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Golden Retriever Rescue In Florida

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When We Receive Your Application The Review Process Unfolds In A Series Of Steps:

Golden Retriever Rescue of Southwest Florida
  • APPLICATION REVIEW & VET CHECK: First we will review your submitted application to ensure it is complete and can be processed in line with our policies and processing steps. We will also contact the veterinarian you list, so please alert them to the fact you have submitted an application and they have your approval to release any information on care of past and current pets.
  • PHONE INTERVIEW: After an initial review, your application is given to one of our phone interviewers who will call you. Depending on questions we have about your application, the call may take a few minutes or 30 minutes or more.
  • HOME VISIT: If all goes well with the phone interview, the next step is the home visit. You will be contacted by one of our home visit teams to arrange the visit at a time convenient for you. Please know that the whole family needs to be present for this visit. During the visit, as during the phone screen, you are encouraged to ask any questions. Since the home visit is an essential step in the process, and with the current pandemic limitations, we are offering virtual home visits to those who meet our qualifications. You will be contacted to participated in a virtual home visit or that your application is put on hold pending the reopening of our in-home face to face visit resumption date. At the present time, this date is unknown.
  • Golden Retriever Rescue Of Southwest Florida

    If you are located in Southwest Florida this may be the rescue for you. According to their website, this is a volunteer organization striving to save Golden Retrievers of Southwest Florida from various undesirable situations such as abuse, neglect or simply homes that can no longer take proper care of their dogs. They also strive to educate the public about the struggles of the Golden Retriever breed and the dogs that end up in bad situations due to irresponsible breeding and ownership.

    The process of adoption with this rescue is fairly typical. As stated on their website they normally have quite a long waiting list so you may have to wait until the right dog finds you, and the dog that you may want may already have a potential adopter. If you adopt from this rescue the dog will come to you after a full vet check-up, parasite check-ups, all the necessary vaccinations and it will be neutered or spayed. The dog will also have been evaluated by their Foster family and you will be informed of the dogs behavior issues if any.

    All donations go straight to the Rescue you are donating to. This website does not collect any donations.

    Golden Retriever Rescues In Tennessee

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    Golden Retriever Rescues In Alabama

    Miniature Golden Retriever Rescue Organizations In Florida

    Golden Retriever Rescue Florida Puppy

    Welcome to the Florida Miniature Golden Retriever Rescue page here at Local Dog Rescues! Thanks for stopping by! If you are a first time visitor, then congratulations on your decision to adopt a dog! Your are about to improve the life of one lucky pup, as well as to immeasurable improve your own happiness! Every state page here on Local Dog Rescues contains a complete list of all the local rescue organizations that we have identified in each state. You will be able to see all their current contact information, as well as a link to their website, so you can check and see what dogs they currently have available for adoption. We provide all this information to help you identify ALL the available dogs for rescue near you, so you can find your perfect pup.

    If this is your first time adopting a dog, we HIGHLY recommend checking out our awesome resource: The Complete Guide to Adopting the Perfect Dog. It is jam packed with awesome info that will help you on your adoption journey!

    If you can’t find the right Miniature Golden Retriever Rescue that youre searching for in your state, check below the listings for links to other Rescues in nearby states who may have exactly what you are looking for.

    We are so grateful that we are able to help you rescue the dog of your dreams. In addition to coming back here, you can also check us out on , , and for additional info on rescue groups near you, current posts, and pictures!

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    Golden Retriever Rescue Of Mid

    The Golden Retriever Rescue of Mid-Florida is perhaps the most prominent rescue and adoption organization in Florida. It all started with a Golden Retriever named Charlie who needed double hip surgery in 1991.

    When two members of the local breed club Mid-Florida Golden Retriever Club raised more than enough money for Charlies surgery, they decided to help more Golden Retrievers in need. Soon enough, a Rescue Committee was founded as part of the MFGRC.

    The GRRMF has saved thousands of Golden Retrievers in Florida since 1991 and has helped these Goldens find their forever home. Besides pure-bred Golden Retrievers that were surrendered for adoption or rescued from the streets, dog lovers can also find mixed breeds like the Goldendoodle. The group offers in-depth details about each dog that is up for adoption, so families would know a little about their history. This Golden Retriever rescue covers the west coast of Florida from Gainesville to approximately the Sarasota area. They do not cover Big Bend, the Panhandle, or South Florida.

    If youre not ready to adopt a Golden Retriever in Florida, you can always sign up to be a foster parent or volunteer. This allows you to get a feel of what owning a rescued Golden Retriever would be like. At the end of the day, rescued dogs are vastly different than buying a puppy because they likely come with traumatized backgrounds or abandonment issues.

    Blessed Is The Person Who Has Earned The Love Of An Old Dog

    Thinking of adopting a golden retriever? How about considering a senior? Those of us who have loved a senior golden know that there is nothing like Old Gold! Consider your lifestyle: Do you work all day? Perhaps you might not have the energy to keep up with a young dog. Or maybe you dont want to have to go through that puppy stage but really want a companion to share your life and home with. Adoption fees are reduced for seniors, and youd be providing a wonderful golden retriever with a loving and caring place to live out the rest of his or her life.

    Here are some reasons to consider adopting a senior today!

  • Wash and wear factor. Older dogs generally have had some training, both in obedience and house manners. They have learned how to leave the furniture, carpets, shoes and other chewables alone.
  • Clean floors. Unless there is an underlying medical cause, 99 percent of senior dogs are potty trained. And an adult dog has a larger bladder and can go for longer periods of time without relief
  • Tolerance. Most older dogs know what it takes to be part of a pack and get along with others including cats and other interesting animals..
  • Appreciation. Older dogs, especially those who have once known it, appreciate love and attention and quickly learn whats expected of them to gain and keep that love and attention.
  • And reason No. 11, if we could go that far

    There is nothing in the world like smooching the white face of a senior golden retriever!

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    White Sand English Golden Retrievers

    White Sand English Golden Retrievers have been raising AKC English style Golden Retriever puppies with cream-colored coats in the United States, Since 2004.

    In order to buy puppies from the best lineages available in Europe, they have spent several hours studying pedigrees. From well-respected kennels in Europe, they import our English-style Golden Retrievers, which they have personally visited or seen at dog shows.

    Establishing on-site professional ties with champion breeders in their homes and at the popular dog, shows creates an extraordinarily high degree of community and trust in our own breeding program.

    Their emphasis on fitness, temperament, and structure is their breeding focus. Their English Golden Retriever puppies are raised in their home to ensure that they obtain the best socialization possible.

    The Story From The Dogs Side

    Golden Retriever Rescue of Southwest Florida

    OUR DOGS: So where does your new pup come from? The number one source for our dogs is owner turn-ins. The top reasons people turn dogs in are because a family is moving, experiencing financial distress, have no time for the dog, or owner health issues. Our second source is dogs from shelters. Lastly, we are called on directly at times to take in strays. On some occasions, we receive calls from contacts outside of Florida needing assistance with re-homing dogs from other shelters or rescue situations.

    VETERINARY REQUIREMENTS: The first stop for your prospective new family member is to one of our vets. The dogs are checked out, nose to tail, and any problems noted. They are spayed or neutered, micro-chipped, and vaccinated. As the microchip registry will list GRRMF, it means you have an ally in locating a lost dog if that should happen. Any known physical problems will be dealt with and any continuing health issues will be disclosed to you prior to you making a decision on adopting.

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    Gulf Coast Golden Retriever Rescue

    Gulf Coast Golden Retriever Rescue was set up by volunteers with a passion for helping Golden Retrievers find better homes in Florida. Having previously worked with other Golden Retriever rescue groups, this group came together to create the ultimate Golden Rescue organization in the Gulf Coast.

    With years of combined experience and knowledge in handling rescues, GCGRR volunteers devote their time to ensure no Golden is left on the streets or in dire situations. All the dogs they rescue are immediately provided with quality food, a safe place, and immediate medical attention.

    Families who can no longer care for their Golden Retrievers have the option of surrendering their dogs to GCGRR, provided they are within the groups jurisdiction. People can also volunteer to foster the dogs that are up for adoption. For people who want to adopt a Golden, the organization has complete details on their website.

    Test The Dogs Reaction To Noises

    The dogs reaction to noise can tell a bit of its personality. Thus, you need to give it different tones and noise, especially with your voice.

    Golden Retrievers want attention, and so its a good sign if you see the dog trying to listen to you. The dog may even throw small barks that say its excited for you.

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    Golden Retriever Rescue In Florida: Everglades Golden Retriever Rescue

    Another Golden Retriever Rescue in Florida is Everglades Golden Retriever Rescue. This is an organization thats run completely by volunteers striving to offer help to Golden Retrievers in need. They rescue dogs that ended up neglected or abused or need a home for any other reason.

    The area of the service of this organization is from Vero Beach to Key West. They often have Goldens available for adoption. As they state on their website, Golden Retrievers often end up with this organization due to such reasons as divorce in the family, death of the owner or allergies. Often the dog is given up simply because the owner ends up not having the time and opportunity to invest in the care that the dog needs so they end up giving up on the dog. EGRR also saves dogs from Turkey.

    When a golden retriever is brought to this rescue the organization first and foremost does an evaluation to see if the dog may have any behavior issues such as aggression.

    They also do a vet exam to see if the dog has any health issues that have to be dealt with. If needed, the dog is also spayed or neutered. After that retriever is placed into a foster home while the organization looks for a more permanent home for the dog. Since this is a rescue organization they may have golden retrievers of various ages but they rarely have puppies. If you were looking for a puppy you might want to look elsewhere.

    All donations go straight to the Rescue you are donating to. This website does not collect any donations.

    Golden Retriever Rescues In Virginia

    Golden Retriever Rescue Florida Puppy

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    Finding An Ideal Pup For Your Family

    Each GRRMF dog has an Adoption Coordinator assigned to handle their adoption. If we think we have a pup for you, the Adoption Coordinator will contact you with further information on the pup. You will be put in contact with the foster family where you will have a chance to learn more about the dog. If it seems like a match made in heaven, you can arrange with the foster family to meet the dog in their home. And, if it is indeed that special match, you will be able to take your new dog home with you. We do not have central facility all our dogs are in private foster homes. As a matter of practical logistics, we will only have you view one dog at a time. If the first one we suggest does not meet your needs, then we will work to find you another match.

    Why Are Golden Retrievers Put Up For Adoption

    Golden Retrievers are incredibly popular and actually rank third on American Kennel Clubs breed popularity. So why would Golden Retrievers ever be up for adoption? Below are some of the most common reasons why Golden Retrievers need to be adopted:

  • The owners have passed away. One of the most common reasons is that their previous owners have passed away, and they have no immediate family available or willing to adopt the canine member. Surviving family members, neighbors or friends usually call local rescue groups to surrender the animal and they are rehabilitated and taken care of until someone adopts them. In addition, if an owner becomes sick they may no longer be able to care for a dog.
  • The owners have to move away. While its easy to move with a dog, some families cannot bring their dogs with them, either because they have to move abroad, and it can be challenging to process the required papers, or they will be moving somewhere where pets are not allowed. Either way, families often have to unwillingly surrender their dogs to rescue groups to at least give them high chances of finding a forever home that will care for their needs. Moreover, rescue groups will continuously care for these dogs as long as they are under their care.
  • Accommodations are not pet-friendly or have limitations. Another reason why families tend to give up Golden Retrievers for adoption is that theyve had to move to a new place that is not pet-friendly or has limits.
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    Golden Rescue South Florida Forever Families

    Located in South Florida, since 2005, Golden rescue has had a mission to rescue any goldens that need help. They have expanded their location to other parts of the world like China, Turkey, Bahamas, Canada, Puerto Rico, and beyond. All their staff is volunteer-based. They practice playing with dogs who have been abused, neglected, and abandoned in foster homes prior to being adopted.

    Each dog in their facility is placed in a temporary foster home after receiving the necessary veterinary and training care. The average cost per dog is around $1040, this gives each dog vaccines, heartworm treatment, sterilization, and microchipping. Their senior dogs take up 55% of their medical expenses, as of their dogs are seniors. On their website they have multiple options to help, from donations, foster care, adoption, and more, their community is their biggest support system.


    Top 13 Best Golden Retriever Breeders In Florida State

    Golden Retriever Rescue of Southwest Florida, Inc. 1-7-15

    If you are looking for the best quality Golden Retriever Puppy Breeders in Florida state, then youre in the perfect place!

    The Golden Retriever is a medium-large shotgun dog bred for shooting. The word retriever refers to the potential of the breed to recover the shot game undamaged because of its soft mouth.

    I have created a list of the top 13 reputable Golden Retriever breeders in Florida to help you find the best one among them all. Take a look!

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