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Are Golden Retrievers High Energy

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Why Are Golden Retrievers So Energetic

Training a High Energy Golden Retriever : A Golden Opportunity | Day #5

Golden Retrievers are so energetic because they were meant to be working dogs, so they have an impressive stamina that allows them to stay active for hours.

Stamina and high energy are very desirable traits in a dog if you want to take them out hunting and want them to be able to go on running around the field and over rough terrain to retriever your game.

This is why breeders heavily favored dogs that had more energy than their counterparts and focused on breeding these dogs.

How Much Should You Exercise An Elderly Golden Retriever

Some Golden retrievers suffer arthritis and other joint pains as they age. If this is the case with your dog, please speak to your vet and follow their advice. With some ailments exercise can make things worse and you do not want that for your dog.

Others may start to slow down once theyve hit their 8th birthday, whilst some may still be surprisingly active at their 12th year and beyond!

Like humans, dogs are individuals and age differently. Just be mindful of not asking too much of your elderly dog.

Theyre a breed that loves to please and if you ask too much of them they will do everything to oblige and you could really tire them out and perhaps do more harm than good.

Monitor your Golden and if they seem to have aches and pains, or get out of breath a lot quicker, or take a lot longer to recover, then its maybe time to allow them to slow down. They can still enjoy walking long distances and swimming, just avoid jumping hedges and chasing balls for an hour straight.

Eye Problems Common To Golden Retrievers

Eye problems are also common with Golden Retrievers.Cataracts, Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Golden Retriever Pigmentary Uveitis allplague these great dogs. Some of these can be treated with surgery while othersare irreversible. Vets suggest that you get your dogs eyes checked at leastannually.

Early detection in these diseases can limit their aggressivebehaviors and help you preserve your dogs vision.

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Labrador Retriever Vs Golden Retriever: Coat

Labradors and Golden Retrievers both have double coats. This feature allows them to stay cool in summer and warm in winter. In the case of Labradors, their hair is shorter, denser, and wirier than the hair on Golden Retrievers. Their outer coat is also waterproof, which allows them to glide through the water easily. Compared to Labradors, the hair on Golden Retrievers is visibly much longer. Their topcoat is water-resistant, while their bottom coat is fluffy. In addition, their coat contains a feathered look along their legs and bellies.;

Here Are A Few Simple Set Of Laws To Follow When Training A Small Puppy

Training a High Energy Golden Retriever : A Golden ...

When training a young Golden Retriever dog, you need to follow some rules to get the best results and not stress your dog in any way:

Never correct your dog! Even when they are a few months old, they are too young to understand. They do not have a developed brain, nor do they have enough self-control to do better. So dont correct them. If they do wrong in training, it wont be appropriate.

Keep only two or three-minute-long training sessions a few times every day. Their focus will be concise, and you dont want them to get bored and dislike training. 2 or 3 minutes of training provides a fun and stress-free environment.

Dont expect too soon. Just train simple commands and try to set them up correctly to achieve your goal. Repeated failures will start training your dog instead of enjoying it. So please keep it simple.

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Labradors Are More Popular

The Golden Retriever and Labrador are among the most popular dog breeds listed by the American Kennel Club.

Goldens are ranked the 3rd most popular breed and Labs are first.

The Golden Retrievers popularity sky rocketed to 3rd after the movie Air Bud.

Labrador Retrievers have been the most popular dog breed in America for over 20 years.

Both retrievers are loved for their gentle nature which is why they are used as therapy and working dogs.

Do Golden Retrievers Calm Down After Being Neutered Or Spayed

Many owners believe that spaying or neutering their dog will help to calm them down but that is usually not the case. Neutering and spaying can result in making the dog calmer for a short period of time while they are recovering and feeling fatigued.

Neutering has a slight chance of helping to correct behaviors if done while they are puppies, this is because they have not had time to learn problematic behaviors. In males, it is likely to help reduce aggression but does not guarantee an effect on hyperactivity, especially since this is a breed trait in Golden Retrievers and not just a hormonal factor.

The reduced energy behavior usually comes from the effects of the surgery itself being draining rather than changing their entire demeanor. It is more effective to train your Golden Retriever and reward for calmer behaviors, as this will become a lasting standard for your Golden, rather than a short-lived reprieve due to a procedure.

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Are Golden Retrievers Hyper

Are Golden Retrievers Hyper? Generally, Golden Retrievers are not Hyperactive, but they will be as calm or hyper as you make them.

The Golden Retrievers behavior and temperament is a hallmark of the breed and is described in the standard as friendly, kindly, and confident. So, they are regarded as a relaxed and calm breed with a low level of hyperactivity in their behavior. But every individual dog has a different personality, and many other factors also affect their hyperactivity, including the environment, surroundings, feeding, stress, etc. Continue reading to learn more about golden retrievers temperament and behavior.

Labrador Retriever Vs Golden Retriever: Muzzle

Walking 2 High Energy Golden Retrievers

Another noticeable difference between Labradors and Golden Retrievers lies in the shape of their muzzles. Generally, Labradors possess a broader, shorter muzzle. Their wide muzzle gives them a full-faced look that enthusiasts often describe as jowly. It also may explain why people say that Labradors frequently look like they are smiling. The muzzle on Golden Retrievers, meanwhile, appears more narrow and longer. This lends them a leaner, more slender look.;

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Golden Retrievers Are P Rone To Separation Anxiety

Golden Retrievers are loyal dogs that bond deeply with their owners. Many owners report that their dogs suffer from when left alone.

If your Golden Retriever shows signs of separation anxiety, consult with a professional positive reinforcement trainer.

Increase your dog’s exercise and always leave him with something to do when you leave the house.

You can use calming pheromones such as Dog Appeasing Pheromone to reduce your dog’s anxiety.;

If possible, bring your dog to a Doggie Daycare when you have to leave him alone for long periods. You can also hire a dog walker to come over and check on your dog in the middle of the workday.

Follow an approved training plan for crate training to give your Golden Retriever a safe place when you have to leave. This will help your dog feel more secure and it will also prevent destructive chewing of your belongings.

How Much Exercise Does A Golden Retriever Puppy Need

And also, are there puppy exercise limits you should be aware of?

A good rule of thumb for a puppys exercise needs is the 5 minute rule. This rule basically states:

A puppy needs no more than 5 minutes of exercise for each month it has been alive.

So a 3-month-old puppy needs only 15 minutes exercise per day, a 5-month-old needs 25 minutes.

This exercise is a proper, structured exercise. Meaning brisk walking on leash, gentle games of fetch. Its in addition to and not instead of general play.

A puppy can play as much as they wish though you do need to be careful that they dont exercise too much.

Puppies are growing fast and their bones and joints can be easily damaged by over-exercising. So take it easy until theyre more mature. Follow the 5 minute rule and encourage very little jumping or vigorous exercise!

Continue the 5 minute rule until your golden is nearing one year old. And then

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What Living With A Golden Retriever Is Like

While the golden retriever is a perfect dog for many homes, they require regular exercise. Families that are gone for 8-10 hours per day might not be well-suited to living with this active and intelligent breed.

As puppies, goldens can be very mouthy, and often steal socks or other objects. They have prolonged adolescence, frustrating owners who are unprepared for having rebellious teenage dogs for almost three years. Responsible owners will take their dogs out several times per day, and for at least one long excursion per week.

Do not expect to just skate by as a golden retriever owner these dogs need to be paid for good behavior using treats or toys, or they will find other ways to get what they want! Once well-trained, the golden retriever is nearly unrivaled in his friendliness and love of family.

Where On The Energy Scale Should A Golden Retriever Be

1 Year Old High Energy Golden Retriever "Lucy" 2 Week ...

myluckypenny said:I just had an interesting conversation with someone on facebook that was recommending a golden retriever for someone that wanted a medium to low energy dog. I stated that I didn’t think a golden retriever would be a good fit as all the goldens I know wouldn’t be considered medium to low energy until after they were four to five years old. She then gave me several examples of young goldens that she knows that really don’t need more exercise than a couple throws of the ball. Personally that makes me a little sad as I think that as a breed they should be a medium to high energy breed . What do you guys think, do you think breeders should be breeding lower energy dogs? This is not intended as a discussion on conformation vs. field dogs but as a discussion of the typical minimum energy level you would expect in a golden.

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Are Labrador Retrievers High Energy

Are Labrador Retrievers High Energy?

Labradors weigh 25 to 36 kg on average, with females in the 25 to 32 kg range. Golden Retrievers weigh 25 to 34 kg on average, with females in the 25 to 29 kg range. Labradors come in three colors: yellow, chocolate and black; while Golden Retrievers come in warmer hues ranging from yellow to rust red. Labradors and Goldens are susceptible to hip and elbow dysplasia and progressive retinal atrophy. Like many large dogs, Labradors are prone to obesity, so it is important to maintain a consistent diet and exercise routine to avoid excessive weight gain to reduce stress on joints. Both Labradors and Golden Retrievers are happy and enthusiastic sporting animals that are loyal to their owners and great with kids. While each breed has particular traits that will appeal to certain families and lifestyles, one things for certain: you cant go wrong, no matter which of these breeds you choose.

Which is best labrador or golden retriever? Theyre both friendly, energetic and fun, but which one is right for you? Discover the traits, temperament and talents of the Labrador and the Golden Retriever. Fun loving, affectionate and obedient, Labradors and Golden Retrievers rank highly as favourite dog breeds.

Whats An Ideal Guard Dog

Guard dogs are meant to scare away strangers and alert their owners when unwelcomed characters are approaching, or any other form of danger is imminent. For this canine job, these dogs should possess certain qualities.

Here is your quick list of qualities that make ideal guard dogs:

  • Guard dogs should be large enough to instill fear in strangers.
  • They should be athletic enough to move fast and with ease when they sense danger.
  • Guard dogs should be fearless and courageous, attacking to defend when needed.
  • They should be loyal and stay by the owners side during an encounter, not easily lured with treats to the strangers side
  • Guard dogs should be intelligent, watchful, and alert so they can notice, judge and assess real danger.
  • They should manifest instinctual protective behaviors such as jumping between the owner and an impending source of danger and barking or growling when danger is sensed.
  • Guard dogs should be obedient, heading the owners command to attack when danger is real or keep off when danger is misjudged.

The rest of this article will explore whether the Golden Retriever possesses any of these qualities to qualify as a good guard dog.

Youll need to remember that Golden Retrievers werent built for guarding. Instead, Goldens were bred for hunting and retrieving. As such, theyll need to develop into guard dogs any missing qualities with training.

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When Do The Golden Retrievers Calm Down

As we talked about from the beginning to calm down at the age of 2-3. Although the Golden Retriever has a status for being the ultimate family dog, it is primarily a working dog. This means they are born working dogs, and they need to stay active and healthy. Such dogs are born and bred to continue to perform the tasks expected of them, and this goal can be accomplished with encouragement.

Therefore, it is natural for them to have relatively high energy compared to other breeds of dogs. However, their dynamic state means that owners need to spend more time keeping them busy to be healthy and content.

Golden Retrievers Vs Goldendoodles

High Energy Parents Golden Retrievers

Now that youve got a decent understanding of golden retrievers, poodles, and goldendoodles, its time to get into how golden retrievers and goldendoodles compare.

However, keep in mind that the statements below are generalities.

Each dog is an individual and their looks, personality, and health largely depend on their pedigree and how they were raised.

Now, lets get into it!

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Is My Golden Retriever Lazy Or Is It Something Else

The first question to ask is whether your golden retriever is actually lazy or is it something else? For example, has your golden retriever always been lazy? It this a new thing? Have they become lazy after a certain event like changing their diets? Can you link their laziness to something else?

Any dog owner who pays enough attention to their dogs will be able to answer whether their golden retriever has always been lazy or is this a new thing.

Exercising A Golden Retriever

Golden retrievers are a very active breed and need plenty of time to spend running around. Like a Labrador retriever, Goldens have a tendency to become overweight, and not getting enough exercise is a key factor in their weight gain.

Given their size, fully grown Goldens require more than just a walk around the block twice a day. They were bred as a working dog and have the energy to run around all day long. With that in mind, they will need more than an hour on a regular walk to get ample cardiovascular benefits.

To ensure your Golden is getting enough exercise, be sure to take them out at least twice per day. A great way to exercise your Golden is to run with them or cycle with them at your side.

Though it may seem high maintenance, daily exercise is a basic need of the Golden retriever breed. If you are unable to provide enough daily activity, consider getting a smaller, less active dog.

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Golden Retriever Adoption And Rescue

If you think a Golden Retriever might be the right choice for your family, look into Golden Retriever rescue groups before going to a Golden Retriever breeder.

There are already many homeless dogs in this country looking for loving homes.;

Start your search with a visit to your local humane society or animal shelter.

Let the staff know that you are looking for Golden Retriever or Golden Retriever mix.

If you are open to other breeds and mixes, let them know that you are willing to meet dogs with Golden Retriever temperament traits.

Ask to leave your phone number on file and be notified when eligible dogs become available.

You can also search for adoptable Golden Retrievers online on websites such as, and

There are even rescue groups dedicated exclusively to rescuing Golden Retrievers. Facebook and Google are good resources for finding Golden Retriever rescue groups.

The Golden Retriever Club of America National Rescue Council is another great place to continue your search for the perfect dog.

If you adopt through a rescue group or adoption center, the Golden Retriever price range will be between $75 and $200 depending on the organization. Dogs from these types of organizations will generally be spayed/neutered, vetted, vaccinated and microchipped prior to adoption.

Dont Reward The Hyper Behaviour

High Energy Golden Retriever Training Series

It is important not to overdo their hyperactivity. Therefore, you should be careful not to reward him when they are acting hyper. Instead, you can try to ignore the hyperactivity if you can and then reward only when they treat you well.

Keep it occupied

You can also give him entertaining things like toys, bones, and puzzle games in addition to the above. But, once it is hyper, it will help avoid disruption, not encourage this behavior.

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