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How Many Hours Golden Retriever Sleep

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14-year-old golden retriever sneaks out of his house every day to visit his next-door neighbors��
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Never Crate Your Dog So Much That They Miss Out On Life

Ive just said that if you crate your dog for more than 5 hours at a time you should keep the frequency of this to a minimum.

If you crate them while you work, for 9 hours, 5 days a week, even if you have somebody come and let them out for an hours exercise and socialization half way during the day, it isnt ideal but it is at least understandable.

However, it would be nothing short of cruel and inhumane if you then crated them for hours at a time during the evenings and on weekends. They would miss out on important exercise, mental stimulation and companionship.

What sort of life would it be?

So if you have to crate your dog during the day 5 times a week while you work, you need to make doubly sure you are giving them freedom, sharing life experiences and spending a lot of quality of time with them every evening and on weekends. Otherwise, why did you even get a dog in the first place?

What Is The Temperament Of A 6 Month Old Golden Retriever

Generally, adult golden retrievers are intelligent, affectionate, and even-tempered. They are also playful, gentle with children, and get along with other pets and strangers. With an ever-smiling face, Goldens are known to make friends with nearly every person they meet. They are always eager to please owners, which probably explains why they respond perfectly to obedience training or why they make excellent service dogs. Golden retrievers are also exuberant and powerful dogs with lots of energy to spare.

Your 6 month old golden retrievers temperament will not be differentexpect him to be friendly, energetic, and goofy. Your puppy will play with you, your children, other pets, and any new friend that he bumps into indiscriminately.

At 6 months, your puppys personality will have developed and the kind of temperament that they manifest is a good indicator of how they will behave when they are adults. This study by Duffy and Serpell also confirms that the behavior of a puppy by 6 months of age is a perfect indicator of their adult personality and temperament.

Your puppy is highly likely to be more active and excitable than an adult golden retriever though, which makes early socialization very critical. While some of your dogs adulthood temperament is shaped by genetics, a great deal comes from how he interacts with the world during his puppyhood. A puppy that is exposed to different sights, sounds, people, and experiences will often grow up into a well-rounded dog.

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When To Take Your Golden Retriever To The Vet

If your Golden retriever is not eating, if theyre losing weight or look like theyre in pain along with sleeping too much, you should take them to the vet as soon as possible. Your Golden retrievers health should be your top priority, and sleep is an essential part of keeping your furry buddy healthy.

How Much Does An Adult Golden Retriever Sleep

How many hours a day do dogs sleep: Sleeping positions ...

Adult Golden retrievers sleep for about 12 to 14 hours a day. They sleep less than puppies do, but they should still be allowed to get as much rest as they need. While they do need at least one hour of exercise per day, they can spend most of the day relaxing and sleeping.

If you notice your Golden retriever is sleeping more than usual, dont worry. There are a lot of reasons why your dog may oversleep. Here are some of the most common reasons why your Golden retriever is oversleeping:

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How Much Exercise Does An Adolescent Or Adult Golden Retriever Need

As a general rule to follow, a healthy adult Golden retriever exercise needs consist of a good hour of exercise every day. But the genetics of your dog could mean you need to increase or decrease this.

Those retrievers from a working field line will be more energetic and have higher exercise needs, perhaps as much as 2 hours per day. Whereas those from show lines could get by on 45 minutes.

Theres no hard and fast rule, but an hour+ per day is a good place to start and then ramp it up if necessary.

But all Goldens need regular exercise, at least twice per day or they will become bored and probably destructive. Try to provide different forms of exercise such as hiking, running, swimming, playing fetchyou need to stimulate their minds as well as their hearts and muscles.

And dont ever worry about exercising a healthy Golden too much! They will take every bit of physical activity you throw at them and then be able to do much more. You will tire yourself out long before you can tire them!

Continued Training: Adolescent Golden Retrievers

After one year, your golden retriever is technically no longer a puppy. They remain in their adolescence from about 1-3 years old. Sometimes during this period, even after a puppy has been very successfully trained, adolescent dogs might regress in their training. Dogs, like humans, like to test their boundaries. The best way to set a boundaryis to keep setting it without wavering.

This training at this age is also important to follow in the event you adopt a golden retriever in their adolescence

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What If They Suddenly Sleeping A Lot More Than Usual

If they started to sleep more suddenly it could be because one of these things

  • Warm weather

If you have recently moved somewhere new where the weather is warmer than what theyre used to or comfortable with such as Florida or Texas, for example then this could be the reason.

Try to make them as comfortable as possible and help them stay cool and they should adapt quickly and get back to their normal levels of activity.

  • Depression

While dogs cant get clinical depression, or at least we cant definitively diagnose them with Clinical depression, they can still get a form of depression that leads to very similar symptoms as it does in humans. You can learn more about golden retriever depression here.

  • Diet

If you have recently changed their diet and they started sleeping a lot more, you need to revert to their former diet. Something is wrong with the new diet and you probably need to discuss it more with your vet.

A Lack Of Physical Activity Is Bad For Your Golden Retrievers Health

Golden Retriever Shocked by a Kitten occupying his bed!

Golden Retriever Exercise: Lack of Exercise Harms the Health

Golden Retrievers love their food and will eat whatevers put in front of them. They want to do this as theyre a sporting breed that would use a lot of energy if they were working in their original roles.

But if theyre stuck at home, barely exercised and just go out on the occasional walk, they still have that voracious appetite. Only now, all that food will just turn into fat and lead to poor health and weight issues.

Yes, Golden Retrievers are very prone to obesity. Usually a combination of their owners doing two things:

  • Giving in too often to those expertly crafted begging routines. No matter how old the dog, they still show those irresistible puppy dog eyes when theres food around!
  • Not giving their pooch anywhere near a sufficient level of exercise.
  • Its simple math that if calories going in are greater than the calories burnt, then the weight will be gained. So if a dog receives lots of treats and table scraps, and are not enough physically active, the pounds are going to pile on and fast and youll probably have to put your dog on a diet .

    Excess weight leads to a variety of problems such as heart disease, increased risk of diabetes, high blood pressure and damage to their hip and elbow joints.

    Keeping your Golden at a healthy weight is the responsibility of any caring owner.

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    Calming The Puppy Down

    Puppies can have a lot of energy and they need to let it all out! The other 80% of their day is spent sleeping, so getting them to exercise and be awake during the day will make sleeping through the night easier for them !

    There are tons of things you can do to make a puppy tired they dont have too much energy to give before they need a nap. Taking them on a short walk, playing with them, working on tricks for 30 minutes and brushing them will tire them out to the point that they will take a nap wherever they may be! It is best to allow them to let go of some energy before they are put in a crate or expected to go to bed for the night.

    Calming your Golden Retriever puppy for the night after exercising is the best way to put them to sleep for an entire night!

    Why Does My Golden Retriever Keep Oversleeping

    There are a lot of reasons why your dog may oversleep. Here are some of the most common reasons why your Golden retriever is oversleeping: Hot weather Golden retrievers can feel lethargic if the weather is too hot. They will likely want to spend the hottest hours of the day dozing off somewhere cold. Make sure not to walk them if its too hot.

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    Role Of Exercise In Managing Your Dogs Sleep

    Dogs that do not engage in exercise and mentally stimulating play throughout the day will sleep far longer than their active counterparts.

    And while it may seem counterintuitive, inactive may also suffer from insomnia.

    If a dog sleeps all day, its likely he wont be ready to turn in for a long night with the rest of the family.

    Insomnia from inactivity is especially common in small breeds or among dogs that live an urban lifestyle, where they dont get out and run regularly.

    Owners should commit to exercising their dogs at least 30 minutes a day, though large breeds and working breeds will require much more.

    Walking a dog before and after work can help significantly manage sleep, and scheduling some one-on-one playtime is also good for developing healthy sleep patterns.

    When a dog is left alone during the day, owners should leave behind interesting, puzzle-like toys the kind where a dog must work to find a treat, for example in order to keep their bodies and minds stimulated when they are left alone.

    My favourite puzzle dog toys for dogs

    Do Goldens need exercise?

    Yes, letting your dog out for potty breaks only is not considered enough exercise.

    They are a sporting breed and as such need plenty of exercises. Throwing tennis balls, swimming and romping with other dogs is great exercise. You do need to be careful exercising your Golden under the age of 18 months old.

    Do Golden Retrievers shed?

    You can expect dog hair everywhere if you own a Golden Retriever.

    How To Train A Golden Retriever

    Why Does My Dog Sleep So Much?

    Training a golden retriever is a multi-step process. Start with the basics, such as potty training, leash training, and socialization skills. The training process continues into adolescence and adulthood as you reinforce and refine the skills your retriever learned.

    We have created the complete guide on training golden retrievers at any age. We will take you from puppy training, continued adolescent training, and reinforcement training for adult golden retrievers. Along the way, we will teach you the importance of potty training, crate training, socialization, and corrective behaviors

    We hope our step-by-step approach will make you feel confident in training your pup With tender love, care, and vigilance, your golden retriever pup will be a well-behaved best friend in no time!

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    How Much Exercise Do Golden Retrievers Need

    Many dog behaviorists believe that you can eliminate up to 90% of behavior problems if you exercise your dog adequately. Remember that Golden Retrievers were bred to retrieve ducks and other game birds for hunters due to their strength, stamina, and high work ethic. So how much exercise do Golden Retrievers need?

    The exercise requirements of a Golden Retriever depend on their age and general health. Puppies need five minutes of exercise per month of age, twice a day until they are fully grown. Adults should have at least two hours of activity per day. Senior dogs might only be able to manage 10-15 minutes.

    Large breed puppies should not be over-exercised as this can cause joint and bone problems while growing, but dont worry as you will soon get to know your dog and recognize when hes had enough.

    Some days your Golden Retriever might want more exercise, some days less, a bit like humans! If your dog doesnt get excited when you pick up his lead, he is tired and wants to rest or isnt well. Listen to what hes trying to tell you!

    My dog will put the brakes on, sit down, and looks up at me if she gets tired during a walk. Its her way of saying shes had enough and wants to go home!

    Exercise should include many fun activities, not just leash walking. Retrievers love off-leash running, fetch, tug o war, frisbee, swimming, and agility.

    How Much Exercise Does A Golden Retriever Puppy Need

    And also, are there puppy exercise limits you should be aware of?

    A good rule of thumb for a puppys exercise needs is the 5 minute rule. This rule basically states:

    A puppy needs no more than 5 minutes of exercise for each month it has been alive.

    So a 3-month-old puppy needs only 15 minutes exercise per day, a 5-month-old needs 25 minutes.

    This exercise is a proper, structured exercise. Meaning brisk walking on leash, gentle games of fetch. Its in addition to and not instead of general play.

    A puppy can play as much as they wish though you do need to be careful that they dont exercise too much.

    Puppies are growing fast and their bones and joints can be easily damaged by over-exercising. So take it easy until theyre more mature. Follow the 5 minute rule and encourage very little jumping or vigorous exercise!

    Continue the 5 minute rule until your golden is nearing one year old. And then

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    Age 18 To 20 Hours Per Day

    When golden retrievers are puppies they sleep longer than older dogs. They need to sleep most of the day to develop their muscles, nervous system, and brain, which happens only when theyre sleeping.

    When they are puppies they grow quickly so its necessary for them to sleep a lot to grow healthily.

    After playing or any other activity they will sleep to recharge and they wake up refreshed and ready to play again.

    Their nap will mostly be wherever they are playing, and it takes from 30 minutes to two hours.

    When they are napping, try not to move them and make their nap as comfortable as possible also make them feel safe at that time.

    If your pup sleeps more than 20 hours per day they might have a problem and youll need to take them to the vet.

    It Is A Natural Personality Trait

    Sleepy Golden Retriever Puppy Gets Rocked To Sleep By Owner

    The first and the most obvious reason for this is that they are programmed like that. Nature demands that Golden Retrievers sleep for 11 hours daily, at least on average.

    Sometimes, it can even stretch to 14 hours of sleep a day. This may extend further if you have a puppy or an old dog. Therefore, if you have a Golden Retriever, you should get accustomed to these sleeping patterns.

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    Golden Retriever Sleeping: 9 Genuine Faqs Needed Answered

    Although it`s a significant part of the life of a Golden Retriever, sleeping is most of the time overlooked.

    Lots of dog owners experience issues when talking about their Golden`s sleeping habits.

    This is in part because of the owners` lack of experience, but also due to lack of knowledge. The latter can easily be improved by researching for the missing information.

    This is where we thought to come into help and list a few of the most common FAQs we are essential for a Golden Retriever`s sleeping routine.

    Will My Golden Retriever Protect Me Yes Its Possible

    This depends on the dog. Some goldens are scared of everything but they are smart enough to know danger. They are also very in tune with their owners for that I do think if someone was going to physically harm their owner a golden would put up a some sort of fight.

    If you have ever wrested with someone in front of you, golden to do a test and see how they react. My golden gets into protection mode if we play wrestle in front of him. He starts barking, jumping, and will try to get in between us. Hes all pumped to protect me until I ensure him its okay. This is why I think he would try and protect us in the event of danger.

    This is really about knowing your dog and giving them a chance to grow up a bit before making assumptions. A younger dog tends to be more timid and scared of stuff, whichs a good thing. You dont want a puppy being aggressive right out the gate, but as your dog gets older and develops a bond with you, the need to be protective over you in a dangerous situation may be there.

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