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Golden Retriever Rescue Cincinnati Ohio

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Golden Retriever Rescue And Adoption Of Needy Dogs

Firefighters rescue golden retriever that fell through ice

Golden Retriever Rescue and Adoption of Needy Dogs was founded in 1994 by members of the Greater Louisville Golden Retriever Club. They noticed that there was a need for a rescue group for Golden Retrievers in Ohio and Kentucky, and thus, GRRAND was born.

Originally a group connecting dogs in shelters with adoption resources and potential families, GRRAND has held and cared for dogs awaiting adoption or foster homes in its own kennels for the past 4 years. Since its beginnings, GRRAND has rehomed almost 5,000 dogs many of which are Golden Retrievers. Though the rescue is technically based in Kentucky, they primarily serve Ohio.

GRRAND takes on all medical expenses and behavioral training for dogs under its care. In addition, the organization receives donations for dogs whose medical issues are critical and those whose lives are coming to end, ensuring comfort for these animals. The rescue is also extremely focused on educating potential pet owners about issues facing many of the dogs they take in.

GRRAND and its fellow Golden Retriever rescues are focused on a movement based in Turkey to save Golden Retrievers who are released into the streets as adults to fend for themselves. GRRAND educates its patrons about this and other issues facing dogs worldwide by providing updates on their website, proving their love for dogs knows no bounds.

Golden Treasures Golden Retriever Rescue Ohio

Located in Bath, Ohio, Golden Treasures was founded in 2004 by two experienced dog rescuers. Golden Treasures is entirely operated by volunteers, proving that the organization is powered solely by the love of its volunteers and patrons. To date, they have helped many dogs find homes and has cemented its reputation as a true hero of the Golden Retriever breed.

The rescues mission is to ensure the welfare of the Golden Retriever breed around the state of Ohio. This can mean anything from providing advice, resources, assistance to veterinarians, taking in strays or dogs in crisis, or removing puppies from dangerous situations. Golden Treasures provides each dog with a full veterinary exam upon retrieval, including any necessary procedures, and spays and neuters each dog.

They put their lives on hold for the Golden Retrievers they rescue throughout Ohio by going above and beyond the normal requirements of their jobs. Golden Treasures volunteers and owners have made it their mission to rescue dogs from euthanasia, provide obedience lessons, behavioral intervention, and more to ensure that every dog is given a chance at a happy life.

The organizations Golden Retriever adoption process is pretty rigorous. Golden Treasures requires a veterinarian contact, a home visit, and an interview before the preliminary meeting with a dog.

Attention All Dod And Federal Employees

Greater Dayton Labrador Retriever Rescue will be participating in the 2016 Miami Valley Combined Federal Campaign . Our organization now appears in the Online Giving list, which is available to all Department of Defense and Federal employees throughout the United States and overseas. We are also in the Miami Valley CFC’s local Charity list.

Funds from this campaign will allow GDLRR to provide the costly treatment necessary for dogs that come to us positive for Heartworm Disease and also assist with the expense of spaying and neutering to prevent future unwanted animals. We would tremendously appreciate your consideration for a donation towards our cause during this campaign. When contributing, please make certain to use our designated 5 digit CFC Code 13633 to insure your donations are applied directly to GDLRR.

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Greater Dayton Labrador Retriever Rescue Dogs:

All unaltered adult dogs and puppies over 8 weeks of age brought into the rescue are spayed/neutered. They have been vet checked, fecal tested for parasites & treated if needed, heartworm negative or have been treated for heartworms, heartworm preventative given, all vaccinations are updated including a 1 year rabies, micro chipped, all pre-existing injuries or medical problems are treated by a licensed vet, and they have been groomed from head to tail.

Take a moment to review the dogs we have available and if you don’t find one today, check back! We are very fortunate to have rehabilitated and re-homed over 350 rescued dogs to good homes – as one gets adopted another one takes their place.

Touch The Dog With Caution

Golden Retriever Rescue Ohio Cincinnati

Shelter or rescue dogs are usually under stress. Thus, you always need to be cautious when touching it. You may also see how it reacts when you touch it.

A Golden Retriever likes getting touched or petted. Thus, if you cautiously touch it and begs for more, it can be a good sign for you.

Other things you can note would be tail-wagging and endless sniffing and licking.

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Best Goldendoodle Rescues In Ohio

Alison Page | GoldendoodleRescues

If youre longing to own a Goldendoodle, but you dont fancy the idea of raising a puppy, you might want to consider adoption from a rescue or shelter.

Doodles finish up in rescues for many reasons. Often, the dogs owner has passed away, or there has been a change in family circumstances. Its pretty rare for a Goldendoodle to be given up because of temperament problems.

So, theres a good chance that you could discover your ideal canine companion in a Goldendoodle rescue in Ohio.

Read this guide to discover 7 of the best Goldendoodle rescues in Ohio!

Social Media:

Pet Relief Fund: N/A

Ohio Dog Rescue is featured on the Rescue Me website. The website allows those looking to rehome a dog to search by state for the perfect canine companion.

Once youve found the dog of your dreams, use the website to contact the shelter or rescue and take things from there.

Best Golden Retriever Rescues In Ohio

October 26, 2020 by Garrett

Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. Their beautiful coats, sweet temperaments, and friendly personalities make them highly sought after dog breeds by first-time owners and experienced dog owners alike. This high demand results in a large number of Golden Retriever breeders working to satisfy the need for puppies. However, not every Golden Retriever gets to live a happy life.

Despite their winning looks and personalities, many of these dogs end up in shelters as adults and may suffer long waits for a new home. For this reason, many breed-specific rescue shelters exist in every state whose goal is to find homes for dogs in need. We found the 4 best Golden Retriever rescues in Ohio to help you find a dog.

We will preface this article by saying that adopting a Golden Retriever from a rescue or shelter is quite difficult. Youll need to pass home screenings, identity verifications, and plan to care for the entire life of the Golden Retriever. In addition, there is also a high demand of people wanting to rescue Golden Retrievers in Ohio due to Covid and work from home situations.

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Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale In Cincinnati Ohio Provide A Lot Of Companionship To The Person Who Loves To Have Company Around These Dogs Are Also Very Friendly And A Great Addition To Any Household

Although these dogs can get a little nervous when they are in unfamiliar places, it will all go away over time with constant training. If you are interested in having this dog as a pet, then the first thing you should do is take a trip to Cincinnati Ohio to visit the Golden Retriever rescue that is located there.

If you want a dog who will be happy and healthy then you should choose a Golden Retriever puppy that has been raised properly and has gotten some good training. They have an eager and outgoing nature, but they need to be taught proper manners.

Most Golden Retriever puppies for sale in Cincinnati Ohio will come from loving families. Their environment should include a home with plenty of room to run around and play. It is important for the new owners to make sure that all their children are involved with the care and grooming of the dog.

Many people buy Golden Retriever puppies for sale in Cincinnati Ohio because they love the look and the wonderful temperament of the dog. They will love being a part of your family because they will provide so much love and attention and a great companion that everyone in your family will enjoy for years to come.

There are many different types of breeds of Golden Retriever and they each are different in personality and appearance. Some of them will be very energetic and love to go out on walks. There are also those who will be calm and quiet.

Welcome To Golden Retriever Rescue Southern Nevada

Golden Retriever, Puppies, For, Sale, In, Cincinnati, Ohio, OH, Westerville, Huber Heights, Lima, La
We are a passionate, dedicated, all-volunteer rescue. Each year we take in 100-200 Golden Retrievers and Golden mixes, and give them a second chance for a happy life. We pride ourselves in never turning away any dog that needs us no matter what their age or medical condition may be. Any help you can give is greatly appreciated. Whether its opening up your home to foster a dog waiting for a forever home, transporting a dog to a new home or a vet appointment, or wrapping gifts for us at Christmasno gesture or donation is too small! All donations go toward our ever-increasing vet bills, so we can continue to help every dog that comes to us. Thank you for your support. With your help, we will try to save the world one Golden at a time!

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Your Gift Will Help A Golden

Please help Golden Endings to continue to save homeless, neglected, abandoned, abused and sick Goldens. Make a tax deductable contribution TODAY!”

You can make that tax deductable donation to GEGRR right now by clicking the donate button below and choosing the amount you would like to give. Pay with your credit card, it’s secure, easy and quick!

  • You can also easily setup a monthly recurring donation if you wish. As always, we THANK YOU for supporting GEGRR!

Charlie: Male 4 Years Old

Charlie – Here’s a great dog in the rough. Goldendoodles are a popular dog right now, so we’re sure he’ll find the right home quickly. A death in the family left him homeless, until we took him in. He’s 4 years old and, as is typical for that age, he’s full of energy. He hasn’t had much in the way of training, but is very willing to learn.

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Similar Dog Breeds For Golden Retriever


Asia Pacific

Browse thru Golden Retriever Puppies for Sale near Cincinnati, Ohio, USA area listings on to find your perfect puppy. If you are unable to find your Golden Retriever puppy in our Puppy for Sale or Dog for Sale sections, please consider looking thru thousands of Golden Retriever Dogs for Adoption. Also, be sure to check the Golden Retriever Dog Breeder listings in our Dog Breeder Directory, which feature upcoming dog litter announcements and current puppies for sale for that dog breeder. And don’t forget the PuppySpin tool, which is another fun and fast way to search for Golden Retriever Puppies for Sale near Cincinnati, Ohio, USA area and Golden Retriever Dogs for Adoption near Cincinnati, Ohio, USA area. – also known as: Yellow Retriever

Cdc Ban On Importing Dogs

Golden Retriever Rescue Ohio Cincinnati

Many of you have probably heard about the CDC’s Temporary Suspension of Dogs Entering the United States from High-Risk Rabies Countries which was published in the Federal Register on June 16, 2021.

  • GRIN 2022 Calendars Are Now Available
  • CDC Dog Ban
  • Overseas Rescue & Why We Do It

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Meet Our Adoptable Dogs

Our Process

In an effort to accommodate as many families as possible, reduce wait time, and provide each family with the personal attention they deserve, we schedule our appointments on Saturdays between 11:00am-2:00pm. Please contact to schedule an appointment. We often experience a high-volume of inquiries thank you for your patience as our volunteers respond and offer appointments in the order requests are received. There will be no walk-in appointments during this time.

Application & InterviewOur application and interview process is designed to help us help you find the best dog-match for your family and lifestyle. Youll start by filling out an application, which you can. . Please also arrive at your scheduled appointment with a list of any specific dogs youre interested in meeting. You can expect to make 2 or 3 return visits to our shelter before proceeding to an official adoption. We will work with you to schedule the subsequent visits throughout the week as your schedule and that of our adoption volunteers allow.

If you want to take a dog home TODAY STAF doesnt offer same day adoptions, but consider visiting your local SPCA or one of the many other private rescue groups listed on who offer same-day adoption.

Above all else, THANK YOU for considering a STAF dog as part of your search for the perfect family member!

Other details to know:

To learn more about a specific dog, please click on the dogs photo below to see his/her Petfinder profile.

Ohio Golden Retriever Clubs

Golden retriever clubs can be helpful for golden retriever owners for several reasons:

  • You can meet other golden retriever parents and get advice and tips from them
  • You can join activities and events with other goldens
  • You can get referrals for places like vets, groomers, and doggy daycares

Think youll join your local golden retriever club?

Here are the four golden retriever clubs in Ohio:

Heres a list of everything you need for a Golden Retriever, and you can click here for a list of Golden Retriever rescues in every state.

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Golden Retrievers Are Large Dogs

While Golden Retrievers arent the largest dog breed, many adopt them as puppies because they are adorable little balls of fluff. Those little fluff balls quickly grow into large and energetic dogs that require more room and attention than many dog owners realize. For those who live in a small apartment or a house with no yard, this gets old fast. Please make sure that you have an adequate amount of living space before buying a Golden Retriever from a breeder.

How Do I Adopt

Golden Retriever, Puppies, For, Sale, In, Columbus, Ohio, OH, North Ridgeville, Mason, Bowling Green
How Do I Adopt A Golden From Golden Endings?

The adoption fee for a Golden Endings dog varies for the age/needs per dog. This fee helps to pay the expenses incurred for the dog’s medical treatment, which in many cases is less than GEGRR pays to bring the dog to an adoptable condition.

Potential adopters are screened, by written application and by telephone interview. The application and the interview will help the adoption coordinator, and the adoption coordinator determines which dogs are most suitable for each applicant. If the applicant has had other pets, a veterinarian reference is requested. In some cases, GEGRR will conduct a home visit to see where a dog will live, play, and exercise. Also, adoptive families consent to periodic follow-up calls during their first year of ownership.

Adoptive families are required to sign a contract regarding the treatment of their new pet. Care of the dog is never to be transferred to an animal shelter. If the family is unable or unwilling to keep the dog, it must be returned to Golden Endings. All GEGRR dogs are spayed or neutered and cannot be used for breeding purposes. The adoptive families agree to provide medical treatment when necessary and all annual booster vaccinations at a veterinary clinic of their choice. The adoptive family will provide the dog with its monthly heartworm preventative. The adoptive family agrees to keep their pet contained and not let it roam the neighborhood.

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Greater Dayton Labrador Retriever Rescue Mission:

Our mission is to rescue and re-home purebred Labrador Retrievers and lab mixes 5 years or younger that have the look and temperament of a lab into loving and caring homes.

Our goal is to help local shelters place a dog that has reached the time limit, take in the neglected and unwanted dog, and in some cases injured ones.

Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale Near Cincinnati Ohio Usa Page 1 is your source for finding an ideal Golden Retriever Puppy for Sale near Cincinnati, Ohio, USA area. Browse thru our ID Verified puppy for sale listings to find your perfect puppy in your area.

Golden Retriever Puppies Ready For New Homes Now

Date listed: 01/08/2022

  • Distance:

    Aprox. 54.6 mi from Cincinnati

I have six male goldens left. All have first shots and health check. Located in Campbellsburg, Ky. I do not require deposit or payment until pickup.

Date listed: 01/08/2022

  • Distance:

    Aprox. 86.5 mi from Cincinnati

Gabby is a sweet and social AKC Golden retriever ready to go to her new home! She is up to date on all of her vaccinations, has been dewormed, and is socialized well with other…

Date listed: 01/14/2022


Tags: Golden retriever akc akc golden akc golden retriever puppy puppies

These puppies are loved and socialized daily with people, animals, and noises. They will be beautiful light colored dogs weighing around 60-70 lbs. These puppies will be loyal,…

Date listed: 01/19/2022

  • Distance:

    Aprox. 86.5 mi from Cincinnati

Gemma is a sweet and social AKC Golden retriever ready to go to her new home! She is up to date on all of her vaccinations, has been dewormed, and is socialized well with other…

Date listed: 01/14/2022


Tags: Golden retriever akc akc golden akc golden retriever puppy puppies

4 Male AKC Golden Retriever Puppies Remaining

Date listed: 12/23/2021

Date listed: 12/23/2021

  • Distance:

    Aprox. 91.8 mi from Cincinnati



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