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Will My Golden Retriever Protect Me

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Goldens Have A Large Powerful Bark

will my golden retriever puppy protect me from Robbery? #shorts

Goldens retrievers are not the most vocal of dogs under normal circumstances. However, if they feel threatened or believe that you are in danger, its not uncommon for them to bark. In most situations involving a would-be burglar or intruder, a big, booming bark can make a criminal change their minds quickly.;

For example, if someone were to break into your home at night and hear the sound of a large breed dog barking, chances are they would move on for fear of being attacked.;

Since Goldens are so smart, its actually possible to train them to bark on command. This can be effective if you feel threatened and need your dog to show their strength without actually behaving aggressively.;

Why Is Your Dog So Protective Of You

The main reason why dogs are so protective of their keepers is that they consider them family. In most cases, dogs are used to having their keepers around, meaning that they act with a more protective/aggressive behavior under specific circumstances. If the keepers treat their dog with constant love and care, it’s likely to give back by protecting them from all possible dangers during the day.

Another reason why dogs tend to be protective of their keepers is because of a self-preservation instinct. Normally, the dog’s keepers are supposed to provide food and shelter to their new friend. If these people get harmed, that could mean that the dog may not get that food and shelter, which causes it the natural need to give them protection.

Last but not least, dogs with a background of previous abuse may be extremely aggressive, but they can also become protective of their new keeper who is caring and loving. This is because they’re used to this abusive behavior from someone in the past. If they’re exposed to a more positive environment, they’re likely to give back by trying to give their new friend some protection instead of responding with aggression.

How Fast Does A Golden Retrievers Hair Grow

Golden Retrievers are wonderful dogs, from temperament to energy level and right down to their long golden coats. Some of these good boys have hair that is as lustrious as s model!

Just thinking about it got me to thinking about how the kind of maintenance and upkeep it must require to keep that beautiful sheen. Not only that, but how long does it take to get so long?

How fast does a Golden Retrievers hair take to grow? After spending the first three months of its life as a fluffy short-haired puppy, a Golden Retrievers hair begins to change, growing into a longer coat until the age of eighteen months. Although there are cases where this varies slightly, the best point of reference is the parents of the pup. If they were late-bloomers, you can probably expect the same from the pup as well.

Considering how active this breed is, Im pretty sure theres a significant amount of effort on the part of the owner to keep that beautiful coat so well maintained. Thats without even considering that with all that hair, the shedding is likely to be pretty heavy as well.

I looked into the breed a bit more to find out what it takes to keep these beasts so beautiful and was a little surprised as to what I fond out.

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Can Dogs Be Too Protective

Sometimes, dogs may become too protective of their owners. This can occur if you do not properly socialize your;pup or if your dog becomes aggressive to anyone who crosses your path and the behavior is not corrected immediately. This is counterproductive, and dogs must be taught boundaries and are appropriately trained.
Dogs who have suffered abuse at the hands of a previous owner are also more likely to be overly protective of their new families because they want to show their appreciation for the good treatment and love they are getting with you.;;

Will My Dog Protect Me From

Would my Golden Retriever protect me? in 2020

Lets talk about what our dogs will and will not protect us from. Be aware that all of these are only generalizations. Some dogs will be more or less apt to do anything about anything.

These are generalities.

Will My Dog Protect Me From People

Probably not.

While some breeds are more prone to take a protective role because of their background and breed origin, most dogs are just going to stand there.

It makes sense, when you think about it.

From the time they are puppies, dogs are socialized and trained that people are good. We like people. People give us treats. People give us ear scratches and belly rubs. That thinking is reinforced over the entire life of the dog, so when another human makes aggressive movements towards you, your dog is not going to suddenly become the canine version of The Lion King.

Will My Dog Protect Me From Other Animals

This one is more likely to occur.

Even though we socialize our dogs to make them friendly towards other people and animals, their protective instinct is more likely to come out when an incident occurs with animals. They know what to do with animal threats. Their brains are more wired for it instinctively than a human threat.

So if another dog or animal makes aggressive moves towards you, your dog is more likely to intervene.

Will My Dog Protect Me From Environmental Dangers


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Why Does My Golden Retriever Sleep With Me

Your Golden Retriever has several reasons why they want to share your bed. Firstly, it comes from a place of warmth and love. They just want to be as close to you as possible, even at night when both of you are sleeping. If the temperatures are low, then theyll also want to help keep you warm through the night.

Do Golden Retrievers Have Separation Anxiety

Golden Retrievers often suffer from separation anxiety because they naturally want to be with you. Golden retrievers love being with their family and can exhibit separation anxiety if left alone for too long. A golden retriever that has separation anxiety will drool excessively, destructively chew, bark and howl.

If you think about getting a golden retriever and have asked any of the questions above or believe a golden can live or sleep outside, this breed may not be for you. This leads to separation anxiety in a dog that is already sensitive to being without their family.

Even a golden retriever that doesnt get tossed outside can exhibit separation anxiety. Imagine how worse it can be if they are locked in the backyard overnight or for long hours during the day.

My golden displayed some separation anxiety when he was younger, and I have to say it was entirely our fault. He is with us 24 hours because he is being trained to be my daughters service dog. When he was young, we tested the waters on leaving him out of his crate while we were gone for a short trip and decided to leave him in the garage. Big mistake. He chewed the door. Up until that point, he had never chewed anything in the house.

We were so surprised but recognized it was our fault. The garage was foreign to him. So not only was he alone, but he was also in an unfamiliar place. We focus on not putting him in a crate once he was completely potty trained and our space became his space.

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The Verbal Cue Method

The verbal cue method is another way to train your Golden to be a guard dog. This method involves conditioning your dog to bark at suspicious noises. You can teach your dog to do this by bringing them to something that they typically bark at.

Tell them to bark as they are barking and then rewarding them with a treat. Over time your dog will begin to associate barking with getting treats. Do this for five minutes every day.

As you continue training you will move away from things that naturally cause your Golden to bark. Begin commanding your Golden to bark, when there is nothing to bark at to train him or her to bark on command. Again, reward your dog when he does this successfully.

Eventually, you will bring your dog to a place he needs to guard and have someone approach . Tell your dog to bark at the person. Once your dog starts barking, the person should scream and run away.

Teach your dog to bark until the person leaves and then reward him or her. Soon youll have your dog barking at any suspicious strangers they see.

How Long Can I Leave My Golden Retriever Alone

Golden Retriever Dog Protects My Wife from Me

Only 4 -5 hours. Golden retrievers bond deeply with their owners and if left alone for a long period of time it can be torture for them. They can become depressed or destructive.

This is something to consider before adopting a golden retriever if you have a full-time job. If you work 8 hours a day and have travel time, you will need to hire a dog walker or bring your golden to doggy daycare. Being alone for 5 days a week for 8 plus hours is not feasible for a golden retriever.

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Are Golden Retrievers Always Defensive

Golden Retrievers are rich in energy and very playful. Even though they like playing, hunting, fetching, and exercising, they never use their energy attacking and hurting other people. The Retrievers mostly have a very even-temper and show calm behavior.

However, they can sometimes show aggression as a way to indicate insecurity, illness, or pain. The owners must be responsible and understand their signs before they grow impatient and destructive.

Do you know the signs that indicate your Golden Retriever is about to attack?

If no, then let me disclose some of these signs through this article.

Best Examples Of Golden Retrievers As A Guard Dog

Below Im listing some amazing YouTube videos which are worth watching, these are examples of how a Golden Retriever is a superhero when he is trained to be a Guard Dog.

Some of the video clips are so overwhelming that youll be amazed, also youll get to know how well the kids are protected and your main question are golden retrievers good guard dogs will get justified? Well, check these videos and youll come to the conclusion that YES, golden retrievers are actually good guard dogs.

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Health Issues That Can Influence A Puppys Growth

Certain issues, such as hookworm or ringworms, might compromise your Goldens growth. This will prevent her from reaching her full potential.

If left untreated, it can cause lasting damage to their bones, muscles, immune system, skin, and digestive system.

Being ill for an extended period might also affect her development. Your puppy may be stunted due to malnutrition.

Golden Retrievers Vs Intruders

Would my Golden Retriever protect me?

There is something really important to understand; dogs have lots of instincts, and some dogs instincts are different than others.

For example, a Golden Retriever is incredibly friendly because they do not have particularly strong territorial or aggressive instincts. They are just chill, so they always welcome strangers.

However, their weak territorial instincts means that as long as the Intruder is friendly, your Golden is more likely to let the intruder in than to become aggressive with them.

The protective instincts,on the other hand, are strong. This is why your Golden Retriever is likely to stand up and become aggressive if youre attacked by someone.

Actually, many dogs become confused when faced when an Intruder situation because they really dont understand whats happening. Theyre like who is this stranger, and what should I do.

If this happens and a more protective dog, say a Pit bull, was the dog in the house, the dog will be like stranger, youve chosen poorly and the Intruder is very likely to leave with serious injuries.

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Golden Retrievers Can Be Protective

Although golden retrievers arent typically the first breed you think of when you think of a protective dog, golden retrievers can be protective.

Because of their loyalty, intelligence, and their size, yes, golden retrievers can protect you.

But their friendly and gentle nature may not make them the best candidates for when it comes to defending you.

If protection is one of the top attributes youre looking for in a dog, then you might be better off going with a doberman or German shepherd.

However, if you want a family dog thats big and loud enough to scare most threats off and has the potential to protect you, then a golden retriever might be for you!

Lets look a little more at what actually makes a good protective dog.

Can A Labrador Be A Watchdog

No, Im not referring to that watchdog. This is about a watchdog, which is also known as an alarm dog. Unlike a guard dog, a watchdog is only meant to keep an eye out for any dangers. It is not trained to attack the threat. A watchdog is expected to stay alert at all times, and to alarm you about any intruder. It will alarm you the best way it knows how to barking, lots and lots of loud barking.

Though Labradors cant become;guard dogs, they do make an exceptional watchdog. Lucky for you, it is a quick learner. A Labrador is really easy to train because it can quickly learn all sorts of tricks. While training it to be a watchdog, simply give your lab a treat every time it barks at you after someone comes into the house. Over time, it will naturally begin barking after spotting anyone it doesnt recognize.

Dont worry; it will not hurt anyone, Labradors are too friendly to do that. Its one of the reasons why I love them so much. But its past experience in hunting could help it become a vigilant watchdog. You can sleep at ease, knowing that the lab is on the lookout. Just keep a bat or something close, by since the lab will only alarm you, it wont be;attacking anybody.

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Signs Your Dog Is Protective Of You

Dogs have been one of the humans’ most loyal companions for;thousands of years. The bond that owners create with their dog can grow as they spend more time together, which leads to a more special relationship. This can help owners figure out what their pet wants in a specific context.

The best way to develop this relationship is to train the pet until it develops an;exclusive way to communicate with its owner. However, if the owner doesn’t train their pet to show what it wants but still spends time taking care of it, giving it treats, and showing affection, it may still find a way to show its feelings.

It’s important to tell the difference between protection and over-protection since the latter could lead to aggressive behavior, translating to dangerous scenarios with another dog or owner. Dogs are not complicated to understand; if the owner can take enough time to spend with their pet, it’s going to become easier to figure out what they want.

Selection Of Dog From Good Breeders

Golden Retriever Protecting baby. so cute

Since harassment and mistreat of the breeder results in aggression and frequent attacks of the Golden Retriever, the selection of a good breeder is vital. Apart from this, types of the breed also influence the behavior of the pet. And a study looking at 101 different types of breed found a strong tie between behavior and genes.

The good breeders nurture the Golden Retriever with care and love. Thus, the Golden Retrievers will grow gentle, friendly, and calm.

Affection and proper attention while breeding eliminates the insecurity and anxiety of the pet. As a result, it reduces the chance of attack.

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Do Golden Retrievers Attack Cats

Yes, its possible, but only if it was a poorly socialized animal. Golden Retrievers are very suited to families with cats because they get along with most other animals. Many dogs love to chase cats, but a Golden Retriever would more than likely want to, unless a cat attacked it first; a Golden Retriever would probably leave it alone.;

Do Golden Retrievers Like Being Outside

Yes, and No, My golden loves being outside if one of us is outside with him. On a nice day when the weather is good, we leave the door open and let him go in and out as he pleases 9 times out of 10, he will be inside with us. If hes outside, its right by the door. So although he loves to go outside and play with us, he doesnt really care to out by himself for long periods of time.

The trait that makes golden retrievers great is their temperament, making them better at being inside dogs than outside dogs. They love people and are terrible at being a guard dog. They love the interaction with people and want to be with you all the time. In fact, if you force your golden to live alone outside, you can bet on creating a destructive, digging, barking machine.

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Final Thoughts On Are Golden Retrievers Good Guard Dogs

I hope that you were helped, now your question Can Golden Retrievers be good guard dogs is pretty easy to understand after going through this breakdown.

I have talked about the traits that golden retrievers has and how you can use the 3 cool training methods to make your golden more better guard dog.

Oh! Well, how were the 3 YouTube videos that I shared? Well, I know you must have not watched all 3! But you might have at least 1, so let me know more about the videos and feedbacks in the comments.

Like I know that Golden Retriever is not the best Guard Dogs, but theres another way to have the Best Guard and that is by having another companion dog.

Like see, I too have 2 dogs, Chester & Max , you can also try another companion dog for your golden! In fact, Chester is my guard dog, you wont believe how protective he is, also Rottweiler is #1 Protective Dogs as listed on K9ofmine.

Have a look at this article that I published last month Best Companion Dog For Golden Retriever

Check out the above-listed article and you would get amazed by the list of dogs that Ive mentioned!

Can a Golden Retriever and a cat can coexist? Get your answer here, Are Golden Retrievers Good With Cats?

I hope that you were helped and were satisfied with the answer that you just went through!

That was my opinion on this, now I would like to hear from you.

Are golden retrievers good guard dogs?

Let me know in the comments I would like to know your opinions!

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