop them is to take them out often. Like every thirty minutes often.



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    Buying A Puppy What You Should Know




    We recommend you contact the Golden Retriever Club in your state for a list of ethical breeders. In Queensland click here

    Introducing Nose Work To Your Golden Retriever Puppy

    10 True Facts You Must Know about Golden Retrievers ...

    Besides your puppys talents and impressive skills, for most breeds its actually their nose that deserves the most praise. Lets play a game of hide and seek with a toy to spotlight their gift of good sniffs!

    How to prepare

    • Find an old towel to use.
    • Stuff a Kong or a toilet roll with some food

    How to do it

  • When your puppy is out of the room, hide the toy under a towel.
  • Bring your puppy in and encourage them to find the toy by using the cue word find it.
  • Use your wonderfully cheerful voice to give your puppy some extra encouragement.
  • Good job! Theres no better reward than finding a toy with food inside.
  • TIPS

    · Dont make it too hard to begin with thoughlet some of the toy poke out from under the towel

    · Once your puppy has had a few practice runs you can start to make it more difficult. I could personally play this game all day.

    If only this could work so they help us find our keys.maybe well teach them that trick when theyre older.

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    How To Stop Your Golden Retriever From Chewing Up Everything

    Chewing on things in the house is all about removing temptation and redirection.

    If your puppy is chewing your shoes, putting them in the closet will immediately fix the problem.

    If they never get a chance to start the bad habit of shoe chewing, then theyll never chew on shoes.

    But what if your puppy is chewing on something less movable, like your furniture?

    This is where the redirection comes in.

    Calmy interrupt them and get their attention with a chew toy.

    Then, when they start chewing on the chew toy, praise the heck out of them.

    Eventually, when they have the desire to chew, theyll look for one of their chew toys.

    Take A Look At The Golden Retriever Puppys Parents

    When you visit the breeder or owner of the litter, ask to see the puppies parents. You can tell a lot about how a puppy will grow and behave based on the litters parents. The size and temperament of the parents are passed down to their offspring. So, if the parents are mild-mannered and calm, theres a good chance your puppy will be too.

    Youll still want to observe the puppys behaviors to make sure theyre something you can handle in during the puppy years. What you see with the parents is most likely what they will grow into eventually, not what youll get initially.

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    Everything You Need To Know About Golden Retrievers

    Golden Retrievers always make it into the top ten most popular dog breeds! In fact many would argue that theyre at the top of the list . These majestic and elegant creatures are the perfect family dog and are a treat to have at home.

    If youre planning on buying a golden retriever, here is everything you need to know:

    They are extremely clingy

    All dogs are loving and deeply attached to their masters, but Golden Retrievers are on a whole other level! Stop petting them for one second and theyre throwing a tantrum clamoring for your attention. If you dont mind keeping your hands on your dog 24/7 we know we dont then a Golden Retriever is the perfect pup for you! Unlike German Shepherds or Belgian Malinois who only serve one master, Goldies are a friend to all. It doesnt matter if youre their owner or a complete stranger, they will stop you on the street for a cuddle.

    Exercise is key to keeping their hyperactivity levels at bay

    Not one aggressive bone in their bodies

    Grooming is a necessary expense

    Hide the food or theyll rummage through the sack

    Great listeners and a shoulder to cry on

    Theyre not as regal as you think they are

    Potty training isnt a problem

    Adventures get their blood pumping

    Natural buoyancy

    They love the cold

    People pleasers

    Kleptomaniac tendencies

    Loud and talkative

    How To Care For A Purebred Golden Retriever

    Things I Wish I Knew Before Getting a Puppy! Golden Retriever Puppy Things to Know

    Theres still work to do after buying a purebred golden retriever you should get acquainted with the fact that golden retrievers have living needs that must be satisfied to have a happy, healthy pet. Golden retrievers do not like to be alone these beautiful creatures cherish companionship more than anything. They love to be seen as a member of the family and treated as such. So its vital you learn how to socialize your puppy with other dogs and humans as well.

    Theyre especially great in homes with kids as they are entirely comfortable with the noise, commotion, and non-stop activities children like to involve in. Besides, they are tolerant of other pets, so if youre a cat lover as well, you shouldnt worry about your two pets not getting along. Rabbits, other dogs, or pets are also safe with them. Also, they love playing a lot outdoors.

    Feeding is essential to retrievers, although their owners should help manage their food intake as they tend to be overweight. Food should be measured and served twice daily, and you should give dog treats moderately. Exercising is also vital, and retrievers are supposed to exercise at least once daily. They have to let off a lot of steam through several activities, or else they direct their energies to unappealing behaviors like digging and chewing.

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    How Do You Groom A Golden Retriever

    You’re going to need to brush your Golden Retriever every day. Yes, every day. They have a lot of hair, and you want to keep their coat as silky looking as possible. Dr. Shelly Zacharias, DVM and vice president of medical affairs at Gallant, said, “They also have long tufts of hair that grow from between the bottom of their foot pads that should be trimmed regularly,” so don’t forget about that. You’ll also need to clean their ears regularly and brush their teeth. Ask your vet if you need tips!

    Do Not Leave Your Golden Retriever Puppy For More Than 5 Hours

    Golden Retrievers can make a strong bonding with the members in the house. They are ready to please their owners.

    They also love to be with people especially with children who like to play with them.

    If you leave your golden retriever puppy alone in your house, it will just make her feel sad that can lead her to have anxiety, depression, or in other cases, their sadness can make them have destructive behavior.

    Even though you already hired a pet walker or a person that will take care to your retriever puppy in times that you are busy, all of these solutions will never replace the presence that you always give to your golden puppy.

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    Vital Stats Double Coat Requires Weekly Grooming Exercise: Coatexercise2+ Hrslife Span10+years

    Golden Retriever Temperament & Personality

    Naturally intelligent with a soft side, these dogs are a consistently popular family pet. They’ll offer a warm greeting to whoever they meet, rarely showing aggression, although their exuberance can be a little overwhelming for young children. They are attentive and easily trained, meaning you and the kids can have hours of fun teaching them tricks and games.

    • One of the UKs most popular family pets, Golden Retrievers gentle, loving nature makes them a great choice for families with children of all ages.
    • Due to their gundog breeding, Golden Retrievers are eager to please and intelligent making them easy to train and ideal for novice owners.
    • These highly active dogs will thrive in busy, active households with lots going on they love long walks and adventures so suit outdoorsy households.

    The Breed Originated In Scotland

    Should You Get a Golden Retriever Puppy? 12 Things to Know ...

    The Golden Retriever breed was developed by Lord Tweedmouth, who lived in the Scottish Highlands in the late 1800s.

    The first time a Golden Retriever was shown at a dog show was in 1908 in Britain. Goldens later started arriving in America in the early 20th century. This breed became more popular in the States during the 1970s, when President Gerald Ford was in office with his dog Liberty by his side.

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    Are Golden Retrievers Good With Kids

    Golden Retrievers soft and gentle nature, combined with their fun-loving personalities, has made them a firm favourite as a family pet. These dogs are naturally good with children and make ideal playmates. However, its worth noting that they may be best suited to families with older children due to their larger size and fun-loving, boisterous play style. As with any dog breed, any time your Golden Retriever spends with children should be supervised to make sure everyone stays safe and happy.

    Canine Vestibular Apparatus Is Not Fully Developed

    It is very common for a Golden Retriever puppy to become car sick. Their ears are still developing, and the motion of a car can upset the delicate ear structures.

    The Canine Vestibular Apparatus, which is located in the inner ear, is the structure directly responsible for managing balance.

    Three semicircle fluid-filled canals make up the Vestibular Apparatus. When your pups head moves, fluid in the canals shift, which stimulates tiny hairs that line the canals to send signals to the brain.

    These mixed sensory signals , trigger dizziness and vomiting.

    The good news is that most puppies will outgrow motion sickness once their ears fully develop. This gradually happens once your Golden Retriever reaches the age of one.

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    Golden Retrievers And Other Pets

    Well-socialised Golden Retrievers are very easy-going, which usually means they can be great around other dogs and pets, too. Any introductions should be done carefully and following the right advice for your other pet, too.

    Always supervise your dog with other pets, even if they have known them for a long time.

    They Were Born To Fetch


    I remember sitting on a footbridge one summer with my first Golden, Duke. I was dangling my feet over the side, and not surprisingly, my sandal fell off and dropped into the creek below. Before I even realized what had happened, Duke stood up, trotted down the stone steps, waded into the creek, collected my sandal, and brought it back to me. When our eyes met, it was clear that Duke and I were equally surprised by his actions. It’s just one of those moments where you realize, as a retriever, these dogs were born to fetch.

    This natural retriever instinct is linked to the breed’s tendency to carry items in its mouth. This may be a harmless habit, such as picking up a toy and prancing about when they are excited, but it can also be a problematic chewing issue. In addition to mental and physical stimulation, proper obedience and plenty of toys should help combat chewing.

    Few things make a Golden happier than a game of fetch.

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    Puppy Proofing Your Home And Garden

    If you want to get through the first few months without having all your favorite possession destroyed, then youll need to puppy proof your home before your new addition arrives.

    But, puppy proofing isnt just for the benefit of your belongings, it will also help to keep your puppy safe when you cant be there to supervise them.

    These are the main things you need to think about when puppy proofing your home.

    Learn How To Spot A Good Golden Retriever Breeder

    Its a good idea to buy a puppy from a reputable breeder. This helps to avoid lack of health test certificates, poorly puppies, and other disappointments.

    Home bred puppies can be very nice if the owners have taken the trouble to health test and raise their puppies responsibly. Whatever you do, avoid puppy mills and pet stores.

    Reputable breeders will treat their own dogs well. Their dogs and puppies will be healthy, with all the up to date vaccinations needed, and no signs of problems like fleas, skin issues, or malnourishment.

    Good breeders like this will care whether their puppies are going to the best homes. So, expect lots of questions from a reputable breeder.

    The best breeders will answer all questions you have, and wont mind you spending some time with the puppies and parent dogs.

    They will also be able to show you proof of health testing, and provide you with all of the relevant documents that you need.

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    Use A Crate Or Safety Harness

    Keeping your dog safe and secure inside the vehicle is not only important for your pups safety, but it can help with motion sickness.

    Many dog owners prefer to use a crate to contain their pup inside a vehicle. Be sure to secure the crate in place, less movement will decrease the likelihood of your Golden becoming sick.

    Having your pup face forward inside a vehicle helps to decrease motion sickness. Watching vehicles speed by while looking out the side windows can make anyone feel sick.

    Using a doggie seatbelt or safety harness, you can make sure your pup is strapped in securely and facing forward. The best spot for your dog is the middle seat in the back.

    Some owners prefer to put their dog in the passenger seat because there is less movement as compared to the back. I dont recommend this simply because of the airbags in the front of your car. If they happen to deploy, they can cause serious harm to your dog!

    Write A Puppy Socialisation Checklist For Your Golden Retriever Puppy

    10+ Glorious Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about ...

    Yes, there is a checklist and its a long one. But you can download it here, or read our full article about it here. Its an enlightening read, honestly. Theyll give you the best ideas of things to do with your puppy to help them learn that the outside world is a positive place theyll be happy to live in.

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