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Best Age To Neuter A Golden Retriever

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Health Effects Of Age At Neutering

New Research: The Best Age To Spay Or Neuter A Dog

For decades, the traditional age for neutering dogs and cats in the U.S. has been six to nine months. There is no robust scientific basis for choosing this age, and it has been suggested the practice arose in the first half of the 20th century1 as a response to anesthetic mortality in younger animals. Anesthetic procedures in veterinary medicine have evolved since that time it has since been demonstrated that not only is the procedure safe in puppies and kittens seven to 12 weeks of age, but these younger patients actually recover faster and have fewer complications than those neutered at the traditional age.2-4

Both prospective and retrospective studies have investigated the potential effects of neutering at various ages. Some have followed puppies and kittens from a few weeks up to three years after neutering and compared health and behavior outcomes in those neutered at the traditional age and earlier.2,4-6 Differences did appear in a few of the numerous outcomes evaluated, but overall neutering at the traditional age and earlier were roughly equivalent in terms of health effects.

The researchers also report no association between early neutering and cancer in mixed-breed dogs and, in small-breed dogs, with the exception of the Shih Tzu, there was no association between cancer incidence and spaying at any age.14

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Golden Retriever Study Suggests Neutering Affects Dog Health

Neutering, and the age at which a dog is neutered, may affect the animals risk for developing certain cancers and joint diseases, according to a new study of golden retrievers by a team of researchers at the University of California, Davis.

The study, which examined the health records of 759 golden retrievers, found a surprising doubling of hip dysplasia among male dogs neutered before one year of age. This and other results were published Feb. 13 in the online scientific journal PLOS ONE.

The study results indicate that dog owners and service-dog trainers should carefully consider when to have their male or female dogs neutered, said lead investigator Benjamin Hart, a distinguished professor emeritus in the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine.

It is important to remember, however, that because different dog breeds have different vulnerabilities to various diseases, the effects of early and late neutering also may vary from breed to breed, he said.

While results of the new study are revealing, Hart said the relationship between neutering and disease-risk remains a complex issue. For example, the increased incidence of joint diseases among early-neutered dogs is likely a combination of the effect of neutering on the young dogs growth plates as well as the increase in weight on the joints that is commonly seen in neutered dogs.

In Europe, however, neutering is generally avoided by owners and trainers and not promoted by animal health authorities, Hart said.

When To Spay Or Neuter A Golden Retriever

The answer to these questions is proper timing. Spaying as early as 2 months old or after their first heat is encouraged for Goldens that have a family history of developing Mammary tumors and Pyometra. However, early neutering and spaying can also have long-term effects. For instance, spaying or neutering Golden Retriever at an early age can encourage overgrowth in height which will cause early onset of joint problems, knee injury, and other bone disorders. Hence, it is recommended that the best age to spay a Golden Retriever is when they have fully developed bodies which would be at two years old. The same goes with the best age to neuter a Golden Retriever. Realistically, the danger of bone disorders are more likely to happen than developing cancer.

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Male Dog Neutering: Case Of Golden Retrievers

Male dog neutering can be a rather touchy topic but it has some very practical benefits.

The term neutering simply means to de-sex an animal. Technically it can refer to both females and males. But for some reason the term is more commonly associated with males.

Maybe that’s because most men can’t stand the word castration. They shudder at the mere idea of a scalpel going “down there.”

For the sake of our discussion about male dog neutering, we’ll limit the term neuter to a reference to males.

When To Spay And Neuter Golden Retrievers

When To Spay A Golden Retriever? in 2021

In recent years there have been newer recommendations put out for large breed dogs, including Golden Retrievers, on when to spay and neuter. Now it is recommended that you wait until your Golden is at least 18 months old before spaying or neutering them.

The reason to wait until your Golden is at least 18 months old prior to spaying or neutering is to ensure they have a chance to fully go through their version of puberty. A recent study suggests this can decrease the risks of bone and joint abnormalities as your Golden grows.

The information from this study came from the on-going Golden Retriever Lifetime Study, supported by the Morris Animal Foundation. If you are interested in contributing to the research helping to understand the development of cancer and other health conditions in Golden Retrievers, you can voluntarily participate in this study with your dog.

Up until recently, it was recommended that dogs be spayed and neutered before they are able to reproduce. For female dogs, this means before they go into their first heat cycle.

In addition to preventing your dog from getting pregnant, another reason it was highly recommended to spay before their first heat cycle was to prevent mammary cancer. Studies have shown that spaying your dog prior to their first heat cycle can drastically decrease the risk of them developing mammary cancer later in life.

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When To Neuter A Male English Golden Retriever

I am personally much more unsure and therefore flexible about when to neuter a male. Ive read that it is good to neuter them around the same time as a female to keep them from becoming dominant. Ive also read that you should wait until they mature fully or they will have behavior or health problems after neutering them. Because of this extreme controversy, I really dont have a strong opinion either way.

If it were me, I would probably neuter him somewhere in the middle around 1 1 1/2 years of age. The main danger in waiting until your male is fully grown to neuter him is that he may be prone to find a soul mate. Whenever a female goes into heat here, our wonderful, sweet, obedient and loving boys becomeobsessed and even seemingly possessed. They are not themselves. They will do whatever they can do to get to the female, even if that means breaking out of their enclosure.

If there is an intact female anywhere near where you live and she goes into full estrus, then beware because your male will do whatever he can to get to her. That could obviously be very dangerous, because he could get run over, stolen or produce a litter of pups.

Why Do Golden Retrievers Age Faster Than Other Dogs

Larger dogs age faster than smaller dogs, the reason why is still a mystery but scientists believe that its simply because large dogs grow faster. Growing faster can lead to an earlier incidence of tumours and other abnormal tissue developments including cancer. The lifespan of a Golden Retriever is 10-12 years on average.

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When To Neuter A Golden Retriever

Tom Thorpe Blog

Neutering is a common procedure that results in several benefits for both the owner and the pet animal. A majority of Golden retriever owners will get their pets either neutered or spayed to avoid an unwanted litter. But some owners do it to prevent health problems. When to neuter a golden retriever? A study revealed that more than half of golden retrievers die from cancer. Neutering can be a preventive solution for serious illnesses to help your Golden retriever live a long and healthy life.

Is Spaying The Right Choice For Your Golden Retriever

What is the best age to get a golden retriever puppy?

Spaying your dog used to be the right choice and the responsible thing to do, but with so many controversies going on and new findings related to the health and well-being of your dog, is it still the right choice?

The answer used to be simple, if you didnt plan on breeding your dog then you got your dog spayed, or neutered. For decades dog owners who didnt spay or neuter their dogs were presumed as lazy and irresponsible. But, with new medical findings, the decision to spay or when to spay isnt so clear, and the social stigma surrounding un-spayed dogs is changing.

Spaying and neutering your dog is still the most popular choice in the US and Canada because it is the most effective way to prevent pet overpopulation and any unwanted behaviours.

It is interesting to note that in Europe spaying and neutering your dog is not a common procedure, and in some countries such as Norway and Sweden it is heavily frowned upon. What is even more interesting is that Europe doesnt have the overpopulation of pets problem that the US does.

For the majority of dog owners, spaying is still the best option in regards to the dogs health and well-being as well as for the dog owner.

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Study Evaluates The Effects Of Early Neutering And Spaying In Golden Retrievers

A search for a quality Golden Retriever to handle in junior showmanship led Liz Bultman to breeder Rhonda Hovan. As they got acquainted by e-mails, Hovan was impressed that Bultman wanted to be sure that Hovan would not require her to neuter or spay the dog at an early age.

The possible health effects of early spaying and neutering is a topic Hovan, the research facilitator for the Golden Retriever Club of America, holds close to her heart. “For years when I looked at adult dogs that I’d bred, I saw marked physical differences between those sold as show prospects and those sold as pets,” says Hovan, of Akron, Ohio, who has bred Golden Retrievers under the Faera prefix for more than 40 years. “The dogs sold as pets were tall and lanky, with no bone and pointy muzzles. I’d look at them and wonder how they got so tall.”

Hovan began to realize a key difference was that the Goldens intended as show prospects were kept intact. Those sold to families as companion animals, or pets, were routinely neutered. Hovan, like most breeders, requires pet owners to spay and neuter dogs. She began noticing that the age at which dogs were spayed or neutered played a role in the way they looked as adults.

Beyond Behavioral Changes

An Individual Basis

“Most buyers are surprised when I point out the risks and benefits,” Hovan says. “I have a discussion with them in which I tie into my health guarantee the age of neutering, exercise recommendations and target weights.”

Benefits Of Spay & Neuter

Our vets know that you may not feel like it at the moment, but going through the emotional process of having your dog spayed or neutered is worth it, both for you as a loving pet parent, and for your canine companion.

Having your dog fixed can help to curb undesirable behaviors such as roaming, mounting and animal aggression. Spaying and neutering may also offer your dog a number of health benefits including a decreased risk of some serious illnesses, as well as preventing unwanted puppies.

An estimated 3.3 million dogs enter shelters every year! By having your dog spayed or neutered you are doing your bit to help reduce the overall number of unwanted pets in your neighborhood.

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Why Should I Spay Or Neuter My Golden Retriever

Spaying and neutering is widely considered the responsible thing to do to prevent unwanted litters, to prevent these puppies from ending up in shelters, rescues, up for adoption or worse.

The decision is often taken to take control of this problem, it can also be taken because it stops males from roaming, it can increase harmony in multi-dog households, and for other medical reasons.

An Update On The Health Effects Of Spay/neuter In Dogs

[Help] Best age to spay a golden retriever : dogs

Spaying or neutering a pet has been common practice in the United States for many years. It is estimated that over 80% of U.S. dogs are spayed or neutered in an effort to control the pet population, decrease the risk of mammary and prostate cancer, and decrease unwanted behaviors such as aggression and roaming. Over the past 20 years, the scientific literature has shown that the decision if, and when, to neuter a dog is not so straightforward. The AKC Canine Health Foundation and its donors have invested in research to explore the effects that neutering can have on dogs health. Evidence-based, breed-specific information is needed so that caregivers can make the best decisions for the long-term health of their dog.Since 2010, Dr. Benjamin Hart and his team at the University of California, Davis have received three grants from CHF to examine the health implications of neutering:

  • 01488-A: Health Implications of Spay and Neuter: Golden Retriever and Labrador Retriever
  • 01840: Health Implications of Early Spay/Neuter on Canine Health
  • 02275: Disease Risks Associated with Spay and Neuter: A Breed-Specific, Gender-Specific Perspective

Table 1 – Dog breeds studied for the health effects of spay/neuter with CHF funding

Australian Cattle Dog
Parson Russell Terrier
  • Torres de la Riva G, Hart BL, Farver TB, Oberbauer AM, Messam LLM, et al. Neutering Dogs: Effects on Joint Disorders and Cancers in Golden Retrievers. PLoS ONE, 8: e55937. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0055937
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    Are There Any Alternatives

    Despite the health concerns, wanting to get your golden retriever neutered is understandable. The benefits are there, but no one wants to put their loved ones at risk.

    Much like everything else, there are most definitely other ways to prevent reproduction in your golden retriever that could be a safer alternative.

    In dogs, there are several alternatives that you could explore:

    • Chemically sterilizing
    • Tube litigation

    Yes Or No: Spaying Or Neutering Your Golden Retriever

    As a pet owner, deciding for or against spaying your Golden Retriever is one of the biggest decisions that youll have to take. In this blog post, we share everything that you would need to know before making up your mind.

    One of the most important decisions that youll have to make as a responsible pet owner is to spay or neuter your pet.

    • Neutering refers to removing a male dogs testicles that improves his behavior
    • Spaying refers to removing a female dogs ovaries and uterus in a procedure that requires minimal hospitalization and offers long-term health benefits

    In this blog post, we will help you figure out whether or not you should get your Golden Retriever spayed or neutered.

    Here we go!

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    What Are Spaying And Neutering

    Both spaying and neutering are when you fix your dog so they are no longer able to reproduce.

    Spaying is the process for female dogs and involves an operation that removes their reproductive organs. Neutering is the process for male dogs and involves removing their testicles.

    The term fixed is used for dogs that have been spayed or neutered, though it is also not uncommon to hear neutered used as a generic term for both male and female dogs. Dogs that have not been fixed are referred to as intact.

    As we have already said, there are a variety of reasons you might choose to put your dog through this process. It protects against overpopulation in general and unwanted pregnancy on a specific level. It can help diminish behaviour issues such as territorial behavior and humping. It can also help protect against certain health issues. For example, it significantly decreases the risk of testicular and pancreatic cancer in male dogs.

    You should always speak to your vet to decide whether spaying or neutering is the right choice for you and your dog.

    The Cons Of Neutering Your Golden Retriever

    Learn to Groom A Golden Retriever with Spay / Neuter Coat | Thinning Shears, Carding, Deshedding

    Here are the cons of neutering your golden retriever

    First, the cons of neutering your male golden retriever

    • Neutering your dog will triple the risk of obesity
    • Neutered dogs could develop bone cancer
    • Weight gain
    • If the neuter surgery has gone wrong, your dog will be at high risk of hip dysplasia
    • 1 in every 5 dogs may suffer from anesthesia after the surgery
    • They will be at high risk of developing dementia
    • The chance of having hypothyroidism will be high
    • If the surgery was done at the wrong age it will cause more health issues

    Cons of spaying your female dog

    • The spaying could lead to vaginal infection or urinating tract infections
    • If the spaying was done at the wrong age, it may cause more health problems
    • One of the side effects of spaying your golden retriever is low thyroid level which will result in weight gain and obesity
    • Spaying your golden retriever increases the risk of deadly canine cancers such as hemangiosarcoma
    • If the spaying surgery was done wrong, it could risk your dogs health with more problems such as bone cancer, urinary incontinence, and uneven bone growth.

    How long does it take a male dog to recover from neutering?

    Just like humans, your male dog will mostly take fourteen days to heal and they will not be able to do any activity for about a month.

    How do dogs do after they get neutered?

    Do dogs cry after being neutered?

    Can a dog be left alone after neutering?

    Where should my dog sleep after being neutered?

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