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Where Can I Buy A German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix

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In Conclusion: A Quick Introduction To The German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix

Dogs Tested to See Whether Theyd Defend Owner During Home Invasion

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The German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix is steadily gaining popularity all over the world because of its stunning looks and cheeky personality. This intelligent dog breed is affectionate, loyal, loving, and protective of its family.

You can truly say that the Golden Shepherd has got the best of both worlds.

These lovely dogs thrive on attention, love, and affection from their owners and make excellent family dogs. These dogs are loving and protective towards kids making them your childs best friend!

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Training Your Golden Shepherd Puppy

When it comes to training, the whole family can and should participate. Your Golden Shepherd will be just as happy to take commands from your 5-year-old as they are to take them from you!

But remember that because your puppy may have inherited the guarding and protective nature of his German Shepherd parent, early socialization with all family members, other pets, and even strangers is extremely important to developing a confident and happy Golden Shepherd.

These pups, like their purebred parents, are very eager to please and easily trainable! Training sessions should be rooted in the positive-reinforcement, rewards based method instead of punishment based.

Because both German Shepherds and Golden Retrievers are highly motivated, treats may not be a necessary component to your training regimen. Perhaps, high-pitched verbal praise and lots of petting may be enough reward for your Golden Shepherd. Experiment with both methods and discover what works best for you! If you do decide to use small treats to reward your Golden Shepherd, be sure to account for the extra calories in your dogs daily energy needs.

A German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix Is A Relatively Affordable Crossbreed

German Shepherd Golden Retriever puppies can cost between $400 and $800 from a reputable breeder, on average, and this is a relatively affordable price for a designer dog.

To reduce the chance of health issues, avoid purchasing from backyard breeders or uncredited online sellers.

That said, you can save money and save money by rescuing or adopting your German Shepherd Golden Retriever from a shelter if you can find one in need.

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Be On The Lookout For These Possible Health Problems

As mentioned in the first paragraph Golden Shepherds have a life expectancy of around 7-12 years if they receive enough love and high-quality care. However, German Shepherds and Golden Retrievers have numerous health issues that can pass down to their puppies.

Work closely with your breeder to prevent this from happening to you. Youll want to see pedigrees and health reports of your future dog. Especially with the Golden Retriever Mix, youll need to be on the lookout for a history of cancer.

German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix Health And Care

Corgi Poodle Mix Breeder

The list of health risks for these breeds seems pretty long, and your mix may possibly inherit any of them.

Some health problems are also more commonly seen with old age.

When two parent breeds share common health problems, there may be an increased risk for the mixed puppy to inherit that specific issue.

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Temperament & Intelligence Of The Golden Shepherd

If youre looking for an intelligent, loveable companion for your family, look no further than the Golden Shepherd. These family-friendly dogs are the result of breeding two of the most intelligent dogs in the world: the German Shepherd and the Gold Retriever. Your canine companion will love playing games and learning new tricks and skills, which helps keep this active dog mentally stimulated. They are very affectionate with their families and get along with all ages, from children to adults.

Shepherd Retriever Mix Grooming & Care

Due to their thick and long double-coat, every Golden Shepherd is bound to be a heavy shedder and has to be brushed daily, otherwise, your home will be full of dog hair! Shedding is even more pronounced during spring and fall, and you may end up brushing your dog several times a day just to stay on top of all the loose hair.

As their coat is likely to mat, taking your pooch to a professional groomer for an occasional trim and bath can be a good idea. Or you can invest in a variety of dog brushes and grooming tools and take care of everything at home.

The rest is basic care and involves daily teeth brushing, regular nail clipping, and ear cleaning. They are prone to wax build-up, so make sure to check your dogs ears once a week and clean them when they are dirty.

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Golden Retriever German Shepherd Mix Your Ultimate Guide

The Golden Retriever German Shepherd mix isnt a purebred dog, but a recently developed hybrid that has caught the attention of dog lovers around the world. Created as a cross between a German Shepherd and a Golden Retriever, this mix has the best traits of its parenting breeds.

Going by several names, the Golden Shepherd is a large, highly energetic dog with a soft side it is exceptionally affectionate and devoted to its owners. When not busy cuddling or licking you, the Golden Shepherd will be your exercise partner, always pushing you to go the extra mile.

This highly energetic and large dog needs a lot of exercise and is best suited for people with active lifestyles or families with children that can play with a dog all day long. Being highly intelligent, this cross is easy to train and a great choice for inexperienced and experienced owners alike.

Stay with me till the end of this article to find out if the Golden Shepherd is the right dog for you!

Training Is A Breeze With A Dog This Smart

Top 10 Dogs

Weve already talked about how easy the Golden Retriever and GSD Mix is to train. But what should you specifically work on?

Make sure to socialize your Golden Shepherd early in case they adopt the nervousness around strangers from their German Shepherds parents. Have visitors, other animals, and children over often. The more experience they have around strangers, the better.

As well, do puppy training early to learn basic commands to make everyones lives easier. Youll have an obedient pal that wont yank on your arm while walking or pee all over the house right from the start.

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The German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix Can Vary In Appearance

Your Golden Shepherds appearance will depend on the genetics they inherit from his parent breeds.

One of the controversies surrounding crossbreeding is the unpredictability that comes with appearance.

Unpredictability is especially prevalent in first-generation crossbreed German Shepherd Golden Retriever mix dogs .

However, on average, your German Shepherd Golden Retriever mix will fall somewhere in the below descriptions:

  • German Shepherd Golden Retriever Height: 20 to 26 inches
  • German Shepherd Golden Retriever Weight: 55 to 85 Pounds
  • German Shepherd Golden Retriever Coat Color: Black, cream, sable, brown, gold, tan, white, grey, or a combination
  • German Shepherd Golden Retriever Coat Type: Double-coated and thick and long and wavy or sleek and glossy depending on genetics
  • German Shepherd Golden Retriever Eye Color: Brown

How To Groom A Golden Shepherd

Though physical attributes will vary from puppy to puppy, Golden Shepherds have a fairly long coat in most cases. If you dont like shedding, this pup probably isnt for you – there will be hair all over your house! Youll need to incorporate a daily brush in your dogs routine, as well as checking their nails on a regular basis as theyre prone to getting long quickly. An ear wax check and clean out are also beneficial as both breeds tend to suffer from a build up of wax.

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They Love Having Friends

They are known for being very tolerant of other pets in the home.

Due to the friendliness of this mixed dog, when socialized correctly, and raised with other small pets and dogs, the Golden Shepherd loves having friends at home.

Dont completely ignore their parents working history though; they may still chase squirrels and birds out on walks.

Use positive reinforcement and distraction to tackle this. You want your puppy to learn that you, as an owner, are more interesting than anything they will come across.

German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix Basic Facts

Meet Poppy a Golden Retriever & German Shepherd Dog Mix ...

The cross-breed from the Golden Retriever and German Shepherd can have different temperaments and physical appearance. These two traits will depend on the percentage of features from each parent.;

The German Shepherd Golden Retriever mix typically has a shoulder width of 55 to 67 cm and weighs close to 40 kgs .

Youll notice a shorter back on the mix, and the dog will have the almond eyes of the Retriever and the face of the Shepherd.

Bushy tails, powerful muscles, and medium-length muzzles are standard on the mixed breed. Golden Shepherds typically have a golden, cream, yellow, or tan coat.;

German Shepherds are known as watchdogs and tend to be protective, while Golden Retrievers are easy-going and friendly. The mix gives you a dog that is protective, affectionate, and warm if properly socialized and trained.

Youll find the German Shepherd Golden Retriever mix friendly, but the breed can be on the needy side. These dogs will follow you around as they thrive on interaction with their owners.

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Golden Retriever Basic Facts

Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds in the USA. Theyre sweet, loving, affectionate, and loyal. These dogs make excellent family dogs since they do well in large groups.

They also wont get too aggressive, which is a huge benefit for anyone who has small children. However, they can be a bit too playful at times, so its important that you always monitor them around small children.

This breed needs plenty of exercise to avoid anxiety or health problems, so make sure you take them on daily walks and play fetch with them.

Also, allow them to feel like a part of the family. Theyll want to be with you wherever you go, so you shouldnt get a Golden Retriever if you want a dog that is highly independent.

Despite common misconceptions and visual similarities, Golden Retrievers arent the same as Labrador Retrievers. While they tend to have similar ears, snouts, and bodies, there are many traits that are quite different.

Here are several Golden Retriever traits that you should know before getting one:

How To Care For A Mixed Breed Dog

Each mixed breed including the Golden Retriever German Shepherd mix requires different care depending on the characteristics of their parents that were passed down to their offspring.

In this case we look specifically at the Golden Retriever mixed with German Shepherd to see which traits were genetically passed down to their offspring to understand how to best care for them. Often there will be some general traits passed down along with the potential for individually unique traits.

As we established in an earlier section in this article, with a Golden Retriever cross German Shepherd mix they will be a fairly heavy shedder with a longer-than-average coat length.

This means that besides having to brush their coat multiple times on a daily basis.

Of course, the more consistent you are in taking care of their coats on a daily basis means they wont leave as much hair around everywhere, but youll be needing a vacuum cleaner either way as theres no running away from this issue no matter how much you take care of their hair.

The Golden Retriever German Shepherd mix has one of the most beautiful coats out there, coming from parents that have very beautiful coats each as well so this comes as no surprise.

The Golden Retriever German Shepherd mix will need greater care for their coats in order;to keep them in healthy shape.

Here are some helpful tips on how to brush your dogs hair in the most effective way!

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German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix Guide

The German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix is an exciting blend between a purebred Golden Retriever and a purebred German Shepherd. They are protective, highly intelligent, and trainable mixed dogs, weighing between 55 and 85 lbs and standing at 22 to 26 inches.

This intelligent mixed dog is also known as the Golden Shepherd.

This dog can inherit different tendencies from either of the parents, the retrieval Golden Retriever instincts, or the German Shepherd protectiveness.

  • Top 10 Golden Retriver mixes.

    Over recent times the Golden Shepherd has become a very popular crossbreed among dog lovers.

    There is much more to learn about this dog, so, stick with us as we cover all the essentials.;


  • The German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix Is A Cross Between The German Shepherd And The Golden Retriever

    3 Easy Things to Teach your NEW PUPPY!

    Part of the German Shepherd Golden Retriever mixs charm is a cross between two of the most famous and beloved dogs in the United States.

    Both the German Shepherd and the Golden Retriever are renowned as working dogs and highly regarded as intelligent, friendly, and loyal.

    Lets learn more about the German Shepherd Golden Retriever dogs purebred parents to understand their potential personality traits.

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    Feeding A Golden Retriever Mix Diet Requirements

    Daily Food Consumption
    Cups of Kibble

    Ensure the food you are feeding your dog is of a high quality and meets his daily nutritional requirements.

    Being a large mix, you should aim to feed him four times per day as a puppy, this is usually reduced to 2 meals per day as an adult this will be after hes matured between 18-24 months.

    Feeding your puppy four meals daily will help to avoid stretching their stomach whilst maturing.

    Being highly trainable, you wont need to use many treats when training your German Shepherd and Golden Retriever Mix; they learn quickly.

    Obesity can be an issue in both breeds,;so be mindful of what you are feeding your pooch and consider using low calorie dog treats if necessary.

    Grooming Your Golden Retriever German Shepherd

    German Shepherd mixed with Golden Retriever dogs require regular coat brushing because their coat tends to be tangled and matted together. Regular brushing promotes a shiny and healthy fur for this mixed breed. These dogs also shed constantly so a vacuum cleaner is handy for cleaning your dogs shedding around the room. Here are some products that you might need for this pet.

    • Pro Slicker Brush for Dogs and Cats

    This slicker brush either has a flat or curved head with lots of thin wire pins which help to untangle and shed loose fur. It features bolts long enough for reaching deeper areas of your dogs fur. This mixed breed features a double-coat that requires constant brushing making this item a must-have for all dog owners.

    • Professional Nail Clippers Large Breed

    Nail clippers prevent health and safety issues. Dog nails can hurt other people or animals when they get playful. Sometimes, dogs snap their nails off unintentionally, and the pain can be excruciating for them. To use, gently hold their paws and snip off small bits of the toenails. Promptly discontinue if any bleeding occurs.

    • CET Pet Toothbrush: Dog Toothbrush

    The teeth of German Shepherd Golden Retrievers need to be taken care of, but this often gets neglected since cleaning them requires loads of tolerance. However, be reminded that weekly toothbrushing is recommended to keep your dogs oral health in good condition. Providing chew items to your dog can further maintain teeth and gums health.

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    The Loyal German Shepherd

    A popular herding breed, German Shepherds, have been on the block since the 19th century. These dogs are strong, smart, fast, and intelligent.

    This breed makes excellent police dog, military dogs, messenger dogs, guard dogs, etc.

    German Shepherds are extremely intelligent and highly trainable which is why they gained popularity all over the world. These dogs are energetic, hardworking, and one of the smartest dog breeds.

    These one-master dogs are loving and affectionate towards their family.

    What Does A German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix Look Like


    The truth is that these dogs can vary quite a bit in terms of appearance since the parent breeds have significant differences in their physical qualities. However, we are going to describe the general features that apply to most of this mixed breed.

    Golden Retriever German Shepherd mixes can either have a lean or athletic build. Then their ears can be floppy or erect, and have eyes with an intelligent gaze like the GSD, or expressive like Goldens.

    At the end of their straight back and body is a long, slightly curved tail, and muscular legs.

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    They Really Do Love People

    Their love of people can sometimes get them in hot water.

    Golden Shepherds dont tolerate being left alone for long periods. Being a super-loyal companion, they dont understand why you would want to leave them. They can become anxious and destructive; they may bark and howl.

    Keep time alone to a minimum and bring in a dog walker or consider doggy day care if you do need to leave him for long periods of time.

    Beware The Land Sharks

    German Shepherd Puppies have earned the moniker land shark for their mouthiness. It comes from somewhere deep in their herding heritage, I suppose, but these are very bitey puppies! For this reason, a GSD can be a trying breed with young children, who often become unwitting targets for playful biting. Start teaching your puppy right away that biting humans is inappropriate behavior and channel that mouthiness into heavy-duty chew toys and games that dont involve tasty human hands.

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