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Best Leash For Golden Retriever

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Training A Golden Retriever: The Complete Guide

1.5 Year Old Golden Retriever | Best Golden Retriever Training | Off Leash K9 |Board&Train|Missouri

Whether you are thinking of becoming the lucky pet parent to a golden retriever, or already have a golden fur baby at home, its important to educate yourself and your family on how to train a golden retriever at any age. Not all golden retrievers enter their new families while puppies some are lucky enough to be rescued in their adolescence, adulthood, or even senior ages.

Noxgear Lighthound Illuminated Safety Harness

Keeping your dog visible during those early mornings and nighttime walks is extremely important. A light-up LED harness is a great way to keep your dog safe while walking during low-visibility conditions. An LED harness is also useful on camping trips, hunting, hiking, or for being able to spot your dog in a large backyard.

The Noxgear LightHound harness is lightweight, durable and comfortable for your dog to wear, but the best part is it makes your dog visible with its 360-degree illumination. Your dog will be visible from over a half-mile away.

There is no need to buy batteries for this harness, it is USB rechargeable. You get 12 hours of illumination on one charge.

The cool part of this harness is that you have 8 colours all in one harness that you can illuminate your dog in, as well as 6 different multi-colour flashing and slow fading modes. You can illuminate your dog in green one day and the next in red, no need to be stuck with the same colour.

With an overhead design, it is easy to put on over your dogs head and is easily adjustable at the neck and chest. There is a metal ring leash attachment on the back.


  • It can easily slide over another harness, collar, or dog coat.


  • More of a vest than a harness, it is not the best for dogs that pull. You will need to use it with another harness.
  • The straps attach under your dog which might cause friction.
  • The power cord is not included but works with any micro USB charger.
  • It is pricey.

Additional Tips On Choosing The Best Leash For Golden Retriever Puppy

Nylon is an excellent choice for people who are budget conscious. It is also applicable in wet and wintry weather. You can use leather for all types of weather, but you have to occasionally apply some conditioner to keep it from degrading and maintain its look.

Make sure to choose the correct width and strength of leash for your particular dog or puppy. It may mean having to upgrade your leash to accommodate your growing puppy. Choose a light leash for your dog, so it doesnt interfere with their movement. For a fully grown large dog, choose a nice thick, strong leash.

If your dog has a habit of chewing on the leash, you may want to opt for a chain leash. Other materials will be damaged often by a dog that loves to chew. Chain leash are available in varying thicknesses to accommodate the size of your dog or puppy.

Make sure to choose a strong enough clip to match the size and strength of your dog as well as their power when they start pulling at full strength. You cannot risk having them break free and run away.

It is crucial to have at least one spare leash, so there is always one ready if the regular one gets destroyed, breaks, or gets lost.

Dry your leashes if they get wet. Store them or hang them instead of simply throwing them in a drawer. Make sure they are fully dry before you store them. It will make them last longer.

You may also want to consider attaching a carabiner to the handle to make tethering your dog an effortless task.

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When To Start Running With Golden Retrievers

You should wait until your Golden Retriever is around 18 months old before you start running with them. Before this age, their bones and muscles are still growing and developing. The growth plates on the bones cannot handle the impact and stress of the long runs. Intense running at a young age can lead to joint problems, like hip dysplasia later in life. ;

You can spend the first year and a half with your Goldie leash training them and getting them used to walking along at your side. Building a solid foundation of obedience training will guarantee that your puppy will grow into a great running partner.;

What Is The Best Leash For A Dog

Best Harnesses For Golden Retrievers

The Max and Neos Double Handle Heavy Duty Reflective Leash is the best leash because the two-handle design makes it easy to quickly shift your dog if theyre headed into danger. In our testing, the durable leash proved slow to fray, didnt trap odors, and didnt warp after washing and drying. There’s not a lot more you can ask for in a leash.

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What Makes A Good Golden Retriever Harness

Golden retrievers are one of the larger breeds of dogs.

As with all big dogs, when they pull on their leash you can feel it. If your dog is on a collar, this could result in discomfort to their neck if they suddenly pull when out walking.

In more severe cases, this could lead to throat injuries and damage to the trachea.

A good, well-designed harness is one that fits well, is comfortable and can be used to reduce pulling behaviour and help with training in your dog.

A poorly designed harness, for example, could tighten under the dogs legs when they pull, thus causing pain through pinching of the skin.

In addition to the discomfort this can result in increasing the pulling behaviour as they attempt to escape the unpleasant stimulus.

How Long Should Your Puppy Be Walking For

According to The Kennel Club, you can walk a dog for around 5 minutes for each month of their age. So that means if your puppy is only 1 month old then you should be walking them for 5 minutes max. However, if your puppy is 2 months old then that would mean a 10-minute walk.

And 3 months is equal to 15 minutes walk, so on and so forth. As this can get a little confusing I have decided to place the details all into an easy to understand chart for you below:

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Why Your Dog Pulls On A Leash

You may wonder why your dog wont listen to you and just stop pulling on their leash already, but it’s not that simple.

Here are the most common reasons why dogs pull.

  • Inexperienced Owner If you are a first-time dog owner, you probably lack the experience necessary to properly handle and train your dog. Inexperienced dog owners can make many beginner mistakes, especially when buying the right collar and leash, particularly for dogs that pull a lot.
  • Overeager Dog A dog that is nervous or highly strung will usually pull on the leash, as well as a dog that gets too excited.
  • Overprotective or Jealous Dog Some dogs, particularly some specific breeds like Border Collies, can pull on the leash because they feel the need to protect or be jealous.
  • Dog Is Not Leash Trained If the dog is not leash trained, he will pull on the leash. Thats why puppies often pull on the leash, as well as older rescue dogs that had no opportunity for leash training.
  • Using the Wrong Type of Collar and Leash This is probably the most important reason why some dogs pull on the leash. A good leash for dogs that pull shouldnt tighten on the dogs throat, or chest or your dog may get injured.

Choosing the right dog leash is crucial for pulling dogs, which can be difficult if you dont know what types of leashes exist.

Below are some of the best leashes for dogs that pull, and we’ll discuss all the different types later in the article.


How To Measure Your Dog For A Harness

5 Year Old Golden Retriever | Best Golden Retriever Training |Off Leash K9| Board & Train | Oklahoma

Weve already written a comprehensive guide to measuring your dog for a harness here. However, this is a summary for your Golden Retriever.

  • Measure the widest part of the chest with a tape measure. This will be a few inches before the front legs. Make sure you wrap the tape all the way around.
  • Add a few inches to the total. This will allow for some movement as well as growth. You want a harness that lasts, so you dont want to buy a new one every time your dog puts on a little weight.
  • Measure your dogs neck. Measure the circumference of the neck with a tape measure. Depending on the harness type, you may not need to do this but for those that go on over the dogs head you need to check it will a) fit without straining b) will not slip off.

Measuring your dog is crucial. Too tight and the dog harness will be uncomfortable. Too loose and it could slip off leaving you holding a harness and leash but no dog. If you find yourself between two different harness sizes its often suggested picking the larger of the two and using the adjustment straps.

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Ways To Teach Your Golden Retriever To Walk On A Leash

When teaching your golden retriever to walk on a loose leash there are two strategies to use: the proactive strategy and the reactive strategy.

These arent mutually exclusive strategiesyoull be doing them both often, and theyll both help teach your dog that when theyre on the leash theyre supposed to stay near you and not pull off in their own direction.

Our Pick: Max And Neo Double Handle Heavy Duty Reflective Leash

*At the time of publishing, the price was $17.

Max and Neos Double Handle Heavy Duty Reflective Leash combines the better control of a double-handle leash with a flexibility and compactness close to that of a thinner, lighter single-handle leash. Its padded handles were the most comfortable of any we tried, and in our tests its bolt-snap clasp was solid and strong.

Many of the leashes in our test group that are described as heavy duty take the heavy part seriously and are made of a stiff, bulky nylon that is difficult to fold and could rub against and irritate skin . Although this Max and Neo leash is made of 2-millimeter-thick nylon webbing, the leash is still soft and nonabrasive even against bare skin. We found both of its padded handles comfortable to hold, even on long walks, and the neoprene padding was minimal enough that holding both handles in one hand was still easy, even for testers with smaller hands and grip issues. If youre walking multiple dogs at a time, the thinner handles also mean you can hold more than one leash in each hand, which we struggled to do with the Primal Pet Gear leash.

The thinner handles also mean you can hold more than one leash in each hand, for walking multiple dogs.

Finally, all Max and Neo leashes come with a lifetime warranty that covers normal wear and tear but not dog-inflicted damages. Although some people are unlikely to go through the refund process for an item that costs less than $20, its nice to know this is an option.

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Maypaw Heavy Duty Puppy Leash

Looking at this best leash for golden retriever puppy, you will notice a wide range of designs. Many people find it a great choice as it leaves your pet with a nice-looking leash for walking it outdoors.

The use of a climbing rope to manufacturer the leash makes it highly durable. Also, it has a diameter of 12mm, which is good for both puppies and large dogs too. It is why you will find it being a great choice for walking, training, jogging, and hiking applications.

The heavy-duty clip can rotate up to 360 degrees. This feature is great to prevent cases of tangles in your pet. As such, you would enjoy using the leash more often. The soft-padded handle also makes walking your puppy easy.

There is also the length of the leash. It stands at six feet. Such a length is ideal for ease of controlling the puppy while at the same time giving it freedom to roam even further.


  • The leash has creative aesthetics
  • It is available in different patterns
  • The harness feels comfortable in the hand


Ezydog Zero Shock Dog Leashby Ezydog

Best Harness For Golden Retriever Dogs And Their Owners

This is one of the best shock-resistant leashes on the market. This leash can reduce pulling and keep you safe from related injuries.

The leash comes in two sizes and many different colors. The two sizes are 24-inch and 48-inch leashes.

In addition to the patented shock reduction technology, this leash also includes a secondary handle you can use in traffic to keep your pooch close to you.

The handles are padded with neoprene lining and waterproof, and they are very comfortable and soft to the touch.

This leash also has a highly reflective trim that allows you to walk your pooch during the night or early in the morning.

Like a few other leashes I mentioned, this leash can also unhook occasionally from the collar or harness, which is a big drawback.

Also, the elastic part of the leash can lose some of its elasticity over time, and if your dog likes to chew on everything, this leash is not for you since it is not chew-proof.

»PROS: Available In Two Sizes and Many Colors, Durable, Shock Absorption, Has a Traffic Handle, Padded Handles, Reflective

«CONS: Expensive, Not Chew Proof, Leash May Get Unhooked from the Collar Sometimes, Losses Elasticity over Time

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Why Do Golden Retrievers Pull On The Leash

Before you think about teaching your dog to walk on a loose leash, its important to know why they pull on the leash in the first place.

The biggest reason is that they have not been taught not to!

Theyve lived their whole lives without a leash, going wherever they please, as fast as they want.

So when you put a leash on them, theyre not used to it and still try to move how theyve always moved, which results in them pulling.

In addition to the first reason, heres the second: golden retrievers love everything and everyone.

They love life and are very curious, so when they see a new sight, or smell a new smell, they get excited and want to go explore it.

Trying to restrict their exploring with them on a leash is actually quite difficult .

And the third reason is this: theyve learned that pulling gets them what they want.

For instance, lets say youre outside with your puppy on the leash for the very first time ever.

She sees a leaf blow by and wants to go check it out so she pulls towards it.

If you let her get to the leaf, she learns that pulling gets her what she wants, so technically, youre rewarding her for pulling.

And this is how puppies learn to pull on a leash.

How To Make The Leash A Pleasure Thing For Your Golden Retriever

Keeping your Golden Retriever on a leash is not synonymous with constraint and difficulties. You can easily walk your Golden Retriever on a leash and make this walk a real moment of relaxation, pleasant and privileged for you and your dog.

To achieve this result, I advise you to train your Golden Retriever as soon as possible and very gradually to walk on a leash. And if you want the training to be done in the best possible conditions, just like the choice of collar or harness, the choice of leash is essential.

You must choose the right equipment according to the use you will have and the specificities of your Golden Retriever . With this post, we will help you to select the best equipment for your Golden Retriever.

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How To Introduce Your Puppy To The Leash And Harness

When introducing your puppy to new things, its best to take it slow and have a good experience with them.

For instance, you dont want to just throw a harness and leash on your puppy and then take them out for a walk.

Heres how you can break down getting your puppy used to a harness into baby steps:

  • Let your puppy sniff the harness
  • Slip it over their head and take it right off
  • Put it on without buckling it, then take it off
  • Buckle it on and then play together with the harness on
  • With each step, give them treats so they have a positive association with it, and dont rush right into the next step.

    If theyre not all that excited about a step, wait a few hours or until the next day to try it again.

    Once youre able to put the harness on, then you can attach the leash but hold it so that its not putting any pressure on them.

    What Should You Look For When Buying A Golden Retriever Leash

    6mo Golden Retriever Bogey ~ Best Golden Retriever Trainers ~ Off Leash K9 Training Phoenix

    To pick a leash, you should understand how a leash does more than walk your golden retriever. It becomes a tool to train your dog with, and a $30 leash with fancy decorations on it doesnt accomplish the principal purpose: Controlling your dog on a walk.

    Different leashes will serve a different function, and you should understand what kind of training you have in mind for your golden retriever. You have two types of leashes: the regular dog leash and the retractable leash. Both of these leashes have their benefits and disadvantages.

    For example, the regular dog leash teaches your dog basic obedience and walking right, but it will not correct the dog when walking a long distance. This leash hands you the maximum level of control.

    Retractable leashes can stretch itself for up to 30 feet. However, it wont control your dog.

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