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Best Golden Retriever Puppy Treats

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Introducing Nose Work To Your Golden Retriever Puppy

Golden Retriever Rescued From Puppy Mill Treats Her First Toy Like A Baby | The Dodo Foster Diaries

Besides your puppys talents and impressive skills, for most breeds its actually their nose that deserves the most praise. Lets play a game of hide and seek with a toy to spotlight their gift of good sniffs!

How to prepare

  • Find an old towel to use.
  • Stuff a Kong or a toilet roll with some food

How to do it

  • When your puppy is out of the room, hide the toy under a towel.
  • Bring your puppy in and encourage them to find the toy by using the cue word find it.
  • Use your wonderfully cheerful voice to give your puppy some extra encouragement.
  • Good job! Theres no better reward than finding a toy with food inside.
  • TIPS

    · Dont make it too hard to begin with thoughlet some of the toy poke out from under the towel

    · Once your puppy has had a few practice runs you can start to make it more difficult. I could personally play this game all day.

    If only this could work so they help us find our keys.maybe well teach them that trick when theyre older.

    Full Moon Training Treats Organic Chicken

    • Great for all dogs.
    • 6-ounce resealable pack.

    These tasty treats are the perfect size for training, they are all-natural and low in calories. One treat has less than 3kcals, which is great for maintaining your dogs healthy weight.

    Dogs absolutely love the smell and taste of these organic chicken treats, and thats what makes them high value. They are a great training treat because they will get your dogs attention and improve his focus.

    Full Moon Training Treats are human-grade, which makes them safe enough even for you to eat if you dare! Completely made in the USA from organic cage-free chicken, these treats will have your dog drooling.

    They are made with all-natural and organic ingredients, including natural organic cane sugar to keep these treats soft and chewy.

    Use Treats In Moderation

    Weve all been there, your sweet Golden Retriever looks at you with those big brown puppy dog eyes, just begging you for one more treat! It is so easy to give in and overtreat your Golden Retriever, but you are doing more harm than good.

    Using treats to give your Golden affection is not a good idea. Golden Retrievers are food-obsessed, they will always be on the hunt for food and will always seem hungry.

    Many owners fall into this trap and tend to overtreat their Golden, causing them to become overweight, obese and diabetic.

    The treats that you feed your Golden Retriever should be included in the total calories given per day. It is important to remember that treats add up, no matter how small they are!

    90% of your dogs caloric intake should consist of a high-quality diet, and only 10% should be treats. To read more about the 10 percent rule check out this article from the American Kennel Club.

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    If Youre Poised To Get A New Golden Retriever Pup But Cant Decide What To Call It Heres Some Inspiration From The Global Family Of Dog Owners

    A huge number of us decided to welcome new puppies into our homes last year according to Kennel Club figures dog ownership soared by nearly eight percent and post-lockdown demand for four-legged friends remains high.

    There are a whopping 221 different breeds of pedigree dog to choose from, alongside numerous crossbreeds, so theres plenty of thinking to do before you select your familys latest addition.

    But even when youve settled on a type of dog, theres still the tricky task of choosing a name.

    If youve opted for an adorable Golden Retriever then personalised gift site can help theyve surveyed thousands of their customers to come up with the most popular names people choose for their loveable Lab.

    Here are their top 10 Golden Retriever names.

    Read more

    Whats In A Good Food For A Golden Retriever

    Best Dog Food for Golden Retrievers (2021)

    To achieve a balanced diet, your pets food should include a well-balanced blend of protein, fat, complex carbohydrates and fiber. In the best food for golden retrievers, these four components will work together to provide your pup with a nutritious and balanced diet.

    High Protein Just like humans, the centerpiece of your goldens meals should be protein. As we discussed, your golden will need a minimum of 18-22% protein in their diet. For a particularly large or active golden, that number should be even higher.

    As a rule of thumb, when your shopping for dog food, take a look at the first three ingredients on the list. All three of those ingredients should be a protein, and if they arent, its best to move on to another food. Remember, not all proteins are created equally.

    If possible, look for food that uses whole meats, such as beef, poultry or fish. Foods that contain meat digests or meat by-products are low quality and should be avoided. For whatever reasons, goldens seem to really love salmon. Try and incorporate salmon into your Goldens diet wherever possible.

    Fats While your dogs food should have far less fat than protein, fat does make up a key component of your dogs diet. Not only does fat help to give food its taste and texture, but fat is a necessary macro-nutrient that helps your dog thrive.

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    Our Third Choice: Eukanuba Large Breed Puppy

    3rd Choice

    Eukanuba Large Breed Puppy Food uses high-quality ingredients and is made in the USA. Its high-quality chicken is the first ingredient for protein that will power your Golden Retrievers day.

    This puppy food supports muscle growth and bone health in active puppies with optimized levels of calcium and phosphorous. It also supports healthy brain development with clinically proven levels of DHA for a smarter, more trainable Golden Retriever puppy.

    If the two choices listed above were not to your liking, this option is also highly recommended by our veterinarians. Choosing Eukanuba for your dog will leave you confident they are getting the nutrients they need.

    Top Ingredients:

    • Complete balanced nutrition for large breeds
    • Added omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E
    • Comes in 3 bag sizes 5lb, 16lb, and 33lb.

    When To Start Running With Golden Retrievers

    You should wait until your Golden Retriever is around 18 months old before you start running with them. Before this age, their bones and muscles are still growing and developing. The growth plates on the bones cannot handle the impact and stress of the long runs. Intense running at a young age can lead to joint problems, like hip dysplasia later in life.

    You can spend the first year and a half with your Goldie leash training them and getting them used to walking along at your side. Building a solid foundation of obedience training will guarantee that your puppy will grow into a great running partner.

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    Diet Plan For Adolescent Golden Retriever

    Usually, once a Golden Retriever puppy grows above 12 weeks of age, it reaches its adolescence stage and teething. So, in this stage, you should start giving your pal some healthy chewing options like fish skin, chicken bones, etc.

    Furthermore, start giving your pal dry food mixed with an enormous amount of water. Besides this, you can also use wet foods for your Golden Retriever. In addition, try adding some vegetables to the dog food while preparing your pets meal to ensure that the meal has all the essential nutrients.

    However, be careful that your pals food is not too dry. Thus, always maintain a run-in consistency.

    Blue Buffalo Health Bars Dog Treats

    Golden retriever puppy eating royal canin food | Best food for Golden Retriever puppy | cute puppy

    The Blue Buffalo Health Bars dog treat can taste delightful for your canine pet. This is a favorite among health-conscious dog owners. The dog treat has a great crunchy feel. It does not contain any soy, wheat, or corn that can cause an allergic reaction in golden retrievers.

    Eating the crunchy delight can also clean the gums and teeth of your dog. The dog treat has no chemicals, additives, or any preservatives. It is completely digestible and is a perfect alternative to rawhide.

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    The 10 Best Puzzle Toys For Your Golden Retriever

    Do you leave your Golden Retriever alone in the house for some hours?

    Golden Retrievers thrive on attention and company. They are intelligent dogs that can can get bored when youre not home. If there isnt much thats stimulating them, they can easily indulge in destructive behaviors such as chewing on things they arent supposed to.

    To avoid this, dog behaviorists recommend you use puzzle toys.

    Puzzle toys are designed to help keep your Goldy busy while youre away and are available in various sizes to cater to your doggy friends needs.

    Lets take a look at the best options available to buy!

    Maypaw Heavy Duty Puppy Leash

    Looking at this best leash for golden retriever puppy, you will notice a wide range of designs. Many people find it a great choice as it leaves your pet with a nice-looking leash for walking it outdoors.

    The use of a climbing rope to manufacturer the leash makes it highly durable. Also, it has a diameter of 12mm, which is good for both puppies and large dogs too. It is why you will find it being a great choice for walking, training, jogging, and hiking applications.

    The heavy-duty clip can rotate up to 360 degrees. This feature is great to prevent cases of tangles in your pet. As such, you would enjoy using the leash more often. The soft-padded handle also makes walking your puppy easy.

    There is also the length of the leash. It stands at six feet. Such a length is ideal for ease of controlling the puppy while at the same time giving it freedom to roam even further.


    • The leash has creative aesthetics
    • It is available in different patterns
    • The harness feels comfortable in the hand


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    Natural Farm Bully Sticks

    Natural Farm Bully Sticks are all-natural treats with no grain, hormones, chemicals, or preservatives. Further, these freshly prepared treats come from the farm grass-fed beef and cleaned water after slow baking.

    Besides this, these chewy sticks remove harmful plaque and stimulate the jaw muscles of your pet. Thus, they ensure the clean and healthy teeth of your Golden Retriever with fresher breath.

    What Are The Best High

    Best Puppy Treats for Golden Retrievers

    High-value treats are the ones your dog will do anything for, and every dog will have their own preferences.

    Human food meat, chicken, fish, cheese, sweet potato, and peanut butter, make excellent high-value treats in moderation, but dont always work in a treat pouch.

    Here are some great choices for distracting situations or rewarding your dog for going the extra mile when you are training a dog.

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    Best Toys For A Golden Retriever

    The KONG brand makes dog toys that are popular for a reason: theyre durable, come in a few different shapes, but most importantly, you can stuff these chew toys with KONGs squirt treat filler or their crunchy snack stuffers. That is if you want to buy the brands treats.

    You can stuff these chewies with peanut butter, sunflower butter, or mini dog treats to help your Golden Retriever associate its KONG toy with yummy playtime. These toys are incredibly helpful for those who have dogs who suffer from separation anxiety and make it challenging to leave the house without your pup trying to come with you. Stuff the toy as a distraction!

    Even when you dont fill a KONG toy with a treat, these can still make excellent chew toys thanks to their durable rubber, tough but pliable texture that some dogs find satisfying to gnaw on, and the beehive-shaped design.

    The KONG extreme chew toy is moderately priced and can last a long time .

    One of our favorite things about the GoughNuts donut-shaped chew toy is that there is a red indicator crafted into the ring. This guide will let you know when your Golden chewed enough of the toy that its time to take it away for good to prevent any choking hazards.

    The GoughNuts Ring Toy is a bit more expensive than the Extreme KONG, but we like the safety feature of the red inner ring, and the rubber on this chewer is tough.

    Merrick Power Bites Dog Treats

    Merrick Power Bites Dog Treats are soft, chewy, and all-natural. Further, the real deboned meat is the main ingredient of these treats that builds and maintains the healthy muscle tissues and energy level of your Golden Retriever.

    Moreover, these treats are free of gluten and grain with no artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives. Thus, these bite-sized treats are the best for your Golden Retriever.

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    Teach Your Puppy Their Name

    Just like with people, its important that our puppies know their name. Kind of awkward if they dont.

    Lucky for you teaching them their name is easy peasy.

  • Say their name in a happy jolly tone and reward with a treat.
  • Repeat five times, 5 and take a break.
  • Practice this 2 or 3 times a day so they get the hang of it.
  • Best Puppy Treats For Golden Retrievers: Should You Give One

    Top 5 dog foods for Golden Retrievers | Golden retriever food guide by Aliyan vets

    You can, of course! Both dogs love to have a treat! Golden Retrievers are inspired by food, so teaching them is so much simpler when it comes to treats.

    Not all treats are made equal, and some are utter garbage and unhealthful. These types of treats should be avoided. However, balanced foods low in fat and calories with real ingredients are safe and nice to offer your Golden.

    Our Top Pick

    If youre the lucky owner of the Golden Retriever, you know all too well how much they want to please you! This breed is going to do pretty much anything to make you happy, and theyre certainly going to do anything for a treat!

    Do you think the right treats are for the Golden Retrievers? Stick around because we have compiled a list of safe, nutritious, and of course, best puppy treats for golden retrievers.

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    Additional Tips On Choosing The Best Leash For Golden Retriever Puppy

    Nylon is an excellent choice for people who are budget conscious. It is also applicable in wet and wintry weather. You can use leather for all types of weather, but you have to occasionally apply some conditioner to keep it from degrading and maintain its look.

    Make sure to choose the correct width and strength of leash for your particular dog or puppy. It may mean having to upgrade your leash to accommodate your growing puppy. Choose a light leash for your dog, so it doesnt interfere with their movement. For a fully grown large dog, choose a nice thick, strong leash.

    If your dog has a habit of chewing on the leash, you may want to opt for a chain leash. Other materials will be damaged often by a dog that loves to chew. Chain leash are available in varying thicknesses to accommodate the size of your dog or puppy.

    Make sure to choose a strong enough clip to match the size and strength of your dog as well as their power when they start pulling at full strength. You cannot risk having them break free and run away.

    It is crucial to have at least one spare leash, so there is always one ready if the regular one gets destroyed, breaks, or gets lost.

    Dry your leashes if they get wet. Store them or hang them instead of simply throwing them in a drawer. Make sure they are fully dry before you store them. It will make them last longer.

    You may also want to consider attaching a carabiner to the handle to make tethering your dog an effortless task.

    Best Overall: Wellness Soft Puppy Bites Grain

    Flavor: Lamb and salmon | Calories: 6 per treat | Breed Size: Small, medium, and large

    These soft treats from Wellness are a top choice for many pet parents thanks to their reasonable price, quality ingredients, and puppy-approved flavor. The treats are specially formulated for dogs under 1 year old with a mixture of pure meat protein and added fruits and veggies for a boost of nutrients. They have a lamb and salmon flavor, making them a natural source of DHA and Omega-3s, and the treats are free from meat by-products, corn, wheat, and dairy.

    Whats great about these treats is that theyre soft enough for puppies to chew, and theyre the perfect size for trainingyou can even break them into smaller pieces if you want a bite-sized snack for your pup. The treats contain 6 calories each, and they come in both 3- and 8-ounce packages.

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    Prevention Of Resource Guarding

    On a similar note, its important that your puppy learns how to give up items willingly as this will help prevent resource guarding.

    Resource guarding occurs when we force puppies to give up items or snatch things out of their mouths. It can end up looking like an awkward game of tug of war especially at the park when they steal someone elses frisbee.

    For breeds like Golden Retriever who are designed to want to hold things in their mouths, this is pretty important! You dont want to end up with shredded mail while wrestling you pup to give it back

    What is resource guarding?

    Resource guarding is when a dog protects a resource from being taken by someone else dog or human.

    For some reason, there is a solid list of things puppies find irresistible:

    • Socks
    • Toys
    • Food

    These can end up being guarded quite easily if we dont handle the situation correctly! Wed be sad to hear your favourite pair of pink flamingo pants are no longer yours.

    How do I help prevent it?

    Swap swap swap! Practice swapping their toys for food treats, or other toys.

    Many dogs love to retrieve, so theyre hard wired they want to hold or carry things around in their mouths. In essence, this is fine when its a toy they can have, but not so fine when its something valuable or that could harm them.

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