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Best Golden Retriever Costumes

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The Costume Should Allow For Easy Mobility

Funny Golden Retriever in Halloween Costumes 𤣠#shorts

We are sure you would not want to wear a costume that prevents you from sitting down, moving around, or even going to the toilet. The same goes for your dog. Mobility should be the first factor you should consider when choosing a Halloween costume for your canine companion. They should freely stand, walk, sit, lay, or run around in it.

An Incredibly Regal Rainbow

All she needs is a pot of gold.

Size: XXLRating:

Out of the three costumes Addy tested this year, the rainbow was hands-down my favorite. Addy acted like she was the queen of the world while rocking this vibrant get-up, and I love how colorful and shiny it is!

Each side of the costume has a rainbow that holds its shape thanks to a piece of stiff material inside, and you can fluff up the metallic clouds to make them a little more poofy. The sun headpiece doesnt stand up quite as well as others weve tested, but I think the costume would be just as cute without it.

A Totally Tubular Turtle

Size: XXLRating:

All I could think of while Addy was wearing this costume was Crush, the super-rad turtle from Finding Nemo. Koo-koo ka-choo, am I right?

We went with an XXL for Addys sea turtle look, but it ended up being a tad too big. The head piece falls down over her eyes, and the straps are a little loose around her torso. Still, the costume is undeniably cute, and Addy seemed really comfortable wearing it. My only complaint is that the shells fabric was a little bluer than it looked online.

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Ask For Their Wishlist

Asking for someones wishlist can give you insights on the best gift to get, whether it is their birthday or a holiday. Although it ruins part of the surprise, it guarantees that you do not worry about the products return policy. This strategy works best for people you are not in direct contact with for close observation and those that may not share similar interests with you.

Casual Canine Lobster Paws Golden Retriever Costume

Top 5 Halloween Costumes For Golden Retrievers That Are ...

The lobster costume for dogs sold from Casual Canine is made from 100% polyester fabric that is comfortable as well as safe for your pet. This costume is available in different sizes ranging from Extra Small to 2XL so you can get the appropriate size for your pet.

Moreover, this costume is also very easy to wear, thanks to its easy fastening closures. You have to be attentive that your pet does not stain the costume, as it isnt machine washable, however, you dont need to worry much if your fido makes it dirty, as it is safe to wash with cold water.

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Halloween Dog Bandanas And Collars

If you dont think your pet will go for a full-on costume, or if you want to celebrate for, like, the entire month of October, these Halloween-themed dog collars are your best bet, and we found the internets biggest variety. Chewy and Amazon are both excellent sources for high-quality picks this year.

Want more than a collar but less than a full dog Halloween costume? We have Halloween bandanas in there too.

If youre crafty, DIY costumes offer endless possibilities. You can turn your dog into a pineapple, a pool float, a lion, a cupcakethe list goes on. Popular DIY dog costumes include:

  • Fruits or veggies
  • Winged creatures
  • Desserts

Get yourself some felt, scissors, and a glue gun, and the skys the limit. Giant soy sauce meets sushi, anyone?

And for fun, here are some downright terrible dog costumes:

Fun Dog Halloween Treats

Who can resist festive dog treats? Especially when theyre spooktacular like these Banana Coconut Bats. Click for the recipe, or, if youre more of a visual learner, check out our video on how to make Pumpkin Spice Jack O Lantern dog cookies.

If youre not feeling like hitting the kitchen, you can also buy some truly festive dog treats.

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Golden Retrievers & Dog Clothes

Unlike some other dogs and pets, Golden Retrievers have a coat that adapts according to the weather. You see Golden Retrievers are primarily a winter dog this means that they have the natural ability to adapt to cold temperatures. However, given the rapidly changing environment, if you feel that the weather is colder than what the Golden Retriever can bear, you should buy clothes for your Golden Retriever so that it stays warm.

If you want to buy clothes for the Golden Retriever so that it stands out in a crowd and adds a sense of style to the elegance that it already possesses, then there is a variety available which will ensure that the dog does not feel uneasy wearing them and it looks good on them too.

Buying clothes to make a Golden Retriever feel warm should be on your to-do list, but it should not define the clothes you choose for them, especially if you live in areas with a more temperate climate.

Here is a list of types of clothes that you can buy.

Halloween And Dog Anxiety

Funny Puppy And Cute Puppies In Costumes | Husky Puppy And Golden Retriever â Mr Tun | Puppies TV

Halloween can be scary for dogs, and not for the same reasons it is for us humans. Costumes, strangers at the door, unusual noises theres a lot going on that will seem suspicious to your dog.

If your dog is prone to anxiety even a little, consider keeping them indoors in a cozy, dog-safe zone for the evening, or tap a trusted pet sitter to keep them company. Halloween night could also be a good time to employ anti-anxiety tools for your dogand there are many available, from hemp oil to pressure wraps. Talk to your vet about these options.

For more tips on how to help your dog navigate Halloween, check out this post from an experienced trainer.

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Monsters Movie Dracula Dog Costume

Want to try something offbeat and make your pet look scary for the trick-or-treat party, then the Rubies Dracula Costume would be a perfect choice. The red and black color combination of the dress makes it perfectly mimic Dracula.

Along with the main dress, this costume also includes a hat which makes it a complete kit for the Dracula costume. It is also available in different sizes from small to extra large which make it a perfect fit for any size of Golden Retriever.

The Costume Should Be Lightweight

The golden retriever is not like other breeds of dogs. They do not shed their puppy fur. Instead, it is pushed aside by new adult hair and eventually turns into the dogs undercoat. With this thick undercoat, your dog does not need a Halloween costume that is too heavy. It can make them uncomfortable, limit their movement, or cause them to overheat.

Whatever costume you are buying should be lightweight. It would help if you weighed your dog first before purchasing the piece of clothing. And if you notice that your dog is panting after wearing the costume for 20 minutes, take it off.

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A Bushy Fierce Lions Mane

“Rawr,” says Addy, a fierce lioness.

  • Size: Large
  • Our rating:

Last, but not least, a lion costume, which was practically made for Addy as she has the perfect coloring to be a fierce feline for Halloween. As expected, she looked truly adorable wearing the headpiece, but she genuinely hated it! Even with its adjustable elastic, there was no way she would keep this on for any length of time. Plus, the ears are too far back, and they dont stand up enough for my liking. Unfortunately, this costume is currently sold out on the Chewy website.

The Costume Should Be Easy To Put On And Take Off

Dressed him up for a toy story party #goldenretriever ...

Taking your dogs measurement before purchasing any costume is paramount. Fighting or squeezing your dog into an outfit is not fair and safe. Think about it for a second how do you feel when a piece of clothing is not your size, and you have to squeeze into it? Your dog will experience the same discomfort you feel. It can even infuriate them, and an angry dog is a dangerous one.

The possibility of taking off the outfit quickly in that scenario would guarantee the safety of everyone involved.

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The Costume Should Not Have Small Parts

Golden retrievers are generally stubborn dogs. The fact that they are smart and intelligent makes them adventurous. They like to explore. So, when you get them a costume with small parts, they would not waste time destroying the piece of clothing. This scenario is where their fun kicks off.

The best golden retriever Halloween costume should have no small parts like buttons, excessive fabric, and cut-outs, among others.

Lion Mane For Medium Dog

The following lion mane is best for Harrier, Bulldog and various other dog species.

You can choose red brown or light, brown shade of this lion mane for medium dog.

  • Soft, smooth lion mane, made of polyester and faux fur
  • Includes cute looking lion tail and ears
  • The neck girth size is adjustable, ranging from 23 to 31
  • Drawstring for tightening the mane
  • Durable- No damaged caused while the dog is rolling, running or chewing it

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Dog Clothes For Golden Retrievers Great Choices Are Here

Tom Thorpe Buying Guides, Reviews

Dogs can also be fashion icons and dressing them up is really cute. You can make adorable pooch and totally change their aura once they have a complete makeover. From an actively running Goldens to a stylish doggy fashion star, you can generally transform your Goldens through the help of dog clothes for Golden Retrievers.

Check Price

In this blog post, we reviewed here 3 of the best-selling dog clothes designed for the Goldens which I personally tried on my pooch. These items are generally stylish and may perfectly fit your Golden Retriever. See which one fits in for your Goldens!

Lion Mane For Small Dog

Top 10 Golden Retrievers are the most popular on Tiktok.

Based on the species, there can be small and big dogs. Shih Tzu and Chihuahua are the smaller dog species, and we have picked the best lion mane for them.

As this dog costume is small, you may also fit it to your cat. The most notable things of this mane are-

  • Adjustable- The pet would face no problem in wearing it
  • Made of polyester and artificial fur
  • Available in brown, black, golden brown and brown colors
  • Comfortable and soft
  • Keeps your pet warm on the cold days
  • Easy to clean
  • Useful for various purposes- Christmas and Halloween party and as props for photo session with the pets

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Rubies Princess Dog Costume

Dress up your cute dog like a princess in this Halloween festive season with this costume. This adorable princess costume from Rubies will be perfect for your pet if you want to give him/her the feeling of a princess.

The outfit is available in different sizes ranging from small to 3XL, so you never need to worry about the size or weight of your dog as you have complete choice over the measurement of costume. Besides using this costume for Halloweens, it is also perfect to be used for any other special occasion such as a wedding, cosplay, etc.

Tips For Dressing Your Dog Up

Whether you make a costume at home or buy one from a store, there are some things you can do to help your pet have a better time on the 31st.

  • Get your pets costume early. It gives both of you a chance to get used to it before the big day.
  • Let your pet sniff and show interest in the costume before putting them in it.
  • Keep treats handy so they see the costume as a good thing. As much as you can, use the treats to guide your pet into the costumefor example, if youve got a lions mane that goes over their head, guide their head through the hole by enticing them with food, and let them take the treat a few times before fastening it on fully. You dont want your dog to feel tricked.

Once the costume is on:

  • Take frequent breaks. Try not to keep the costume on for more than a few minutessay 10 or 15at a time. And keep the treats coming while theyve got their costume on.
  • Take your pet on a walk while theyre wearing it. Be ready for them to be slower or distracted while they get used to the sounds and feelings of their costume, and of course, treat, treat, treat.
  • Allow your dog to skip the costume party if theyre not feeling social. A Halloween party can be unnerving for dogs because of the strange outfits on all the new arrivals.

Hopefully, by the time Halloween rolls around, theyll be comfortable enough in the costume to last the whole night as the witch to your cauldron, the candle to your pumpkin, the pea to your pod.

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Great Options Of Dog Clothes For Golden Retrievers

OUR TOP PICK: Zoo Snoods Bear Costume Hoody

Product Name: Zoo Snoods Bear Costume Hoody

Product Description: If you look at its appearance, you will tend to think why it belongs to the list of dog clothes for Golden Retrievers. Usually, the Zoo Snoods Bear Costume Hoody lies between the clothing category and accessory. However, because of its irresistible cuteness and functionality, this becomes an option for dog clothes for Golden Retriever.Moreover, this doggy product is available in various animal designs. Not only that, but it also comes in a stretchable feature that can able to fit huge and blocky dog heads. Use this on your Goldens especially during winter and theyll definitely love being a Fido fashionista.


A wonderful doggy product, the Zoo Snoods Bear Costume Hoody is not only adorable dog clothes for Golden Retriever but also an excellent ear warmer during the cold days. For sure, your Goldens love it as well as you do.

Product Features:

Made through the hand-knitted method to maintain the warmness of the dogs ears and neckProtects the Goldens from dirt, moisture, and cold temperatureHighly recommended for Golden Retrievers and other large dog breeds like the Boxers, Collies, Chow Chow, Pit Bulls, Bulldogs, Rottweilers, Mastiffs, Saint Bernards to name a fewMaterial is made of excellently soft yarn making it comfortable to the dogs skinDo not cause any allergic reactions to dogs



The Best Dog Halloween Costumes You Can Buy Online In 2021

Halloween Costume Contestant

October is officially here and Halloween is just a few weeks away which means it’s time to start planning your Halloween costumes — but it requires a little extra planning for a funny dog costume! If you have dreams of turning your adorable pup into a social media star this Halloween like Jennifer Garner‘s dog Birdie, Jenny McCarthy‘s dog Lumpy or Sir Charles Barkley this Halloween, there’s not a lot of time left to shop for a great costume — some of the best dog costumes are already selling out.

Whether you and your dog are Disney movie fanatics or college football tailgating partners, we’ve found the perfect costume for your four-legged best friend. Below, find some of our favorite dog costumes from Chewy, ShopDisney, Tractor Supply Co., and more.

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Top Small Dog Costumes

If youve got a petite pet, we put together a variety of costumes for small dogs here that range from no-fuss to total showstopper. Many costumes are designed with small dogs in mind, from the Ewoks and pandas to the mermaids and dinosaurs. Because lets face ityour wee furry friend may already look like a living plush toy!

Like any dog costume, when selecting one for your small pup, make sure to double-check the measurements! If your dog is skittish about animal costumes, you can also opt for a comfy, spooky dog hoodie.

Popular small dog costumes include:

  • Unicorn: We tested this costume in our office and were impressed by how easy it was to put onand how adorable the results were. Best for small dogs. A definite winner.

Rubies Dc Supergirl Dog Costume

Rubies being one of the largest costume manufacturer and supplier has a huge variety of pet costumes. From this huge collection, the supergirl outfit suits the best on Golden Retrievers.

The costume has a golden-colored belt with a red frock and blue top. The iconic S symbol on the top side makes it look like Supergirl. The dress is available in different sizes from small to Extra LArge, so that it can comfortably on your pet irrespective of whether you have a puppy or an adult Golden Retriever.

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People Adoring The Look Of Lion Mane For Dog

Walking across the park in the morning with your pet you might have come across dogs that have heavy fur and almost look like a lion walking on the road. Scary as it may sound, you cannot control the excitement to find out the breed or ask whose dogs they are. One of the fun things you can actually do today is to buy lion mane costume and be the one whose dog looks like lion. With this cute mane around the dog will appear like a lion with manes around and therefore make them wonder too. Enjoy the walk while you see a lot of faces frowning and questioning on the appearance of the dog!

Made of soft fur and safe for the dogs, the dog lion costume is a classy way to add excitement to the dogs look. Be it a fancy-dress party or a random trick on the passersby during a walk, dressing your dog in a costume which makes them look like a lion is indeed hilarious. Lion wig for dog is the perfect idea to make your dog rejoiced with their look while also having a great time tricking the strangers or playing with the children. These costumes easy to procure from the market and easily worn by the dogs to make them more thrilled about meeting new people.

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