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How Long Do Golden Retrievers Live

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Golden Retriever Life Expectancy Span And Lifecycle

7 Tips to help your Golden Retriever Live Longer

The first thing you need to know is how long do golden retrievers live? Golden Retrievers have a life span of 10 to 12 years, and the oldest living golden retriever is 20 years old. They reach their full height when theyre 9 to 12 months of age, and are considered adults when theyre 18 months old.

Back in the old days, Golden Retrievers used to live for 16-17 years, but this has dropped to the 10-12 year-lifespan we now know.

Cancer is the largest killer for golden retrievers, and in fact, Golden Retrievers die of lymphoma, cancer of the blood vessels, and bone cancer more than any other dog breeds.

The Morris Animal Foundation launched a $25 million study into the lifespan of golden retrievers. The study has more than 3,000 golden retrievers from all over the world involved in the study.

The study will focus on reviewing the environmental factors and health conditions faced by Golden Retrievers and the results of the study are expected to benefit all other dog breeds and even humans .

They also plan on using the findings as launching points for other health studies in dogs in the future.

Even though the study was started years ago, it still hasnt yielded conclusive results till now to help with the cancer research, and scientists expect it to last for several more years before any conclusive results are published.

Here are some of the results of the Golden Retriever Lifespan Study:

Become Your Dogs Nutritionist

Of course, you might need to consult with a professional regarding the proper nutrition for your golden.

But its important to educate yourself regarding what food and treats would be the best for him. Feed a high-quality diet.

I researched many brands of food for my dogs before choosing one.

Also, knowledge can be a springboard for asking questions of your vet or a veterinary nutritionist.

Its also important to know what foods are dangerous or deadly to dogs.

Chocolate, raisins, macadamia nuts, avocado, apple seeds, onions, and xylitol are deadly to dogs in even small amounts.

The ASPCA has a very informative website regarding foods that are dangerous to our beloved goldens.

Average Lifespan For Golden Retrievers

The average lifespan for golden retrievers, according to the American Kennel Club and other authorities, is 10 to 12 years old.

Unfortunately, golden retrievers lifespan has been decreasing over the years,

In the 1970s, goldens commonly lived to be 16 or 17 years old. Thats the exception now, not the rule.

A golden retriever named and was said to be the oldest-living golden at the time.

She was adopted when she was 14 years old. Of course, she was given a birthday celebration to mark the happy occasion.

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How Long Do Golden Retrievers Live Study

This study is being undertaken by the Morris Animal Foundation and just kicked off in 2015.

This study is looking at a number of factors, from heavy metals found in water to the pets routine and even physical traits, to discover if there is any correlation between these factors and cancer.

The main goal, according to Veterinary News, is to create a comprehensive database of over 3,000 purebred Golden Retrievers.

This database will then be used to assess whether there are any conditions and lifestyles that correlate with an occurrence of cancer.

Though the survey is far from over and will probably take another decade to complete, scientists are hopeful that they will discover the cause behind these beloved dogs rising cancer rate and quickly dropping lifespan.

In the meantime, it is likely that Golden Retriever lifespans will continue to drop.

Golden Retriever Lifespan: What To Expect

How Long Do Golden Retrievers Live? How Can You Extend This?

Its lovely to know that these gorgeous golden beasts can live such long lives, but its unfortunately not that common.

Golden Retrievers are prone to many illnesses, such as cancer, that can significantly shorten their lives. In fact, research from the 1990s concluded that cancer claimed the lives of around 60% of American Golden Retrievers. Another study in 2010 also found that approximately 30% of European Golden Retrievers died from cancer.

Sadly, we lost our beautiful golden girl when she was just aged 4 due to multiple cancerous growths on her liver and spleen. By the time we knew that anything was amiss, she was already too far gone to save. But she had six other littermates all of which remain in seemingly good health.

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Give Them Plenty Of Exercises

Exercise is crucial for all of us to live long and healthy lives. Bigger dog breeds especially benefit from regular exercise. Golden Retrievers need daily exercise in order to keep to healthy weights, which reduces the pressure placed on their joints and lessens the likelihood of them developing weight-related conditions later in life.

Studying The Golden Retriever Life Expectancy

While no one knows quite why the life expectancy of the Golden Retriever has decreased over the years, the Morris Animal Foundation is trying to find out exactly why. The foundation began a study in 2012 with over 3,000 purebred dogs partaking in the studys observation.

The goal is to study these Golden Retrievers over the years to discover exactly what is affecting the for this breed. The study includes a 50-50 split of male and female Golden Retrievers, with half the dogs being fixed, and the other half not.

The study, which will be the longest and largest survey of canines ever done, is still going to take about another decade to complete, although certain preliminary results have been released concerning cancer in this breed and a number of other factors that affect the lifespan of the Golden Retriever.

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Genetics Play A Role In Golden Retrievers Longevity

Genetics will also play a role in a golden retrievers longevity. Depending on their family history, where they were bred, and how many litters the parents had previously, the longevity of your specific golden retriever can vary. This is why you should always check on the breeders before you buy from them.

Top Best Answers To The Question How Long Do English Golden Cocker Retriever Live

Can Golden Retrievers Live in an Apartment?

What’s the average life span of a golden Cocker?

  • Golden Cocker Retrievers usually live long lives. Their average lifespans are around 10 to 15 years. However, this breed is at risk at developing some health issues which could be genetics or simply deterioration that happens over time. Still]

Those who are looking for an answer to the question «How long do english golden cocker retriever live?» often ask the followingquestions:

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Tip #: To Have A Healthy Dog Start With Healthy Parents

The best way for you to get a healthy dog is to purchase one from a good breeder.

Yes, you may pay more for a high-quality puppy, but it will be worth it.

Do your research on breeders, ask about their dogs health histories, their temperaments, and what theyre bred for.

Unfortunately, many people are breeding dogs with money as their #1 priority, not their puppies health.

How To Tell Your Golden Retrievers Age

The most accurate way to tell your Golden Retrievers age is to let a veterinarian age him. But there are a couple of things you can do at home that can give you an idea of how old he is.

  • Check his teeth. Most dogs should have all their teeth by the time they are seven months old. Around age three, the back teeth will start to show wear. Around age 5, all of the teeth will start to show wear.
  • Look at his fur. For Golden Retrievers, their fur will start to turn gray around 8 years old. The more gray fur a dog has, the older he is.

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Factors That Influence A Golden Retrievers Lifespan

There are many factors that influence a goldens lifespan. Of course, genetics is a major factor.

Sixty percent of goldens die of cancer in the United States. However, less than 40 percent of European goldens die of cancer.

If youve been following our blog for a while then you probably saw our English Cream Golden Retriever litters. We partnered with a breeder and donated our Goldens to service dog organizations. The breeder we partnered with mixed European Goldens with American Goldens to try and produce healthier puppies.

The Morris Animal Foundation is conducting a $32 million lifetime study of over 3,000 goldens to figure out the factors affecting their lifespans. Genetics, health, and environmental factors are being considered.

Although the reason for the increase of cancer in goldens isnt fully understood yet, a recent genetic mutation is thought to be a culprit.

Goldens with hemangiosarcoma and lymphoma have genetic alterations that make them more likely to develop those cancers.

Golden Retrievers are also more likely to die of bone cancer, lymphoma, and blood cancer than other dog breeds, a 2015 Golden Retriever Lifetime Study found.

The popularity of goldens has also harmed this amazing breed. According to the AKC, they are the third most popular breed.

Poorly or over-bred specimens, such as those found in puppy mills, are also prone to more health problems than well-bred goldens are.

Issues That Affect A Golden Retrievers Lifespan

How Long Do Golden Retrievers Live For?

Scientists are still carrying out studies to examine why the lifespan of a golden retriever has reduced over the years. Back in the 1970s, goldies had an average lifespan of 16 to 17 years. Since then, something has happened and now were looking at 10-12 years instead.

Its a significant difference, and to understand this better Ill look at emerging factors that are proving to be an obstacle to your dog living longer.

Health conditions, genes, and environmental factors top the list of things that affect the golden retriever life expectancy.

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What Is The Average Life Expectancy Of A Golden Retriever Baby

Golden retriever litters usually contain between five and ten puppies. Goldens are very energetic and require a lot of exercise which is great for competitions of agility. The average life expectancy of a golden retriever is 11 to 12 years. The breed is prone to certain diseases, so pets should be taken to the vet for a yearly checkup.

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Tip #: Fix Your Dog But Not Too Early

According to this research article, dogs that are fixed may live longer than those who are not.

And, according to this article, dogs that are fixed a little later in life may be better off than dogs who are fixed too early .

Interestingly enough, theres also evidence that suggests fixed men may live longer than intact men, if were using canine terms here.

Ill let you decide how you want to process that information!

No Exposure To Toxic Substances

Can Golden Retrievers Survive in Hot Weather?

This might seem like something obvious – after all, who would want to do that to their pup? However, the thing is that sometimes you might not even know that you are doing it.

For instance, toys you buy for your Golden Retriever might contain toxins and chemicals due to the way they are manufactured. That’s why before you purchase a toy, you should do some research about the company making it and ensure that they are transparent about how their manufacturing process looks.

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Avoid Exposure To Toxins

Exposure to toxins is inevitable for all of us. Toxins exist in almost any type of environment that you can think of. They can cause harm to both humans and animals alike, and some toxins are extremely deadly to dogs.

The thing is, it is hard to be aware of everything that is toxic to dogs and when your dog comes into contact with one of these toxins. The big lesson here: Do not let your dog chew on anything that has been treated with chemicals. Even if the product is marked safe for humans, it might be hazardous to animals.

Similarly, if you have just cleaned a surface in your home with a cleaning solution containing any toxins, do not let your dog lick that counters or walk across that floor .

You are going to need to be mindful of what your dog eats and what you put on their skin. Under no circumstances should you ever feed your dog chocolate or let them sip on an alcoholic drink. Dogs will try to get into these foods and drinks, so keep everything packaged tightly and out of reach of your dog. Other foods that are toxic to dogs include

  • blue cheese
  • onions, shallots, leeks, and chives
  • raw or green potatoes

Fact #: 3000 Golden Retrievers Are Participating In A Study To Help Increase Golden Retriever Health

The Morris Animal Foundation launched the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study in 2012.

Together with veterinarians and the participating golden retrievers and their owners, theyre collecting data about their health, environment, and behavior to find potential risk factors for cancer and other diseases.

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What Makes Good Food For Your Dog

Good foods are made up of nutrients that contain a variety of grains, fruit, and vegetables. You will find that a majority of the dog foods are made of meats with fillers which are also just as important for their nutrition too.

Best quality foods currently on the market contain a variety of all of the above nutrients all in one. Not every food will include this, so youll need to take a look at which ones are best suited for your pup.

Will A Golden Retriever Chew Up My Shoes

How Long Do Golden Retrievers Live For?

Like many dogs, Golden Retrievers like to chew. They also like to hold things in their mouthsremember they were bred to retrieve waterfowl. Chewing is a healthy activity for dogs since it helps clean the teeth and strengthen the jawbone. The trick is to make sure you offer plenty of safe chew toys, so they wont be as tempted to nosh on your shoes. Its also useful to keep your favorite pair secure in your closet.

Keep in mind that a dogs natural urge to chew can lead to swallowed objects, like rocks, pieces of clothing, or bits of toys. This can cause choking or obstructions that require surgery.

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How Can You Extend Your Dog’s Lifespan

There are actually quite a few steps you can take to ensure your dog lives the longest, happiest life possible!

  • Do research before adopting. Make sure you’re adopting your Golden Retriever puppy from a reputable breeder who performs routine health checks and breeds out any possible genetic disorders. If you’re looking to adopt a Golden Retriever from a rescue, ask them if they have their medical history.
  • Feed them a healthy diet. Food is the best preventative medicine, so make sure you choose a nutritious food without fillers or preservatives. Adding fresh food on top of their kibble is also great for longevity! You can toss some fresh fruit or veggies on top, or you can prepare a healthy, homemade dinner for them.
  • Exercise them daily! Daily exercise is so important not only for your dog’s health, but their happiness too! A tired dog is a happy dog, so don’t skip those daily walks to the park.
  • Visit your vet on a regular basis. Typically, your dog will need to visit the vet as least once per year for a general wellness exam and routine vaccines. If you have any concerns about your dog and any symptoms they may be experiencing, don’t hesitate to make an appointment as soon as possible.
  • Longest Living Golden Retriever

    Rare Golden Retriever breeds were recorded for 20 Years of lifespan. One of the best examples of this statement is Augie. It is a golden retriever of 20 years old in Tennessee.

    Research declares that dogs having a longer lifespan enjoy the same due to the extra care of their owners. There are different steps for the best dog care program mentioned below.

    It is an amazing fact that the Golden retriever price is associated with the dog breeders who spent a lot. Eventually, they produce defect-free Golden Retriever Puppies and ultimately they charge more than the home breeders.

    If they charge much for Golden retriever price, you get assurance that such dogs will live a splendid and defect-free life.

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