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Golden Retriever Chow Mix Puppies For Adoption

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Golden Retriever Chow Mix Breeders & Rescues

Rescue pups – fuzzy puppies! Chow, golden retriever, lab mix?

The Golden Chow mix isnt the most popular designer dog, and we currently couldnt find any breeders specializing in producing this specific mix.

Another option is adoption. Aside from the Golden Chowtriever, you can check out these rescue sites that offer Chow Chow crossbreeds, and Golden Retriever mixes looking for new, loving homes:

Mother Gaia Animal Rescue

Our Mission

Mother Gaia Animal Rescue is a non-profit, licensed, foster and volunteer-based rescue for pets in need of new homes. Our mission is to rescue animals in shelters and place into foster homes where they can receive medical care, training, and love until theyre ready to go into their forever home many of which come from areas with overpopulation and high euthanasia rates.

Due to the volume of incoming animals, Mother Gaia Animal Rescue doesnt typically accept owner surrenders.

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Adopting A Golden Chow Mix

Where can I find a golden retriever chow mixed puppy?Nicole from Worcester, MA

My daughter has a rescue retriever – chow. It may be shiba-enu chow, but can’t be sure without a DNA test. She is wonderful but a little strange at times, but I think that is from her prior life rather than her mix. The pic is right after a summer cut.

I rescued this dog, “Purty” along with her 2 pups from a waste water treatment plant last week and they were in pretty rough shape. They were treated by Cape FearAnimal Hospital and she is up to date on all shots and vaccinations. Her pups have been placed in a home and she is now spayed. I’ve been working with Columbus County Humane Society which if the dog is adopted, it will be through them.

“Purty” is approximately 18-24 months old and super friendly. She was obviously owned by someone at one time because she’s so sweet. My guess is someone dumped her when they found out she was pregnant. She is currently on an antibiotic due to her malnourishment and a developed bacterial skin infection. It is looking much better already in 2 weeks time. She is very mellow, but might act a bit timid at first.

Please call or e-mail if you or anyone you know could help by fostering/adopting “Purty.” Thanks so much!910-538-2983 Robin

Coat & Color: Are They Hypoallergenic

Chow Chow Golden Retriever Mix Puppies For Sale

No, theyre not. Golden Retriever Chow mixes are considered heavy shedders throughout the year.

They have a dense, wavy, and non-water repellent double coat, but they may inherit the Goldens much puffier fur, which will make them more high-maintenance.

One standardized thing is the color of its coat. The Golden Chow mix can be found in solid colors such as golden, black, brown, red, and blue.

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Some Dogs Need A Large Amount Of Room Especially If They Are Smaller Breeds Before You Buy A Puppy Make Sure That You Have Taken All Of These Things Into Consideration

When you are looking for puppies for sale, you should do your research and look for the right breed for you. Some breeds are better suited to certain lifestyles, so take your time and decide what you want. Whether you are just starting to be a pet owner or are planning to raise a family of dogs, you should never settle for anything less than the perfect pet.

How many discount coupons can be used for any order when looking for Golden Retriever Chow Mix Puppies For Sale in Michigan? Usually, there are 1 to three discount coupons for one item. But in every single order, clients can only use one discount coupon. So, always try to choose the most appropriate coupon with the biggest discount. However, the best way to find out which Golden Retriever Chow mix is best is to find the best breeder offering the puppies.

But finding reputable breeders of chows may sometimes prove to be tedious and time-consuming. It is because these breeders are very careful about the health of their puppies and do not resort to selling them to irresponsible people who may not take good care of them. Also, breeders like to sell their chows at cheap prices to reduce the expenses they have to incur to maintain them.

The Verdict: Should You Get A Golden Retriever Chow Mix

Golden Retriever Chow mixes can be excellent dogs, but they need experienced dog owners who can deal with their stubbornness and wary nature.

Before getting this mixed breed, consider the fact that they dont coexist well with small kids and other pets, and theyre known to shed excessively.

If you can provide the kind of home and time that this fido requires, this might be the dog for you.

Do you think you have what it takes to take care of a Golden Retriever Chow Mix? Or maybe you already own one of these furry fellows? Let us know in the comment section below!

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Breeders & Puppy Prices

The Golden Chow isnt the most popular mixed breed, although it is still possible to find them mostly in North America. They are also one of the cheaper hybrid dogs, which is a good thing because costs can add up.

A well-bred Golden Chow will cost you north of $500 dollars, which is a great price! The cheaper pups will likely not have papers for their breeding dogs, while the higher priced ones will. Always do research on the breeders you want to buy from as you dont want to be sold a sick puppy .

Golden Chows are not known for having health issues and are relatively healthy, though. If you arent interested in buying from a breeder, searching for a rescue in your area is another option. Contact your local Golden Retriever and Chow Chow clubs for local breeders and rescues.

Golden Retriever Chow Mix Adventurous Or Docile

golden retriever mix chowchow.

The Golden Retriever and Chow are almost the Yin and Yan of the dog temperament world. When you have a Golden Retriever Chow mix, you have a chance of having one temperament or the other, or a combination of both. Either way, you will have a very hairy dog.

The Chow-Chow has a square profile of a sturdy body with wide skull and small pointy ears. The thick coat in the neck area looks like a mane. Lion-dog comes from that appearance. The coat can be a variety of colors. They come in black, red, blue, cream and cinnamon. The tongue is blue/black.

Primarily kept as a pet, they do not like strangers and are very protective of property and owners. There are some insurance companies that consider the Chow to be a high-risk dog and will raise your homeowners insurance. This has not been the case with the Golden Retriever Chow Mix. The Chow is at high risk for a variety of health issues and autoimmune disease as well as skin melanoma.

The other half of this mix, the Golden Retriever, is almost the exact opposite. Loving, friendly and known to be a great family dog, they would help the burglar or intruder to the valuables and let them have their way. The Golden Retriever can be a couch potato in its later years, but for the first five years or so, it will require a lot of activity.

They were originally bred as water dogs to hunt fowl. A green tennis ball can be their best friend. They are fantastic family dogs, patient and loving with both children and adults.


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Does It Bark A Lot

Just like both of his parents, the Golden Chow is very vocal. However, he doesnt tend to respond to other dogs or bark at weird distant sounds.

Golden Chows are known to bark with purpose. This means that they will often only bark when a stranger approaches your home.

Golden Retrievers love all the attention they can get and they bark at anything. On the other hand, Chow Chows show affection by silently standing in one place and paying attention to real threats.

This means that at the end of the day its a gamble. Most Golden Chows take after their Chow Chow side, but you never know.

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Exercise Requirements: Keeping A Golden Chow In Shape

Golden Chows are not extremely active dogs, but they still fall on the active side of the spectrum. This means that they will quickly get depressed if they spend a lot of time laying in your apartment all day.

A Golden Chow needs to remain engaged and happy throughout the day, which requires regular physical exercise. Between 30 to 60 minutes a day of intense exercise is more than enough.

Its best to split the exercise time for morning and evening as the midday sun can be harmful to your long-furred friend.

Common Health Issues Golden Retriever Mixed With Chow

Chow/Golden Retriever Mix

Golden Retrievers are generally very healthy animals. On the other hand, Chow Chows are prone to many health issues. And the Golden Chow has the healthy body of a Golden Retriever but can still meet some problems over time.

Its vulnerability to genetic diseases includes him and elbow dysplasia, bloat, and cataracts. Most of these health issues cant be prevented. All you can do is inform yourself about the puppys parents.

You can prevent bloating by offering your Golden Chow his food through a slow eater. This will force him to eat much slower. You can also give him smaller portions more frequently. And you should never let him exercise within half an hour after a meal.

If you dont have the resources to handle a less healthy Golden Chow, you should be extremely careful about the breeder youre getting your puppy from.

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Golden Retriever Chow Mix: Golden Chow

Last Updated on June 7, 2021 by Jackie Castle

The Golden retriever Chow mix or the Golden Chow is a truly unique mixed and very fluffy breed. As the name suggests it is a mix of a purebred Chow-Chow and a purebred Golden Retriever.

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Even though this mix sounds all over the place, the Golden Chow carries actually the best characteristics of both its parent breeds, the Golden and the Chow! Besides this, this designer breed is extremely loyal and full of love!

But, lets take a closer look at all of the characteristics of the Golden retriever Chow mix!

History & Origins Of The Mixed Golden Retriever Chow

The only thing a Golden Retriever and a Chow Chow have in common is the fact that both of them are dog breeds. They are often considered to be polar opposites of one another.

Golden Retrievers were bred in Scotland in the 1800s by a hunter named Lord Tweedmouth. His goal was to get a dog that can go with him on hunts and retrieve the prey. Hence the name Golden RETRIEVER.

He tried to breed a dog that has a very strong nose, is great in water, and can be easily trained. Its Golden name was offered because of its friendly and loving personality. The breed was officially recognized in 1911.

On the other hand, the Chow Chow is one of the oldest dog breeds in the world. It came from Mongolia and China and was used for hunting and guarding. The breed was officially recognized in 1903.

Its very common for mixed breeds to have an undocumented history, and the Golden Chow is among them. Most people suspect that the mix first emerged in the 1990s.

And despite the fact that its not recognized as an official breed, Golden Chows are increasingly popular all over the world.

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How Much Does A Mixed Golden Chow Cost

A Golden Chow usually costs $500, which is an incredibly low price for a mix of two pure breeds. And this is a very good thing as owning a dog means making all kinds of investments every month. This includes food, toys, medical care, etc.

If you find Golden Chows that are a lot more affordable you need to be very careful about who youre getting your puppy from. Breeding a healthy pair and taking good care of it means putting a bigger price tag on the puppies.

Aside From The Dogs Overall Health You Should Also Consider The Environment The Breeder Lives In

Rescue pups – Golden retriever and Chow mix? 7 weeks old – available!

Is he, for example, a first-time owner who has just recently opened his breeding facility and had no previous experience with breeding dogs? Is he, perhaps, a licensed veterinarian or an expert in dog breeding? All of these factors can have an impact on the outcome of your puppy.

Good breeders tend to raise their dogs carefully and responsibly. They are dedicated to providing a healthy, happy dog to their customers. The environment they have created for their dogs will affect how well the puppies behave and grow. Breeders who live in a rural setting with a low crime rate and a stable neighborhood are likely to produce good dogs. On the other hand, if you choose to buy a Golden Retriever from a popular national breeder in a suburb or a city plagued by anti-dog sentiment, you may have trouble.

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Chow Golden Retriever Mix

The Golden Retriever Chow Mix is a mixed breed dog resulting from breeding the Golden Retriever and the Chow. This is very commonly known as the Golden Chow mix. This should be a very friendly and kind dog, however, with the Chow it can obviously turn into a bit more of an aggressive dog at times. They should be good with the family and other pets – if properly socialized! Continue reading below to see pictures, videos, and learn more about the beautiful Golden Retriever Chow Mix. Note that this hybrid can consist of the brindle or other iterations.

While we really recommend that you acquire all animals through a rescue, we understand that some people might go through a breeder to get their Golden Retriever Chow Mix puppy. That is, if they have any Golden Retriever Chow Mix puppies for sale.

If you are interested in helping animal rescues raise money, please play our quiz. Each correct answer donates to help feed shelter animals.

However There Are Still Several Trusted Breeders In The Market Who Can Provide Good Quality Golden Retriever Puppies At Reasonable Prices

When looking for Golden Retriever puppies for sale in Michigan, it is better to ask around first before making any purchase. People living nearby can give you an idea about the prices of the different kinds of breeds. You can visit the local dog shows as well. Here, you can see the dogs in action and know what kind of price range they generally belong to. Knowing about the prices of different breeds will also help you decide if any of the mentioned breeds are suitable for you.

If you are a first-time buyer, you may want to inquire about the requirements that the breeder wants for his puppies. Breeders normally require only those dogs that show good working qualities and possess good health. Besides, you have to check out whether the breeder has a license to operate a business dealing with breeding dogs. It is illegal to own a business that offers dogs for sale if it does not have a license to operate.

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There Are Several Reasons Why People Choose To Buy A Hybrid Some People Do So Because They Want To Keep A Pet That Is Neither Purebred Nor A Designer Dog

Another reason is that they believe that the American Kennel Club has not done enough testing to verify the health and temperament of hybrid dogs. And even though there is little proof to suggest that hybrid chows do suffer from serious health problems, they cannot be assumed to be safe.

Many pet stores also offer Chow mix puppies for sale. Though this type of hybrid is also referred to as American Bandog or Cocker Spaniel mix, it is actually unrelated to either breed in terms of the bloodline. Instead, it is an American breed of dog that was crossed with a Standard Poodle to create the designer dog. In most cases, these dogs have pedigrees that trace their origins back to the same American breed standard. This makes them eligible for all types of licenses as purebred American Kennel Club registered dogs.

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