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How Much Is Pet Insurance For A Golden Retriever

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Do I Need Pet Insurance

Adopting a Golden Retriever? | What to Expect

If youre unsure if pet insurance is worth it, consider how you would deal with an unexpected bill.

Costs can vary depending on the treatment and where you are, but it can go into the hundreds and often thousands of pounds.

Youll need to balance this with the cost of your premiums and the likelihood that youll make a claim.

Whether pet insurance is worth taking out depends on several different factors.

For example:

How To Buy Pet Insurance

Pet insurance can be relatively expensive, so its worth shopping around for the best deal.

Comparison websites are a good place to start. But they dont all cover the whole market. So use a few different sites to make sure you dont miss any good deals.

Check out the pet insurance comparison tables on the Which? website 

Several retailers sell pet insurance, and you can also buy it direct from insurers.

Among the specialists in this market are Petplan and Healthy Pets.

You might be able to get the first four or five weeks of insurance for free, under a deal that many breeders now offer.

If you have an exotic pet that youre struggling to find insurance for, a broker might be able to help.

You can find a specialist broker on the BIBA website

Best Value: Pets Best Review

Pets Best offers great pet insurance coverage for your Golden Retriever, but thats also affordable.

To give you an estimate of your monthly premium, we ran a few quotes for a healthy Golden Retriever at a $500 deductible and a 70%, 80%, and 90% coverage. Based on our research, you can expect to pay between $22 and $46, depending on your location, pets age, gender, and other factors.

This company has no upper age limit so that you can enroll your aging Golden Retriever in a plan no matter their age. Keep in mind that rates go up depending on how old your pet is.

Their plans cover emergencies, cancer, illnesses, and other situations that your senior dog may encounter. It even includes access to a 24/7 Pet Helpline so you can speak with a veterinarian any time.

It typically has a reasonable claim repayment time of 2 days if you have a direct deposit. If you dont, it will take between 5-7 days.

Golden Retriever Pet Insurance

Golden Retrievers have an average lifespan of 10 to 13 years. This breed is susceptible to various congenital and hereditary conditions such as cancer, hip dysplasia, cataracts, and osteochondritis dissecans.

There is no way to know for certain if your Golden Retriever will suffer from any of these illnesses, but the possibility is always there, and every dog will require special care as it gets older. The right pet health insurance plan can help keep you from the added burden of financial worries when your dog requires medical care.

The first step to a healthy and happy Golden Retriever is finding a reputable breeder who can provide genetically fit puppies. The second step is to train your dog well and give it plenty of healthy food, exercise, and love.

For many owners, the third step is to purchase a pet health care plan that helps to keep vet bills predictable and to ensure that you can focus on helping a sick dog to recover rather than worrying about the cost of treatment.

Golden Retrievers are considered by many to be part of the family. Like any family member, they deserve the best medical care available. Since veterinary care requires immediate upfront payment, ask yourself if you have the financial resources to pay for a health emergency or ongoing chronic condition.

Enter your ZIP code below to view companies that have cheap pet insurance rates.

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How Can I Reduce The Cost Of Dog Insurance

How Much Is Pet Insurance For A Golden Retriever

One popular method to bring down the price of dog insurance quotes is to increase the policy excess. For example:

  • Some Bought By Many policies include the option of a voluntary 20% co-payment, in addition to a fixed £69 or £99 policy excess.
  • More Than allows you to opt for a 10%, or 20% voluntary excess, in addition to the fixed £100 policy excess.
  • With John Lewis Finance Pet Insurance, you can set the excess at £60, £80, £100, £140, £250 or £500.
  • Direct Line offers a choice between an excess of £95 or £190.

But not all companies allow you to change the excess payment.

Opting for a higher excess typically reduces the cost of dog insurance by 10% to 15% – but it does mean you need to make a bigger contribution to the costs if you need to claim.

Many dog insurance companies also offer multi-pet discounts to help people who want insurance for more than one pet.

Bought By Many has a 15% discount for pets on the same policies, it’s the highest multi-pet discount available .

Below is a full list of Bought By Many’s average yearly prices for different dog breeds.  Our prices are accurate as of January 2020.

Dog breed

Does Pet Insurance Cover Pre

Standard pet insurance almost always excludes pre-existing medical conditions. But recurring illness can be very expensive.

If youre trying to insure a pet with a pre-existing condition, some specialist insurers will cover them if they havent showed any signs of the illness for some time.

If you buy a lifetime policy when your pets young, and you keep renewing, youll be covered for future chronic health problems.

The alternative is to exclude the condition from your policy and cover any medical treatment yourself. Youll still be able to claim for other new conditions your pet develops.

Types Of Pet Insurance Coverage

What does pet insurance cover? There are 3 main types of pet insurance plans are:

AccidentPlans: Covers accident-related medical care such as ingestion of foreign objects, poisoning, or if your Golden Retriever was hit by a car.

Illness Plans: Coves unexpected sickness, disease, and any changes to your dogs normal healthy state

WellnessPlans: Its also called routine or preventative. It covers most routine vet visits, such as vaccinations.

You can sign up for 1, 2, or all 3 of these types of coverages, but it will mostly depend on your Golden Retriever needs and your finances.

Take a look at the table below to see the most common items covered by each type of pet insurance plan.

Accident Coverage
  • Dog food or dietary or nutritional supplements
  • Boarding and transportation

This exclusion will vary depending on which pet insurance company and plan you choose.

Pro Tip: Please always READ your policy! Request the full list of exclusions before getting pet insurance. This will ensure your Golden Retriever is fully covered by the plan you pick and help you avoid running into surprises down the road.

Learn About Golden Retrievers Pet Insurance

Golden Retrievers are very popular for their tolerant and friendly nature. It is an intelligent breed of dog usually used as a working dog. Golden retrievers are one of the most popular breeds, behind Labrador Retrievers and German Shepherd dogs. It is usually the dog of choice for sports, disability assistance, hunting, search and rescue, and so forth.

This dog breed was developed by crossing several other breeds which include setters, spaniels, the Newfoundland, and also a bloodhound. As a result of the combination, the resulting breed is a strong swimming dog that can track wounded games, and deal with crippled birds. The golden retriever was first bred by Dudley Marjoribanks between 1840 and 1890 in the Scottish Highlands.

This breed made its way to Canada in 1881 when Archie Marjoribanks, son of Lord Tweedmouth took it to Canada. The dog, known as Lady was registered with AKC in 1894.

Besides their unquestionable intelligence, the breed has a lot of other interesting characteristics such as their devotedness and friendliness. However, Golden retrievers are also prone to several health problems such as hip and elbow dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy, pigmentary uveitis, subvalvular aortic stenosis and so forth.

To get a quote for Golden Retrievers pet insurance, click here.

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The Story of Boeing | Golden Retriever | Embrace Pet Insurance

We are witnessing growing demand for Golden Retriever puppies, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. The incredible rise in demand has pushed the prices of Golden puppies to record heights. Online scammers have used this situation to trick an enormous amount of potential owners during the last year. We can also notice a rise in the number of puppy mills to meet the growing demand and make a quick profit. With all these negative factors, it is hard to find a healthy puppy from a reputable Golden Retriever these days. If you are already searching for a puppy, you are probably asking yourself how much is a Golden Retriever puppy? 

Well, look no further, as in this article you will find everything you need to know about this subject. 

How Do I Make My Golden Retriever Healthy

Regular Veterinary

The Golden Retrievers can be a wonderful, loving and affectionate dog. Because they are purebred, they are more prone to inheritable diseases. These can cause them to live a shorter life span and have a lower quality of their lives. Regular veterinary treatment can prevent or treat many genetic disorders. Preventive measures are often more cost-effective and easier than treatments. Your Goldie can have a happy and healthy existence by getting regular veterinary attention.

Healthy Eating Habits

Lifestyle choices, such as healthy eating habits and regular exercise, are important for your pups happiness in the long-term. Your veterinarian may recommend that your Golden Retriever puppy be fed a high-breed growth food. This can increase their ability to grow and help prevent hip dysplasia.

Controlled Diet

According to the Veterinary Centers of America Golden Retrievers are much more likely than other dogs to gain excess weight. Because of their long hair, Golden Retrievers should be monitored closely to check if they have gained weight. This can be accomplished by paying close attention to your Goldens overall health and routine observation by your veterinarian.

Routine Examinations

Pet Insurance Plan

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance

Located in Washington State, Healthy Paws Pet Insurance and Foundation is the best overall insurance plan for your golden retriever. It has been ranked Number-1 in the list of best dog insurance plans. The raving reviews of extremely satisfied customers are living proof that Healthy Paws is just paw-fect!

The company offers you comprehensive policies in market competitive and highly affordable rates with unlimited benefits, impressively high reimbursements, and one of the best customer support services. You can enroll your golden retriever if hes older than 8 weeks and younger than 13.99 years.

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance is free from caps on annual or lifetime payouts. All you have to do is take your goldie to a licensed vet. The insurance providers fully understand your love for your dog, and thats why 99% of the claims are paid in no more than two days. Now thats what we call quick and efficient!

For more insight into the Healthy Paws Pet Insurance, lets discuss each of its amazing features one by one:

Comprehensive Lifetime High Coverage Insurance For Golden Retrievers

This policy is the most comprehensive insurance type but it can also be the most costly, from around $35 per month. Its a great choice if youre looking for advanced coverage with higher benefit limits. Comprehensive Golden Retriever insurance will generally cover accidents, illnesses, hereditary and congenital conditions, alternative therapies and behavioral issues. There may still be limits to the amount claimed in a given year and it is still important to know what you are not covered for.

Golden Retriever insurance should be considered a necessity for those of us who love our animals and feel the responsibility to care for them.

Prevention is always better than cure so optimize the health of your Golden; learn the importance of the following:

Providing the correct care for your Golden will keep them as healthy as possible.

Factor 4: The Breed Of Dog You Have

Golden Retriever Pet Insurance

General rules of thumb:

  • Mixed-breed dogs are cheaper to insure than pedigree dogs.
  • Smaller dogs cost less to insure than bigger dogs.
  • Insurance for female dogs cost slightly less than insurance for male dogs .
  • The cost of insuring cross-breed dogs will reflect the cost of insurance for the dominant breed.

Meanwhile, the cost of pedigree dog insurance varies significantly between breeds.

Dogs with a propensity to develop breed-specific medical conditions also tend to be more expensive to insure.

Common Health Risks For Golden Retrievers

Before purchasing a health insurance plan for your Golden Retriever, it is important to know what kind of medical complications your Golden friend is likely to experience in his or her lifetime.

The following table contains information found on the Embrace Pet Insurance website and will be helpful when comparing costs and estimating expenses:


Without pet insurance, the vet bills for your Golden Retriever may run into the thousands, if not tens of thousands, of dollars, depending on the nature of the care your dog may need. Knowing that Golden Retriever are predisposed to cancer and other high cost health issues can be daunting.

Find a company like Embrace, or if you are on a very tight budget Healthy Paws, that allows you to choose the coverage you need, at a price you can afford. Then you can rest easy knowing that whatever health issues may come your dogs way, you will be ready.

Flexible Reimbursements And Deductibles

With Healthy Paws, you can customize your reimbursement percentage and deductibles as per your financial requirements. Once youve paid the chosen deductible, $100, $250, or $500, the insurance company will pay your pre-selected reimbursement percentage of the actual veterinary bill 70%, 80%, or 90%.

A higher reimbursement percentage or a lower deductible would mean youll pay as a larger amount as the monthly premium. With a 70% reimbursement and $500 deductible, the monthly starting premium for your golden retriever would be $32.83.

The model is quite simple. You can take your dog to the vet, either pay upfront and then claim the amount from Healthy Paws as reimbursement or contact Healthy Paws and ask them to pay the vet directly.

What Type Of Insurance Is Best For Golden Retrievers

When deciding which insurance is best for your Golden Retriever, its important to identify how each policy works in correlation with your dogs health requirements.

A maximum benefit policy is well suited to the Golden Retriever breed. With this policy, there is no time limit, it is more affordable than a lifetime policy, and you can claim more than once for the same condition, something which is great for your Golden Retriever as they are prone to many ongoing health issues. However, it is vital to understand that once the financial limit in this policy has been reached for each condition, you will have to pay for the rest of the treatment yourself.

If this does not appeal to you, then a lifetime policy may be worth an investment. It has all of the same benefits as a maximum benefit policy but your financial limit for each condition resets every year the policy is renewed. A lifetime policy has more benefits, however, they are often the most expensive option.

Full Report On The Golden Retrievers Temperament And Personality

Day In The Life Of Our Golden Retriever Puppy | FOUR MONTHS OLD!

Golden Retrievers are extremely friendly dogs who get along with pretty much everyone â from kids to seniors and even cats. Though they do often show their excitement by jumping up on those they find interesting, so itâs important to train them early. 

With their outgoing nature, itâs very important to socialize your Golden Retriever and keep them occupied. A bored dog can be a scary thing, and your furry friend will let you know by chewing up shoes, furniture â even drywall!   

Theyâre also heavy shedders and have a thick undercoat that requires frequent brushing to maintain. A good grooming routine is essential for Golden pet parents whether you do it yourself or find a professional groomer.  

Factor 2: Where You Live

Your home address can have a big impact on the price you pay for dog insurance. This is to do with variations in the costs of vet treatment in different parts of the country. Typically, dog insurance is cheaper outside London and the South East of England.

This table shows the average cost of insuring your dog with Bought By Many on a lifetime policy across the UK. Prices are accurate as of January 2020.


Other Congenital And Heritable Conditions In Golden Retrievers

  • Dermatitis. Inflammation of the skin that can be caused by several factors.
  • Myasthenia Gravis. A syndrome characterized by muscle fatigue due to an autoimmune disease which produces chemical abnormalities of the muscles and nerves.
  • Muscular Dystrophy. The progressive degeneration of the muscles.
  • Hypothyroidism. A common endocrine disease where the thyroid glands do not produce enough thyroid hormone.
  • Hemolytic Anemia. A type of anemia caused by the destruction of the red blood cells by an autoimmune process.
  • Factor VIII deficiency or Hemophilia A. Coagulation disorders caused by a deficiency in one of the coagulation factors.
  • Ectropion and Entropion. Abnormal positioning of the eyelids.
  • Dilated Cardiomyopathy. A disease of weakened heart muscles.
  • Corneal Dystrophy. The progressive degeneration of the cornea that can lead to blindness.
  • Portosystemic Shunts. An abnormal connection between the livers vasculature and systemic circulation.

You can learn more about this is other genetic diseases in Golden Retrievers and other breeds on the Guide to Congenital and Heritable Disorders in Dogs published by The Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association.

Pet Insurance Do You Need It

Pet insurance exists to protect you against unexpected costs related to your pet, such as vet bills. Find out how pet insurance works, what to look for, how much it might cost and some of the other things to consider if youre thinking about buying a policy.

Whats in this guide

At 5 Months Of Age Odin The Alaskan Malamute Wasnt Walking Quite Right

Best Pet Insurance for Golden Retrievers (2020)

His dad, Pip Allen, took him to a number of vets who advised that he needed surgery. Since then he has had a fair bit of work, and Pip is thankful that Bow Wow Meow helped look after everything. He is grateful to the Bow Wow team for going above and beyond, and helping Odin get the specialist support he needed. Odin is now, thankfully, back to being an unstoppable crazy monster!

His dad, Pip Allen, took him to a number of vets who advised that he needed surgery. Since then he has had a fair bit of work, and Pip is thankful that Bow Wow Meow helped look after everything. He is grateful to the Bow Wow team for going above and beyond, and helping Odin get the specialist support he needed. Odin is now, thankfully, back to being an unstoppable crazy monster!

How Much Do These Health Conditions Cost

There are a number of health conditions that your Golden Retriever can deal with depending on their health and how their parents do. It is important to know what to expect and prepare ahead of time. And since many of the conditions are more expensive to treat compared to other illnesses for other breeds, it makes sense to have pet insurance on them. Some examples of how much it can cost to diagnose and treat different conditions in your Golden Retriever includes:

Cancer: This can cost between $8000 to $15000.
Hip Dysplasia: This can cost between $1500 and $6000.
Elbow dysplasia: This can cost between $1500 to $4000.
Entropion: This can cost between $300 to $1500.
Cataracts: This can cost between $1500 to $5000.
Ichthyosis: This can cost between $200 to $1000

As you can see, the costs for having different procedures on your Golden Retriever done can be expensive. And it adds up quickly since they are likely to have more than one at a time. Choosing the right insurance that can handle these issues and make sure you do not need to come up with the money out of pocket.

Other Costs To Consider

There are a few more one-off costs that need to be considered when owning a pet for the first time. These include:


Golden Retrievers need to be vaccinated against many illnesses when theyre a puppy.

These include vaccinations for hepatitis, parainfluenza and canine distemper. You could expect to pay around £100-£120 for their first jabs, followed by boosters on an annual basis at a rate of £50-60. Owners are likely to spend around £650-£780 on vaccinations across their Retrievers lifetime.

On the off chance that your pet requires urgent veterinary assistance, its recommended that you get dog insurance to cover your vet bills.

How Does My Pet’s Age Affect Pet Insurance

Older pets are typically more expensive to insure. 

As your pet ages, theyre more likely to suffer the diseases and injuries that are a part of getting old and insurers will charge more to reflect this increased risk.

The exception is puppies and kittens animals under one year old are slightly more expensive to insure because they tend to be more accident prone and at risk of injury at this age.

Insurance for older pets frequently has a co-payment applied. This is where youre asked to pay a percentage of your animals treatment costs and the insurer pays the rest. Co-payments are common in cats from around the age of 10 years and dogs from around eight.

What Does Pet Insurance Do

Golden Retriever Puppy Visits the BEACH! | Oliver’s First Trip To The Ocean

These are policies that help you cover the cost of veterinary treatment and medical expenses when a pet gets injured or becomes ill.

The policies available can vary significantly in cost, what they cover and what they dont include.

The more comprehensive policies cover:

  • dental costs
  • loss of a pet through theft and third-party liability where a pet has caused damage or harm to property or a person. 

Common Health Problems And Illnesses

Golden Retrievers do have their share of health issues, which is why its a good idea to take out insurance for your Golden Retriever while theyre still a puppy.


Dysplasia occurs due to malformed joints in the hip or elbow, and is a common health problem in Golden Retrievers. This condition may cause your dog to limp or become reluctant to run, climb stairs or play. They can also experience difficulties in rising from a resting position, and the condition can even cause their personality to change. Treatment can be straightforward and most pets respond well to similar therapies which are used by humans use to treat arthritis. However, the symptoms of dysplasia can often resemble those of Lyme disease, so always pay a visit to your veterinarian to obtain a proper diagnosis.


Cataracts in Golden Retrievers are similar to those in humans. They usually affect older animals, although juvenile cataracts do sometimes occur. Cataracts will cloud your pets eyes and dramatically inhibit their sight. Treatment options are available, and will often include surgery or implants. 

Aural hematoma

Aural hematoma can also affect Golden Retrievers. This condition occurs when ear infections or fleas cause blood to build-up and collect in the cartilage of the dogs ear flaps. Your veterinarian will normally treat the condition by draining fluid from the affected ears.


Lumps and bumps

Embrace Pet Insurance Review: Great For Curable Pre

If your Golden Retriever suffers from a curable pre-existing condition Embrace Pet Insurance is your best choice!

Most pet insurance companies do not cover pre-existing conditions, but Embrace distinguishes between curable and incurable pre-existing conditions. They can cover curable conditions after 12 months of symptom and are treatment-free.

From tooth extractions to torn ligaments, Embrace has you covered when your Golden Retriever gets hurt unexpectedly. They also can cover cancer treatment, which Golden Retrievers are prone to, as long as they were diagnosed after the start of coverage.

Based on our research, if you sign up with Embrace, you can expect to pay between $41 and $52, but prices may vary depending on your location, Golden Retrievers age, and other factors.

Claims are addressed fairly quickly , and centers for after-hour treatment are included in emergency care coverage. 

Also, your Goldens annual deductible goes down $50 each year you dont receive an accident or illness claim reimbursement.

  • Requires a 2-day waiting period for accidents
  • Must call for unlimited claim option

*Wellness Rewards not available in Rhode Island.

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