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English Golden Retriever Puppies Florida

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Golden Retriever Breeders In Florida: Wonderlands Golden Retrievers

English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale

This Golden Retriever breeder in Florida is located in Hawthorne, Fl. According to their website, they breed wonderful Goldens for the show ring and their litters are thoroughly researched and planned to produce the healthiest and happiest puppies. All their dogs are OFA hip and elbow certified. This breeder is a member of the Mid Florida Golden Retriever Club. As a small breeder, they only breed a limited number of litters per year. All their puppies live in the house as family members, not in a kennel setting. If you are interested in this breeder, please visit their website.

Golden Retriever Breeders in Florida: Snowbird Goldens

This Golden Retriever Breeder in Florida is AKC Breeder of Merit and is located in Ocklawaha, FL. This breeder is heavily involved with the breed, being a member of , Golden Retriever Club of America and Mid Florida Golden Retriever Club. According to their website, they breed only to the highest standard of the breed with thorough health testing and wonderful temperaments produced as a result. Their wonderful dogs are involved in Obedience, Rally, Fieldwork and Conformation. You can see their beautiful dogs and their pedigrees on their website. If you are interested in one of the puppies from their limited and carefully planned litters, you will need to fill in a questionnaire on their website first.

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Surrendering Your Precious Pet

There are times in our lives when making the best decision can be the most difficult. Please understand that here at Golden Retriever Rescue of Mid Florida we are dedicated to helping you through the process of surrendering your pet. We know this decision can be heartbreaking, but we will provide your golden with the best veterinary care, fosters to love them and a multiple step process for ensuring your golden gets the best home possible.

If you have decided to reach out to GRRMF, please .

To Get To Know Us Better Click About Us For Details About My Philosophy On Choosing A Pet You Cannot Tell A Dog’s Disposition From A Photograph Dr Bob


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We are currently taking reservations for AKC Golden Retrievers and Labra-Golds.


Six to Eight weeks after their Born

Next litters should arrrive in the in the WINTER 2021

Dogs only come “IN HEAT” twice a year, usually early Spring & early Fall. Their “HEAT” OR “ESTRUS” cycle will last approximately 3 weeks. The first week the female usually will not “stand” for the male, maybe she has a “headache”, or more likely she doesn’t ovulate until the second week when she is most fertile and usually this fertile period will extend into a third week. The male sperm is very hardy and can survive several days which aides it’s odds of penetrating an egg or eggs and thus creating offspring. Once fertilized the egg takes 9 weeks for the zygote, , to grow into the puppy we see at birth.

Now the puppy must stay with its mother another 6-8 weeks while being weaned and placed on a good puppy diet.

So, from fertilization to weaning is approximately 17 weeks after breeding date.

FALL 2021 Girls are in heat, we will have more details about who and what next month!!


FALL 2020




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Lakeside English Cream Golden Retrievers

At LakesideGoldens, we love our English Cream Goldens as part of our family. We raise all of our dogs in the house and they live in the house with us as part of the family. We do not opperate a kennel. Our European Goldens are so beautiful and come from such great champion lines, we know you will be impressed with their puppies.

We live on over two acres with a ski lake in our back yard. We let our goldens do what they love! They get to run outside, play with toys, and even go on the boat with us skiing.

Each of our dogs look very similar because they are light cream to white, but we can instantly tell them apart by their personalities! From Lilah who loves to entice the others in a game of chase, to Dee who can learn faster than you can teach. Then there is Samson who has never gotten into trouble even from the days he was a puppy.

We don’t have our dogs because we breed we have our dogs because we love them! We breed imported English Golden Retrievers for obedience, agility, and to further this breed in the USA.

English Cream Golden Retriever

English Cream Golden Retriever Florida

Golden Retrievers make the perfect pet, from their friendly demeanor, to their loyal companionship. What you may not know is that there is a light haired variation, known as the English Cream Golden Retriever. Despite being distinct in appearance, these beautiful dogs are formally recognized as Golden Retrievers In fact, the coloring of

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Signs Of An Irresponsible Golden Retriever Breeder

These are ten tips that can save you from looters and irresponsible dog sellers. Mostly, the quality breeders are good to go for puppy selling. On the other hand, there are many backyard breeders who work only for making money. Following are warning signs to stay away from such breeders:

  • They focus more on sales instead of the proper information and guidance to the buyers. Their main pet words in conversation are rare the best pick of the litter etc.
  • Irresponsible breeders have the availability of puppies all the time. It is a sign that they are over breeding.
  • Such breeders will not ask you questions. It shows that they dont care about their pups.
  • No contract
  • They will not allow you to visit the parents
  • No health clearances certificate of their dogs
  • Non-participation in dog sports, shows, or activities
  • They focus on irrelevant elements over the health and temperament of their puppies
  • Specialized in more than one breed
  • Give Me An Overview Of Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale In Florida

    The cost of Golden Retriever puppies South Florida will vary, and it all depends on different factors like puppy pedigree, color and breeder experience . But there are all sorts of great breeders and businesses in our network, meaning youll be matched with litters that fit your budget, too.

    What if there are no Golden Retriever breeders in Florida? Can you make travel arrangements for my dog?

    Golden Retriever Florida breeders and businesses in our network can arrange travel for your puppy to the closest major airport . Youre always invited to adopt your puppy in person, but we know thats just not convenient for most familiesand a majority of dogs sold through our network are flown by air.

    How do you screen breeders with Golden Retriever puppies for sale in Florida?

    Of the countless breeder and company applications we receive every year, only a fraction are allowed to join our networkless than 10%, in fact. We have strict guidelines and regulations in place regarding puppy breeding, care, health, breeder experience, and much more. Head on over to the Breeder Pledge for more detailed information.

    Why is Uptown Puppies different from other places with Golden Retriever puppies for sale in South Florida?

    What is a puppy mill? Ive seen really cheap Golden Retriever puppies Jacksonville Florida, Golden Retriever breeders South Florida, etc.

    Are there any English cream Golden Retriever puppies Florida? What about red Golden Retriever puppies Florida?

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    Golden Star Retrievers Florida

    Golden Star is a family-owned and operated breeder of Golden Retrievers located in Palm Coast, Florida. They have been breeding dogs for several years and are one of the more experienced breeders on our list.

    Their Golden Retriever puppies are handled and socialized from an early age. Additionally, the Goldens are introduced to different sights, sounds, and smells so they can adapt easily to their forever home. Additionally, the Golden Retriever puppies in Florida are socialized with family members, especially the children, so they can get used to being around people.

    All their Golden Retriever puppies are home-bred in Florida. They live and sleep in the owners home, swim in the pool, and have plenty of agility-based exercises as well as a balanced diet. This ensures that they are healthy and happy at all times. In addition, Golden Star Retrievers are members of the Golden Retriever Club of America, so you know they are a reputable breeder.

    What Makes The Golden Retriever Special

    English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale

    Still not convinced that the Golden Retriever is the perfect dog for you? Let us take a look at some of the attributes that make these furry creatures stand out from the rest.

    Having looked at some of the reasons why Golden retrievers are widely considered as great companions, are you now interested in getting one for yourself?

    The only major downside of a Golden Retriever puppy is that they are prone to cancer. The disease causes 61.4% of American Golden Retriever deaths, according to a 1998 health study conducted by the Golden Retriever Club of America. Additionally, the dogs may also suffer from heart disease. The average height of a Golden Retriever is about 22 inches, while its average weight is 65 pounds. They also have an average lifespan of about 1012 years. Golden Retrievers also need constant grooming because they shed a lot of hair, especially during the change of seasons.

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    English Golden Retriever Puppies Florida

    Years ago dan and myself were wine tasting on a vineyard in napa valley, california when through the vines happily trots out the most beautiful white dog we had ever seen. 5 shiny black , 1 very boy, & 1 solid white boy mother and puppies doing fine, fat & sweet and have body conformation and coat length mostly like that of golden retrievers with all the sweetness and athletic qualities of both breeds, plus hybrid vigor and love to.

    White Sand English Golden Retrievers

    White Sand English Golden Retrievers have been raising AKC English style Golden Retriever puppies with cream-colored coats in the United States, Since 2004.

    In order to buy puppies from the best lineages available in Europe, they have spent several hours studying pedigrees. From well-respected kennels in Europe, they import our English-style Golden Retrievers, which they have personally visited or seen at dog shows.

    Establishing on-site professional ties with champion breeders in their homes and at the popular dog, shows creates an extraordinarily high degree of community and trust in our own breeding program.

    Their emphasis on fitness, temperament, and structure is their breeding focus. Their English Golden Retriever puppies are raised in their home to ensure that they obtain the best socialization possible.

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    Golden Retriever Puppies Florida For Sale

    These are some of the famous names, rescue centers, and quality producers of golden retriever puppies.

  • Golden Retriever Rescue of Mid-Florida
  • Welcome to Paradise Golden Retrievers!
  • The Graceful Golden Retrievers of North Florida
  • White Sand English Golden Retrievers
  • Eagle Ridge Golden Retrievers
  • Golden Star Retrievers
  • Health Tested Golden Retrievers From 100% Imported Lines

    English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies Orlando

    Secondly, as Golden Retriever breeders who care about quality, health is of utmost importance. All of our English Golden Retriever parents have passed tests for hips, elbows, heart, and eyes and have had DNA testing. All of our dogs have passed with hip scores equivalent to either OFA excellent or good. We have no dogs rated as fair in any category. There are links to proofs of the results of all of our dogs health testing on each dogs individual page. You can get to these pages through the Our Dogs page. See our Health pages for information on genetic health issues in English Golden Retrievers, how breeders test for these issues, and how to interpret and verify the results.

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    English Golden Retriever Breeders And Trainers

    We are Golden Retriever breeders who breed puppies from lines that are heavily titled in either conformation or obedience , are health tested, and have great pedigrees and fantastic temperaments. We have developed a positive reinforcement training program that produces an incredible amount of focus in all of our Golden Retriever puppies. Whether we are the right Golden Retriever breeder for you or not, our website has helpful tips on finding and raising your Golden Retriever puppy.

    Summer Brook breeds and trains what is commonly referred to in the U.S. as English Cream Golden Retrievers. We are English Golden Retriever breeders who strive to produce only the very best representatives of the breed with regard to health, temperament, and appearance. Our adult dogs are all titled in conformation as well as in obedience. They are health tested with good to excellent results. After health, our primary focus is producing puppies with good temperaments. Then we put those genetically sound puppies through a puppy raising program that cant be beat.

    Families getting Summer Brook puppies can be assured of a quality well-socialized puppy for several reasons.

    Golden Kennel Llc Florida

    ***11/28/2021*** At this point, we can no longer recommend this breeder. Please read this more in-depth article here.

    Golden Retriever puppies from this breeder are developed from championship pedigrees. Additionally, they have well-balanced temperaments and have some of the prettiest coats and colors that we have seen. Located in the Brooksville area of Florida, Golden Kennel LLC is one of the most popular dog breeders in Florida.

    They take their job as breeders very seriously and think that reputation is very important. Additionally, Golden Kennel LLC is careful to ensure that the right Golden Retriever puppy is matched to the specific needs of the new owner or home. For example, if you dont live an active lifestyle, they will try to pair you with a more easygoing dog. Additionally, they try to match each dog to each owners personality.

    The many dog competitions that Golden Kennel has won both in the United States in their dog shows abroad is a testament to its unrelenting efforts as breeders. Golden Kennel is also a registered member of the AKC.

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    Parents With Conformation And Performance Titles

    Thirdly, weve successfully shown our dogs parents in three venues: conformation, obedience, and rally. We have earned titles at highly competitive levels in all three. Go to the Our Dogs page to see the titles achieved by our individual dogs. Also, see our page on Dog Titles to learn which titles mean something and which ones you can earn in a weekend of shows with any mediocre dog.

    Golden Retriever Puppies Top Breeders In Florida

    English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale

    After research, we have selected the following names that can provide you puppies of your choice.

    Golden Retriever Rescue of Mid-Florida

    Golden Retriever Rescue of Mid-Florida was started with Charlie Cropped in 1991. Two representatives of Mid-Florida Golden Retriever Club and the local breed club collected funds. They wanted to get double hip surgery treatment of a dog.

    Presently, Golden Retriever Rescue of Mid-Florida helped thousands of golden retrievers with a team of 200 volunteers. They are seasoned golden retriever puppies Florida rescue and can help you to find a great puppy.

    It is purely a donation-based organization.

    Contact Detail

    P.O. Box 1449 Goldenrod, FL 32733


    Paradise Golden Retrievers

    You can easily find Premium English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies Florida or American Golden puppies from Paradise Golden Retrievers. They enjoy their repute due to excellence in terms of quality over quantity. If you follow them, you will know their upcoming litters.

    They have been assisting dog lovers for more than 15 years. Paradise Golden Retrievers can provide you a very special Golden Retriever puppy.

    The Golden Retrievers are ideal family pets. They are full of love and Loyalty. Due to their intelligence, they became a center of attraction for dog owners. Furthermore, they have AKC inspected facility. Their adult dogs and puppies meet the AKC guidelines, hence, they are reliable.

    Payments Procedure

    Payment gateways are credit cards, check,s and Paypal.

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    Puppyspot Golden Retrievers Florida

    PuppySpot is one of the best places to get a Golden Retriever puppy in Florida because they dont have a long waitlist, and they screen all potential breeders for you. The reason they have Golden puppies for sale today is that they are a large network of ethical and reputable breeders around the United States. Instead of being a single breeder in Florida with a long waitlist, they can source puppies from around the United States.

    We bought one of our puppies from PuppySpot had a really great experience. They saved us tons of time calling, interviewing, and questioning breeders. Additionally, we got the pick the perfect puppy based on coat color, size, gender, price, and other features. If the Golden Retriever puppy that you want isnt located in Florida, then PuppySpot will fly it to you via their own private airline. This is one of the best ways to get the exact Golden Retriever that youre looking for.

    Lastly, all Golden Retriever puppies for sale come with a 10-year health guarantee, AKC papers, and a health inspection. You can really beat the PuppySpot experience based on convenience and how quickly you can get a Golden Retriever puppy in Florida. We highly recommend that you check them out since we had a really great experience.

    Update: All Puppies Have Been Reserved

    Reagan’s first litter arrived April 10, 2021! Reagan had 11 puppies.

    They are adorable handfuls of joy. All of Reagan’s puppies have been reserved! Pictures of the litter are now available!

    Reagan Winter’s Storm

    Reagan is our beloved family pet. She is 3 1/2 years old. She has never been bred before and this will most likely be her only litter. Our family is so excited and can’t wait to share the joys of her beautiful puppies with other loving families. Please see Reagan’s pictures below. On the SIRE, DAM and MORE INFO page you will find a link to the Sire’s website where you can see the handsome male and learn more about his pedigree and puppies.

    Please look around and then contact us!

    Please take a look around, view the puppy pictures and reach out to us to pick and reserve a puppy or to answer any questions you have. We would prefer to have Reagan’s puppies go to loving families within driving distance of our home in Orlando, Florida so the puppies can avoid the stresses of airline travel. You can also check out our Additional Resources page for helpful links.

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