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Rescue Golden Retrievers From China

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Best Golden Retriever Rescues In The Usa

Local residents rescue golden retrievers from China meat trade

Youre searching for a Golden Retriever Rescue and you know you want to adopt a Golden Retriever. You also know that you want to adopt from a rescue group with a legitimate foundation. So you start your search, but as you browse through the options you can see that not all Golden Retriever Rescue organizations are the same. You need to keep in mind that most Rescue groups are small 501 non-profit organizations operating out of their homes. Because of this, theres a lack of reputable reviews for most of these organizations. Well, weve done some of the work for you.

Owning A Golden Retriever

Before you consider rescuing a golden retriever from a golden retriever rescue or purchasing one from a breeder, you should think about whether a golden retriever is the right dog for you at all. Too many dogs end up in rescues and shelters every year because they dont fit in well with their adopted families. While golden retrievers are incredibly happy and flexible dogs, theyre not appropriate for everyone.

Golden retrievers were originally bred as hunting dogs that could also function as companions. These dogs were bred to have incredibly soft mouths for retrieving ducks and other game after a kill, even in water or marshy areas. As such, theyre devoted, gentle, friendly, and often very smart.

Golden Beginnings Golden Retriever Rescue


Golden Beginnings Golden Retriever Rescue is a non-profit organization in Houston, Texas. They were founded in 1999 and are staffed solely by volunteers who are devoted to providing care for unwanted, neglected, or abused Golden Retrievers. In their first 15 years, they rescued more than 4,000 Golden Retrievers and have received awards and grants for their efforts.

Golden Beginnings strives to place their Goldens in loving home. They have quite a few healthy reviews online and seem like a very credible organization. You can contact them by email or telephone. Alternatively, you can send them a message from their website.

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Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Rescue & Sanctuary


Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Rescue & Sanctuary, Inc. is an all-volunteer, 5013 organization in Elverta, California. They rescue and heal displaced, abandoned, and homeless Golden Retrievers and Golden mixes, regardless of their current health conditions. This rescue pairs loving homes through their adoption program and provides a lifetime sanctuary for goldens that cant be adopted.

Homeward Bound has rehomed over 9,500 dogs on 8 acres of countryside. Their dogs have ample room for running, playing, and training. This Golden Rescue will continue to serve as a standardized rescue model. They strive to be an industry leader in rescue, sanctuary, and education.

Southern Arizona Golden Retriever Rescue

Florida adopters rescue 20 golden retrievers from China ...


Southern Arizona Golden Retriever Rescue is a 501 organization in Oro Valley, Arizona. This Golden Rescue was founded by a group of experienced volunteers who focus their efforts on finding proper, loving homes for Goldens. I couldnt find any information on whether their dogs are spayed or neutered, or whether that have received vaccinations, so be thorough when approaching this Golden Retriever Rescue.

Their mission is to rescue and rehome adoptable Golden Retrievers in Southern Arizona. They only have two Google reviews online, but this group seems quite composed and professional. You can reach them by telephone or you can message them through their website.

Hopefully, weve helped you narrow down your options for the right Golden Retriever Rescue. If you didnt see a Rescue on this list that you feel should be considered, please make your suggestion in the comments below.

If you decide to rescue a Golden Retriever, you may want to research pet insurance options to make sure your dog is covered medically. Here is a guide on pet insurance for Golden Retrievers if you would like to learn more.

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Golden Retrievers Saved By Group Fighting Chinas Dog Meat Trade

A Minnesota-based rescue group is saving golden retrievers from Chinas dog meat trade.

NCB4i reports that since 1985, Retrieve a Golden of the Midwest has worked to rescue thousands of golden retrievers and golden retriever mix breeds. Recently, theyve begun saving the dogs from Chinas meat markets. Around 10 million dogs are killed for their meat every year in the country, which is the largest consumer of dog meat in the world.

RAGOM claims that golden retrievers arent usually bred for food, but they are often stolen. I learned while I was over there, they dont walk dogs on leashes,explained Nicole Studzia, a member of RAGOMs board of directors. Its very easy for somebody to jump out of a truck, grab a dog, jump in, and drive off.

Among RAGOMs thousands of success stories is Mama. When the organization found her, shed just had puppies and her eyes held intense sadness, says a RAGOM press release.

Studzia explained, RAGOM village kind of rallied together and a volunteer was kind enough to go over there with her husband and daughter and they were able to bring Mama back with four others. Its unbelievable to me that she made it back there.

Mama together with Georgia, Sissy, Jovi, and Mosby is now being cared for in a foster home and is receiving the veterinary care, love, and affection she needs.

RAGOM is taking another trip to China this month, to rescue more dogs like Mama from the meat trade.

How Can You Help

We have launched a GoFundMe campaign to specifically to fund our International dogs through 2021 with a target goal of $60,000.

Whatever we raise past our goal will allow us to commit to better lives for more dogs that need our help around the world. We are currently seeking a reputable rescue partner in Turkey in hope to save many more abandoned Goldens in need.

You can donate straight from THIS page by selecting the yellow DONATE NOW button on the menu bar, top right of this page, or directly through our GoFundMe page. Share the link with family and friends, join or create your own fundraising team. Exclusive SCGRR International T-shirts will be available soon for purchase through our online store.

We could not do this without your support! Please join us in our mission to bring these Golden Retrievers to the U.S. and give them the life they deserve.

On behalf of the dogs that will benefit from your generosity, we express our heartfelt gratitude and sincere thanks.

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As Good As Gold Rescued Seven Goldens From China

Tommy 1 yearFoster mom says Tommy is a very sweet and loving guy who enjoys playingespecially with tennis balls! He likes to sit across from her and watch everything she does. When foster mom scratches his ears or rubs his tummy, Tommy is not shy about touching her with his paw to keep her attention.

Amy 1 year oldAmys foster parents describe her as sweet, affectionate, gentle, and very smart. They say Amy thrives on attention and that any attention is just the best! Amy extends the affection to snuggling onto dads lap for naps.

Foster mom and dad are really enjoying this petite little girl and admire her energy and ability to learn commands.

Gina 3 years oldGina is a social butterfly and regularly greets people with a big hug! She hasnt met a person or another dog she doesnt love. Gina has learned that her gorgeous looks warrant a lot of attention, and she uses this to her advantage to get lots of pets from as many people as possible! She can be playful with her foster family and furry foster siblings but is also content with a chew toy or bone. Gina can become anxious when crated or away from her foster family her happy place is with her humans! She is an expert cuddler and as sweet as they come.

Drake 3 years oldDrake has relaxed a bit since he first arrived from China. Initially he was terrified in his new surroundings, but once he allowed his foster mom to touch him, he didnt want her to stop. He also liked when she spoke to him in soft tones.

Recent Posts

Rescue Saves Dog From China Days Before Travel Restrictions

Local rescue saves golden retrievers from Chinese dog meat trade

ERIE, Colo. Leighland Gutierrez and Liza Nyhuis were just a day shy of not getting their rescue Golden Retriever into the United States from China.

We broadcasted to people we were saving a golden from China, Gutierrez said.

Gutierrez and his girlfriend Nyhuis adopted their first rescue Golden Retriever through Bunnys Buddies, a rescue organization out of San Diego, back in 2019. They stated the dog, Sophie B, came over on a flight with a volunteer and everything went smooth.

They stated their most recent rescue, Olivia Rose, a young Golden Retriever that was pulled from a meat truck in China, was a much different story.

We had to do everything we could to adopt before the ban went into place, Nyhuis said.

In June, the couple learned through the page about a new temporary suspension the Center for Disease Control and Prevention put out about allowing dogs into the United States.

The suspension includes a long list of countries that are no longer allowed to ship dogs into the United States.

113 countries are affected by this ban, Amanda Jo, the Founder of Bunnys Buddies said.

Her rescue primarily pulls from China, which is on the banned CDC list and South Korea, which isnt on the banned list.

Its devastating to know these dogs wont have help. No one can help them, Jo said.

The CDC stated on their website the main reason for the temporary suspension:

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Golden Rescue Usually Operates Only In South Florida But Last Year They Expanded Their Efforts To Rescue Dogs From China

As many as twenty homeless golden retrievers were recently rescued from meat markets in China by a team committed to finding and rehoming abandoned dogs.

The best part is that all the retrievers have now found new homes in Palm Beach County.

Golden Rescue South Florida, a non-profit organisation, has been rescuing and finding new homes for retrievers and golden mixes since 2005.

In fifteen years, they have rescued more than 2,000 of them. On Sunday, they added 20 more successful rescues to their already impressive tally.

Golden Rescue usually operates only in South Florida. But last year, they expanded their efforts to rescue dogs from China.

The decision was made after the group saw the horrendous conditions in which golden retrievers were being kept in China.

Although there were several delays in the mission due to the pandemic and other things, the team was able to rescue 20 goldens from meat markets in China.

The dogs range from 1-8 years old and all have now been adopted to new homes in Palm Beach Gardens.

“With the help of the Taiwan , PETA, the China rescue that weve been working with, TCA, another organization in Chicago, we all came together and the dogs were fed, and they were given water and constantly 24-hour care while they were held up in their facility,” rescue coordinator Kristine Minerva told WSVN.

Golden Retrievers Rescued From China Meat Market Brought To South Florida

MIAMI Twenty golden retrievers rescued from a meat market in China now have homes in South Florida.

They arrived Sunday in Miami to meet their loving forever families.

A South Florida rescue organization raised $60,000 to bring them to the U.S.

“This is the happiest day in 2020 for me. The fact that we’ve been waiting so long for these dogs to arrive, it’s been such a long journey and to have her here means everything. It truly is making our year,” said Katie Brown, who adopted one of the dogs.

Once the dogs got a check-up, a quick bath and some snacks, they were ready to go home with their new families.

The rescue coordinator said the event was six months in the making with work bringing the dogs to the U.S. starting in June.

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Goldens Without Borders Rescue

With a Golden Retriever rescue in every state and more than 80 Golden Retriever rescues in the U.S., we saw a great need to help the thousands of Goldens that are killed each year in overseas countries from the horrific dog meat trade.

We are exclusively an international rescue and we rely on both passenger and cargo flights to safely transport our rescued Goldens home to America. We are a 5013 nonprofit run entirely on donations and 100% by volunteers. We are a foster based rescue with no physical location and no paid staff. We are a platinum member on GuideStar for our transparency.

The Decline Of Dog Meat

Florida adopters rescue 20 golden retrievers from China ...

Millions of dogs are killed for their meat every year.

Dog meat is eaten a number of countries around the world, but its most popular in a handful of Asian countries, including China, South Korea, and Vietnam. However, attitudes towards the trade are changing.

At the beginning of this month, one of South Koreas biggest dog meat markets in Busan closed down. Local authorities reportedly came to an agreement with the markets 19 dog meat sellers to end their businesses this month.

The news comes after a 2018 survey revealed 70 percent of South Koreans believe they wont eat dog meat in the future.

Progress is also being made in Vietnam. Last October, the nations capital Hanoi announced a ban on dog meat, which will come into effect in 2021.

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Choosing A Golden Retriever Rescue

Your first consideration should be the location. After all, adopting a Golden Retriever from your home state will prove less challenging than adopting a dog on the other side of the country. Once youve selected a couple of Rescue groups to approach, make sure they have reasonable Goldens to match you with. After this, grill the groups for knowledge. Ensure that youre dealing with experts. Refrain from dealing with Rescue groups who lack insight into their dogs. They should be able to tell you when the dogs were last vaccinated and whether or not they are spayed or neutered. When youre comfortable with your chosen Rescue, schedule a meet-and-greet with their dogs. Oh, and more thing, some Golden Rescue leaders grow attached to their dogs and have difficulty parting ways. So make sure that they are as comfortable with you as you are with them.

Golden Retriever Rescue groups and organizations differ in many ways, so gather all information before committing to a Golden Retriever adoption group of any kind. To aid your search, weve compiled a list of the best Golden Retriever Rescues in the United States. All of the Golden Rescues on this page have been prescreened online. We collected Google reviews and Facebook feedback to come up with this list. In the future, well be adding interviews as well.

Almost Heaven Golden Retriever Rescue And Sanctuary Inc


Almost Heaven Golden Retriever Rescue and Sanctuary, Inc. is a 501 non-profit organization in Capon Bridge, West Virginia. This Rescue has Golden Retrievers of all ages available for loving homes. All of their dogs are spayed or neutered, vaccinated, and have received heartworm prevention.

Almost Heaven is dedicated to giving every Golden Retriever a proper, loving home. They only have a few nice reviews online, but they appear to be a credible organization with good intentions. You can contact this Golden Rescue by phone or email. If you want to visit their headquarters, youll need to make an appointment first.

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The Only Hope For These Dogs Is Finding Homes In Other Countries Like The United States

An estimated 10 million dogs are killed and consumed each year in China. The majority of dogs who end up at slaughterhouses are stolen pets and retired breeding dogs. Dogs are rarely leashed in China and are easily snatched from their owners and forced into a waiting car. Golden Retrievers are one of the meat trades most popular dog breeds.

Volunteers in China are working hard to save these dogs from a terrifying fate. They approach butcher shop owners when they see a dog tied up behind the premises and plead for the dogs release. Other rescuers watch for large trucks filled with stolen dogs en route to the slaughterhouses and do their best to stop them. But the volume is overwhelming.

In late February, a RAGOM volunteer traveled to Beijing to answer a plea for help. In China, rescuers are inundated with Golden Retrievers who have been saved from these restaurants, meat trucks, and slaughterhouses. Nicole was there to make connections with local rescuers and to bring dogs back to Minnesota.

Once rescued, dogs are housed by kindly volunteers in China. However, the facilities are full beyond capacity, sometimes housing as many as 500 1,000 dogs. Adoption of larger breeds, which are still banned in many areas of China, is not likely.

The dogs only hope is to find homes in other countries. Dog rescue organizations around the world are answering the call to get these dogs out of China and into adoptive homes. RAGOM has joined this effort.

Things To Consider When Adopting A Golden Retriever From A Rescue

South Florida rescue group finds homes for 20 golden retrievers from China

Golden retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds available today, and its not hard to guess why! Goldens are friendly, loving, beautiful, and incredibly gentle with people of all ages.

However, rescuing a golden retriever from a golden retriever rescue is a bit different from adopting a young puppy from a breeder. There are things you should consider before adopting a golden retriever at all, too. Well go over all the reasons why in this guide.

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