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Second Chance Golden Retriever Rescue

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What Is Grr Membership And How Do I Join

Golden retriever gets second chance

GRR is staffed entirely by volunteers, people who love Goldens and want to help other Goldens get a second chance at a happy life. Members contribute what they are best able to give: providing foster homes, transporting, exercising or bathing dogs, answering phones, home visits, fundraising, data entry and record keeping, helping at special events, etc.

We welcome your interest and encourage you to visit our website for more information about GRR, our activities or Golden Retrievers in general. The membership fee is $40 per year. Of course, donations are gratefully accepted and are tax deductible.

Gold Ribbon Rescue does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, gender expression, age, ancestry, disability, sexual orientation or military status, in any of its activities or operations.

Second Chance Golden Retriever Rescue 56

lazzaroo 路 07/08/2019 20:15

Anyone have any experience with this organisation? Am looking to adopt a young dog, rather than buy a puppy. These guys rescue from abroad but it seems they stay abroad until adopted so no chance to meet before taking them. They assess them but I have 2 children so really need the right dog. Just wondering if anyone has any stories of adopting a dog from abroad in this way.

xxxCheshireMumxxX 路 07/08/2019 20:40

I don’t know about this company but I know you can apply for a failed guide dog for 拢200, they are trained & usually under one, failed for all kinds of reasons, could be they don’t like shiny surfaces, or flashing lights, anything that small. & the money goes to the trust which is great 馃檪

lazzaroo 路 07/08/2019 20:53

Thanks for the reply. I did register to re-home an unsuccessful guide dog. Applied nearly 3 months ago. I think if you don’t hear anything in 6 months then you’re unsuccessful. They don’t get in touch with you unless they have a dog for you. It would be perfect but I’m not very hopeful!

Hoppinggreen 路 08/08/2019 11:45

I am a member of a national GR group and I think a couple of people have adopted from there BUT they dont have dcWith children the age yours are I wouldnt adopt from abroad or from anywhere where I couldnt meet the dog multiple times before deciding if it was suitable

basquiatfan 路 08/08/2019 14:33

lazzaroo 路 08/08/2019 16:42

Cherrypies 路 08/08/2019 19:07

Second Chance Retriever Rescue

made this Freedom of Information request to Animal and Plant Health Agency This request has been closed to new correspondence. Contact us if you think it should be reopened.

We’re waiting for to read recent responses and update the status.

Dear Animal and Plant Health Agency,

Im requesting information on the seizure of 20 dogs on the 5th of February 2020. The dogs were imported by Second Chance Retriever Rescue, consigned to Tonew Kennels in Wales. As the circumstances of each animal imported amounts to a summary charge under Order 1974, I trust a prosecution would follow. Please can you confirm whether a prosecution will be sought in this case.

If data can not be provided on this particular case, please provide information on the number of canines seized on entry to the UK from Coquelles, on the 5th of February 2020.

Please also provide the number of these cases which have resulted in a prosecution.

Yours faithfully,

Thank you for your request for information about imported dogs, which we received on 06 May 2020. Your request is being considered in respect to the access to information legislation.

As required by the legislation, we aim to answer your request within 20 working days from the date we received it. If for any reason we are unable to meet this deadline we will keep you fully informed of the reasons for this.




Please confirm this is how you wish to proceed and we will begin the process?

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Is Grr A Kennel Facility

Gold Ribbon Rescue does not own or operate a kennel facility, nor do we provide services as a shelter facility. All of our dogs in foster care are homed in individual volunteer foster homes within the Central Texas area. Individual dog meets occur only once an applicant is approved as an adoptive home, and our matchmakers have matched the needs of an available foster dog with the needs of the approved adoptive home.

Individuals who have successfully completed the adoption process move to the approved applicants list in the order applications are approved priority is not given to any one approved applicant.

How Do I Adopt A Rescue Dog

Golden Retriever Rescue of El Paso offers 2nd chance

The first step is to fill out the adoption application on our website. Prospective owners are carefully screened before they are allowed to adopt a dog. GRR has a three-step interview process, which consists of two phone interviews and a home visit. We want to make sure that a Golden Retriever is for you theyre not for everyone! We encourage you to read about the golden breed prior to making a decision to adopt a golden. Many books are available and we recommend The Golden Retriever by Jeffery Pepper and Second Hand Dog by Carol Lea Benjamin.

Adoptions are followed up by calls and visits by a GRR volunteer. Assistance and advice is offered to help the adoptive family and rescue dog adjust to each other. We work very hard to ensure every GRR dog tale will have a happy ending.

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Am I Prepared For The Financial Burden Of Veterinary Care Quality Food Proper Equipment And Training For The Next 10

The Humane Society estimates that it costs owners about $850 per year to feed and care for a dog the size of a Golden Retriever. Every dog needs year-round heartworm preventative and an annual check-up by a veterinarian including inoculations. Some dogs have health problems that require continuing medication or surgery. All dogs deserve a healthy diet of well-balanced dog food formulated for their needs. They also need a collar, leash, comb, brush, toys and food and water bowls. Owners must license their dogs according to local regulations. GRR strongly recommends that the adoptive family attend obedience classes with their Golden, as it will greatly improve the quality of life for both pet and owner.

Does My Lifestyle Permit Me To Care For Train And Spend Quality Time With A Pet

Goldens demand love from their owners, and a rescued dog often needs extra patience and affection to overcome problems created in its earlier life. They must be groomed regularly, exercised daily, and trained to be good citizens. A busy household, where people are seldom home and always in a rush, is not a good home for a sociable Golden Retriever.

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Does Grr Buy Dogs

Because of the unchecked breeding of many dogs and the failure to spay/neuter most pets, the golden population has grown to dismal proportions. In addition, most Goldens are sold by persons who do not take the time to educate the buyers about the care of large dogs, do not require spay/neuter contracts and do not provide health guarantee contracts for the lifetime of the animal.

“Puppy Mills” and irresponsible backyard breeding will continue as long as they are profitable and we do not contribute to their success by buying their dogs. We only pay appropriate shelter and impound/adoption fees.

Working With Other Rescue Groups

Golden Retriever Rescued After Falling in Icy Pond #shorts

While GRR’s rescue and rehoming efforts are localized to the Central Texas area, due to large influxes of Goldens and a shortage of foster space, we do at times reach out to other Golden Retriever Rescue groups both within and outside of the state of Texas.

In building reciprocal working relationships with other Golden Retriever rescue groups with similar policies, we increase our ability to reach out to a greater number of dogs than we could as a single organization.

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Raised Of 200 Goal 0 Donor

Hi Everyone

My name is Gill & last year my hubby & I had the privilege of adopting a Romanian doggy saved by Second Chance Golden Retriever Rescue . This organisation is a not for profit rescue who saves the lives of dogs across the Balkan States. These poor dogs often suffer untold cruelty and horrific abuse, with many enduring brutal deaths in kill shelters.

One day last summer SCGR tweeted a heartfelt appeal to find a home for a 13/14 year old little boy with a heart murmur who is also blind due to traumatic eye injuries and untreated illness. It is that very boy who now brings light and joy into our lives every day, and he is one of the lucky ones…

For every life saved, there even are more dogs needing our help and here’s where my challenge starts. It is 20 weeks from now , to Christmas week and over these 20 weeks I aim to lose 40lbs to raise some much needed funds for the Rescue: Namely a “20 week/ 40lb challenge!!“A member of the SCGR team will monitor progress throughout, to ensure I continue with the challenge.

Losing an average of 2lb per week, every week for 5 months means NO falling off track, NO excuses and keeping focused every single day. Each pound raised will help save a dog’s life, a life which deserves to be safe, happy and free from harm. So please, even contributing just 50p or 拢1 will help to raise money to save these innocent souls from the brutal & inhumane lives they now endure.

Thank you so much for your generosity, it’s pawsome!!

What Services Does Grr Provide

GRR accepts dogs that are identifiable as Golden Retrievers. Rescued dogs are taken to a licensed veterinarian to receive a thorough check-up. Necessary treatment is performed including inoculations, medication, heartworm treatment or preventative, flea/tick preventative and worming. Intact animals over 6 months old are spayed or neutered.

A GRR volunteer or private kennel houses the dog until a suitable adoptive home can be found. This foster care may include housebreaking, crate and leash training, and some basic obedience. The behavior of the dog in a friendly environment is evaluated for adoption placement.

Rescued dogs are offered for adoption to qualified families. The adoption fee charged for the dog helps cover the costs of its care. If a dog is physically or temperamentally unsound and cannot reasonably be rehabilitated, it is euthanized.

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What Are Rescue Dogs Like

No two dogs, even of the same breed, are ever alike. All of our rescue dogs are friendly, wonderful dogs that desperately need love, attention and a second chance at life. Many are housebroken and some have obedience training. Most rescue dogs are between 6 months-10 years old. A common misconception about older dogs is that they are untrainable Goldens, however, are so eager to please that they are very trainable at any age. They may actually learn more easily when they are older, more mature and less puppylike.

Many rescue dogs come from owners who no longer want to care for them. Usually, these people bought a cute fluffy puppy without realizing the cute puppy would soon become a large, hairy, adult dog who would need lots of time, training, love and attention. This is often when they decide to get rid of the dog because they dont have time for it. Occasionally owners have to place their Goldens because of allergies or because they are moving somewhere the dog will not be welcome.

The rest of our dogs come in as strays from shelters. Occasionally we are able to shut down a puppy mill or backyard breeding operation. One such special rescue was the Tie a Gold Ribbon rescue in 1998, which resulted in the rescue of nearly 100 dogs! We do not place known biters or growlers. Any dog will bite if provoked enough, but any dog we know to be aggressive is not placed through our program.

Never To Be Forgotten

Golden Rescue


Trustee, Treasurer, Secretary and more

Fully active right up to the last minute possible, eventually, Belinda gave in and retired from her many and varied duties for which IRR owed her a true debt of gratitude.

Sadly, her retirement was short-lived as her health deteriorated and she, very sadly, passed away on 11th April 2019.

This website is dedicated to her memory.

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Golden Knights To The Golden Rescue

Toni Gonzales

Known for their friendliness, Goldens are sought after in America as companion dogs and in South Korea, but for dreadful reasons.

*Disclaimer: Content described in this article may be disturbing to some readers, especially dog lovers.

Dani Roth remembers the application well. But then again, Dani remembers most, if not all, of those who apply to adopt a dog from her organization, Retriever Rescue of Las Vegas.

From the looks of it, all appeared to be a good fit for the black-haired Golden Retriever known as Habong. The applicant had another golden named Brucie in the home she shared with her boyfriend of six years. There was plenty of space to accommodate a second dog. Everything else was lining up for the raven haired dog. It was time to schedule a meet and greet for Habong and his potential brother Brucie, mom Ariana Alston and dad Shea. Shea Theodore, number 27 of the Las Vegas Golden Knights that is.

On one hand I was pretty much speechless, but at the same time it didnt change anything. When it comes to adopting a dog, its about the dog and the best fit for their first household, says Dani, when recounting the phone call.

For Mariana it was already a done deal from the first time she saw Habong on social media. I just immediately fell in love with him, she says.

She applied quickly and then told Shea.

Once Max made his Vegas residency official on social media others soon followed. That was true for Madison Grace.

Welcome To Golden Retriever Rescue Southern Nevada

We are a passionate, dedicated, all-volunteer rescue. Each year we take in 100-200 Golden Retrievers and Golden mixes, and give them a second chance for a happy life. We pride ourselves in never turning away any dog that needs us no matter what their age or medical condition may be. Any help you can give is greatly appreciated. Whether its opening up your home to foster a dog waiting for a forever home, transporting a dog to a new home or a vet appointment, or wrapping gifts for us at Christmasno gesture or donation is too small! All donations go toward our ever-increasing vet bills, so we can continue to help every dog that comes to us. Thank you for your support. With your help, we will try to save the world one Golden at a time!

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Do I Have The Facilities To Keep A Golden Retriever

An adult Golden of 60-80 pounds is a big hairy handful! They shed their beautiful coats, sometimes profusely, and are not suited to the immaculate housekeeper. Goldens are happiest living in the house, with the family, so they must be housebroken and trained to obey the house rules. Owners must be willing to keep their dog in the house while they are away. GRR recommends crating or baby-gating a golden until it is trustworthy and can be allowed free roam in your home.

Goldens need regular exercise to stay healthy. GRRs fence policy is as follows: GRR requires a fenced yard . If GRR makes an exception to allow an apartment dweller to adopt without a fence you must live on the ground floor or have access to an elevator for the dog. GRR does not accept an invisible fence as an appropriate fence. Additionally, GRR may consider placing a dog age 8 or older in a residence without a fence. Note: a slightly younger dog may be considered on a case-by-case basis. .

Second Chance At A Loving Life

Firefighter rescues golden retriever from icy Colorado pond

Happy Holidays from Grateful Goldens Rescue

Each year we create a Holiday Season Donations page on our website to acknowledge your generous donations to Grateful Goldens Rescue made during the holiday season. If you would like to make a donation “In Honor of” or “In Memory of” a special someone or pet, please click the Donate button below and provide the personal message you would like displayed by clicking on the “Add special instructions to GGR” or it may be emailed to .

From our hearts ~ Thank You!

Wishing you and your family a very Happy Holiday Season!

Click to visit our Holiday Season Donations Page

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Giving Every Dog A Second Chance

Dogs come into our Rescue for a variety of reasons. Quite often dogs are surrendered by their owners because of changes in family circumstances. Others are abandoned and collected by Dog Wardens to be taken to the Pounds. All dogs that come into our care are examined, spayed or neutered and microchipped. Those dogs arriving from Eire or other parts of Europe are also given mandatory vaccinations and necessary legal documentation before travelling with registered dog transporters to the UK.On arrival, they are placed in foster care for a short period. This allows the fosterer to assess the dog who may need time to settle into their new environment before their true personality fully emerges. Where possible, it is important that their interaction with children and other animals, especially cats, is fully evaluated.

This helps to ensure they are placed in the most appropriate forever home.

While our primary mission is to rescue dogs from Eire, which we actively seek through our full-time Ireland Coordinator and her team, when asked to assist in rehoming dogs from other countries in Europe, including the UK, if we have sufficient funds and foster homes available we are always willing to help a dog in need.

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