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Why Golden Retrievers Are The Best Dog

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Golden Retriever Pros And Cons

Why Golden Retriever is the best house keeper? | Retriever Planet

Getting a golden retriever is a big commitment, so to help you make the right choice, we made this list of pros and cons for you.

Yes, we do love golden retrievers here , but golden retrievers are definitely not for everyone.

The worst thing that you could do is get a golden retriever, find out that its not a good fit, and give them up, so hopefully, this list makes your decision a little bit more clear.

Alright now, lets dive in!

How Do You Groom A Golden Retriever

Grooming will be an essential part of your life with a Golden Retriever. Brushing and bathing are the main grooming concerns.

You can maintain a healthy coat with regular grooming. The coat should be combed and brushed with a brush with firm bristles at least weekly, if not daily. Our experts have recommendations for the best shedding brush for your Golden. Minimize bathing to when your pup is visibly dirty or has an odor to avoid stripping the coat of oils necessary to maintain skin health. Dry shampoo can be used on the dogs coat as needed.

Goldens will require nail trimming every three to four weeks.; Also, brush their teeth at least several times a week but daily if possible.

Reasons Golden Retrievers Are The Absolute Best

Golden retrievers are the bubbly blondes of the dog world. Incredibly popular in the US, theyre;fun, sweet, trainable, and easy to be around.

Beautiful but silly, warmhearted but never hot-tempered, goldens are a wonderful addition to an active young family. And they;have some special skills you may not be as familiar with. Read on!

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Leverage Roommates If Possible

If you have a roommate and you are on lockdown or quarantined together, they may be just as interested in a fitness routine and diet as you. Having a partner for weight loss makes it so much easier and potentially even more fulfilling.

Even if they aren’t interested in a diet, they may still be willing to help support you. For example, reminding you to eat or prompting you to think about that after-work beer.

What Are The Benefits Of Golden Retrievers In Pairs

Best Dog Food for Golden Retrievers: Golden Puppy Food and ...

Even though there are no scientific studies that state that Golden Retrievers are better in pairs, there are people who think that its better for your Golden Retriever to have another Golden Retriever buddy or partner.

It does not necessarily have to be a Golden Retriever, though. You can adopt another dog so that yours wont feel lonely. Having another dog in the house will help ease the separation anxiety of your Golden Retriever. However, the dog in question should also have the same level of friendliness and playfulness as a Golden Retriever. Otherwise, the dog that you adopt may just end up being annoyed or aggressive towards your Golden Retriever.

It does not matter what gender your second Golden Retriever is. Two male or two female Golden Retrievers will keep each other company while youre away at work or if your kids are at school. There are a bunch of other benefits to having Golden Retrievers in pairs. These benefits will improve your lifestyle. It will also improve the lifestyle of your Golden Retriever and take away their social anxiety. However, keep in mind that there are also drawbacks to having more than one Golden Retriever in your household. Later on, I will also discuss the drawbacks of having two Golden Retrievers.;

For now, let me share the benefits with you.

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Reason #: Golden Retrievers Shed A Lot

Their beautiful golden coats come with a price youll find little bits of it all over the house!

Youll find fur on the floor, furniture, your clothes and sometimes even in your food!

But when it comes to golden retrievers and shedding, here are two things to remember:

First, if you want a dog, youre going to have to deal with shedding.

Sure, some breeds, like goldendoodles, shed a little less, but they all shed to some degree.

And second, although goldens shed a lot, their fur clumps up like little golden tumbleweeds, which makes it easier to clean up.

This is in contrast to some dogs, like labs, that shed short little hairs all over the place.

I They Are Curious And Playful

Nothing comes close to goldies when it comes to curiosity and playfulness. It is like they were born for the outdoors, which might be true given that they were developed for hunting. They are fun to be around. Your golden retriever will always lead the way exploring and enjoying the new fascinating smells, sounds, and sights. This is a lovable attribute that is also encouraging to you as an outdoor junkie.

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Can You Over Walk A Golden Retriever

Yes! It is possible to overwalk your pooch. First, golden retrievers are big athletic dogs that will walk for an hour and run up to 30mph without complaining. However, your doggie can only go as far as you train it. If it is used to 45 minutes of playtime or walking, then you suddenly go beyond that, it will have a difficult time catching up. Plus, this could also lead to lethargy, anxiety, and mobility issues.

Golden Retrievers Are Great At Fetch

Why Golden Retrievers are the ULTIMATE family dog

Golden retrievers were bred to fetch. Literally, in fact, as they were bred to retrieve waterfowl during hunts and thus named for it.

While we dont usually use them to retrieve shot prey anymore, golden retrievers still have the urge to chase something down and bring it back to you.

Its believed that originally, golden retrievers were bred with the intent of having a gun dog, meaning a dog that retrieves shot game, specifically for waterfowl.

This meant that the retriever had to have a thick enough coat to handle the water and the ability to fetch a lot of waterfowl all day.

This is why the golden retriever is both so athletic and full of endurance. He used to have to go all day, running and swimming to retrieve shot game.

This was still when large hunting parties would go out, and they would shoot a large number of ducks and other game birds, so retrievers had a lot to get.

Retrievers are eager to please and run. Theyre so strong, and they enjoy the exercise. They also appreciate the praise they receive for it. Golden retrievers were also bred to have one of the softest mouths as they were retrieving their owners dinner.

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Getting A Golden Retriever

Do plenty of research before you get a Golden Retriever. Make sure you have the knowledge and dedication to give to these sweet natured dogs to keep them happy and the time and space to exercise them. While they make great family pets, make sure you are absolutely ready to take on the commitment of getting a dog first.

They Are Intelligent Dogs

Only a few dogs can trump a golden retriever in terms of intelligence. Though bred for hunting, these shiny furries are fast thinkers. And regardless of the event, their smartness always shines through.

The best part: golden retrievers inquisitiveness makes them learn even without your help. Wherever they find themselves, these gentle giants are eager to explore and learn.

Now, imagine what would happen when you dedicate your time to tap into the intelligence of your golden dog and train it! Just imagine how much fun you would derive!

Besides fun, the more time you spend with your golden furries, the more bond, and memories you share. If that doesnt make the dog the best of its kind, what will?

Perhaps this next reason will convince you:

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They Love Us No Matter What

Golden retrievers seem to have an almost infinite capacity for love.

Theres no doubt that your dog loves you, as they show it in everything they do, from greeting you at the door to sitting at your feet to cheering you up when you feel sad.

But, goldens dont just show love for their own families, theyre happy to share out the love to anyone and everyone they meet.

Reason #: They Need A Lot Of Grooming

Pin by Karen Jenner on Goldens

Another price to pay for their beautiful golden coat is that it needs lots of grooming.

Goldens need to be brushed several times per week to keep their coat healthy and soft.

And its not just taking care of their coat.

They also need their ears and teeth cleaned and nails trimmed.

One thing about golden retrievers, in particular, is that they have floppy ears, so its important to keep their ears clean because theyre prone to ear infections.

But just like all dogs shed, all dogs need lots of grooming.

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They Make Outstanding Search And Rescue Dogs

Thanks to their intelligence and their sharp sense of smell, Golden Retrievers excel in search and rescue operations and as therapy or guide dogs. Their hardworking, attentive natures help, as Goldens can maintain their focus and follow their noses wherever they lead.

From trainability to loyalty, athleticism to sheer beauty, the Golden Retriever is one of the most beloved dog breeds in the world.

Is Hiking Good For Dogs

Hiking carries a ton of benefits for your fluffy friend. It is a great form of physical and mental workout. 3 to 5 miles of physical activity helps to keep the canines weight in check. Moving on, the incredible sights, sounds, and scents in the wild promote mental stimulation. Generally, adventure eliminates boredom and keeps away behavioral issues.

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Golden Retrievers Are One Of The Most Active Dog Breeds Out There

As members of the Sporting Group of Canines, golden retrievers are the type to stay active for the vast majority of their lives. They are always prepared for sporty activities with their hoomans, whether it be a walk in the park, a weekend hike, or even a simple game of fetch. Veterinarians have repeatedly encouraged 40 to 60 minutes of daily exercise for golden retrievers since they prosper on both physical and mental training.

If youre a dog owner who loves fitness and the outdoors, golden retrievers are surely the perfect breed for you. They are gentle, loyal, and extremely active!

Bred To Be Perfect Companions

Why Golden Retriever is the best dog

Golden Retrievers were bred to be the perfect companion dogs. Most sources claim that the dogs were bred by Lord Tweedmouth, while other, more recent sources, tell other stories.

But despite those conflicts, all sources agree that golden retrievers were bred by people who had hunting as their main activity.

Its easy to understand so much about Golden Retrievers when you know why they were bred. What does a hunter look for in a dog?


It was normal for a group of nobles to go on hunting trips together, and the perfect dog in these trips is the friendly dog who wont bite a noble and gets you in trouble.

This trait has carried on with golden retrievers until today. Goldens are very friendly with strangers and they always assume these strangers are friends.

Humans love friendly animals, and we started caring for and breeding the friendliest golden retrievers more than the not-very-friendly goldens, so the friendliness genes were amplified.

This kind of selective breeding over the last two centuries is one of the main reasons why golden retrievers are so friendly and loved by millions around the globe in the modern world.

Gets along with dogs and other animals

The other nobles will have their dogs with them on these hunting trips as well, so your dog needs to be able to get along well with these other dogs. No dog fights can take place on these hunting trips, and so, the golden retriever was bred to be friendly with other dogs as well.

A Good swimmer

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Get Along Well With Other Pets

Because golden retrievers are gentle, loving, and intelligent, they quickly warm up to other animals in the home. This includes cats and smaller pets.

You wont have to worry about dreadful pet quarrels in your home with a golden retriever. Plus, golden retrievers are protective of their family. This means they will also look out for your other pets.

The best part you can make sure your golden retriever gets enough outdoor time by taking it to the dog park or on walks without having to worry about aggressiveness or scruffles.

Excellent Readers Of Body Language

Golden Retrievers can know exactly what youre feeling and what youre thinking from your body language, and they just get better at it with time.

They will be able to tell youre mad or annoyed from your movements, posture, and your voices tone and volume. They can tell when youre sad, mad, depressed, happy, or excited, and they can react accordingly.

They can also tell when youre preparing to go for a walk, go for work, or do something else, and they learn more from watching you all the time and can then start predicting it. They are creatures of habit just like us, so they can connect your body language to your habits and actions.

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They Have A Perfect Body Making The Golden Retriever Best Dog For Kids

The physical structure makes the Golden more appealing. Moreover, their;perfect size, soft fur, and loving nature influence people to hug and cuddle with them. The Golden Retriever instantly senses the moods of people and shows activities that lighten the intense atmosphere. Their body frame and fur are some of the best reasons for their popularity among kids.

They Increase Our Lifespan

10 reasons why Golden Retriever

Various studies have suggested that people with dogs live longer on average than people who dont own pets.

There could be several reasons for this, one of the primary ones being that dog owners tend to get more exercise and have been found to have lower than average cholesterol levels.

Whatever the reasons, if our canine companions help us to live longer, thats another added bonus!

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Are Golden Retrievers Good With Cats

Golden Retrievers are a breed of even temperament and friendliness, so they are a great dog to introduce to other animals, even cats! Goldens are one of the top breeds of dogs that get along well with cats.As long as the dog and cat are properly introduced or have been raised together from a young age, there will be no issues between the two. Goldens are not generally territorial with others and can be introduced to a cat companion at any time. Once they are used to one another, your golden will accept the cat as part of the family.

The Giant Golden Retriever Faq List

  • 24 August 2021

Golden Retrievers are beautiful, obedient, and make great family pets and hunting dogs.; They also make great guide dogs for blind people, narcotic detection dogs, and even tracking dogs for finding missing people. Although there are many other dog breeds out there, Golden Retrievers remain one of the most versatile and most astonishing breeds.

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Theyre Great Hunting Dogs

One look and;you can tell that a Golden Retriever is meant for hunting. It possesses an extremely eager personality to begin with; its like it just wants you to give it the go-ahead to pounce onto something. In regards to its comprehensive appearance, the dog is extremely powerful with a balanced gait that gives it an edge while out in the wild. It isnt long in the leg, or clumsy. The hindquarters in particular are strongly muscled and broad, with well angled stifles to complement. Its simply a highly active dog, bred for hard working conditions such as hunting and its not that hard to see why.

Are Golden Retrievers Good With Kids

Why Golden Retrievers Are One Of The Best Dogs to Own

The Golden Retrievers energetic, friendly, and loyal nature makes them the perfect companion for kids of all ages. They are patient and empathetic dogs and will generally not play too rough with children. Like with any dog breed, you must watch them with young children, but overall, they are among the best breeds for families. They love to be outside running and playing fetch and enjoy cuddling with their families.

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They Are The Perfect Size

Golden retrievers are a great size for a first time dog. They dont get too big, but theyre also not extra small. The average size of an adult female golden retriever is around 55-65lbs . An adult male will average 65-75lbs .;

As a puppy who is ready to be adopted, they will weigh roughly ten pounds . Itll take them 18 months to reach their full adult size.

When a puppy is born, theyre only about 14 to 16 ounces . However, when a puppy reaches the age of four months, it will be roughly 30lbs . By eight months, it could be 50lbs . In fact, golden retriever puppies grow about 10% larger each week.;

For their height, a male can be anywhere from 23 to 24 inches tall. Females will be around 21.5 to 22.5 inches .;

Friendly With Other Pets

When you bring a dog into your home, theres often no guarantee that theyll play nicely with your other furry family members. As long as theyre socialized properly, a Golden will happily accept other family pets. Theyre content to share their space with cats, rabbits, and even other dogs. Not only are there unlikely to be any fuzzy quarrels in your home, but your Golden will usually become attached to your other pets, keeping a watchful eye on them. The peace of mind that comes with knowing you can safely introduce your new puppy without fear for your other pets is incredibly important!

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