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Golden Retriever Breeders Pacific Northwest

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Reasons To Choose A Reputable Breeder

Golden Retriever & Pacific Parrotlets – Parrotletbirds

I touched on this in the intro, but here are five reasons to choose a reputable breeder:

  • Health is inherited. If you have two healthy parents , the puppies are likely to be healthy as well.
  • Temperament is inherited. Everything that was said about health also goes for temperament.
  • Inbreeding is a major problem with golden retrievers where dogs that are too closely related can produce unhealthy puppies. Responsible breeders will know and take steps to prevent this.
  • Socialization is important to raising healthy puppies and its the breeders job to socialize them at first.
  • If anything were to go wrong, you would want a breeder with integrity to help navigate the problems, whether that ends up in a refund, a replacement puppy, etc.
  • English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies

    We are proud to announce that we are hoping for a new litter of English Cream Golden Retriever puppies in the Spring of 2021. These puppies will be born, raised, and trained with love inside our home in Medford, OR.

    We only have one litter per year, on average. So, if you are looking for an English Cream Golden Retriever in Oregon, California, Washington, or surrounding states, this is your chance to bring home a beautiful puppy with world-class pedigree.

    To reserve a puppy, please fill out our online Application Form as soon as possible.

    English Cream Puppies Washington

    We are now expanding our program, and have english cream golden retriever females, and are using a moyen poodle as our stud. Our english cream golden retriever puppies come from champion stock imported from europe, and are ready for registration with the akc, though on a limited basis.

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    Warning Signs Of An Irresponsible Golden Retriever Breeder

    Here are ten warning signs of an irresponsible breeder:

  • Theyre too salesy
  • They always have puppies available
  • They dont ask you questions
  • There is no contract
  • They have no references
  • They dont allow you to visit their premises or meet the parents or other dogs they own
  • They dont health clearances on their dogs
  • They dont participate in dog sports, shows or other activities
  • They prioritize other elements over health and temperament
  • They specialize in more than one breed
  • Pacific Northwest Miniature Goldens

    Pacific Northwest Mini Goldens

    Last on the list of Mini Golden Retriever breeders in the United States is Pacific Northwest Miniature Goldens. Located in a small, family home, Miniature Golden Retrievers raised here are given intentional care, attention, and love. Puppies are bred with special attention paid to size, temperament, and excellent health. Before breeding, each dog is thoroughly health tested and screened for any genetic concerns or health conditions. When puppies are ready to be welcomed into their forever homes, puppies are provided a two-year health guarantee, giving you complete assurance of their quality and excess of standards.

    Puppies are also given their first round of vaccinations appropriate for their age and have been dewormed for maximum support of their health. If youre interested in a puppy, you can check their website to see if they have any availability of litters. Keep in mind that they may not always be accepting applications at all times of the year if their currently planned litter is already full. If they accept applications, youll be required to complete an application and submit an initial deposit to secure your interest in an upcoming litter.

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    All Are Given Only Top Quality Veterinary Care Nutrition And Love

    Golden retriever puppies pacific northwest. I’m active in the local golden club, as well as the golden retriever club of america. Our dogs and puppies are american kennel club registered golden retrievers from champion bloodlines with ofa certified health clearances. Welcome to northwest goldens, also known as wood duck retrievers, a reputable breeder of golden retrievers in washington and oregon.

    We are passionate about these little treasures and our small breeding program. Our puppies grow up into wonderful family pets, therapy dogs, and even service dogs. 28th and the second sept.

    From kaia, we grew many more adding the english goldens to our family. Pacificgold kennels golden retrievers perm. Here at pacific northwest doodles, we are breeding carefully selected, allergen friendly bordoodles and goldendoodles.

    Reputable breeder of golden retriever puppies in vancouver washington and portland oregon, Beautiful golden retriever puppies in walla walla. We are a small kennel on 5 acres in the beautiful pacific northwest.

    At golden beaches, we strive to provide excellent puppies and quality service! We also have our beautiful chloe who is a english cream. Our dogs are part of our family.

    Akc golden retriever puppies we have two beautiful litters of akc registered golden retriever puppies. Our golden retriever puppies are born indoors and raised with our family. One litter was born sept.

    Snow, Golden Retriever, Golden Retriever Puppy, Golden

    Mini Golden Retriever Dog Info

    While their name may imply just a smaller version of a Golden Retriever, this Miniature is a hybrid breed that brings together a Golden Retriever and a Miniature Poodle. Unlike full Goldendoodles, a crossbreed between Poodles and Golden Retrievers, these Minis are bred to be as close to the Golden Retriever as possible. This means they have a more similar coat, appearance, and temperament to the Golden Retriever than a Poodle. Their size is significantly smaller than Standard Golden Retrievers.

    Often, these dogs reach a weight between 20 to 45 pounds and a height of 14 to 20 inches when measured at the shoulders. Its exact size is very dependent on their genetic make-up and the size of the parents. As they are a mixed breed, they may also come with fewer health concerns, especially when the breeders are committed to preserving the breeds health. The temperament of the Miniature Golden Retriever is often very similar to that of the Standard. They are very friendly, loyal, and caring toward their families, other dogs, and strangers.

    Find Golden Retriever breeders in more specific areas:Best Golden Retriever Breeders on the East CoastandBest Golden Retrievers in the Midwest.

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    Taylor Made Mini Goldens

    First on the list of Mini Golden Retriever breeders in the United States is Taylor Made Mini Goldens. With the puppies at Taylor Made, youll find excellent health, amiable personalities, and a lifelong companion. Theyre bred with a focus on health and creating the ideal puppy in size and demeanor. The food they feed the puppies of high quality, from PawTree. This focus on nutrition empowers the puppies to get off on the right foot both now and in the future.

    With this food recommendation, they also offer a two-year health guarantee to provide you further assurance of the quality of these puppies. If youre interested in a puppy from Taylor Made, you can check their website to see if they have availability and are accepting puppy applications. If theyre not available right when you check, reach out to them to get a sense of when their next litter might be. Puppies are available to be picked up at eight weeks old and come with a complete veterinarian check to ensure they are in good health standing.

    We Are Located In Boise Idaho And Have Delivered Puppies All Over The Us And Canada

    Pacific Parrotlets & Golden Retrievers

    We believe strongly in the health and welfare of our puppies and only breed dogs that have been health tested/certified with OFA or Pennhip, CAER, and a full DNA panel to ensure your puppy cannot inherent any genetic diseases. To back this up, we offer a two year health guarantee for each of our puppies. Our goal as a responsible breeder is to do everything we possibly can to produce the healthiest litters due to our good genetics and diligent health testing protocols. Additionally, we raise our puppies using Puppy Culture which produces well rounded, well socialized puppies that grow into healthy, happy adults.

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    Questions To Ask About The Puppies

    How do you socialize the puppies?

    Theres a lot of handling and exposure to different things in the world that breeders can do to help raise a well-socialized puppy. A good breeder will be able to talk to you about this.

    Where are the puppies born and raised?

    Are they raised in the home, or out back in the shed?

    Will they be examined by a vet before they go home?

    The answer should be yes.

    What are the puppies bred for?

    This may include being bred for companions , or show, sport, or hunting.

    Prebreeding Health Screenings & Nutrition During Pregnancy

    Q: Many researchers of the condition dilated cardiomyopathy advise us not to feed boutique diets or grain-free foods to possibly help prevent this condition. If a Golden Retriever bitch has not been fed these foods, is an echocardiogram screening suggested prior to breeding?

    Dr. Hesser: Some veterinary cardiologists and nutritionists advise not to feed grain-free, exotic or boutique diets because of their possible link to DCM. In addition, there are other cardiac conditions such as subvalvular aortic stenosis that are important to be aware of prior to breeding a bitch. In fact, the Golden Retriever Club of America includes a congenital, advanced or basic cardiac examination by a cardiologist as part of the OFA CHIC health tests for the breed. Congenital heart defects, those that are present at birth, may not create a murmur or apparent heart disease in a young dog. However, these conditions may be screened for prior to breeding with an echocardiogram, or an ultrasound of the heart. Being aware of any heart disease in a bitch is important going into pregnancy due to the extra work placed on the heart to support the bitch and her litter. Even a minor heart problem may advance into a serious or life-threatening situation.

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    Puppyspot Mini Golden Retrievers

    PuppySpot is by far one of the easiest places to get a mini Golden Retriever. First, youll avoid having to screen breeders since they have a 100 point inspection process that is American Kennel Club and USDA approved. This means that you wont be supporting a puppy mill or an unethical breeder because they all have to be state-registered and licensed. Second, PuppySpot has Golden Retrievers for sale today so wont have to wait on a long waitlist. Since they are a community of reputable dog breeders around the United States, they have puppies available.

    Another benefit of PuppySpot is that it doesnt matter where you are located in the United States. They are one of the few breeders that actually own their own airlines and can safely transport your mini Golden puppy no matter where you are located. To date, they have successfully placed over 220,000+ puppies. All their mini Golden Retrievers for sale come with a health warranty and a head-to-nose health check.

    Whats great is that for all the puppies, you not only see pictures, but you can see how much the parent dogs weigh. This will give you a good idea of how miniature your Golden Retriever puppy will be. We also got one of our puppies from PuppySpot and had a really great experience. It saved us a ton of time to find a puppy and we didnt have to worry about being scammed.

    Its worth noting that PuppySpot has given our blog readers an exclusive discount of $100 with code WLD100. We hope your enjoy your new puppy!

    Postwhelping Maternal Care & Neonatal Nutrition

    Golden Retriever, Golden Retriever puppy, Golden Retriever ...

    Q: What supplements should you give pregnant and lactating bitches and puppies up to 8 weeks of age? Brianna Bischoff of Cypress, Texas, breeder under the Emery prefix of 50 plus champions and grand champions, including Best in Show and Best in Specialty Show winners and Show Dog Hall of Fame inductees

    Dr. Reynolds: None, if you are feeding a high-quality, complete and balanced food. It is much better to start with a great diet that supports moms through pregnancy and lactation and puppies through weaning and growth than it is to add supplements and other foods to a minimal diet. Every time you add something to a diet, you risk putting it out of balance. Some breeders want to add cottage cheese to a bitchs diet, but it has a lot of phosphorus and can throw off the calcium-phosphorus balance of the food.

    Q: What can a breeder do to prevent mastitis, the painful inflammation of the mammaryglands caused by bacterial infection? Brianna Bischoff

    Dr. Hesser: Cleanliness is the best preventive for mammary gland infections. A scrupulously clean whelping box is paramount. If you stimulate mammary glands to check if the bitch is producing milk, do so only as needed and make sure to be as clean as possible to reduce the risk of ascending bacteria. Checking her glands regularly for lumps, engorgement, warmth, color changes, or changes in milk color or texture is a good idea.

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    English Cream Golden Retrievers

    Hill Haven Kennel is a state of the art English Cream Golden Retriever breeder nestled on the slopes of Roxy Ann Peak overlooking the beautiful Rogue Valley, in Medford, Oregon . Our ten-acre estate provides a peaceful setting to raise our extraordinary English Golden Retriever puppies. Special attention is paid to the family socialization of all our puppies. Great pride is taken, not only in the conformity with the breed standard by both the American and European Kennel Clubs but in producing well-socialized dogs that will become a true member of your family.

    Our AKC and EKC conformed English Golden Retrievers are raised in the home and are used to being around families. We focus on helping our dogs enjoy being around children, family members, and other dogs. Recognized as one of the top English Golden Retriever Breeders in the United States, our mission is to breed world-class quality dogs, in excellent health, with loving temperaments.

    Puppies raised with love and care in beautiful Southern Oregon

    English Golden Retriever Breeders

    Welcome to our Kennel! Hill Haven Kennel is a family-run English Cream Golden Retriever Breeder located in Medford, OR, just a few miles from the California border.

    We take tremendous pride in the fact that our English Cream Golden Retrievers come from some of the best pedigrees available. We strive to match only top quality, genetically sound, English Golden Retrievers with outstanding personality traits. After all, puppies are simply a reflection of their parents.

    We have years of experience and are constantly researching improving our methods in order to achieve higher and better results. We strive to do everything possible to raise superior dogs. Our ultimate goal being that our puppies of today become tomorrows champions.

    We provide warranties for each of our puppies. Additionally, we want to match the personalities of our dogs to your household, which is why our questionnaire might seem a bit lengthy. We believe that if you are going to spend the next 12-15 years together its best to invest in the future, today.

    If you are unfamiliar with the English Golden, we have an excellent post on the differences between the English Cream Golden Retriever Vs American.

    The males and females that call Hill Haven Kennel Home

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    These Puppies Will Be Born Raised And Trained With Love Inside Our Home In Medford Or

    English cream puppies washington. Why english cream golden retrievers? We are a small family kennel where all of our dogs are treated as part of our family. From kaia, we grew many more adding the english goldens to our family.

    The english retriever will also add the blocky face, better proportion body and sweet dark eyes. Oregon mist goldens is a family operated hobby breeder totally committed to improving the quality of the english cream golden retriever breed. The puppies are raised indoors and get plenty of time to romp in the yard as well!

    Like you, we have a love for golden retrievers and consider them part of our family. Our dogs and puppies are american kennel club registered golden retrievers from champion bloodlines with ofa certified health clearances. We are located near walla walla wa.

    Nanny services offered for worldwide. Breeding well socialized, loved puppies! However, as heather likes to put it, when we learned about english creams it was love at first sight! if you are new to english cream golden retrievers, let us tell you a little about them.

    Chanel too loves playing outside with her family, basking in the sun and smelling the flowers. After a lot of research, we both decided that they were the breed we were looking for. English cream golden retriever breeder.

    We also offer affordable delivery options to anywhere in the world!

    Pin by Katie on Mountain Springs Kennel American

    Pin by Katie on Mountain Springs Kennel Labrador

    Looking For Breeder In Pacific Nw

    Pacific Parrotlets Golden Retriever (

    Melissa Clarke said:We just lost our beloved dog, Lily, from cancer at 8 years old. Her breeder retired and no longer has a kennel. Does anyone have strong recommendations for an outstanding breeder in the Pacific NW? We would be willing to drive anywhere in Washington, Oregon, Idaho etc. Any help would be appreciated.


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    At That Time I Began To Research The Background Of Local Dogs And Asked More Questions Of Exhibitors And Breeders And Educate Myself As Far As Clearances And Pedigrees

    Golden retriever puppies pacific northwest. Beautiful golden retriever puppies in walla walla. To contact judy slayton bachofner by phone, click here. If you cant find a golden retriever breeder near you, you can look for your puppy online.

    We are a reputable english golden retriever breeder located in the pacific northwest, in deer park, washington. Welcome we are the pacific northwest golden retrievers. Each one is involved in this family business from feeding, grooming, walking and loving on the puppies!

    She has a wonderful personality and will be a great momma to our next line of goldendoodles. We also have our beautiful chloe who is a english cream. He is the light of our lives!

    We have daisy and diamond which are the beautiful medium gold color moms to their precious little puppies that we are blessed with! Here at pacific northwest doodles, we are breeding carefully selected, allergen friendly bordoodles and goldendoodles. They will be ready to go to their new homes next week.

    Golden retrievers often do well in agility, rally, obedience, hunting and service. Our dogs and puppies are american kennel club registered golden retrievers from champion bloodlines with ofa certified health clearances. Although there might be several breeders near your area, it doesnt guarantee youll find the right one on the list.

    One male and one female are available. We raise and breed performance golden retrievers. We began our breeding with lily, a black & white.

    Cute dog

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