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Best Dog Harness For Golden Retriever

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Types Of Golden Retriever Harness

Best Harnesses For Golden Retrievers

Vest Dog Harness

Often made from nylon or mesh fabrics, these walking harnesses are soft, lightweight and inexpensive.

Not designed to take any severe pull or as a training harness vest harnesses are for general wear.

They are suited for dogs who are well behaved on a lead, elderly dogs who may need assistance or puppies who are getting used to a harness for the first time.

Front and Back Clip Harnesses

Most commonly seen harnesses, mainly for dogs who tend to pull. A back clip harness has a steel clip at the back for attaching the lead.

A front clip is a second webbed hoop at the front designed for a double-ended training leash like a HALTI.

Both ends can clip onto the front and back attachment point giving more control over your dog. Dog trainers often recommend these for better training and reducing pulling behaviour.

Tightening and Control Harnesses

Were not a big fan of these. They tighten when your dog pulls. The theory is that the constriction around the dogs body will stop them from pulling but weve found they often just cause discomfort.

For experienced dog handlers and trainers only.

What Style Of Harness Is Best For Your Dog

Not all dog harnesses are created equal. While a traditional harness that clips to a leash at the spine is a great option for dogs who stick close when they walk, it’ll make your job harder if you’ve got a dog who pulls. And if you’ve got a dog that already walks nicely on leash, a harness that clips at the chest may not be the ideal fit for your outdoor adventures. Choosing the right harness can make life a whole lot easier for both you and your dog.

Dog harnesses generally fall into three major categories:

Front-clip harness: Harnesses that clip to a leash at the front of the chest are best for dogs that pull. Unlike a traditional harness that attaches to a leash at a dog’s powerful back, a front-clip harness puts the walker ahead of the dog. When the dog tries to pull, they feel the pressure from the leash leading them in a different direction. In order to continue forward, they must slow down. While some dogs are still able to pull through a front-clip harness, it should, at the very least, decrease their force, making walks more enjoyable for you both. And while this harness can vastly improve your everyday walks with almost no effort, it’s not actually teaching your dog what you want. For that, you’ll need to use tried-and-tested positive reinforcement training methods rooted in science.

Best Budget Pick: Ruffwear Front Range Everyday No Pull Dog

Its only a myth that its easier for your Golden Retriever to escape from a dog harness than from a collar.

Rather than opt for accessories like collars, choke chains, and martingales that choke your dogs neck all in the name of securing him/her, why not select a more comfortable dog harness wear like the RUFFWEAR Front Range Everyday No Pull dog harness?

Not only is it comfortable for your furry friend to wear all day long, but ensures better control when you two are in the open.

I find the back-leash point attachment and the other located in the chest region very useful too. The latter is particularly useful if your Golden Retriever is big and constantly tugs or drags you when taking him/her for a walk.

If these attachments dont impress you much, the highly adjustable straps definitely will.

There is no gainsaying that an unusually tight dog harness can cause irritation or sores on your dogs body. A loose one can cause your dog to slip out of the harness too. The ease with which this dog harness can be adjusted is therefore a huge selling point for it.

If you love your dog as much as John Wick loved his, then this dog harness must be somewhere up your bucket list.

A reflective seam, foam padding, and storage pocket for your dogs ID make it deserving of all the plaudits its getting.


All youve got to do really is strap the bigger band about your dogs rear legs and have the smaller strap go about his/her front legs, and you are good to go.



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The Best Harness For Golden Retriever Dogs

Harnesses discourage pulling and are great for walking dogs that arent yet leash trained.

They also make it next to impossible for your Golden Retriever to slip out and possibly get hurt in traffic.

Harnesses are also good for dogs recovering from injury or surgery.

They allow you to support them when they are wobbly from anaesthesia or pain medication.

The harness clip rests between the dogs shoulder blades, so it provides even pressure across the shoulders and helps distribute their weight more evenly.

This is key in recovery and certain spinal disc problems and hind leg issues.

Golden Retrievers have a propensity to develop hip and elbow dysplasia.

A good harness for your Golden will be instrumental in helping to support your ailing and aging dog.

When choosing the best harness for Golden Retriever dogs, your Goldens harness should fit snug without pinching.

It should not reach further back than your dogs rib cage. A Y-front harness is a good choice.

Now lets take a look at some of the best harnesses for Golden Retrievers.

What To Look For In A Good Harness For Golden Retrievers

Want the Best Harness For Golden Retrievers?

When it comes to picking the best Golden Retriever harness, there are a few things you need to consider. You need to know your dogs personality to find the best harness. We can suggest the best options for a certain breed, but you know your dog better than anyone else. Therefore, only you know what will work best, and it may take some trial and error to figure that out.

First of all, you should start using harnesses as early as possible. This is easy to do if your furry friend joined the family as a puppy. But even if you are working with an older dog or rescue, it wont take long to get them used to a harness.

Next, you need to pick a harness that is made with durable materials. Golden Retrievers are highly trainable, but they are also a large breed. When theyre young, they need something that will hold up over time as they get used to your training process and the tools that you use.

Last, you need to choose a harness that offers support and adjustability. Thats one of the major perks to harnesses in general. Harnesses provide support in a way that a regular collar cant. When you are leash training your dog with a harness, you dont have to worry so much about putting a strain on their neck.

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The Size And Breed Of Your Pooch

The size of the dog dictates the harness you buy. To get a fitting harness, measure your dog around the ribcage or head for the right size. Very tight harnesses cause your dog discomfort and very loose ones do not meet the need.

Smaller dogs and puppies are best served by a harness that fastens around the body, like a back harness. This takes the pressure away from the neck. Larger breeds may require a front harness because they are more powerful.

If your dog has the habit of barking or nipping at people, a head harness is ideal. Young dogs that are still growing need to have their harness changed to accommodate their growth.

Beaphar Gentle Leader The Ideal Choice For Dogs With A Big Size

Among many types of harnesses, Beaphar Gentle Leader Medium Black still attracts many customers because of its simple design but effective functions.

There is one thing that makes this product different: it features one trap around the neck besides the line which starts in the back of the lower jaw and ends at the snout. The item is designed as a collar which offers you a force to control your dog well.

It will prevent you from being pulled by your puppy. The operation mechanism is similar to the bridle on a horse. The materials are really safe, and the product will not hurt your pet. Besides, it is really durable, and you do not need to worry about changing the harnesses frequently.

In the beginning, your pets will feel uncomfortable with the line below the eyes. However, when he is acquainted with it, he will feel more convenient and confident to take part in any activity. With the outstanding features mentioned above, this product is worthy for you to try.


  • It just takes a few minutes to adjust.


  • Your dog needs a while to be acquainted with it.

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Hounds Design Freedom No

This is another top harness for Golden Retrievers. We recommend this to you because of its double connection leash design that makes it easier for you to steer your pooch in the direction of your choosing. Step-in design of the 2 Hounds Design Freedoms harness makes it easier to put it on your dog. Moreover,;multiple points of adjustments are there allowing a snug fit.

A leash attachment is there on two parts of this harness allowing you to redirect your poochs attention if they start pulling or try to chase prey. Reinforced padded nylon is used to build the 2 Hounds Design Freedom No-Pull Dog Harness and it comes with a leash. If your Golden Retriever;is an escape artist, you should consider getting this harness for it to maintain more control over it during exercise.

Petsafe Deluxe Easy Walk Harness

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The PetSafe Deluxe Easy Walk Harness has a very simplistic look, but it is cleverly designed to stop your dog from pulling. The front leash attachment rests on your dogs chest and when your dog starts to pull he will be steered towards you to your side. There are no straps that go around your dogs neck to cause gagging or choking.

The Deluxe Easy Walk Harness features extra neoprene padding to make walking comfortable for your dog. It has 4 adjustment points to ensure a secure and snug fit. It is made of nylon and highly reflective strips. With the contrasting band colour on the belly, there is no confusion as to which strap goes on the top or the bottom.


  • No-Pull Harness deters opposition reflex. The front Martingale leash loop steers your dog to your side to reduce and eliminate leash pulling.
  • Padded with neoprene for added comfort.
  • 4 Adjustment Points.


  • It is lightweight and easy to put on.
  • The deluxe version has neoprene padding which makes it comfortable for your dog to wear, and the padding helps the harness stay in place.
  • Very minimal look compared to other harnesses.
  • Simple but clever design with the martingale loop on the front to steer your dog towards you to the side to redirect pulling.
  • No straps around the neck mean no pressure to cause choking or gagging.
  • It can easily be washed.
  • Fully adjustable to ensure a snug and proper fit. Adjustment points include the belly, shoulder, and 2 in the chest.
  • Quick snap buckles.


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Best Harness For Golden Retriever Puppy: Copatchy No Pull Adjustable Dog Harness

Its a good idea to get your golden retriever used to wearing a harness from when he or she is a puppy. But its even more important to ensure the harness is comfortable. Heres what to know about it.;

Featured specs

  • Free replacements


  • This harness is great for puppies because it has an anti-pull feature that prevents putting stress on your dogs neck. It also prevents choking so that your puppy wont associate wearing a harness with discomfort.;
  • The harness contains sponge padding so that its more comfortable.;
  • It contains clips that are placed on your dogs chest and neck. This ensures that your harness can be easily put on and removed.
  • The harness has an extra handle on top, which makes it even easier to control your dog when taking him or her for a walk.;
  • The harness contains a breathable mess material so that your dog can feel protected but also comfortable to move around and have fun.;


  • Some people who have purchased this harness have stated that it isnt as durable as it should be, with reports of the harnesss fabric breaking.
  • Its more expensive than some adult dog harnesses.;;

Extra Features

  • Its both lightweight and durable.;
  • The company offers free replacements if you experience sizing issues.;
  • The harness comes in five colors.;
  • It has a reflective pattern on it to keep your puppy even safer when you walk him or her at night.;

Buying Advice;

Best Golden Retriever Dog Harnesses

Firstly, Golden Retrievers are undoubtedly considered one of the best walking companions. Secondly, they are very active from a young age, so they have athletic stature. We review here Best Golden Retriever Dog Harnesses.

Apart from that, the owner is the one who needs to keep all the things under control. Especially when going for a walk with a golden retriever. Moreover, the collar is not suitable enough for such a breed.

Meanwhile, this is where Golden Retriever dog harnesses appear to be the most suitable option. Just like any other big dog breeds, Golden Retrievers pull on the leash easily.

Therefore, to avoid any discomfort, high-quality harnesses for Golden Retriever will be the perfect option for your fluffy companion.

In addition, it is made in a wide variety of types and shapes specifically fit for a mentioned breed.

Besides, there are different materials and fabrics, too. For example, Golden Retriever dog harnesses are made of leather.

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Walktofine Dog Harness No Pull Comfortable Harness

This best harness for golden retriever puppy is designed to fit around your pets neck and chest area with ease. The manufacturer also made it to be good at adjusting the size so that it fits the dog correctly. The last thing you would want is for the harness to slide out of the harness with ease.

What about putting it on the puppy or removing it? Well, the manufacturer made it easier for this whole process. You will notice that it has two straps that can be opened so that putting it on the dog is easier. With the various adjustment options, you can now set it up correctly on the puppy.

Many people find it being more comfortable and durable. The manufacturer made it using nylon oxford material. Even if the puppy tries to chew through it, it would not be easy. The padded straps also make it a comfortable harness for the puppy.

The harness features the no choke or no pull feature too. You can now have an easy time controlling the puppy.


  • It is a comfortable harness
  • It is easy on and off the puppy
  • The harness is fully adjustable


Kurgo Journey Dog Harness

Golden Retriever Harnesses

Does your Golden Retriever love to accompany you on outdoor adventures? The Kurgo Journey Dog Harness is a great option for high performance dogs. The chest plate is breathable and comfortable, and even if your dog is pulling, it wont put any strain on their neck. You can even attach your leash to the front of the harness for an effective no-pull design. This dog harness has several points of adjustment, allowing for a custom-like fit. Its also machine washable, great for dogs who just had fun playing in the mud!

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Rabbitgoo Dog Harness No

This harness by Rabbitgoo is a great choice for Goldens, especially those who love pulling. It is an adjustable harness that comes with two metal attachments for leashes, with one being on the front and the other at the back.

The front attachment clip is meant for dogs who pull. If the dog starts pulling when the leash is attached to the front clip, they will be turned around instead of going forward. After a while, this will get frustrating, and they will learn that it is best not to pull.

This makes it a great tool for teaching your feisty one how to be obedient. Once they have learned not to pull, you can switch to the back attachment clip.

This harness will not give you any problems when it comes to putting it on or taking it off. To put it on, simply unbuckle the straps, slide the harness over the dogs head, and then fasten the buckles. The straps are also adjustable to allow you to find the size that fits snugly on the animal. This ensures that you do not have to worry about the Golden escaping the harness.

The harness is also quite comfortable, as it is made from Nylon Oxford, which is a durable material that features soft padding to cushion the dogs skin against the effects of pressure. Moreover, it allows the dogs skin to breathe during intense activity.

This harness also comes with reflective strips to ensure that your dog is visible and therefore, safe when walking at night.

Does Your Puppy Pull On The Leash When Walking

See, they do pull for sure!;

We bought Max 9 months back probably at the end of 2019, and max is very energetic and exciting whenever we take him out for a walk. Those who dont know who is Max, he is my best companion, Golden Retriever.

So, he too used to pull a lot, but we trained him and now he never pulls rather obeys during the walks.

And that was about Max, Ill talk to you more about him in the later part but is your puppy pulling?

They do pull and at the early stages, youll find this thing to be common. Its fine to an extent but

During the walks in the mornings, this might be a little problematic and this needs to be solved!

Now, How to stop your puppy from pulling?

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