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How To Get Golden Retriever Puppy To Stop Biting

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Teach Your Puppy That Biting Means Game Over

Puppy Biting: How To Train Your Golden Retriever Puppy To Stop Biting

If your puppy bites you while playing, that means playtime is over, with no exceptions. Yelling at or physically punishing your puppy, as strange as it sounds, is also a type of reward. It teaches them that biting gets some kind of response from you, which is known as positive punishment. This can also make them fearful of being handled. Instead, teach them that biting will get them nothing. Kathy Santo, dog trainer and columnist for AKC Family Dog, suggests turning around and tucking your hands into your armpits.

Its actually a calming signal and a minor form of attention withdrawal, she says. And be careful not to roughhouse with your young pup in ways that only encourage them to lose control and bite you.

Calm Your Puppy To Stop Him Biting

The next priority is to keep your puppy calm. Overexcited puppies bite harder and more frequently than less excited puppies. If your puppy is a really enthusiastic biter, dont engage him in rough and tumble play. This will merely start the biting up all over again. There are lots of ways to interact with puppies without physically playing with them. Check out our article on playing safely with your dog.

Why Your Dog Should Not Jump Up When Greeting People

If your dog is beyond the puppy stage and still jumping up on people, it needs to stop. There are so many reasons why jumping up should not be tolerated. Here are a few, and Im sure you can think of more if you try.

  • Your dogs paws are often dirty, and nobody appreciates muddy paw prints on their clothes .
  • Your dogs nails could potentially rip clothing or skin.
  • There are children smaller than your golden retriever that get easily knocked over. There are also children who are afraid of dogs. A dog who jumps could traumatize or hurt them.
  • Your full-grown retriever could easily knock over a healthy adult, but you should be especially concerned with the elderly, infirm, and disabled who could suffer real harm if knocked down. Not only would you feel terrible, but you could also face a lawsuit.

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Rewarding Your Puppy With Attention After Biting

Puppies bite to get your attention and to initiate play. Any attention that you give your puppy after they bite you will seem like a reward to your puppy, and the biting will just continue.

Yelling at your puppy, pushing them away, talking to your puppy, or even looking at them is giving them the attention that they want. Dont fall victim to their trap, when your puppy bites you, get up and walk away.

Dogs Most And Least Likely To Bite


All dogs have a propensity to bite but the breeds that have a reputation for biting or are most likely to bite include German Shepherds, American Pit Bull Terrier, Mastiffs, Rotties, Doberman Pinscher and more.

If youre curious, heres a list of the 10 most dangerous dog breeds, according to dog bite attacks. I guarantee you will be surprised at some of the dog breeds on that list!

Breeds that are known to be among the most docile include Labradors, Basset Hounds, Portuguese Mountain Dogs, Bulldogs, Beagles, Irish Setters, Pugs, and Newfoundlands. Oh, and of course, the Golden Retriever!

But dog breeds aside, every dog is an individual dog and you need to treat him or her as such. Just because your neighbors Golden Retriever is the friendliest dog in the world doesnt mean your other friends Golden will be.

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Teaching Bite Inhibition To Your Golden Retriever Puppy

Your golden retriever puppy is as friendly as can be great with kids, respectful of other dogs, and not overly attentive to your cat.

Sure puppies bite, and yes, it really hurts, but youve been told over and over again that goldens are the most gentle of family pets. One of their best qualities is that when theyve grown out of the exuberant puppy stage, they will never show aggression, right? Wrong!

Yes, golden retrievers are known for their good-natured demeanor, but they are still dogs not so very far removed from their wild cousins, and they can be unpredictable when faced with stressful, disturbing, or frightening situations.

One of our jobs as responsible dog owners, of course, is to keep our dogs safe, but we may not always be able to protect them, and we may not always be able to prevent them from biting through fear or when in pain.

What we can do is teach them bite inhibition when theyre young so that a potentially dangerous situation will not result in you losing your dog forever.

How To Stop Your Golden Retriever From Biting

Fortunately, there are many different ways of training your dog to not bite. Whatever you do, however, know that is always a good idea to start the training when your dog is still a puppy.

Their biting behavior is probably annoying you right now, but the good news is that golden retrievers are known to be fast learners! Dogs are creatures of habit and before training them into any kind of behavior, you need to set a routine and clearly define tasks.

Following are some highly successful and productive ways to channel your golden retrievers energy. But prior to following any of these, you will have to establish yourself as a pack leader. In other words, your dog should see you as someone it can receive commands from.

  • A decent supply of treats
  • Water spray bottle

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When Do Golden Retrievers Stop Biting

Stop your Golden Retriever Dog Biting Today! It can be very frustrating when dogs bite, however it is possible to stop your dog biting today.

If a dog starts biting at a young age and it is not resolved then it can become much more serious when the dog gets older, it’s only a matter of time before you lose your dog because of this.

Help is at hand however, if you address the problem early on then you can get to the root of the problem and stop it happening.

Dogs are pack animals, and so they have certain instincts. Dogs will bite each other to determine who is dominant.

When you take a new dog into your home you may think of him as a member of your family, he will think of you as a member of his pack. Even though you are human your dog will still think of you as a member of his pack. Your dog is simply doing what comes naturally and finding out where his place is in your pack.

Dog biting is normally noticed early on in a dog’s life, this might not seem very serious as they might just mouth or nip people in your family. This means that your puppy is already trying to find his position in the pack. Many people think that this is cute however it must be stopped as soon as possible before it is allowed to progress.

When a puppy gets a little older he will start play biting, again this may seem quite cute, however he is showing you that he is in control and that you had better buck your ideas up!

Golden Retrievers And Kids


Additionally, if you have kids in your house, youll need to also teach your kids to interact properly with your Golden Retriever. Teach your kids not to hurt the puppy with rough play. This can include pulling on the tails or ears, riding the dog, or pushing.

If your main concern is that your Golden Retriever may intentionally or accidentally bite your child, then youre not alone. Considering how big Goldens are, its a fair concern and an issue that many parents are worried about.

We have 2 young kids, and teaching them to be calm when the dog gets excited is essential. You have to train both kids and the dog at the same time.


So are Golden Retrievers safe for kids? The short answer is yes, Goldens are safe for households with small children. In fact, Golden Retrievers are in their element when theyre with children. Theyre good with other dogs and cats in the household too!

However, for the dog to treat your children with respect, the kids need to treat the dog with respect too. And if your children arent old enough to understand this concept, then its best to wait until theyre a bit older.

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Golden Retriever Biting Tail

Obsessive compulsive disorders have been in the news a lot recently, but did you know that your Golden Retriever dog can also suffer from them. These are very unhealthy behaviors and can cause problems both physically and psychologically. There are a number of different repetitive behaviors including dog biting tail, digging, and barking.

Why do golden retrievers bite tail? People seem to recognize that a dog biting tail is a serious problem, even if he does it more often than other dogs it may be simply put down to a quirk. Some think that chasing a tail is simply because the dog is playing and improving his flexibility and agility.

In other cases some people are concerned about the problem, but the only suggestion they have is to cut the tail off. This wouldn’t resolve the problem as the dog would just chase his rear end. The tail isn’t actually causing the problem, it’s just that he wants something to chase.

Sometimes Golden Retriever dog biting tail is only caused because the pup is temporarily obsessed when he learns that he has his very own tail. In this case it’s nothing to worry about, however if it becomes frequent then you need to start to worry. If it becomes an obsession then you really need to get some advice.

You may find that your dog only does it when he is bored, or when he doesn’t have your complete undivided attention.

Enroll In A Puppy Class

An AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy class or another well-run local class will provide your puppy with the chance to socialize with other dogs.

Teaching your little manic play biter to be polite with their mouth may seem like a huge challenge at first. Patience and consistency are the keys. Some puppies may back off during one play session, and come at you teeth first in the next.

Play biting does not mean your puppy is vicious, says Dr. Jerry Klein, AKCs chief veterinary officer. However, if you havent been able to moderate the behavior by the time theyre six months old, its a good idea to consult an experienced dog trainer or animal behavior specialist.

AKC is a participant in affiliate advertising programs designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to If you purchase a product through this article, we may receive a portion of the sale.

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First And Foremost Remove The Reward

To your dog, the obvious reward for jumping up is getting up-close-and-personal with you or the person they are greeting.

Your dog wants your attention and jumping up is their way of demanding it. And if they get any good or bad then thats the reward. And they will do it again next time.

Therefore, when your dog jumps, remove all attention, both positive or negative.

Do not look at your dog, do not reach your hands out to push them away. Simply walk past or away from them, and go about your business.

This may leave your dog wondering what happened. It may also encourage your dog to try new tactics. But only when your dog puts all four feet on the floor to greet you should you turn to them and offer up treats, pets, and calm praise.

Do not offer up too much excitement, which may cause your dog to jump up again. If this happens, go back to ignoring your dog. Theyre smart, and eventually theyll get it. Eventually they will twig that if they jump, they get ignored, if theyre calm and remain on the ground, they get what they want.

Only four on the floor should earn any form attention from you!

And we shall discuss a little later, you must do this every time, all the time. Never, not once, can you encourage or reward jumping. If you do, it will never end.

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He is bitting very aggressively we are trainings him saying No but he is continuously bitting he is not listen anyone is coming he is bitting everyone playing time is different we know but he doesnt play he just bite everyone and now we are scared because his teeth is hurting us

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How To Stop Puppy Biting And Train Bite Inhibition American

Not Teaching Your Puppy Bite Inhibition Dont fall victim to their trap, when your puppy bites you, get up and walk away. Not Teaching

Mothers teach their pups bite inhibition when theyre young, and you can always train them at any age not to bite. To understand more why does your own golden

Train Them to Refrain From Biting You may be home-training them or sending them they learn their lessons of not biting any human.

How Do Puppies Learn Abi

The only way for puppies to learn ABI is to bite, and bite often.

The best teachers are other dogs.

Heres a very simplified version of how it works out in the real world:

If a puppy is playing with her littermate and play bites her too hard, the other puppy is going to stop playing with her and walk away.

The puppy is disappointed that playtime is over and they think that maybe they shouldnt bite so hard.

Next time they bite a little less hard and playtime continues.

This is how they learn ABI.

Obviously, it takes a lot of repetition of this scenario to happen for a puppy to learn not to bite so hard, but this is essentially how it works out.

But what happens when theyre taken away from their littermates at two months old?

Thats where you come in!

Yes, you will need to help teach your puppy ABI.

You can do this two ways:

  • Set up puppy playdates and take them to puppy kindergarten so other puppies can teach them ABI.
  • Let them know when theyre biting too hard and respond properly.
  • More on teaching your puppy ABI in a second, but heres the final thing to know about ABI: its time-sensitive.

    If a puppy hasnt learned it by the time theyre 4.5-6 months old, theyll likely never learn it, which could make them a dangerous adult dog.

    Alright now that we know why puppies bite, and how important it is, lets dive into how to appropriately stop it while also teaching ABI.

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    So What Should You Do About Puppy Biting

    • If your puppy bites you, you need to ignore the behavior and remove *yourself* from the interaction, with no drama.
    • Note: You are not putting your puppy in a time out. That involves way too much time, talking, and attention to be an effective punishment. You are either ignoring the behavior or removing yourself from it.
  • That means play is over, fun is over, attention is over. Be as non-dramatic as possible.
  • If the behavior is hard for you to ignore, go behind a door or baby gate where your puppy does not have access to continue nipping at you.
  • If your puppy tries to nip at you when you return, remove yourself again.
  • You should see a major decrease in the intensity of biting as well as the amount of biting attempts within a few days.
  • Use A Taste Deterrent

    How To Stop My Golden Retriever Puppy From Biting

    You may or may not have heard of Bitter Apple Spray, this stuff is a godsend to all puppy owners. It is a taste deterrent that prevents your puppy from chewing or biting on things they shouldnt. Most puppy owners will spray this stuff on their furniture so that their pup doesnt chew on it.

    Bitter Apple Spray can also be used to prevent your puppy from nipping and biting at you. Before you interact with your puppy, spray it on your arms, legs, pant legs, or sleeves, anywhere that your puppy likes to nip at you. Once your puppy bites at you, he will get a bad taste in his mouth and will stop.

    Bitter Apple Spray may not work on all puppies, some may actually develop a taste for it. I know that when my Golden Retriever Ellie was a pup this stuff worked amazingly well, but as she got older she developed a taste for bitter things such as crab apples which are extremely sour and she once sucked on a vinegar packet that was lying on the ground!

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    How Stop Golden Retriever From Biting

    Now the big question is how to train a golden retriever puppy not to bite? and how to stop golden retriever from biting?. The most basic thing that you may do is to pretend to be their mother dog, meaning you teach them when they are really hard in their bites. The point is how you teach them. Well, you could yell at them, and yell loudly, every time they bite. In your yells, you could mention NO, STOP, or DONT BITE. Gradually, they would realize that biting doesnt go well you and they must stop doing that. Besides, you could always assert on your Golden retriever that you are the master. This assertion could be through sudden removal of your Golden retrievers food so as to startle them. They would realize that to get food, they have to obey you.

    To stop biting behavior in your Golden retrievers, you should take care of one very important aspect never pull back when they bite you. It gives them the impression that they dominate. Rather when they bite, you should move forward towards them as if to intimidate them, making a fierce eye connection and scaring them. If they rip you clothes, just roll them over their body and pin them there for few minutes to embezzle them as to what happened. They would take care not to repeat that.

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