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What To Look For In A Golden Retriever Breeder

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What To Look For In A Golden Retriever Puppy


After youve determined that the breeder is providing safe conditions for your future puppy, its time to confirm what you are looking for in your golden retriever puppy. Ask yourself: are you looking for a high energy individual?

A sports dog, or a leisurely companion? Would you like your Golden to fall on the heavier or lighter side of the weight expectations?

Although there is an established breed standard to which golden retriever breeders should aim, there will be subtle differences between individual dogs that make them more suitable to one person versus another.

Consider the specific personality traits youre looking for in a dog, what activities youll be bringing your dog along for, and whether you intend to breed or show your dog in the future.

Providing this information to your local golden retriever rescue or breeder will also help them in matching a dog with you.

Trust that they know their pups well enough to reliably choose your soon-to-be best friend. Aside from personality, there are some aesthetic characteristics that you may prefer over others.

What Questions A Breeder Should Ask You

In addition to all of the questions that youll have for a breeder, they should have a lot of questions for you, too.

Reputable breeders care about their puppies and theyll be quizzing you to see if youll provide a good home for them.

They may ask you:

  • Have you owned a dog before?
  • Do you currently have a dog?
  • What pets do you currently have
  • Do you know that its going to take a lot of work?
  • What type of lifestyle are you expecting with your new golden?
  • Why do you want a golden retriever?
  • Do you have children?
  • What kind of home do you live in?
  • How much time will you be able to spend with the puppy? And with the dog when theyre an adult?

Theyre Not Afraid Of Questions

A good breeder should not be afraid to answer any and all of your questions.

Ask breeders how long theyve been in the business, how often do they feed, clean, and play with the dogs, and if they can provide references from past adopters.

Good breeders wont have an issue with questions in fact, theyll likely be encouraged by your due diligence.

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Official Standards For Golden Retrievers

Many novice golden retriever owners are unaware that specific breeds must adhere to a number of strict standards. And, a quick look at the standards set forth by the American Kennel Club reveals a seemingly endless list of quality, traits, and mannerisms that define purebred golden retrievers.

Since most of the standards laid out by AKC would seem unimportant to most owners, here are those that relate more to golden retrievers as pets, rather than working dogs:

  • General Appearance Strong, Symmetrical, Energetic, Alert, and Confident
  • Weight 65 to 75 pounds for males and 55 to 65 pounds for females
  • Eyes Kindly and smart medium brown to dark brown
  • Coat Thick and water-resistant with a substantial undercoat
  • Color Deep, shiny golden color of different shades no white, black, or brown
  • Temperament Amiable, dependable, and trustworthy no aggression or timidity

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More traits and characteristics of Golden Retrievers

If I was considering a Golden Retriever, I would be most concerned about…

  • High energy when young. Young Golden Retrievers romp and jump with vigor. They don’t mean any harm but things can go flying including people who are not steady on their feet. If you have toddlers, or if you or anyone who lives with you is infirm, consider adopting an adult Golden Retriever from a rescue group. Adults have a wonderfully settled temperament and you can specifically look for a calm one.
  • Shedding and doggy odor. Golden Retrievers are heavy shedders you need to be okay with this reality. You’ll find a lot of hair on your clothing and furniture. Golden Retrievers also have a noticeable doggy odor and produce a lot of dander. Not the breed for anyone with any type of allergies!
  • To help you train and care for your dog

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    Final Take On The 10 Best Golden Retriever Breeders In The Usa

    It would prove impossible to attempt to recommend the perfect golden retriever breeder for any given family. Each potential forever home comes with its own set of wants, needs, and requirements. Some households wish to add a golden retriever to the family for the breeds hunting prowess.

    Others would like to participate in competitions or start breeding golden retrievers themselves. Ultimately, each future golden retriever owner must find their own breeder. Once that step has been taken, a golden retriever puppy will usually find you.

    As a final note, unless you plan on joining the dog show circuit, dont allow the strict standards for the breed to color your decision-making. Your personal preferences regarding your next puppys eye color, coat, and general appearance should dictate which breeders you approach.

    If you like golden retrievers with snow-white coats, then adopt one without worrying about whether your new puppy would get disqualified at the annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. The point of adopting a new golden retriever puppy is fostering the loving bond between you and your beautiful, new pet.

    Yankee Breeder Referral Litter Listings

    Yankees Breeder Referral program provides prospective Golden Retriever owners with information to assist with the purchase of a carefully bred Golden Retriever puppy or adult. Puppies and dogs listed in the referral program are from parents who have passed a number of important health tests for hereditary disorders.

    Acceptance of a listing to Breeder Referral does not constitute endorsement by YGRC or any of its members. Neither the Yankee Golden Retriever Club nor its Board of Directors assumes responsibility for the quality, health, soundness, or temperament of any litters listed.

    To participate in the program, breeders must have been a member of Yankee Golden Retriever Club for a minimum of one year and provide the following:

    • Verification that both the sire and dam were over 2 years old at the time of breeding
    • Eye clearances on both the sire and dam, current at the time of breeding.
    • Hip clearances on both the sire and dam.
    • Elbow clearances on both the sire and dam.
    • Heart clearances on both the sire and dam, issued by a veterinary cardiologist who is certified by the ACVIM .

    The results of all health exams should be available in an approved online database such as OFA . Many breeders are now also doing DNA testing for several diseases that can affect Golden Retrievers.

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    How To Find Golden Retriever Puppies In Your Area

    If youre going to ask around, youll be surprised by how easy it is to find a Golden Retriever breeder near you. This will save you lots of money for shipping when you buy from an out-of-state breeder.

    Below are some ways to find Goldens in your area:

    • Ask for referrals. More often than not, the people we know may be familiar with breeders near us. They may have already bought a dog from these breeders so all you have to do is ask them to connect you with those they trust the most.
    • Visit pet fairs. Pet fairs are often staged in parks or large facilities where breeders get a chance to show their available litters. They bring a selection of their Golden Retrievers and have you observe their physical traits and temperament before purchasing.
    • Utilize social media or the internet. As cliché as it may sound, you can use the internet to find breeders near you. All you have to do is type in your location and some other specific keywords for you to be redirected to a list of breeders in your area. A word of caution, though, not all breeders youll find on the web is professional.
    • Check local classifieds. Although this may not be your best option in finding a Golden Retriever, you can still try finding dogs using print and online pet classifieds in your location. You just have to be really careful in transacting so you wont end up buying a dog from puppy mills.

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    Muddy Goldens Kimball Mn

    Dog Breeds : How to Select a Golden Retriever

    Situated on a 200-acre farm located just outside of Minneapolis, Muddy Goldens offers a custom-tailored buying experience for those looking to welcome a golden retriever puppy to their homes. The owners of Muddy Goldens display an intense love for the breed and openly express a desire to maintain relationships with all of their buyers.

    While they specialize in bringing up hunting dogs, Muddy Goldens offers golden retrievers for all families. So, whether you want a hunting dog or a loyal pet, Muddy Goldens will select and train the right dog for you!

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    Important Things To Look For In The Shelter Or Home

    As an extension of knowing what to look for in the breeders behavior and in-person interactions, you should also be aware of what to look for when you are allowed access to the breeding facility or shelter.

    Be vigilant in the conditions not only of the facility but the animals living there, as this will provide you with more insight into any claims of health and behavioral patterns.

    That said, take note of any abnormalities you find in the dogs living conditions. All of the dogs should have ample space to run and play.

    They should have continuous access to areas which allow the puppies to release excess energy, preferably outdoors at the appropriate age.

    Perhaps more importantly, all of the dogs should have constant access to water. It may seem obvious, but it needs to be said, as a backyard breeder can dress themselves up nicely for visitors, but noticing small signs such as low water levels can alert you early on.

    It is ok if there is not constant access to food the breeder may have a set schedule for feeding that doesnt fall at the time you visit.

    There should be distinct locations in the household or shelter/rescue in which the puppies are given designated sleeping and potty areas.

    Take note of the absence of warm blankets, cushions for mom and puppies, or possible exposure to challenging weather conditions.

    Breeders Pick The Families

    When my family adopted our lab, it was a two-way interview. We wanted to find the right breeder and by extension the right puppy. The breeder wanted to find the right home for every puppy.

    She knew each individual pup and helped us pick out a mellow but friendly girl that turned out to be the best dog Ive ever met .

    The breeder took the time to get to know our needs, and we trusted her to help us pick a puppy. It paid off with a perfect fit.

    When youre working with a breeder who insists on meeting the every family member before helping you pick a pup, you know youre working with a breeder who cares and wants their dogs in only the best homes.

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    Misrepresenting Fci Hip Scores

    There are also many breeders misrepresenting FCI hip scores and how they compare to OFA. An FCI score of A does not necessarily mean an excellent. It is a broader range and could be a good or an excellent . A B is either a fair or border line. A C is mildly dysplastic. A lot of breeders are claiming that an A is excellent, B is good, and C is fair. If a breeder has a comparison of their own dogs BVA or FCI scores on their site, you can verify how they really compare by looking at OFAs site. Scroll to a comparison chart at the bottom of this page: .

    Top Ten Reasons To Not Get A Golden

    golden retriever puppies available for free adoption ...

    Thinking about a Golden Retriever as a pet?

    Top 10 Reasons NOT to get a Golden Retriever Printed with Permission – Cheryl Minnier

  • YOU ARE LOOKING FOR AN OUTSIDE ONLY DOG Part of what makes Goldens Golden is their affectionate, people loving nature. This trait makes them VERY unhappy when they dont have a high amount of interaction with you. A Golden confined to the backyard can become destructive and LOUD! Imagine if you left your children alone most of the time until they reached adolescence. The wild child you are picturing is similar to what will happen to a Golden left alone that much. If you arent planning on your dog becoming one of the family a Golden is not the breed for you!
  • YOU DONT LIKE DOG HAIR Goldens shed a little all year round and then a couple of times a year- look out! If you have a problem with Golden fuzz becoming part of your dietary fiber or youre compulsive about always dressing in black this is not the breed for you! Goldens also need regular grooming to keep their skin and coat in good condition. You can easily learn to do this yourself or have your dog professionally groomed, but grooming time is something to factor into the amount of time you will need to spend caring for your dog.
  • YOU ARE A CLEAN FREAK Muddy paws, nose prints on every window in your house and car, and did I mention the hair? Enough said If you cant relax and enjoy it, you and your dog will both be miserable.
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    How Much Does A Golden Retriever Cost Puppy Prices And Expenses

    Golden Retrievers are not as expensive as other purebreds like Rottweilers or Tibetan Mastiffs. They only cost around $500 to $2,000 depending on several factors like the breeders reputation, guarantees, certification, etc.

    Of course, if you want a dog from a champion bloodline, that would be more costly. Usually, their price range is between $2,000 to $3,000.

    Aside from this initial cost, you also have to provide some necessary items for your pup.

    Heres the price breakdown of these items Im talking about:

    $415 $830

    Be Prepared With Questions To Ask The Breeder

    You should ask any Golden Retriever breeder certain questions to get a good understanding of whether they know the breed. Some of the questions you should be asking breeders include the following:

    Getting an answer to this question is very important. The puppies should socialize with all kinds of people, animals, sounds, smells, places, and sights. They especially need to be socialized with children.

    • How healthy were the parents of the puppy?

    You should ask about the health of the parents and family. Get a full medical history if you can and learn how old the parents of the pup are.

    • How many litters do you have per year?

    Professional breeders only have a couple of litters per year as they give importance to the breeds betterment. They will only breed when they are sure that all the puppies have homes.

    • Can you provide me with some references?

    Its important to ask for references from a breeder as it allows you to talk with previous buyers. You can check with those people and ask them about their dogs health from that breeder and their experience working with them.

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    Snowwater Retrievers Jamestown Pa

    If you have a soft spot in your heart for English Cream golden retrievers, then SnowWater Retrievers offers exactly what you need. Specializing in golden retrievers that display white or light cream coats, SnowWater Retrievers caters to a highly discerning niche in the golden retriever market.

    The sires and dams residing at this Jamestown breeder have been carefully selected for their traits and imported from all over the world to create ideal pups. If you desire a golden retriever puppy with a coat so white that it would raise the eyebrow of a dog show judge, then SnowWater Retrievers can satisfy your needs.

    They Tend To Be Very Clingy

    Puppies need the love of a Golden Retriever

    Goldendoodles have long been known as the friendly types. It doesnt matter where they are or who they are with, they are easily affectionate and outgoing. This makes them an ideal choice for a family dog.

    These breeds are very sociable so sociable that they tend to crumble if not given enough time and attention. When this happens, there is a possibility for them to develop behavioral problems that might affect the way they interact with people.

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    Puppies Unavailable Until 8 Weeks

    Studies show that puppies removed from their parents and litter-mates too young are more likely to exhibit problem behaviors like fear or aggression towards other dogs.

    Responsible breeders know this and wont separate puppies from parents until the appropriate time. Dont just pay attention to when puppies can eat solids there are other milestones that are harder to see.

    6-week old puppies soon become 8-week old puppies, and its just not worth the potential long-term behavior issues to risk it.

    Heres a common dog training myth I can bust you absolutely do not need to get a puppy at an extremely young age in order to bond with them. I adopted Barley when he was three years old.

    After two months of living with me, our biggest issue in Nosework class was that the instructor said, Hes too bonded to you. He wont look away from you and use his nose instead. So dont think that adopting a too-young puppy is necessary to bond with your pup!

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