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Black Golden Retriever Puppy Price

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Should You Get A Black Golden Retriever Puppy

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If you want a Golden Retriever but with an exciting and different coloured coating, then look no further as the Black Golden retriever is the dog you want. The share all those wonderful characteristics that the traditional golden retrievers have. This is the perfect family dog. The Black Golden retriever is also very sociable, that means you won’t have a hard time to teach your dog to be social and well-mannered. The Black Golden retrievers are very patient, friendly and gentle. They play well with small children and are very excited to join their little adventures.

So now you have discovered that the black golden retrievers are not much different than the traditional Golden retrievers and maybe you want this breed for your new pet. If you are interested and excited to get a Black Golden Retriever, you have to go to a dog breeder and the black golden retriever specialist to learn more about the breed and the guidelines to have better care.

While this specific breed can be expensive and can cost you around 1$1200 to $16000 bucks, but all the money is absolutely worth it in the end. You will get a best friend for 12 years if your dog is guaranteed by the breeder to be healthy and you keep him or her healthy too.

Main Pic Credit: Breann Graham

Golden Retriever Vs Flat

The purebred dog that probably looks the most like a golden retriever is a flat-coated retriever.

In addition to their looks, they share many behavioral qualities, as well.

Here are some similarities and differences between the two breeds :

Similarities between golden retrievers and flat-coated retrievers:

  • Both have feathering in their legs and tails
  • Both were originally bred as hunting dogs
  • Both have puppy-ish attitudes for a long time
  • Both are energetic breeds that require lots of exercise
  • Both are loving and happy dogs
  • Both have a tendency to chew and jump

Differences between golden retrievers flat-coated retrievers:

  • Golden retrievers are golden in color, compared to flat-coated retrievers that are black or liver in color
  • Goldens are usually wonderful with kids, but flat-coated retrievers may be a little too exuberant for them
  • Flat-coated retrievers may be slightly taller and leaner than goldens
  • Golden retrievers are usually slightly more calm than flat-coated retrievers

A Second Veterinarian Opinion On Golden Retrievers

We have also consulted with another licensed-veterinarian, Mendi Baryzk, DVM, to share her knowledge when it comes to the medical costs of a Golden Retriever.

Preventive care for the first year

Strongly Recommended
Cancer $1,200 annually $10,000+

While Golden Retrievers are endlessly happy and great family pets, they have one of the highest incidences of cancers compared to other dog breeds.

Mendi Baryzk, DVM Licensed Veterinarian

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Golden Retriever Price Affected By Health

The best way to ensure your puppy and your wallet are happy is by staying on top of your Golden Retrievers health.

Ways to help prevent large vet bills include:

  • Keep up with your pups preventative care
  • Visit the vet for check ups
  • Get the proper vaccinations
  • Get early health screenings

So, what is a Golden Retriever most prone to when it comes to health risks? Prospective Golden owners should keep an eye out for:

The American Kennel Club suggests the following health tests for Golden Retrievers:

  • Cardiac exam
  • Ophthalmologist evaluation

Get Ready To Become A Dog Parent With A Free Audiobook

English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies Price

It is primordial to be ready to raise a dog and develop an harmonious relationship between your furry friend and family members. I would not wait until I have the dog to start this process. See it as a parenting class.

The Complete Guide to Raising the Perfect Pet with LoveZak George is a fantastic dog trainer and has the most popular training channel on YouTube. I have listened to this audiobook and could not recommend it enough. The great thing is you can listen to it at no cost with a 30-day Amazon Audible free trial. If you already have an account, make it your next pick.

You will learn everything you need to know to raise, train, and care for your dog: from choosing the right puppy, training techniques, picking supplies, finding a vet, selecting the right food, handling behavioral issues, and much more. You can listen and learn so much about raising a dog while going to work, running errands, exercising, etc. This audiobook can definitely make a difference.

If you want to know whether to train your dog yourself or hire a professional and learn about the cost of training classes and supplies, check our article written with a certified dog trainer.

Golden Retrievers are family friendly dogs who are great with children and other pets. They enjoy adventures, snuggling and are easy to train.

Alexa Diaz, Ph. D. Animal Behaviorist

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Husky Or Golden Retriever As A Family Pet

In the most general sense, the Golden Retriever dog has been bred to be a close companion to humans in a one-to-one setting.

Whether working side-by-side hunting, doing K-9 search and rescue, as a service or therapy dog, or in some other specialized occupation.

The Husky dog, in contrast, has been bred to work in teams with other dogs on activities that require tremendous physical exertion with little deviation.

This history points to the Golden Retriever as the better potential pick for a family pet, especially for a family with young children.

What Does A Black Lab Golden Retriever Mix Look Like

A Goldador with a black Lab parent will usually have a black coat. But, in some instances, puppies may have lighter, or golden coats. Other than their coat color, their traits will vary as much as any other Goldador dog. It will depend which parent they take after the most.

Generally, you will have a medium to large dog. Typically, a Goldador will grow between 21.5 and 24.5 inches tall. They usually weigh between 55 and 80 pounds as adults.

Females are often smaller than males. But, to get a better idea of your puppys potential adult size, just take a closer look at their exact parents.

In terms of coat type, this mix will have a double layered coat that sheds all year round, and more heavily during shedding seasons. Their coat may be slightly longer if they take after their Golden Retriever parent, with some feathering around their legs and chest.

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Medical Expenses For The Following Years

According to veterinarians like Leslie Brooks, DVM, for each subsequent year, you should make an annual trip to the vet for an exam, vaccines, heartworm test and blood work to find potential hidden problems. This should run you $125-$265 depending on location.

Dr Brooks also recommends following through with heartworm and flea prevention medication, which usually cost around $100-$150 and $200-$250 for the year, respectively for a Golden.

The lifestyle vaccines, Leptospirosis , Influenza and/or Lyme may also require annual booster shots. Finally, if your Golden Retriever is regularly in contact with other pets or shows inconsistent stool quality, a fecal examination will be recommended.

Should You Receive A Black Golden Recovery Blend

Labrador Retriever Price In India [Black, Golden & Chocolate Colours] | Dogs Junction.

There is also the benefit of adopting a Black Golden Retriever mix.

For starters, hybrid jokes are generally healthier than their authentic varieties due to something called hybrid vigor.

In fact, when two different breeds of dogs are bred together, puppies are less likely to have breed-specific health problems.

Their various genes protect them from genetic disorders.

However, many unknowns also come with these different types of genes.

As we have already said, you do not know what the puppy will look like until it is born.

Just because a Golden Retriever breeds with a black puppy does not mean that any puppy will be black.

Also, their behavior is unknown.

You cannot tell what kind of puppy will behave because they do not know what gene they will get.

But the pure breed Golden Retrievers do not come in black. In fact, they only come in different shades of gold, hence their name: Golden restoration. You can take the Golden Retriever mix in black or similar to the Golden Retriever but you can also adopt a separate puppy dog in black.

The puppy on the left is going to be darker than the restored puppy on the right when it is fully mature. By the time they usually reach the age of one, they have the color of the original color. Some Golden Retrievers will have more obvious, noticeable light feathers than others.

This is a flat-coated retriever while having a black coat that looks similar to a dogs retriever.

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Will A Black Labrador Golden Retriever Mix Always Be Black

Although the genes for a black coat are dominant, theres no guarantee that a Goldador with a black Lab parent will be black too. Black Labradors can still carry and pass on recessive genes for the Labs other coat colors . However, a puppy must receive two recessive genes to have a non-black coat color. So, it is much less likely that your puppies will have golden or chocolate coats if they have a black Lab parent.

If your heart is set on a black Goldador puppy, let your breeder know. They may be able to give you first pick of the litter to ensure you get the shade you want.

The Cost Of A Golden Retriever A Summary In 7 Questions

1- How much is a Golden Retriever puppy?

On average a Golden Retriever puppy will cost $1,000 in the USA. Most puppies can be found between $700 and $2,000. The price will vary depending on the breeder and location as well as the dogs bloodline, color, and age among other things.

2 How much are dog supplies?

A new owner can expect an initial investment between $215 and $855 in supplies when welcoming a large dog. Every year, the cost to renew some of them should be between $95 and $385. Prices vary depending on location, stores, brands, and products quality.

3 Does a Golden Retriever need training and how much will it cost?

A Golden Retriever could be trained by an experienced dog owner and usually do not need professional training on top of that. But like any breed, the dog would still benefit from a few group classes for basic obedience which should cost between $150 and $200 on average.

4 What is the cost of preventive medical care for a Golden Retriever?

Preventive medical care should amount to around $425 to $795 for a Golden Retriever puppy during the first year and around $425 to $825 every adult year. This does not include spay or neuter and gastropexy procedures .

5 How much food does a Golden Retriever eat and how much will it cost?

6 How often should a Golden Retriever be professionally groomed and how much will it cost?

7 Are there any other expenses to expect?

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Factors That Impact The Cost Of A Golden Retriever


An older Golden Retriever will cost less than a puppy.

Unfortunately there is less of a demand for older dogs because they do not live as long as young puppies. Although you may not get to spend the same amount of time with an older Golden Retriever, they will surely fill all their years with you with lots of love and affection.

Adopting an older dog is an ideal option for people who do not have the time or energy to raise a puppy and housebreak them.

Coat Colors

Despite their name Golden Retrievers can come in other colors and sizes beyond gold.

These dogs can be various shades of gold, red, cream, or even black.

Breeders capitalize on the rarity of the cream and black colored Golden Retrievers, so they often charge a premium price for these pups. These puppies often cost closer to $3,000 despite being exactly the same as any other Golden Retriever.

Remember though if you plan on showing your Golden Retriever in competitions they must be golden to meet the breed standard.


You can expect that male and female Golden Retrievers cost about the same.

Females have a slightly different personality that is more desirable to some individuals. They tend to be calmer and more independent as opposed to their energetic and affectionate male counterparts.

Most people choose male or female based on their personality rather than price.

Lineage and Bloodlines

As you can image these particular puppies have a very high price tag .

Certification and Warranties


Do Golden Retriever Husky Mixes Make Good Family Pets

Price of Golden Retriever Puppies for Sale in India ...

Thats a big question, but we can start to answer it by reviewing what a Golden Retriever Husky mix needs.

These are social and energetic dogs, so they need a family to match. This could be an athletic couple or a family with energy to match the dogs.

These dogs need lots of socialization and exercise. If everyone in your home works long hours or cant help the dog exercise, perhaps another breed would be a better choice.

If this description sounds like your home, however, the Siberian Husky Golden Retriever mix may make an awesome new addition to your family!

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The Cost Of Feeding A Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are active, larger dogs that love their food. You can say theyre part of the clean plate club because they most likely wont leave a crumb to spare.

Given the Goldens affinity for food, you should definitely take note of how much this will cost you before bringing a dog home.

As with any dog, it is recommended that you serve them high-quality food. Heres how to tell if youre buying the good stuff.

How much a Golden Retriever eats depends on their gender, size and activity level. It generally ranges anywhere from 2 1/2 cups to 4 1/2 cups per day for an adult. Check with your vet to determine your dogs specific need.

On average, quality dog food is about $2-$3 per pound. Say you get a 30-pound bag for $55. Thats approximately 120 cups of dog food. If an adult Golden eats say 3 cups per day, that means the 30-pound bag would provide 40 days of food. So thats about a 30-pound bag for a little over a month at $55 each.

And you cant forget about treats. Giving a Golden a treat is great for training and for rewarding good behavior. Expect to budget an extra $10 a month for this.

Their Coat Needs Little Maintenance

Remember that dense double coat I mentioned earlier? Well, youll be glad to know it doesnt shed heavily as with some dogs who have this kind of coat.

In fact, Husky Golden Retriever Mixes are actually low shedders, so they dont require a great deal of maintenance. Phew!, I hear you sayâ¦

Dont put that brush away just yet, though. The Goberian still needs groomingtwice a week for 5 minutes. This will remove loose hairs and keep her coat looking healthy and tangle free.

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What Are Black Golden Retrievers

Black Golden Retrievers are a variety of the Golden Retriever dog. They have all of the same characteristics of a Golden but come in a midnight shade.

Black Golden Retrievers do exist. They can even be purebred! They are likely black because of genetic diversity that was added to the bloodline in the development of the breed.

Many people believe that a purebred black Golden is the result of a Flat-Coated Retriever used in the breeding process to develop Golden Retrievers. That black color simply became a recessive gene that showed up in later litters.

It is not uncommon for Flat-Coated Retrievers to be confused for Black Goldens.

However, the Flat-Coated is an entirely different breed that is not as suitable for first-time owners.

It has a higher impulse to wander than the Golden and might have higher exercise needs. It also has a harder time controlling its energy, making it better-suited to older children.

In contrast, the Black Golden will be easy to train, relaxed, and will stick by your family. They wont roam far if they are off-leash and will relax happily with enough exercise.

There are physical differences between the two breeds as well. Although the Flat-Coated also has a long, wavy coat, it is nowhere near as thick as the Goldens.

This makes grooming low maintenance because the coat does not require as much brushing.

Community Coverage Vs Insurance

Show Quality Labrador Puppies For Sale in Low Price || Golden & Z Black Colour Available || Dog

Eusoh: Better than Pet Insurance for Complete Health CoverageEusoh is a community-based pet insurance alternative in which members share the cost of their veterinary expenses. You get reimbursed for your pets medical, wellness, illness, routine care expenses but never pay more than $65/month .

For complete health coverage at a low cost, Eusoh is the best option. On average, members save around 50% when compared to traditional pet insurance. I love the idea of not having to worry about being able to afford medical care for my furry companion. Dogs are family, after all!

There is no premium, so you dont overpay for care in your monthly contributions. Any unused contributions are rolled over entirely as a credit. You can easily know in advance what will be reimbursed and by how much , and you can submit expenses easily from your smartphone. You can choose the veterinarian or healthcare provider you want and are covered for a wider range of services. You can get advice from other Eusoh members.

Read our article titled a veterinarian explains medical costs for a dog to learn more and get tips to save on vet expenses.

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