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Why Golden Retrievers Are Good Dogs

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So Are Golden Retrievers The Friendliest Dogs

Are Golden Retrievers Good First Dogs? ( Or A Bad Choice )

From my experience and as a golden retrievers dog parent, absolutely! The Golden Retriever has proven time and time again that it is the friendliest and most loyal dog. Whether you want to play all day outside, have a snuggle at bedtime, or need an intelligent dog who will warn you of danger and work as hard as you do, the Golden Retriever ticks all of the boxes of mans best friend!

Theyre Great As Friends

They say a mans best friend is their dog, and this is undoubtedly true with a golden retriever.

No other friend is;available to you whenever you want to hang out, always wants to do whatever youre doing, never mocks you or tells you that thing youre excited about is a bad idea. Who needs human friends when youve got a dog on your side?!

Golden Retrievers Are Famous Dogs

Who couldnt recognize a golden retriever when they see one? The beautiful long, golden coat with the athletic build is iconic. Whether its running outside, playing in the water, or curled up with the family, youve seen a million pictures of golden retrievers

Its for good reason too. How many other dogs out there are so unanimously considered wonderful dogs? How many other breeds are there that everyone knows as gentle, kind dogs? No other dog breed has ever gotten such positive publicity.

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Best Pet Insurance For Golden Retrievers

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Fortunately for you, if you sign up for pet insurance before your Golden Retriever is diagnosed with a health condition or suffers from an accident , it can help you cover the expenses.

Choosing the best pet insurance for your Golden Retriever is a personal decision, but we recommend selecting a company based on coverage, customer service and reputation, claim repayment timeline, price, and available plan customizations.

Weve selected the best pet insurance companies and evaluated them in our pet insurance reviews. Our article includes our top three picks and the most popular pet insurance companies in the marketplace.

They Were Born To Fetch

Why Golden Retrievers Make Good Pets

I remember sitting on a footbridge one summer with my first Golden, Duke. I was dangling my feet over the side, and not surprisingly, my sandal fell off and dropped into the creek below. Before I even realized what had happened, Duke stood up, trotted down the stone steps, waded into the creek, collected my sandal, and brought it back to me. When our eyes met, it was clear that Duke and I were equally surprised by his actions. It’s just one of those moments where you realize, as a retriever, these dogs were born to fetch.

This natural retriever instinct is linked to the breed’s tendency to carry items in its mouth. This may be a harmless habit, such as picking up a toy and prancing about when they are excited, but it can also be a problematic chewing issue. In addition to mental and physical stimulation, proper obedience and plenty of toys should help combat chewing.

Few things make a Golden happier than a game of fetch.

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Can You Train A Golden Retriever To Be Protective

Image source:

Schutzhund is a sport that tests a dogs obedience, tracking, and protection skills.

Youve probably seen pictures like the one above of dogs latching onto a padded arm.

But what you probably havent seen is a golden retriever in one of those pictures

Thats doesnt mean golden retrievers cant be trained to be decent at Schutzhund, or be trained to be good at protecting you, but it just doesnt come as natural to them as some others.

Like we talked about earlier, golden retrievers are very trainable, but they just dont have the natural aggression of some other breeds.

If you want to train your dog to be more protective, I would definitely advise getting professional help.

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More traits and characteristics of Golden Retrievers

If I was considering a Golden Retriever, I would be most concerned about…

  • High energy when young. Young Golden Retrievers romp and jump with vigor. They don’t mean any harm but things can go flying including people who are not steady on their feet. If you have toddlers, or if you or anyone who lives with you is infirm, consider adopting an adult Golden Retriever from a rescue group. Adults have a wonderfully settled temperament and you can specifically look for a calm one.
  • Shedding and doggy odor. Golden Retrievers are heavy shedders you need to be okay with this reality. You’ll find a lot of hair on your clothing and furniture. Golden Retrievers also have a noticeable doggy odor and produce a lot of dander. Not the breed for anyone with any type of allergies!
  • To help you train and care for your dog

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    Golden Retrievers Are Great At Fetch

    Golden retrievers were bred to fetch. Literally, in fact, as they were bred to retrieve waterfowl during hunts and thus named for it.

    While we dont usually use them to retrieve shot prey anymore, golden retrievers still have the urge to chase something down and bring it back to you.

    Its believed that originally, golden retrievers were bred with the intent of having a gun dog, meaning a dog that retrieves shot game, specifically for waterfowl.

    This meant that the retriever had to have a thick enough coat to handle the water and the ability to fetch a lot of waterfowl all day.

    This is why the golden retriever is both so athletic and full of endurance. He used to have to go all day, running and swimming to retrieve shot game.

    This was still when large hunting parties would go out, and they would shoot a large number of ducks and other game birds, so retrievers had a lot to get.

    Retrievers are eager to please and run. Theyre so strong, and they enjoy the exercise. They also appreciate the praise they receive for it. Golden retrievers were also bred to have one of the softest mouths as they were retrieving their owners dinner.

    Golden Retrievers Are One Of The Most Active Dog Breeds Out There

    7 Reasons Golden Retrievers Are The Best Dogs (And 7 Reasons They’re Not So Great!)

    As members of the Sporting Group of Canines, golden retrievers are the type to stay active for the vast majority of their lives. They are always prepared for sporty activities with their hoomans, whether it be a walk in the park, a weekend hike, or even a simple game of fetch. Veterinarians have repeatedly encouraged 40 to 60 minutes of daily exercise for golden retrievers since they prosper on both physical and mental training.

    If youre a dog owner who loves fitness and the outdoors, golden retrievers are surely the perfect breed for you. They are gentle, loyal, and extremely active!

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    Golden Retrievers Are High

    Originally bred by Scottish elites for smallgame retrieval, Golden Retrievers are active, high-energy dogs that wont hesitate to protect you from an attacker.;

    Premiere guard dogs need high energy in order to become effective at their jobs. If your dog is always lounging around on the couch with you, how do you expect the dog to catch an intruder?

    That being said, Golden Retrievers require at least an hour of daily exercise to be both mentally and physically stimulated. Fortunately, tracking a thief may make up part of the Goldens daily dose of exercise.

    Given the exercise needs and the purpose they were bred for, theres little surprise that theyre listed on AKCs list of 15 most active dog breeds. As such, our favorite activities for these dogs are fetch and swimming.

    Why Golden Retrievers Are The Best

    Of all the breeds out there, golden retrievers are consistently one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States and theres plenty of great reasons why.

    This article will show you all the reasons why golden retrievers are the best breed if youre looking to get yourself a pup, backed by science and the history of how theyve evolved over time.

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    Are Golden Retrievers Good Hunting Dogs How To Choose Right

    Golden Retrievers are the perfect family dogs, but they have not always bee family dogs. Goldens were not even meant to be family dogs in the first place. They were meant to be the perfect companions to the elite on their hunting trips.

    So, have goldens turned into pets or can they still perform?

    Are golden retrievers good hunting dogs? Yes, golden retrievers are great hunting dogs and they are still excellent in retrieving birds due to their amazing sense of smell, and while they can be trained to flush out prey, they are not as good at it. The keys are to get a field-bred golden from a reputable breeder and to train them well.

    Getting a good hunting golden retriever today is, unfortunately, not as easy as it was a century ago, but it can still be done. To understand more about what makes golden retrievers such good hunting dogs and what are their drawbacks and shortcomings, keep reading.

  • Useful Resources
  • Golden Retrievers Live 10

    Why Golden Retrievers Are Good Protective Dogs (And Why ...

    Smaller dogs, like Yorkies,;live an average of 11-15 years, while larger dogs, like Great Danes,;live an average of 7-10 years.

    As you can see, golden retrievers are roughly in the middle of the pack when it comes to lifespan.

    This is important to keep in mind because goldens arent just pets you might find fun for a few years its a decade-long commitment.

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    They Fit Well Into Multi

    Many dog breeds just dont play nicely when it comes to other pets. Be that cats, rabbits, or sometimes even other dogs.

    But Golden Retrievers, as long as theyve been given sufficient socialization, are more than happy to share their home with other dogs and animals of other species.

    Having a dog whos trustworthy around your other pets brings peace of mind and a harmonious household, not least for those other pets!

    They Are Good With Kids

    Golden retrievers make great family pets. They have a bunch of qualities that make them perfect around babies and kids. They are intelligent and happy dogs who are always ready to play.

    Goldens are perfect around babies because of their patience and obedience. They have a deep instinct to protect their families. This instinct means theyre more likely to bond quickly to newborn babies in your family.

    They also mature slowly, even after reaching their full size and weight. This means theyll almost age with your children. Theyll continue to act like puppies, which is great for your kids. In addition, they have gentle mouths. This means they will take treats and toys from your kids very carefully.

    If youre worried about how your golden retriever will react to a newborn baby in the family, there are a few things you can do in order to make the transition easier.

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    Golden Retriever Vs Lab

    These purebred breeds are alike and different in several ways. Labs and Goldens are very similar in size. However, Labs are slightly larger. Their coats are also similar, and both shed more than an average dog, but Goldens require a bit more grooming than labs. Goldens are golden in color, but Labs come in three coat shades yellow, black, and chocolate. While both are energetic, intelligent, and loyal, Goldens tend to be more gentle and sensitive than Labs.

    Reasons Why Golden Retrievers Make The Best Dogs

    Why Golden Retrievers Are One Of The Best Dogs to Own

    Wondering why golden retrievers make the best dogs? Heres a simple answerbecause they are the best! Who wouldnt want to be around this big furry ball of sunshine and happiness?;

    Just getting a hug and a warm greeting from this super friendly dogit doesnt matter that its your first time meeting each otheris enough to lift your spirits and believe that theres everything good in the world. No kidding. So you can expect that your question, why golden retriever is the best dog, will have a good answer.;

    Although originally bred as gun dogs in Scotland and trained to work in the field, golden retrievers have gone on to become one of the most popular dogs and companions, especially in the US. People, without a hitch, are caught on how adorable and sweet, warm and cuddly, smart and all-around great buddies golden retrievers can be.;

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    Golden Retrievers Are Working Dogs Because They Are Strong

    Although;Golden Retrievers act like a needy breed, they are strong. Generally, their larger body frame of 65-75 pounds and 23-24 inches makes them perfect for defense. Moreover,;the size;of these dogs makes them best for security and protection.

    Besides this, these dogs have a double-layered, water-resistant, and dirt repellant skin coat that makes them fit for working in different environmental conditions.

    Is A Golden Retriever Right For You Take This Quiz

    Getting a golden retriever is a big commitment, and its best to know whether or not youre a good match before you bring them home.

    To help you make this decision, we put this quiz together to help you understand what you want in a dog and see whether or not a golden retriever will fit those needs.

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    Reason #2: They Need A Lot Of Grooming

    Another price to pay for their beautiful golden coat is that it needs lots of grooming.

    Goldens need to be brushed several times per week to keep their coat healthy and soft.

    And its not just taking care of their coat.

    They also need their ears and teeth cleaned and nails trimmed.

    One thing about golden retrievers, in particular, is that they have floppy ears, so its important to keep their ears clean because theyre prone to ear infections.

    But just like all dogs shed, all dogs need lots of grooming.

    Goldens Are Overly Friendly

    Do Golden Retrievers Make Good Guard Dogs? 7 Best ...

    Whats a guard dog worth if they dont bark? Since theyre rather quiet dogs, Goldens may miss out on letting you know your house is illegally occupied by intruders.

    The fact is, Golden Retrievers naturally have a love everyone mentality. They want to be friends with all other humans, dogs and even cats. According to The Spruce Pets, Goldens are one of the 10 friendliest dog breeds.

    To fix this issue, youll need to train your Golden out of their natural friendliness and let them know they should bark to inform you of the arrival of people they have never seen or of animals that might be dangerous.

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    Can Golden Retrievers Be Aggressive Towards People

    Goldens are prided as one of the friendliest, most even-tempered dog breeds, so aggression in them is very rare. This dog breed is the safest to have around children and new people. It is also an excellent pick for service dogs, as they are very patient and intelligent and can understand their humans emotions. This means they would also be a good dog for disabled or special needs children. If a golden exhibits signs of aggression, it is most likely due to past trauma or mistreatment. Like with any dog that displays aggression, getting them the proper training and assistance is crucial to curb the behavior.

    Friendly With Other Pets

    When you bring a dog into your home, theres often no guarantee that theyll play nicely with your other furry family members. As long as theyre socialized properly, a Golden will happily accept other family pets. Theyre content to share their space with cats, rabbits, and even other dogs. Not only are there unlikely to be any fuzzy quarrels in your home, but your Golden will usually become attached to your other pets, keeping a watchful eye on them. The peace of mind that comes with knowing you can safely introduce your new puppy without fear for your other pets is incredibly important!

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    Golden Retrievers Love To Cuddle

    Golden retrievers love their people. Theyre the most doglike dog of all the dogs, to put it simply. They love to please their humans, whether thats being active or not. Just as a golden retriever loves to play fetch, they love to lay on the couch with you too.

    Golden retrievers are one of the best dogs for cuddling, as theyre large enough to feel substantial beside you, but wont quite smother you as a Great Dane may. Their long hair is soft and, especially during the winter, fluffy.

    Golden retrievers love their humans as much as their human loves them, so theyre usually quite happy to lay and be petted. Theyre known for happily laying on the floor while a child or adult pets them.

    An Incredible Sense Of Smell

    Are Labrador Retrievers Good Family Dogs?

    When you think of an incredible sense of smell you probably think of working and police dogs like German Shepherds, but golden retrievers have one of the strongest senses of smell in dogs.

    Their noses makes them amazing hunting dogs that can track down birds no matter how far they glide after being shot, and they are able to track them down even in areas where there are lots of smells.

    There are many hunters that swear that out of all retrievers, goldens have the strongest sense of smell and their goldens can track down birds that their friends dogs often cant.

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