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Elevated Dog Bowl For Golden Retriever

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Elevated Dog Food Bowls Reduce Bloat In Large Breeds

AveryDay elevated dog bowls – collapsible raised dog bowls with 4 Stainless Steel bowls

This is FALSE.

When first promoted, raised dog food bowls were sold as something extremely beneficial for larger breed dogs at a higher risk of bloating.

This view was sold as science because it resulted from a statistical study .

However, this was no proper study, and the conclusion was extremely flawed.

All that this study did was look at the information of other available, non-science-based literature and anecdotal evidence that already existed and did no research into the matter at all.

In fact, the largest study on contributing factors to canine bloat in larger breed dogs to date says the exact opposite.

Elevated feeding may induce bloating in canines, especially in those with sensitive stomachs.

True, this study wasn’t perfect however, it’s the best research paper we have to date on.

From what research the scientific community currently has, the idea that elevated feeders can prevent bloat in large breed dogs is questionable at best.

So, do elevated feeders for dogs reduce bloating in larger breeds? The correct answer here would be that we don’t know for sure, but, likely, they DO NOT.

What Are The Benefits Of An Elevated Dog Bowl For Golden Retriever Dogs

Elevated dog bowls have been the talk of the town for pet parents for a long time now. Some people say that elevated dog bowls dont give any actual benefits to both pet parents or your Golden Retriever. However, as a fellow Golden Retriever pet parent, I do think that there are benefits after having my dogs experience them first-hand.

In fact, I have noticed that there are quite a lot of benefits that a Golden Retriever gets when eating through an elevated dog bowl. These benefits are mostly health-related and are assured to improve your Golden Retrievers eating experience. However, there are also some small perks for you, the members of the family, or the people who take care of your Golden Retriever.

Let me share with you what those benefits are.

Normal Bowl For Golden Retrievers

Basis pet stainless steel bowl

The bowl is made from stainless steel material. It is made in USA product. It has a glossy finish.

The bowl is free from lead, mercury and cadmium. The round shape corner makes it easy for a dog to eat food easily.

The bowl is easy to keep clean and the dishwasher safe.


  • Available in the different size option
  • Made in USA product
  • Free from lead, mercury and cadmium
  • Highly durable
  • Has glossy and premium finish
  • Easy to keep clean and dishwasher safe


  • Little bit expensive

Ideal for: If you looking for a bowl, which is made in the USA product and free from heavy metal like, mercury, cadmium, lead then this bowl is the best dog bowls for your golden retriever.

Check out the reviews and price HERE.

Waggo dipper ceramic bowl

The bowl is made from ceramic material. It is heavyweight so, your dog cant easily tip it over.

The design of the bowl is minimalistic. It is easy to keep clean. It is dishwasher and microwave safe.


  • Available in different size and color options
  • Comes with a clean minimalistic design
  • Bowl is heavyweight, your dog cant tip it over easily
  • Made from 100% ceramic and meets FDA standards
  • Easy to keep clean


  • Ceramic is a delicate material. It gets easily broke if fall from a certain height

Ideal for: If you are looking for a clean minimalistic ceramic bowl, which is heavyweight. So, your dog cant tip it over easily, then this bowl will be the best dog bowls for your golden retriever.

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Neater Feeder Deluxe Elevated Dog Bowl

If youre tired of cleaning up after your dogs meals, the Neater Feeder is a best bet. This elevated option is a highly-rated bowl, complete with walls that keep messes contained and off your floors. Its available in three sizes that fit the height of most dogs.

Key Features:

  • Elevated dog bowl with high walls and a water collection bin
  • The best feeder for messy eaters
  • Available in three sizes and six colors
  • Stand is between 6 to 14 in height, depending on the size you choose


  • Sizes to fit small breeds all the way up to large breeds
  • Rubber on base for extra grip
  • Bowls are removable and dishwasher safe
  • Stand is made in the USA


  • Stand is well made, however bowls will likely need to be replaced over time.

Bone Dry Dii Lattice Square Ceramic Pet Bowl

Golden Retriever raised dog bowls powder coated steel ...

This Bone Dry DII Lattice Square Ceramic Pet Bowl looks elegant. Your dog will love to eat his food in this bowl.

This kind of container is suitable for medium and large dogs like golden retrievers. Because of its design, it looks different and classy than the other dog bowls. This one is FDA food safe.

It has Porcelain Ceramic. We all know this material has high-quality. It has a silicon rim at the bottom. It will make sure this bowl will not sliding on the floors.

With this bowl, your dog will not make a mess on the floor. With its stylish and simple design, these bowls will blend well in your house decore. The construction of this bowl is also perfect.

This bowl is 6length x 2 height inches. The pattern of this bowl is pretty paw motif. It will be easy for you to clean this bowl set as this one is dishwasher safe. Cleaning this bowl set is not a bother.

Product highlights

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Determining The Correct Height For A Dog Food Bowl

Determine the correct height for a dog food bowl by measuring your standing dog from the floor beneath the front paws up to the top of the shoulders and then subtract approximately 6 inches. Dogs should be able to eat without lowering their necks or stretching them upwards. The top of a dog food bowl at the correct height should sit level with the dogs lower chest.

Urpower Dog Bowls Stainless Steel Dog Bowl

Do you find it hard to let your dog eating and drinking at a time? Then maybe you should get this URPOWER Dog Bowls Stainless Steel Dog Bowl. This one is a set of two bowls.

In one container, you can keep the dog food. And on the other vessel, you can pour water. It will make things easy for you.

These types of dog bowls work as a full dinner set for your dog. If your golden retriever is 70 lbs, then this bowl set is ideal for them to use. They will feel happy to get this one.

It has a silicone stand that will make sure this bowl doesnt slip from the floors. It also has an extra-large base that can catch any spills. So it will help you to keep the carpets clean.

It has high-quality stainless steel with a unique silicone bottom. You can use a dishwasher to clean this bowl set. This one can be an attractive and comfortable feeding station for your dog.

Product highlights

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The Potential Risks Of Using An Elevated Feeder For Your Dog

Elevated feeders were, at one time, recommended to prevent bloat, also called gastric dilation volvulus. Bloat is a deadly condition in which blockages, gas, and/or stress can combine to cause a dog’s stomach to twist or flip over, shutting off both entry and exit points of the stomach. This results in pain, retching, decreased blood flow, and inability to pass gas or stomach contents and can rapidly progress to shock and death if life-saving medical intervention is not provided. It was originally thought that an elevated feeder allowed dogs to eat without swallowing as much air, thereby reducing gas, which reduced at least one of the factors contributing to bloat. No studies or tests were conducted at the time to establish this benefit, most of the evidence supporting the reduced air intake with elevated feeders was anecdotal. A subsequent study showed that, contrary to what was originally believed, there was an increase in cases of bloat associated with the use of elevated feeders–a substantial increase. However, further studies and studies of different types have not been conducted to confirm these results. And, the study did have a design drawback in that it was not randomized. That is, it studied owners who had chosen to use elevated feeders, not those randomly assigned to use them. This could mean that there are other factors associated with a dog owners decision to use an elevated feeder that contributed to bloat and not the feeder itself.

Easier Feeding For Humans

Team Meeting at The Water Bowl | Puppies Training at Home | Golden Retriever puppies | Tuckerbudzyn

Feeding your dog and delivering a constant supply of fresh water is part and parcel of responsible dog ownership. With raised dog feeders for large dogs and an anti-spill water bowl, you can make the process easier, cleaner and more hygienic.

If your dog continually tips their food bowl over or spills water across the floor, youll spend a lot of your time cleaning up after them. With weighted pet food bowls and a weighted water bowl, you can take the hassle out of mealtimes.

As well as saving you time and hassle, weighted dog food bowls and elevated pet dishes make it easier to keep things clean. With no spills to clear up, you can ensure feeding stations are kept in tip top condition.

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Slow Feeder Bowl For Golden Retrievers

Mr. peanuts slow feeder bowl

The bowl is made from stainless steel material. The bowl has a big bump in the centre, which slow down the eating speed of the dog.

The silicone ring at the base prevents sliding while the dog eating the food. It also protects the floor from scratches.

The bowl is easy to keep clean and the dishwasher safe.


  • Available in different size options
  • Slow down dog eating speed
  • Silicone ring at base, help to prevent sliding and scratches
  • Easy to keep clean and dishwasher safe


  • Not available in various color options

Ideal for: If your dog is a Fast-eater and you want to slow down it then this slow feeder bowl is best suitable to slow down your dog speed.

Check out the reviews and price HERE.

How To Pick Out The Perfect Bowl

When looking for an elevated bowl, there are many different kinds and sizes to choose from. There is not one bowl that will fit the needs of every dog and every dog owner. When looking at the sizes of bowls, there are ways to measure your dog and pick out the best size for your dog. It is best to determine the size that you need by measuring your dog from their shoulders to the ground. Then subtract about 3 to 6 inches. This is about the height of the bowl that you want. There are many different types of bowls for you to pick from that are elevated. The bowl you pick will all depend on what type of dog you have.

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Petfusion Aluminum Elevated Dog Bowl

The PetFusion Elevated Dog Bowl is a sleek, all-metal feeder made of heavy duty aluminum and stainless steel. Its rust and fade resistant, and comes in two sizes that fit small to medium sized dogs.

Key Features:

  • Stand is made of anodized aluminum, and bowls are made of stainless steel
  • Suitable for small to medium breeds
  • Dimensions: 17 L x 4 H x 10 W for small size, 22 L x 8 H x 14 W for large size


  • Anodized aluminum is extremely durable, corrosion resistant, and long lasting compared to other metals
  • Base is made with rubber for extra grip on flooring


  • Quality comes at a price the PetFusion is more expensive than other bowls

Old Mother Hubbard Dog Treats

Golden Retriever raised dog bowls powder coated steel ...

Nothing beats the ol classic as they say. We are referring to Old Mother Hubbard dog biscuits. Old Mother Hubbard is one of the oldest running company dates back to 1926. With its near century-old company, its no surprise that this has gained recognition because of the continuous quality it produces which cemented its legacy.

The biscuits are made from all-natural ingredients, true to its conventional process of making these delicious dog biscuits. Also, its slowly oven-baked just to preserve the natural flavors which is the key ingredient on what makes this biscuit so flavorful and wholesome when dogs eat this.

Proudly made in North America where the finest source of ingredients is present. That said, theres a lot of nutritional benefits that can be acquired from this biscuit when dogs eat this. Knowing where its produced is also an added factor to consider this.

Another great alternative to Milk-Bone. Its really hard to pick between the Milk-Bone and the Old Mother Hubbard. But you should probably give this dog biscuit a try because we are very certain that your dog will surely love this upon eating this. Another great treat for your dog when in training.


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Elevated Bowl For Golden Retrievers

Pet zone adjustable dinner set

Adjustable dinner set comes with two stainless steel bowls, placed over a BPA-free sturdy plastic frame.

The stand is adjustable for up to 3 different height option. So, it will be working fine from childhood to old age of your dogs.

You can tuck in the legs of feeder for the easy storage. The bowls are easy to removable and dishwasher safe.


  • Comes with 3 different height adjustable option
  • Available in the different color option
  • The stand is sturdy enough
  • For easy storage, you can tuck in the legs of the feeder
  • Bowls are easy to removable
  • The bowls are easy to keep clean and dishwasher safe


  • Not suitable for messy eaters

Ideal for: If you are looking for a single feeder that is usable from childhood to adulthood to the old age of your dog, then this feeder offers you a height-adjustable option.

Check out the reviews and price HERE.

Neater deluxe dog feeder

The outer frame is made from sturdy plastic. Two stainless steel bowls placed over the stand.

The bowls are easy to removable and dishwasher safe.

The feeder is designed in a manner, that your dog makes no mess on the floor while eating or drinking.

The elevated stand is combined into two parts. So, water or food coming out of the bowl easily catch by the stand itself.

Spilled water go inside of the lower reservoir and food stay on the stand. So, your floor gets clean.



  • Little expensive

Check out the reviews and price HERE.

It Can Make Eating Easier For Your Dog

According to elevated bowl enthusiasts, one of the top benefits to using an elevated bowl to feed your dog? Its makes it easier and more comfortable for them to eat.

Elevating the bowl off the ground puts it closer to your dogs mouth. That means your dog doesnt have to bend their head down to the floor when they want a bite of food or a drink of water. Having their food elevated puts less strain on their neckwhich can be especially helpful for dogs with mobility issues, arthritis, or joint disorders.

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The 7 Best Elevated Dog Bowls

Elevated dog bowls can help slow a pup whos eating too fast, alleviate joint pain for older dogs, and reduce messes during meal time. But choosing the ideal option isnt as simple as running to your local pet store and grabbing the first bowl you see.

To help you with the decision, we researched dozens of options, and thousands of verified reviews, to find the 7 best elevated dog bowls available right now. Heres our list:

What To Look For In An Elevated Bowl

Raised Dog Bowls / Elevated Dog Bowl Stand – DIY Scrap Wood Projects

Youve decided to buy an elevated bowl for your dog great! Heres a quick checklist of things to consider when making your purchase:

Height: To reap the benefits of a raised feeder, youll need to determine the correct height for your dog. While guidelines can be helpful in determining size measurements, remember that not all dogs are identical, even those of the same breed. We recommend following our sizing instructions below, or purchasing an adjustable height bowl that can be tailored to your dog.

Bowl Type: As you would with any bowl, find one that works with your lifestyle and home decor. We recommend those that are easily removable from its stand for easy cleaning.

Material: The material of your bowl is also important, as some are dishwasher friendly, while others need to be hand washed. Common materials for elevated dog bowls and stands include metal, ceramic, bamboo, and various hardwoods.

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Collapsible Ruffwear Dog Bowl

For active dogs and owners, this Ruffwear Bivy Bowl makes it easy to keep your pup hydrated while walking, hiking, or camping. Its lightweight and durable and can hold several cups of food or liquid. It collapses easily when youre done using it, and lays flat when youre on the move.

Collapsible Ruffwear Dog Bowl

Cons Of Elevated Dog Bowls: Potential Bloat Factor

Elevated bowls have been linked to some cases of bloat. Bloat is a very unfun topic since not only can it be lethal to canines if left untreated, but veterinarians dont totally understand the condition. What they do know is that bloat, or gastric dilatation volvulus , occurs when a dogs stomach fills with too much gas and twists around itself, sometimes taking the spleen with it. This internal expansion and rotation can cause difficulty breathing, cut off blood flow to the heart, and wreak havoc within a matter of hours . The only way to fix it is usually with surgery unfortunately, many dogs dont survive the ordeal.

Veterinary professionals arent sure what causes GDV. According to one study from Purdue University of Veterinary Medicine, large dog breeds had a much higher risk for developing bloat due to the depth and width of their chest cavities. In addition, fast eaters, anxious pups, elderly dogs and elevated bowl users all showed higher incidences of bloat than other dogs participating in the study. The researchers also alluded to a potential genetic predisposition if a dog had a first-degree relative who had experienced GDV, he was more likely to develop it himself. Much more research into this theory needs to happen before we can count on the findings, but its good to keep in mind, especially if considering working with a breeder when adopting a puppy.

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