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How Long Are Golden Retrievers In Heat

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Taking Care Of A Golden Retriever In Heat

Female Golden Retriever in Heat

Taking care of your Golden Retriever while she is in heat is a full-time job. Any male in the vicinity will know that she is in heat and will do everything in his power to get in with your female.

We woke up one morning to the most awful noise you have ever heard coming from the backyard.

When I went back there, I found a neighbors Blue Heeler with his feet stuck between the slats of our fence. He was unable to get them out and was barking and hollering for all he was worth.

Every time I reached to lift him out, he snapped at me. Eventually, I got a shovel and lifted him out of the slats and over the fence.

He had jumped the fence to be with our female Labrador that was in heat. Luckily we had put her up in the kennel with a top on it and he could not get in.

One thing that you can do to both protect your house and your dog is put her in a doggy diaper.

People like these modern conveniences because they keep your dog from bleeding on your new carpet. At the same time, these will act as a chastity belt for your little princess.

As long as the diaper is in place, no male will be able to mate with her.

According to reviews on, the Pet Parents Washable diapers are the most popular. They come in one of five sizes. They have an elastic hole for your dogs tail to make them totally leak-proof.

Check this link to see what the diapers are going for right now. I prefer these to the mountains of disposable diapers that spend most of the years taking up space in the closet.

When Does A Golden Retriever Go In Heat

Most female Golden Retrievers initially experience going into heat at the ripe age of 10-14 months. This can differ, depending on how large your Golden Retriever is the heat cycle is continuous for the Golden Retrievers lifetimeunless they are pregnant or spayed. The heat cycles commonly occur every 9-10 months.

Golden Retriever Life Expectancy And Cancer

Golden Retrievers die from bone cancer, lymphoma, and blood cancer more than any other breed.

And no one knows why.

Golden Retrievers are also more prone to other types of cancer, even at an early age.

For example, one Golden Retriever was diagnosed with uterine carcinoma, or cancer of the uterus, at only 10 months old!

This is the youngest instance of this type of cancer every reported.

Some factors have been tied to this increased cancer risk.

According to one study, the early neutering of Golden Retrievers led to an increased occurrence of certain cancers and hip problems.

However, research on the factors that contribute to Golden Retrievers short lifespan is early and inconclusive.

We dont know exactly why Golden Retrievers are suddenly dying earlier than they were only decades ago.

There is a study though, that is seeking to change that.

The Happy Cat Handbook – A unique guide to understanding and enjoying your cat!

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Should I Change Her Routine As Pregnancy Advances

As pregnancy progresses, intra-abdominal pressure increases and so does the mothers food requirements. The dog usually needs to have an increased number of smaller meals rather than an increased quantity per meal. Let your pet decide how much physical activity she needs. This depends on the number of puppies and the amount of intra-abdominal pressure she is experiencing. Do not over-exercise a pregnant female. Check for any vaginal discharges and contact your veterinarian if you have any concerns.

Contributors: Ernest Ward, DVM

How Do You Calm Down A Hyper Golden Retriever Puppy

How Long is a Golden Retriever in Heat? Basic Guide 2020 ...

How To Calm Your Golden Retriever Down

  • Exercise. Golden Retrievers were bred to do energy intensive tasks for hours daily.
  • Give it training.
  • Ignore it when it gets hyper.
  • Try a calming chew.
  • Golden Retrievers are designed to be active.
  • Crate training.
  • Give the dog a job.
  • Dont forget the veterinary check.
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    Consider The Weather Conditions Outside

    Weather conditions will tell you just as much, if not more, about if your dog will be cold than your dogs characteristics.

    However, the two go hand in hand, and its important to consider your dogs characteristics and the weather conditions outside when trying to determine if your dog is cold at night.

    Things that will make weather conditions more chilly, and therefore have a higher chance of making your dog cold are:

    • Cloud cover
    • Frost
    • Rain and other moisture

    The wind almost always has the potential to make weather chillier and can cut through those layers of your dogs thick coat, making them colder.

    Similarly, damp conditions even if its not actively raining, snowing, or something else can very quickly chill any dog, even if its not entirely cold in the air.

    If its windy, theres cloud cover, or its damp outside, theres a much higher chance that your dog is cold at night.

    Female Dog In Heat Behavior

    You might notice a slight change in her temperament a few days before you see any physical signs that your girl is coming into season.

    These could include increased sleepiness, or her showing more of an inclination to be together. Some female dogs will be very clingy to their owners around this time. Others will be more excitable than normal in response to the changes in estrogen. They may also show some odd behavior, such as cocking a leg to pee in the manner of a male dog.

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    Keeping Track Of Your Dogs Heat Cycles

    Make sure to record the date in your diary when your dog comes on heat. In addition, make a note that she may come on heat again in about six months time. That way youll be prepared and ready to look out for the signs in future. Many dogs do have a regular pattern to their cycles, which you will be able to spot with careful record keeping.

    Symptoms Of Hyperthermia In Golden Retrievers

    Training a High Energy Golden Retriever : A Golden Opportunity | Day #5

    Its normal seeing your Golden Retrievers tired after a long, fun activity to ensure a healthy body. However, if at least more than two or three of these signs came up, make sure to take them to treat them and take them to a Vet immediately.

    Signs and symptoms of Hyperthermia in Golden Retrievers:

    • Panting and drooling with thick saliva
    • Red and/or darkened gums and tongue
    • Cardiopulmonary arrest
    • Organ failure
    • Seizures

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    Motivation Praise And Correction

    We motive the dog into doing what we have asked, if he does it then we Praise him, if he doesnt do it, then we show the dog what we want from him. We only correct the dog when we have established the dog doesnt understand what we are asking.

    Motivation is the pleasant tone of your voice that you will use when giving a command. Speak clearly, do not shout or scream at your dog. Dogs have great hearing so speaking normal is just fine.Praise consists of verbal and physical reward, it is to be used whenever your dog has done well. Praise is to be used according to your dogs personality. If your dog is hyperactive, you will give light verbal praise, if your dog is shy and under-socialized, your praise must be stronger and associated with a touch of the hand. Truly motivating praise is heartfelt and sincere, expressive and genuine. Make it varied and interesting and dont over do it.

    Corrections are used only once the dog has demonstrated that he knows what the word means. Words are the building blocks for getting your dog to do what you want him to do. So it makes sense that he before he can do what you are saying. Timing is extremely important and a correction must always be followed with the correct cue and direction.

    8 Essential Keys To Training

  • Be consistent
  • End on a positive not
  • Never train when angry or frustrated
  • Training Language/Cues

    Out: Dog is to release item from mouth.

    Kennel: Dog is to go into crate.

    What To Do When You Just Cant Go Outside

    Even if you love winter, there will sometimes be those days where its just too cold, windy, or snowy to get out for more than a bathroom break.

    The problem with these scenarios is your dogs still need to exercise their bodies and minds or everyone will go crazy. Here are a few ideas for making indoor time fun with you dogs.

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    Do Senior Female Dogs Have A Menopause

    People sometimes ask if their dogs heat cycles will come to a halt when they reach middle age, or get old.

    The answer is no. Dogs continue to cycle through the four hormonal phases throughout their entire life.

    So, if you dont have your girl spayed, she will continue to come into season every six months or so.

    The Best Time To Spay A Golden Retriever

    Spaying Golden Retrievers and Cancer

    If you dont plan to breed your golden retriever, having her spayed is the responsible thing to do to avoid an unwanted pregnancy. You wont have to worry about watching for the signs of heat and keeping your dog caged up when it happens.

    Though a lot of puppies are spayed well before their first heat, this isnt recommended for golden retrievers. Research has shown that spaying a golden retriever before their first heat can lead to negative effects on their health.

    This study conducted on Golden retrievers found that certain joint disorders and cancers were higher in dogs that were spayed compared to those that werent. Early neutering is especially responsible for increases in hip dysplasia and ligament tearing.

    This is thought to be because when a dog is spayed or neutered, their ability to produce certain hormones essential for growth is removed. Spaying your golden retriever before their first heat, and thus before puberty, means they havent finished growing.

    You should certainly still consider having your golden retriever spayed if you dont feel comfortable with her going into heat twice every year. It is a big responsibility to keep her away from males during these times, which can interrupt your schedule significantly.

    To learn more about some of the positive benefits of neutering, check out this article by Colorado State University.

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    The Pros And Cons Of Spaying Your Golden Retriever

    If you are confused about spaying your female golden retriever, here are the pros and cons:

    Pros of Spaying your Golden Retriever:

    • Reduces the risk of any health problems
    • Prevents the incidence of mating and unwanted pregnancy
    • Reduces Heat Period
    • Lowers the risk of uterus cancer, ovaries cancer, or reproductive tract cancer

    Cons of Spaying your Golden Retriever:

    • Hypothyroidism and Weight Gain
    • Increases the risk of cancers, including lymphoma and hemangiosarcoma
    • complications after surgery under general anesthesia

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    Last Updated on June 17, 2021 by Jackie Castle

    If your beloved Golden retriever is pregnant youre probably very excited about the new puppies. Youre probably also wondering how long are Golden retrievers pregnant?

    Before we answer that question, we need to make sure you are certain your dog is pregnant. To do that you definitely need to take your dog to the vet. That is the only way to know for sure whether or not your dog is pregnant and for how long.

    ALSO READ How To Tell If Your Dog Is Pregnant?

    Obviously, your veterinarian will be able to give you the most reliable information and advice on how to behave and what to do next.

    This article is only there to give you a little more information on your dogs pregnancy, but your veterinarian should always be the one you go if you have any additional questions.

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    Dealing With Your Dog’s Heat Cycles

    If you intend to have an unspayed bitch, it’s important to be aware of when her heat cycles will occur so you can care for her properly. One way to get an idea of how often you can expect your dog to cycle is to find out how often her own mother cycled. This trait often runs the same within family lines, although there are always exceptions. You can also use a heat cycle calculator once she’s gone into heat once to estimate her future cycles.

    What Is The Best Age To Breed A Golden Retriever

    How To Groom Your GOLDEN RETRIEVER

    When it comes to breeding, both male and female dogs must be sexually mature. The question is when do dogs reach sexual maturity? The answer to this question varies from dog to dog. Most female dogs reach puberty at or around the age of six months. Small dog breeds usually have their first heat cycle at around four months of age. However, larger breeds, like Golden Retrievers, take up to two years to come into heat before their heat cycle becomes regular. Generally, heat cycles usually happen two to four times a year.

    The most appropriate breeding age of a dog entirely depends on its breed. Different dog breeds have different mating ages. The ideal age of a female Golden is from 18 months to 24 months. The ideal time for female Golden Retrievers to mate is after they have finished their second or third heat cycle. This is usually when they are 24 months old.

    If youre not sure whether or not your female Goldie has reached the breeding age, look for the following signs that indicate that the female Golden Retriever is ready to breed!

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    Discoloring Or Enlargement In Nipples

    During normal days, the nipples of female Golden Retrievers are small. However, during pregnancy, the nipples tend to grow in their size. The areolas also change their shape from flat to round. The color of the nipples also changes from normal to a slightly darker red, indicating an increase in blood flow.

    Male Dogs May Become Distressed

    Your male dog will be able to tell that his female friend is on heat.

    He will be even more keen than normal to be in her company.

    He may scratch and howl at the doors between them relentlessly, or pace up and down whining.

    This is both stressful for you to watch and listen to, and upsetting to both of your dogs.

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    How To Prevent Pregnancy During Heat Cycle

    As seen earlier, diapers are one option that you have to prevent pregnancy. At the same time, there are other ways too. It is suggested to keep your female dog in a kennel which is well protected. You may not want a male dog to sniff and break open the kennel right? So, keep it well covered.

    The highly suggested methods begin with knowing when her heat cycle starts. When you know the date is approaching, put a while cloth beneath her where she sits. This is the best way to see if she is discharging blood.

    Once the bleeding starts protect her and lock her. Of course, you must be watchful of her every time. It is a type of full-time job now.

    While this being the reason, we must also be watchful of your female dog. You must keep her locked most of the time. Alternatively, you can use a morning pill. But this is a risky option considering your dogs health. Nevertheless, this is an option too.

    The last option shall be getting your female dog sprayed. Yes, you can remove her ovaries with a vets help. Also, the reproductive organs can be removed to avoid pregnancy. At the same time, removing ovaries shall offer you other benefits. It can help save your dog from Ovarian cancer.

    You must also understand a critical fact that, please do not get into the surgical option unless your golden retriever is more than 1 year old. It may cause complication if it is done earlier.

    How Long Are Golden Retrievers In Heat For

    How Long Does A Dog Stay In Heat: Expert Guide And FAQ ...

    Golden Retrievers are in heat for usually between 2-4 weeks.

    During the early phase of the Estrus cycle, your dog may not be receptive to male dogs. However, there are some that are receptive regardless of the phase.

    The cycle can be shorter or longer depending on the individual Goldy.

    The only effective way to know is when the vulva returns to its normal size and theres no discharge or bleeding.

    It is important to note that there is a small window when your dog is most fertile during the heat cycle.

    But, she can still get pregnant until the end of the cycle.

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    How Often Do Golden Retrievers Go Into Heat

    Your Golden Retriever will go into heat twice a year. Its important to know pregnancy doesnt affect her cycle. She will be ready to mate when the puppies are 4 or 5 months old. You may need to watch her closely to avoid litters of puppies and unwanted vet expenses.

    You can buy some dog pants or diapers to prevent her from mating when she goes into heat. While the pants are not 100% full proof, they are excellent deterrents.

    Another option is to lock away your best friend from potential suitors. Do this the day you spot some bleeding. Three weeks of lockdown are enough to pass the fertile period. If you have to go to public places with her, be sure not to let the dog out of your sight.

    If youve already had enough puppies, you can consider a spray surgery to remove ovaries and uterus to prevent her from getting pregnant ever again.

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