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Raw Food Diet Golden Retrievers

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How Much Should I Feed My Golden Retriever Puppy

Puppy Evening Routine | Raw Food Diet | Golden Retriever Puppy

You have two options for how to feed golden retriever puppy food: free-feeding or timed meals.

For golden retriever puppies, who tend to be true foodies from day one and rarely meet a meal they dont love, the latter tends to be the healthier choice.

How much to feed golden retriever puppies can change from week to week as your puppy grows up.

Here, it is good to take the advice of your veterinarian to ensure your puppys growth stays healthy, moderate and controlled.

You may also follow the food brand manufacturers suggested portion size and frequency chart.

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Raw dog food recipes for golden retrievers. Each contains an amount of calcium and other nutrients 3 considered safe for golden retrievers. Try out these tasty options. Recipes are marked as best for adults or puppies.

1/2 cup rolled oats 4 cups of water. I started feeding my two golden retrievers a raw organic food diet since they were puppies and i have used small amounts of garlic too. If its a puppy then plenty of milk.

Raw dog food recipes for golden retrievers. Ive never had to use toxic flea and heart worm medicine. Top 15 of the best dog food brands for golden retrievers there are plenty of dog food options on the market, and it can get overwhelming, especially for new owners.

For as health conscious as i am about what kind of foods i put in. Blend well and add the remaining half cup of water, mixing again until theres a dough consistency. Home made food recipes for golden retrievers.

Before heading to the store or ordering online, these are some of the best dog food brands for golden retriever puppies, adults, and seniors. Use a cookie cutter and cut the dough into shapes, then placing it on the baking sheet. And, this is ok, but just like with us humans, no food is better than homemade.

My dogs are now both 10 1/2 and have the body of and act like five year old dogs. The food you give your dog has a major impact on their health and wellbeing, so its Theyre tests always come up negative.

My Golden Retriever Dog Treats Homemade dog food, Dog

Why Go To A Raw Food Diet

  • You will know whats in your dogs food.
  • Dogs have allergies too. A raw food diet can help by eliminating unnecessary ingredients.
  • Some dogs will enjoy food time even more, especially when they realize the alpha human is putting more time in their meals. Trust me, this one is true and is not a joke. Your dogs will smell you in their food. That is a good thing for your relationship with your best friend.
  • Shinier coats and healthier skin
  • Your dogs will have smaller stools. Most dogs foods are filled with unnecessary fillers. A raw food diet gives your dogs what they need without fillers.
  • Optimum immune system
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    Diet Plan For Adolescent Golden Retriever

    Usually, once a Golden Retriever puppy grows above 12 weeks of age, it reaches its adolescence stage and teething. So, in this stage, you should start giving your pal some healthy chewing options like fish skin, chicken bones, etc.

    Furthermore, start giving your pal dry food mixed with an enormous amount of water. Besides this, you can also use wet foods for your Golden Retriever. In addition, try adding some vegetables to the dog food while preparing your pets meal to ensure that the meal has all the essential nutrients.

    However, be careful that your pals food is not too dry. Thus, always maintain a run-in consistency.

    How I Got To Raw

    001Good Food, Good Dog

    Late last year, Wiley developed a sore next to his mouth. Convinced it was ringworm , I paid the vet $500 for a battery of tests for both Wiley and our other dog, Bowie , bought two different types of antifungal dog shampoo that I started bathing Wiley in daily, boiled my bed sheets, and scrubbed our entire house with Lysol. My girlfriend and I started showering with antifungal soap, too. We considered canceling our Christmas travel plansa road trip to northern Montana, visiting family and friends along the way. We feared infecting someone elses house. Turns out it was just irritated skin.

    Wileys always been sensitive to whats in his diet. When he was a puppy, I started him off on Solid Gold. But that contains grain, and I think the ingredient was to blame for a spate of skin problems he had early on in puppyhood. So, we went grain-free, with Taste of the Wild. That was a lot betterhed develop only occasional hot spots at the base of his tail. I figured those were just due to flea bites, and Id treat them with coconut oil as they appeared.

    That seemed to do the trick. Wileys sore disappeared, his stomach eventually went back to its normal color, and his ears were again smooth and clean. Solid result, but he and Bowie didnt particularly like this new food. To get them to eat it, we had to incentivize them by boiling chicken breasts, then chopping those up and mixing them into the kibble. Even then theyd still never finish a complete bowl.

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    What You Need To Know About Commercial Kibble

    Its recommended that Golden Retriever owners fed their dogs a high quality commercial dry dog food. Owners should look for a dog food formulated for large dogs, keeping in mind that as a young adult their Golden Retrievers diet, should be rich in highly digestible forms of protein and fat, as well as vitamins and minerals, for muscle-tissue growth, overall health, and high energy. Avoid foods that are high in cheap fillers like corn meal, meat by-products, preservatives, and artificial ingredients. As a rule of thumb, avoid bargain or grocery store brands and go for something a little more expensive. In the long run youll be paying the same because it takes more cheap food to give your dog the nutritional value it needs and less of the premium brands. One way to tell if a commercial kibble is worth buying is if the company says they meet the recommended minimal nutrient levels set by AAFCO. If you want to keep your dog on the same food, look for one formulated for all life stages. For extra reassurance, look for proof of testing and feeding trials and check the first 3-5 ingredients for things like named meat and healthy sources of carbs.

    Why Should You Try A Raw Food Diet

  • Youll be able to see whats in your dogs food.
  • Allergies affect dogs as well. By omitting extraneous components, a raw food diet can help.
  • Some dogs will enjoy their mealtime even more if they realize the alpha human is spending more time with them. Please believe me when I say that this is not a joke. Your dogs will be able to detect you in their food. That is beneficial to your friendship with your best friend.
  • Coats that are shinier and skin that is healthier
  • Your dogs stools will be smaller. The majority of dog foods contain unneeded fillers. A raw food diet provides your dogs with all of the nutrients they require without the use of additives.
  • Immune system at its best
  • Bodyweight that is lower
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    American Journey Large Breed Salmon And Sweet Potato Recipe

    Top Ingredients: 1. Deboned Salmon, 2. Turkey Meal , 3. Peas, 4. Chickpeas, 5. Sweet Potatoes

    American Journey has a good range of large breed dog food, but your Golden Retriever will really like this one. With deboned salmon and turkey meal as the key ingredients, this particular product will take care of your dogs overall health. Aside from a high dose of quality proteins, your dog will get enough carbs to keep chasing its tail all day. You get all the nutrients including Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids, and there is plenty of DHA, glucosamine, and chondroitin. Not to mention, the grain-free formula is suitable for sensitive ones as well.

    Do Golden Retrievers Need Special Dog Food

    Preston Switches to Raw Food – Golden Retriever Puppy Switches to a Raw Diet

    According to the Merck Veterinary Manual, adult dogs require a minimum of 18% protein in their diet, and puppies need at least 22%. Protein provides the building blocks for strong muscles in puppies. And in adults, it supports lean muscle maintenance. For most dogs, higher protein content is a good thing.

    Fat provides your dog with a concentrated source of energy in the form of calories. It should make up at least 8% of the diet for puppies and 5% for adult dogs. This is where your Golden Retrievers needs start to differ.

    Small dog breeds have a faster metabolism and need a higher concentration of calories in their diet. For large breeds like the Golden Retriever, however, excess calories can lead to unhealthy weight gain. Obesity increases the risk for other issues like bone and joint problems. As such, Golden Retrievers need a protein-rich dog food with low-to-moderate fat and calorie content.

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    Why You Dont Want To Overfeed Your Golden Retriever Puppy

    Golden Retrievers are prone to hip and elbow dysplasia and they love eating.

    Those two statements may sound random, but they are related.

    According to the Banfield Pet Hospital, overfeeding your Golden Retriever can cause them to grow too fast and increase their risk of hip dysplasia.

    To make sure you dont overfeed them, use a measuring cup when dishing out their food and never free-feed them.

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    At The End Of 2019 During Our Yearly Vet Check We Received The Devastating News That Our 11 Year Old Dog’s Blood Work Showed That He Was In Stage 4 Kidney Failure

    Honestly, I was a basket case, how on earth did we miss this? He seemed like he was just dealing with some symptoms of getting older – frequent urination, sometimes excessive water drinking. It definitely didn’t feel like life threatening symptoms. As much as the diagnosis was a shock, the price tag of the prescription diet he would need to eat for the remainder of his life was pretty horrifying too!

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    How Much Water Should A Golden Retriever Drink

    Moreover, the amount of water your pal needs every day depends on its activity level, size, weather, food type , weather, health conditions, etc. Further, since wet food has a high moisture content , your dog needs lesser water when you use wet food in its diet.

    Besides this, it is better to include more water in your pals diet if it is overweight to prevent illness and ensure its regular activity. Generally, a Golden Retriever needs to drink about 30 ml of freshwater every day for each pound of its weight. Thus, when the dogs mostly rely on dry food, you need to increase their water intake.

    However, when your dog avoids drinking water, you need to add more moisture to its diet or use a water fountain to encourage it to drink water. Along with this, dont forget to regularly switch the water of its water bowl with fresh water.

    Further, you can also ensure that your dog gets all the essential nutrients through some easily available kitchen foods. Do you know about them?

    Golden Retriever Homemade Food Recipes

    Raw Feeding.Golden Retriever BARF DIET(RAW)

    Here are our favorite homemade dog food recipes for Golden Retrievers. We also threw in a homemade yummy smoothie treat for your Golden because why not!

    Note: Please consult with your pets veterinarian and use personal judgment when applying this information to your dogs diet. The recipes below do not include serving size because portion sizes will vary depending on breed, weight, activity level, age, and the health of your dog. A common recommendation is to feed your dog a comparable amount of ounces/cups to what you would usually feed in kibble BUT check with your vet to be certain.

    Doggie Beef Stew | Turkey & Vegetable Dinner | Veggie Smoothie | Fiber-Filled-Meal

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    But Why Is Homemade Food Specifically Beneficial For Golden Retrievers

    The NZ Veterinary Nursing Association reports that Goldens Retrievers are among the dog breeds highly prone to developing food allergies.

    Why is this important to know? Well, food allergies in Goldens tend to manifest themselves on their skin, most likely into a condition known as Atopic Dermatitis. This allergy skin disease is common in Golden Retrievers, and it can cause mild to severe itching, which, as a result of scratching or rubbing, often leads to further skin damage, irritation, infection, and discomfort.

    Reducing allergic reactions start with a diet that has the vitamins, fatty acids, and minerals to decrease inflammatory responses, and homemade dog food has those critical components. Whats more important is that home cooking for your dog allows you to pick only those ingredients that you know wont cause an allergic reaction on your Golden Retriever.

    If you dont know what foods your Golden Retrieve is allergic to, read our Dog Allergy Test guide, so you can identify which foods to avoid in his next meal.

    How Much Water Should Golden Retrievers Drink

    Golden Retrievers should drink up to one ounce of water every day for each pound that they weigh. However, there are many other variables to consider, such as age, activity level, diet , temperature and humidity, medication, pregnancy, nursing, etc.

    Make sure your dogs water bowl remains full and that the water is changed every few hours. Dog water fountains, such as the PetSafe Drinkwell from Amazon, are one of my favorites. I love this one because it is perfect for Retrievers, has a two-tiered design, and even includes carbon filters to keep the water free from odors and bad tastes.

    Giving ice cubes, adding water to dry food, or making fun playtimes with a hose in warm weather are some other ways to keep your Golden Retriever hydrated.

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    Is A Raw Diet For Dogs Cheaper

    Because of its fresh ingredients, raw dog food can be a high-value and more expensive treat for your pup. But, there are some ways that it can be a cheaper way of feeding.

    • Feed one raw meal a day instead of two For a raw diet, one meal can be enough to provide the nutrients your dog needs.
    • Use Raw as a Tasty, High-Value Treat Feeding your pup a tasty with a high-value meal would be the best treat for them.
    • Make Raw an Occasional Meal According to Steve Brown, a canine nutritionist, author, and consultant, one raw meal per week could be a great help to improve your canine’s health.
    • Buy in Bulk Storing a bulk of raw food in the freezer would help you save money, even gas.
    • Spend Money on Great Food, Not in Veterinary Bills If you choose the fresh and safe way of feeding your dog, your money spent on it will be worth it.

    What You Need To Know About Raw Feeding Your Golden Retriever

    001Good Food, Good Dog – Raw Food Diet! Golden Retriever!

    Some people believe that commercial kibble is unfit for dogs because its processed and not fresh. Others believe that a dogs natural diet is carnivorous. In this case, people say humans basically turned dogs into omnivores with commercial diets including grains which arent healthy for dogs. Raw diets are an option that some owners choose, but they can be expensive and time consuming to prepare.One raw diet that many owners follow is BARF, the Biologically Approved Raw Food diet, which consists of raw meat, bones, vegetables, and select other ingredients. This type of diet can be made at home or purchased ready-made in various places like pet supply stores. A few potential health benefits of this diet are shiny coats, healthy skin, clean teeth, more energy, and smaller stools. However, theres a danger of salmonella and E. coli when feeding your dog raw meat.To minimize the risk, the meat you feed your dog should always be fresh and locally produced. Owners should also be careful feeding their dogs bones so they dont choke. Recipes from canine nutritionists are the best way to ensure your dogs raw diet is balanced and any changes should be discussed with your vet.

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    How Much Raw Food Should I Feed My Dog

    Dogs cant talk, but they sure do have their own ways of letting us know that theyre excited to eat. Some do the raw dinner dance, others get vocal, and others even bring us their food dish.

    But when it comes to feeding time, switching your dog to a raw food diet can lead to some questions about the amount of food you need to give him.

    This handy guide will help you figure out how much you should be feeding your dog so you can feel more confident that youre not overfeeding, and youll always make sure he gets the nutrients he needs.

    Why Give Dog Supplements To My Golden Cocker Retriever

    Dietary supplementation will take your dog’s nutrition to the next level by making certain additions for specific Golden Cocker Retriever related conditions, or for your dog’s individual needs.

    With all breeds, there are certain health conditions more prevalent to that specific breed. It’s important to acknowledge here that the right diet, providing all essential vitamins and minerals, will go a very very long way to mitigating against and minimising the severity of breed-related conditions and, indeed, the need for dog supplements.

    Where a dog could benefit from extra nutritional support, the key is to select natural, whole food supplements that have no chemicals, synthetics or non-species appropriate ingredients.

    ProDog offers a range of natural nutritional dog supplements that are the perfect way to bridge that gap! A convenient, simple way to enhance the nutrient density of their food, giving you peace of mind that all health and happiness bases are covered. Learn more about the benefits of dog supplemets in our comprehensive guide.

    So there you have it! Your complete guide to the best Golden Cocker Retriever food. If you have questions about making the transition to raw feeding check out our ditch the dry knowledge centre, join the gang on Facebook at The Canine Collective, or drop us an email at , and we’ll do all we can to help give you the answers you need to make a move to raw feeding.

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