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What Can I Feed My Golden Retriever Puppy

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Feeding Guide For Mature Adult Golden Retrievers: 6 Years And Older

bringing home my 8 week old golden retriever puppy! (first days)

You should feed the mature adult Golden Retriever food that has been formulated to improve their quality of life, increase their life expectancy, and increase their overall health.

Older dogs are prone to age-related health problems. A good diet is essential to minimize the possibility of becoming frail with age.

See our recommendation on the best food for the mature adult Golden Retriever below:

Think About Your Dog’s Activity Level

Active dogs will need more calories than less active dogs, so be sure to choose a food that matches your dog’s activity level. If you are not sure how many calories your dog needs, talk to your veterinarian.

Now that you know what to look for in a food, here are our picks for the 20 best dog food for golden retrievers:

The Honest Kitchen Human Grade Dehydrated Organic Whole Grain Chicken

Primary Ingredients: Dehydrated Chicken, Organic Barley, Dehydrated Potatoes, Organic Flaxseed, Organic Oats, Dehydrated Peas

The Honest Kitchen dehydrated dog food is an excellent option for owners who like to avoid dry kibble. That may be because they have a senior Golden Retriever who is struggling with dental issues or feel that dehydrated food options are healthier. This particular food contains real protein and essential nutrients that can benefit dogs of all ages.

Customer Review: This is real food! When we first got our puppy, she wouldnt eat anything, even human food. Once we got this, she became a food-crazed puppy!

Rating: 4.4/5

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Eagle Pack Adult Large And Giant Breed Dog Food


Eagle Pack Large and Giant Breed is one of 7 dry recipes evaluated in our review of the Eagle Pack product line.

  • First 5 ingredients: Chicken meal, pork meal, ground brown rice, oatmeal, rice
  • Type: Grain-inclusive
  • Profile: Maintenance
  • Best for:Adult goldens

Eagle Pack Large and Giant Breed Adult obtains most of its animal protein from chicken meal and pork meal. Dry matter label analysis reveals the recipe contains 28% protein, 13% fat and 51% estimated carbs resulting in a fat-to-protein ratio of about 48%.

We like the inclusion of multiple probiotics to promote healthy digestion and flaxseed to help deliver above-average omega fatty acid content for better joint health. Highly recommended.

Sample buyer reviewWe used grain free before, but the risks led us to go wheat/soy free instead. Eagle Pack is fantastic. Our 6 year old Lab loves it and her coat is shiny shes eaten nothing but Eagle Pack since she was 4. She is a very active dog who retrieves every day, yet she thrives on amounts at the low end of Eagle Packs recommendation. Of the super dog foods, EP is consistently less expensive and yet we find it fully equal in taste and performance to the most expensive brands. We are committed users.

How Do I Keep My Golden Retrievers Coat Shiny

Royal Canin Golden Retriever Puppy Feeding Guide

The most important thing you can do to keep your golden retriever’s coat shiny is to feed them a high-quality diet. Golden retrievers are prone to allergies, so it’s important to find a food that doesn’t contain any fillers or artificial ingredients.

You should also make sure that the best dog food for golden retrievers that you’re feeding them has plenty of omega-fatty acids, as these will help to keep their coat healthy and lustrous. Finally, regular brushing will also help to remove any dead hair and promote new growth.

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Royal Canin Golden Retriever Adult Dog Food

Royal Canin Golden Retriever Adult Dog Food is specifically tailored to Golden Retrievers. It contains nutritious ingredients that target healthy skin and coat, cardiac function, and ideal weight. This is another top choice of our staff veterinarians.

Below is a feeding chart for Royal Canin Golden Retriever adult dog food.

Royal Canin Golden Retriever Adult Feeding Chart

5- 6 5/8 Cups Per Day
88 lbs. 5 ¼ 6 7/8 Cups Per Day

If you are looking for a dog food that gets down to the precise amounts, then Royal Canin is for you. They are extremely specific on the weight of your Golden Retriever and the number of cups per day.

The range of amount of food can be explained by your dogs average activity level. If your Goldens activity is very high , you should feed them the higher amount. If their activity for the day is lower, you can feed them the lower amount that day. Normal house pets, going on occasional walks should start with the lower end of the range.

General Golden Retriever Adult Food

Overfeeding your Golden Retriever can lead to obesity and health problems, so make sure you are keeping them on a healthy, scheduled diet to help them live their best life. Below is a general feeding chart for adult Golden Retrievers.

Golden Retriever Adult Feeding Chart

Nursing Females 5 to 6 Cups Per Day

This is a general feeding chart guideline. Be sure to consult with your veterinarian to find the best feeding schedule for you and your Golden. They will be able to tell you exactly how much to feed your Golden based on their individual dietary needs.

Feeding your Golden Retriever high-quality food will give them the best nutritional value to live a healthy life. Cheaper dog foods have a lot of fillers in them that provide them no nutritional value, so you may have to feed them more of it for a meal.

Always look on the back of the dog food for their recommended feeding chart and give your Golden those amounts. A visit with your veterinarian about which food is best can be extremely helpful also.

Below are some of our top choices of food with feeding charts.

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Dont Feed These Ingredients To Your Puppy

You should make sure that the following substances are not included in the formula that you are feeding your puppy:

  • Butylated Hydroxytoluene and Butylated Hydroxyanisole these substances are carcinogenic according to the World Health Organization
  • Ethoxyquin this chemical is used as a pesticide. You certainly dont want to feed pesticide to your pup. This substance is already banned in the EU and Australia.
  • Propylene Glycol this is used in some dog foods to preserve moisture. The FDA has banned the use of this substance in cat food since it causes anemia in felines.
  • Tertiary Butylhydroquinone according to research, this substance can cause cellular DNA damage and stomach tumors.
  • Propyl Gallate this is a type of xenoestrogen and it can therefore lead to certain types of cancers

In general, you should try to avoid artificial preservatives and flavorings as far as possible. On the other hand, natural preservatives such as tocopherols and ascorbates may not be harmful. In fact, tocopherols are a mixture of vitamin E while ascorbates are the derivatives of ascorbic acid which is also known as vitamin C.

Introduction To Feeding The Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever Puppy First Week Home – Professional Dog Training Tips

Most dog owners do not know how to properly feed their dogs.

Also, most dog owners overfeed their dogs.

That explains why 59 percent of dogs and cats are overweight, according to research.

Overfeeding your Golden Retriever will make your Golden Retriever overweight and obese. Obesity leads to worse health problems for your Golden Retriever.

Unfortunately, the Golden Retriever is a dog breed that can become overweight very easily.

Therefore, you need to pay careful attention to what you feed your Golden Retriever and how much food you feed your Golden Retriever.

Furthermore, when you overfeed your Golden Retriever, you waste dog food. Wasting dog food is the same as wasting money. Dog food is a recurring expenditure that adds up to a lot of money over the lifespan of your Golden Retriever.

When you feed your Golden Retriever the right type of food and the right amount of food, your Golden Retriever will be of the right body weight and the right body condition .

Similarly, underfeeding your Golden Retriever is as bad of a problem as overfeeding your Golden Retriever.

When you underfeed your Golden Retriever or feed your Golden Retriever an incomplete or unbalanced diet, you reduce your Golden Retriever`s quality of life.

The right amount of food that your Golden Retriever needs depends on six important factors.

This article will provide you with a detailed guide on how to properly feed your Golden Retriever based on the above factors as recommended by veterinarians.

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What Makes Food High

Dogs are omnivores, so a good dog food will have a mix of meat, grains, fruits, and vegetables.

Theyll have few preservatives, added sugar, salt, or artificial colors.

The protein will come from readily available sources such as chicken or beef, and not exotic or boutique sources like kangaroo or venison .

Make sure to choose a puppy food that is approved by the Association of American Feed Control Officials .

On the label, it will say is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles.

AAFCO has strict standards for dog food and decides whether or not it is suitable to be sold as advertised.

Now heres a common misconception about dog food: animal byproducts are bad.

According to the AKC, quality, regulated animal byproducts can be good for your dog.

These byproducts can include organ meats or entrails, which often contain more nutrients than, say, plain chicken breast.

Of course, some foods may contain non-regulated byproducts, like hooves, intestinal contents, or even manure, so its important that you choose a reputable dog food.

Another misconception is that dogs should eat grain-free diets.

As you saw in the second study mentioned above, that can actually be very harmful for your dog and cause DCM.

Human Foods Golden Retrievers Can Eat: And Those To Avoid

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It goes without saying that Golden Retrievers adore food. Most of us, including myself, feed our dogs whatever scraps we have. However, its important to keep in mind that not all foods are suitable for dogs. So, what human foods can Golden Retrievers eat?

Golden Retrievers can eat a range of human foods as long as theyre given in moderation. These include proteins, for example, lean meats and fish, such as beef, chicken, turkey, or salmon. They can also eat fruits and vegetables, cooked rice and pasta, and some dairy foods, such as plain yogurt.

Golden Retrievers can be prone to weight gain, which can lead to a variety of health problems. Its important to know what your dog can and cannot eat to keep him at a good weight. Some human foods, for example, can be harmful to your Golden, while others can be an excellent way to supplement his diet and help him live a long and healthy life.

This article will provide a list of 35 of the best human foods that your Golden Retriever can eat, as well as feeding tips and advice. Youll even discover which foods you shouldnt feed your dog because theyre poisonous.

So if you want to know all the human foods your Golden Retriever can eat, youll love this guide.

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Strong Bones And Optimal Growth With A Healthy Diet

The Goldie can be classed as a large breed. Puppies from this breed shouldn’t be given food that is too rich in calories so that they don’t grow too quickly. A consequence of the food containing too many calories can be the genetically determined final weight being reached or even exceeded earlier than expected, although the skeleton is not yet stable enough. This can be lead to misalignments of the limbs. Golden Retriever puppies need an adequate energy intake as well as a balanced supply of minerals, especially calcium and phosphorous.

In order to ensure healthy growth for Goldie puppies, the diet should be species-appropriate with a balanced proportion of calories, minerals, trace elements and vitamins.

Feeding recommendations for puppy food are based on the puppy’s current weight and the predicted weight of the dog as an adult. The weight of the parent animal of the same sex can be taken as a guideline. In addition, the quantity of food is adapted to the puppy’s activity level.

How Much Water Should A Golden Retriever Puppy Drink

Amount of food to feed my puppy?

Golden Retrievers are known to be naturally, highly active dogs and because of this, they drink a lot of water. In general, Golden Retriever puppies require approximately one-half cup of water every two hours. You should observe your puppy to ensure that he is drinking the right amount of water.

It is a good thing if your Golden Retriever gets lots of exercise and if he likes to drink a lot of water after getting exercise. They are a breed that is expected to be engaged in physical activity daily, so this is not an issue.

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Wellness Complete Health Large Breed Adult

Primary Ingredients: Deboned Chicken, Chicken Meal, Ground Brown Rice, Barley, Peas, Oats

Wellness Complete Health prepares its food to support all the needs of a large breed dog like a Golden Retriever. With high-quality proteins, essential vitamins and minerals, and wholesome grains, it can boost your dogs immunity, improve their coat, promote digestive health, and even protect their skin.

Customer Review: We highly recommend the Wellness dog food Our Golden Retrievers have healthy energy and coats.

Rating: 4.5/5

How Do I Transition My Golden Retriever Puppy To Eat A New Brand Of Dog Food

Sometimes, the brand of dog food a puppy eats from its breeder might not be available in your area. Or, you might simply want to switch to a different brand of food.

In either case, its important to make the transition slowly to avoid upsetting your puppys stomach. Below are some tips on how to do this:

  • Start by mixing the new food with the old food, gradually increasing the amount of new food while decreasing the amount of old food.
  • Feed your puppy small meals more often rather than large meals less often. This will help them digest the new food more easily.
  • Be patient! It can take a few weeks for your puppy to adjust to the new food.
  • Try to add treats or wet food to the mix to make it more appealing. If youre still having trouble, talk to your vet for more advice.
  • Its important to remember that changing your puppys diet without slowly transitioning them can cause serious health problems, so always make sure that the transition will be a slow and gradual one. This way, you can guarantee that your Golden Retriever puppy will not only be healthy, but happy as well!

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    How Many Meals Does A Golden Retriever Puppy Need

    Golden Retriever puppies have much smaller stomachs than adults. So, they wont be able to hold as much food all at once. This means their daily food allowance should be split into smaller, more frequent meals. Rather than just feeding them once in the morning and once in the evening, as you might plan to do eventually, their food will need to be split into 3 or even 4 portions, like so:

    • 8 12 weeks: 4 meals a day
    • 3 6 months: 3 meals a day
    • 6 12 months: 2 meals a day

    However, like the feeding charts, this should only be used as a guide. Some puppies will take a little longer until theyre ready for larger but less frequent meals. And, many owners will actually use a lot of their puppys calorie allowance during training, rather than in set meal times.

    Theres no problem with using your puppys food this way! But, you still want to ensure training sessions are spread evenly throughout the day to avoid overloading your Goldens stomach. Feeding too much food at once can lead to cramping, vomiting, diarrhea, and discomfort for your puppy.

    Royal Canin Golden Retriever Puppy Dry Food 3kg

    Adorable Baby Meets New Golden Retriever Puppy For The First Time! (CUTEST EVER!!)

    Is made to meet the nutrition required for purebred Golden Retrievers 8 weeks to 15 months oldKey Features/Benefits:Healthy skin & coatDigestive healthSuitable for puppies up to 15 months old, ROYAL CANIN® Golden Retriever Puppy is specially formulated with all the nutritional needs of your young Golden Retriever in mind.During this key growth phase, your puppys immune system develops gradually thats why ROYAL CANIN® Golden Retriever Puppy contains a patented complex of antioxidants to help support your puppys natural defences and maintain optimal health as it grows.ROYAL CANIN® Golden Retriever Puppys specific complex also helps to maintain the health of your young retrievers skin and coat. Enriched with Omega-3 fatty acids EPA, DHA and borage oil, this formula helps support the skins barrier role.To support your dogs digestive health, ROYAL CANIN® Golden Retriever Puppy contains a combination of nutrients with high quality protein and prebiotics. These nutrients help to maintain a healthy balance of internal flora which ultimately contributes to good stool quality.

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    How Much Do Golden Retriever Puppies Grow Each Week

    Goldens will gain about two pounds a week on average from 2 months until they reach about six months. They will start to put on about one pound a week for the next few months. There will be times when they gain weight rapidly and then weeks when they seem to plateau. Continue to feed them a consistent amount and adhere to a regular feeding schedule. This helps you monitor how much a pup is or is not eating. If your golden is not eating or seems to be constantly hungry, it Is best to consult with your vet. Do not offer them human snacks or a lot of treats as a substitute for well-balanced dog chow.

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