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Best Harness For Golden Retriever Puppy

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Golden Retriever Harness Buyers Guide

Best Harnesses For Golden Retrievers

Before you buy a dog harness for your Golden Retriever, there are a number of things to consider. Golden Retrievers love to pull, so if you are trying to snap your older Golden out of a bad pulling habit, youll want to look at no-pull dog harnesses. If you are starting from puppyhood, you can start with a more comfortable option. Age plays a factor, as does the type, adjustability, comfort, safety, durability, and lastly cost. Lets jump in and learn more about the types of harnesses, followed by the remaining factors youll want to consider.

How To Train Your Golden Retriever To Love Wearing Their Harness

Once youve decided which of these top harnesses is the best match for your Golden Retriever and what size to get, its important to introduce the harness to them in a positive way.

Rather than simply slapping the harness on them and heading out for a walk, spend a little time getting them used to it using positive reinforcement training.

This excellent video by trainer Chirag Patel shows how you can build a positive association with the harness and get your dog to cooperate with putting it on.

With some patience and good treats, your dog will be happy to put the harness on while holding still.

The harness will also become associated with going outside on walks, so that will build positive feelings about the harness, too.

Ultimately, a harness is a tool to help you and your dog enjoy life together with more ease and comfort.

So whether your pup likes leisurely neighborhood strolls, or they love long, adventurous hikes, a non-restrictive harness can be a great option for your Golden Retriever.

Have any questions about which harness to get for your Golden?

Let me know down in the comments!

P.S. Getting a golden retriever puppy? Check out the Golden Retriever Puppy Handbook!

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Offers Support For Older Or Injured Dogs

Harnesses that have an added handle on the back allow you to aid your dog in standing up, climbing stairs, and walking. Older dogs may need extra support to help them get around, as well as injured dogs or dogs recovering from surgery who may feel unbalanced and wobbly from certain pain medications.

Best Harnesses For Golden Retrievers In

One of the first topics on the mind of pet parents is, where do I find the best harness for Golden Retrievers? These days dog owners are aware of the damage a standard collar can do to the neck and throat area when being pulled by a leash.

A well-trained dog will be just fine with a standard collar, but those unique special pups that prefer to pull their owner down the block during their walk can experience discomfort.

A harness is an excellent option for dogs that enjoy tugging on their leash or for owners that prefer to have more control over their dog compared to a standard collar. A harness is easy to put on your dog and usually has one or two options to attach the leash clasp.

Ruffwear Front Range Everyday No Pull Dog Harness

Best Harnesses for Golden Retrievers: Ratings, Reviews ...

This harness by RUFFWEAR is a great choice for hiking or any activity that requires it to be worn for a long period. It is a great everyday harness. It has 2 leash attachments that allow you to clip your leash to the front for no pulling, and to the back for hiking, jogging, or casual walks.

It is comfortable for your dog to wear with its foam padding along the chest and belly, so there is no worry of any chafing on your dogs skin. It is easy to put on and take off and features 4 adjustment points to get a perfect fit.

The reflective trim on this harness makes your dog visible while walking at night, and the bright choice of fabric colours makes your dog stand out during the day. There is a storage pocket for you to easily place your dogs ID tags inside for safekeeping.


  • Reinforced webbing leash loop on the chest and aluminum V-ring on the back.
  • Available in various bright colours.
  • Available in 5 sizes. The Large/XL is ideal for Golden Retrievers.



  • The buckles are slightly covered by fabric , which makes unbuckling this harness a bit tricky for some owners.
  • Some owners wish that the front leash attachment point was aluminum instead of the reinforced webbing.

For Really Big Or Rambunctious Dogs: 2 Hounds Design Freedom No Pull Dog Harness

*At the time of publishing, the price was $40.

Nearly every trainer we spoke with mentioned the by name. This is part of the reason that we recommend this harness if you need better control on your walks with large or rambunctious dogs. The Freedoms design makes it more comfortable for dogs to wear, with a strap that sits low across the chest, instead of encircling the neck . The construction and straps are durable, and theres a bit of velvet under each armpit strap, for extra comfort and as a clear identifier as to which strap goes where. The Freedom harness stays put on the dogs body with simple, strong straps that dont constrict.

The trainers we spoke with said the Freedoms front attachment on the horizontal strap, which is positioned low on the chest, is key to preventing pups from pulling. You get control over the whole strength of the dog by pulling on the chest, said trainer Kate Perry. That strap and attachment point, lower than the one on our top pick, focuses the force centrally on the chest and tugs on the connecting under-leg straps, making it super-easy to win back your dogs attention and correct naughty behavior.

Finally, the Freedom No Pull harness is backed by a lifetime replacement warranty for chewing damagefor a fee. Dog owners can pay to ship the harness back to the manufacturer, and replacement orders are typically processed within a week.

Is A Harness Right For My Golden Retriever

There are several options available for ensuring your dog is safe and under control when walking, including a regular flat buckle collar or a harness.

A harness offers some benefits that may be helpful to you and your pup that may be better than just a collar.

Heres why:

A harness takes pressure off the neck.

We all want a dog that doesnt pull on the leash and walks perfectly by our side, right?

Thats a great goal to work on in training, but this is life and sometimes your dog is going to pull.

Squirrel brain is real!

When they pull on a collar, that puts a lot of pressure on their neck, which can even cause damage to the internal structure of it.

A harness eliminates that risk, as the pressure is lower on the chest.

A front-clip harness can discourage pulling.

Well get into the different styles of harnesses later in this article, but some harnesses allow the leash to be clipped to the front of the chest, rather than behind their shoulders.

This can make pulling less effective for your Golden, because they cant get leverage to move ahead and end up sort of turning themselves around.

For many dogs, this can really help them learn to walk with a loose leash.

Some dogs will still need additional training for leash walking, but the harness can aid in the learning process.

A harness can make outdoor adventures easier.

Some harnesses come with handles, which can come in handy if you and your pup are adventurous types.

Winsee Large Dog Harness

The Winsee Large Dog Harness is made to be a no pull and no choke harness, great for Golden Retrievers who are only starting their training on the leash. The reflective material interwoven makes night walks safer for both you and your Golden Retriever. The control handle on the back allows for easier crowd control or just training in general.

  • No pull and no choke, perfect for excitable puppies
  • Reflective material makes night walks safer for all involved
  • Handle on back gives you more control over your dog

Long Lines Are Best Attached From The Back

Top Dog : Golden Retriever vs Labrador Retriever

If you intend on attaching a long-line to your harness at any point, it is best to attach the long-line to a back-attachment point. This allows it to flow off your dogs back. Attaching the long-line to a front-attachment point, results in the line running under your dogs belly. And often getting tangled up in her legs.

If you have a harness with both front-and-back options, this gives you maximum flexibility with what you clip where. It also saves you needing a completely separate harness for running off-leash.

Fit Adjustability And Buckle Style

Does your Lab balk at anything going over her head? Then you should consider buying whats known as a step-in harness, where your pup puts his paws into the two sides of the harness.

A harness that fits properly is a must, so one with multiple adjustment points can make the difference between a harness thats too tight and uncomfortable or one that is too loose harness and easy to escape.

Speaking of dogs whose name should be Houdini, if your dog manages to escape easily from his confines, then look for flat buckles. Quick-release buckles have come a long way, though, so they can still be a viable option.

Kurgo Journey Air Polyester Reflective No Pull Dog Harness

The Kurgo Journey Air Reflective harness is a good option for an active dog like a Golden Retriever who is likely to go hiking or swimming. It comes with four rustproof buckles and reflective trim for visibility. The buckles allow for adjustability in four areas, and the long padded chest piece can make sure of a comfortable fit.  The front clip helps curb pulling and jumping with an added back strap for additional control. It also has a back clip for the leash if your dog doesnt have any pulling concerns and can also be used to clip onto a car safety restraint system.

This harness is measured in chest girth, with adjustability options for the side straps, making it an excellent choice for a Golden Retriever whose ribcages can be larger than other breeds of the same height and weight.

Golden Retriever Harness Guide: Puppy Adults

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Owners often get stuck when it comes to considering a harness for their Golden Retriever. Because they dont know how to pick the right size and what to look for in the harness.

So to make it easy, heres everything you should know before choosing the harness for your Golden Retriever Puppy or Adults.

Table of Contents

In A Hurry Here Are Our Top Choices

Want the Best Harness For Golden Retrievers?
Top Soft Touch Collars Padded Leather Dog Collar, Large Brown â Genuine Real Leather, 24â³ Long x 1.5 Wide, Fits Neck Size 18â³ to 21â³ Inches


Buying the right dog collar for your Golden Retriever isnt easy, especially if for first-time dog owners. There are different varieties available in the market, so knowing which one would be right for your Golden can be hard. That is why we have done the hard work of finding the best dog collars for Golden Retrievers. Use our list to pick a dog collar that you think would be best for your Golden Retriever


How To Choose The Best Harness For Golden Retriever

Since golden retrievers have sensitive skin, look for a no escape dog harness that can be adjusted across its back belly and chest to prevent scraping and irritation of the skin. 

When it comes to choosing the best harness for a golden retriever, you should consider the following:

  • Your Dogs Age: Puppies and adult golden retrievers are full of enthusiasm, and without proper training, the walk could be challenging. Hence, a know-pull harness should be your best choice. 
  • Comfort: A perfect fit dog harness should be comfortable for your golden retriever to wear. It should not pinch his skin and cause skin irritation. Harnesses having a breathable mesh and soft padding will allow your golden retriever to stay active and comfortable during any activity. Moreover, a harness is a safer alternative for your dog to prevent him from injuring his neck and choking. 
  • Reflective strips: A dog harness with the name should have reflective strips for safety while walking at night. If you walk your golden during dim light conditions or high traffic areas it is very vital to get a no escape dog harness that has a reflective material that enhances your dogs visibility and safety. 
  • Durability: As an owner, you would always want a harness that is durable enough to last for a long time and keep your puppy secure. If your golden retriever has a strong pull, you will surely need a thick harness and has durable buckles to keep your dog safe and secure. 

Rabbitgoo Large Dog Harness

The Rabbitgoo Large Dog Harness is  made with adjustable straps to give your Golden Retriever as close to a custom fit as possible. The design is made to give your dogs neck more room, reducing the risk of choking. The vest is made from heavy duty oxford material, making the harness durable but comfy for your Golden Retriever.

  • As close to custom fit as possible with adjustable feature
  • Doesnt hug your dogs neck, no choke and no pull harness
  • Oxford material is sturdy enough to last years of use

Best Harness For Golden Retriever Puppies: Funkeen Adjustable Dog Harness

A quality dog harness doesnt have to break the bank. This colourful number from FUNKEEN is one of the best harnesses for Golden Retriever puppies and comes in super cheap at under £10. Its made from lightweight, breathable mesh, with an attached handle for extra control.

Golden retriever owner review:This is a quality harness. Ive been using them for my golden retriever pups since they were 12 weeks oldthey are now 19kg and still can wear them comfortably. Theres been no wear and the harnesses are still intact even when they play rough and tumble while running out in the fields.

Best Everyday Harness: Ruffwear Front Range

5 Month Old Golden Retrievers | Best Golden Dog Training | Off Leash K9 | Board & Train | Oklahoma

A popular favourite, the Ruffwear Front Range is a sturdy everyday harness, perfect for daily walks and more ambitious outdoor adventures. It has four points of adjustment, two lead attachment points and a comfy padded chest plate.

Golden retriever owner review: This is the best harness weve tried and weve tried five different ones. This harness is snug around our Goldens shoulders, while giving plenty of room around the belly. Other harnesses were too loose around the shoulders and too snug around the belly.

Sizing A Dog Collar: The Two

After you receive your collar, youll always want to double-check that the collar fits your dog comfortably and securely. You can do this with the two-finger test. After securing the collar around your dogs neck, make sure it has enough room to move around. The collar should not be pressing into your dogs skin that means the collar is too tight.

Place two fingers between the collar and your dogs neck. The collar is fitting correctly if it feels snug. If you have to force your fingers underneath the collar, the collar is too tight. If there is a lot of extra room between the dogs neck and collar, it is too loose.

You should also ensure that the collar cannot slip over your pups head. If the collar can be slipped past your dogs ears, it is too loose and should be tightened accordingly.

Best Harness For A Golden Retriever Reviewed

Below, you will find reviews of the top 10 Golden Retriever harnesses available on the market. Ive included pros, cons, and key features of each model to help you decide what is the best kind of dog harness for a Golden Retriever.

The Noxgear LightHound Reflective Dog Harness is made from lightweight but durable materials that are ideal for active Golden Retrievers.

Key Features

  • Sturdy leash attachment
  • Rechargeable LED lights

Designed to increase a dogs visibility, this harness is an excellent choice for late evening walks. It is very easy to put on and take off, and its lightweight design allows for a free range of motion.


  • Comes in many sizes and different colors
  • Made from sturdy and durable materials
  • Easily adjustable for the perfect fit


  • LED lights can stop working after some time

Overall, the Noxgear LightHound Reflective Dog Harness is a sound investment if you are looking for a comfortable Golden Retriever harness that will make your dog more visible.

  • Reflective stripes for better visibility in low light
  • Available in sizes to fit golden retriever puppies and adult dogs

Durable and comfortable, the PetSafe padded dog harness offers a great fit. The no-pull martingale design means its easy to head out for a walk at a moments notice just clip on your favorite leash and go!



  • Might be difficult to put on very wiggly dogs


  • Pouches are sold separately

Sports Or Traction Harness For Golden Retriever

They are perfect for activities such as cani-cross, sledding, etc. Far from the training harness, the traction harness is on the contrary made to make traction comfortable for the Golden Retriever. The attachment is located far away on the back to distribute the weight over the whole body and not just on the shoulders.

Non-stop dogwear Freemotion Harness

Why choose this harness for your Golden Retriever?

This harness is perfect for cani-cross, mountain biking, ski-joëring or sled riding.

Indeed, this top-of-the-range material stands out from the others by its many advantages and qualities:

  • Slim and comfortable fit;
  • Hand wash with a mild detergent and air dry.

Users opinions

Product very well rated by users. People who play sports with their Golden Retriever indicate that it is a very good equipment, very comfortable, both for hiking and cycling.

A user indicates that with this equipment, when he runs with his 2 Golden Retriever, he no longer feels the shocks during the start, the speed changes, etc.

Another states that the finish of the product is good, the comfort of use is perfect and that the many adjustments allow the harness and belt to be adjusted to.

What Is The Best Dog Harness For A Labrador Retriever


Here are our top seven recommendations:

  • Chais Choice 3M Reflective Dog Harness Best Indestructible/Chew Proof
  • Due to the Labs need to explore and their high level of excitement and strength, you, as an owner, might find yourself unprepared for walking them with only a collar and leash. Instead, you might end up being dragged down the street or sidewalk as your pup bounds down the road, chasing after squirrels or greeting everyone they meet.

    Thats where a harness comes in handy because they help you as the owner exhibit control over your dog without harming it. Harnesses are also useful for car rides, as some of them come with handles or latches you can attach to a safety belt.

    Runner Up: Chais Choice Dog Harness

    Your cuddly, cute pup might have some annoying pulling habits you are looking to nip in the bud, but using a tough dog collar is certainly not one of the ways to tame them. An ergonomically designed and comfortable dog harness like Chais choice is a fool-proof way of training your Golden Retriever not to pull.

    A soft sponge padding and breathable mesh material add to its appeal. Your favorite pet is definitely going to feel loved using this one, as its breathable mesh gives its skin some room to breathe.

    Not only is it comfortable but durable. Versatility wont be too much of a superlative to use to describe this dog harness seeing that it comes in different colors you can pick out from to match your pets personality.

    is the perfect choice for many Golden Retriever owners because of its handle. Using this handle, you can get better control of even the most raucous and stubborn dogs known to man.

    An efficient handle like this also comes in handy when you need to guide a handicapped or ailing dog walking down a staircase. This dog harness also features two leash attachments to better handle your dog should he/she become particularly excited seeing another dog or triggered by a terrifying figure.


    • Features two leash attachment points


    • The straps loosen, so its to be adjusted

    Beaphar Gentle Leader The Ideal Choice For Dogs With A Big Size

    Among many types of harnesses, Beaphar Gentle Leader Medium Black still attracts many customers because of its simple design but effective functions.

    There is one thing that makes this product different: it features one trap around the neck besides the line which starts in the back of the lower jaw and ends at the snout. The item is designed as a collar which offers you a force to control your dog well.

    It will prevent you from being pulled by your puppy. The operation mechanism is similar to the bridle on a horse. The materials are really safe, and the product will not hurt your pet. Besides, it is really durable, and you do not need to worry about changing the harnesses frequently.

    In the beginning, your pets will feel uncomfortable with the line below the eyes. However, when he is acquainted with it, he will feel more convenient and confident to take part in any activity. With the outstanding features mentioned above, this product is worthy for you to try.


    • It just takes a few minutes to adjust.


    • Your dog needs a while to be acquainted with it.

    Front Range Harness By Ruffwear

    This is a really versatile harness great for everyday walks, but durable for more active outings.

    Its a non-restrictive harness, ensuring great range of motion for the shoulders and elbows, and eliminating pressure on the neck.

    The Front Range Harness has soft padding on the straps, so its a bit more substantial than some of the others on this list, but still light and comfortable for your dog.

    It offers four points of adjustment so you can get a proper fit for your Golden Retriever.

    It also has two points of connection for the leash: one at the back of the shoulders, and one in front of the chest for dogs that pull.

    To put the harness on, slip it over their head and then buckle each side of the girth strap at the back of their shoulders that means your dog doesnt have to step into the harness.

    This harness has a couple of cool safety features as well.

    Reflective trim helps keep your dog visible and there is a small loop where you can attach a light.

    It also comes in a whopping 16 different colors!

    Petsafe Easy Walk Dog Harness

    Dramatic golden retriever puppy protect his new harness and go out alone.

    Another great no-pull dog harness is the PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness. This high rated harness is helps you to properly steer your energetic Golden Retriever without putting pressure on their neck. The belly strap helps keep the harness fitting snugly, in case you have a Golden who enjoys the task of escaping their harness. The Easy Walk dog harness will get you on the road to less stressful walks and outdoor adventures with your dog.

    Different Golden Retriever Harness Materials

    There are many different materials that may be used for Golden Retriever harnesses. Heres a short list of the most commonly-used fabrics and materials.

    • Polyester A synthetic fabric, polyester is water-resistant, dries quickly and is easy to clean, and also resists wear and tear quite well, making it a good choice for dog harnesses.
    • Nylon Nylon is also a common material used for dog harnesses due to its high tensile strength, water resistance, and low cost. The vast majority of dog harnesses use either polyester, nylon, or both.
    • Neoprene Neoprene is a type of synthetic rubber that is usually covered with another fabric, and often used to pad dog harnesses, which helps prevent abrasion.
    • Leather Leather harnesses are extremely durable and long-lasting, and are very strong. However, they are quite expensive and may be difficult to fit, and require regular oiling and maintenance, making leather harnesses relatively unpopular today.
    • Cotton Some harnesses are made of cotton. As an organic material, this material is better for dogs with very sensitive skin.
    • Mesh Mesh is usually made out of either nylon or polyester, and is designed to be breathable and comfortable, which makes it ideal for Golden Retrievers, who often have thick, long coats.

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