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What Should I Feed My Golden Retriever

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How Much Should I Feed My Golden Retriever Puppy

WORST Mistakes I Made Raising my First Golden Retriever

A Golden Retriever puppy will have to be fed three meals a day until he is six months old, at which time you can feed him twice a day. Meal size can vary from one puppy to the next, but the average three-month-old Golden puppy will eat two cups of food a day. At this time, you should divide the food into three meals and serve it in the morning, noon, and evening.

Antiangiogenic Foods For Dogs

These are beneficial foods that help destroy blood vessels necessary for tumor growth and metastasis. These include:

  • Curcumin
  • Kale
  • Apples

After reviewing over 500 cases of DCM, the FDA alerted the public as to the 16 dog food brands which resulted in the most cases of DCM. ACANA, Zignature, and Taste of the Wilde are among the brands that are mentioned. That said, we have intentionally omitted the listed dog food brands from our reviews for the time being.

Here is the list of the dog-food brands on the FDAs DCM POTENTIAL CONNECTION list. 91 per cent of the products were labelled grain-free , while 93 per cent contained peas, lentils , or potatoes , via CBC news.

The brands identified include:

For more information, visit:

Feeding Amounts By The Puppys Age

The following amounts are suggested by many golden retriever breeders and other knowledgeable people:

  • Two-month-old puppy should be fed about 1 ½ cups per day
  • Three-month-old puppy should be fed about 2 cups per day
  • Four-month-old puppy should be fed about 2 ½ cups per day
  • Five-to-six-month-old puppy should be fed about 3 cups per day
  • Six-to-seven-month-old male puppy should be fed about 3 ½ to 4 cups per day
  • Eight-month-old puppy should be adjusted depending on his growth.

Throughout his first two years, while heâs growing, the amount of food you feed will have to be modified depending on his growth and growth spurts.

Overfeeding will result not only in him becoming overweight but it will also make him grow too fast.

Periodicallyeven weekly test whether you can still feel his ribs without them protruding.

Another gauge regarding when to increase his food allotment is if heâs finishing all of his kibble at two out of three meals. You can then increase the amount he eats.

You should also feed his last meal of the day at least 90 minutes before his bed time so that he can digest his food and potty before bed.

Donât give him any supplements unless your vet says to do so.

A well-balanced, high-quality food should provide all the nutrients he requires.

Golden puppies require a formula made for large-breed dogs.

You donât want your pup to grow too fast and suffer health problems. Puppy formulas for large-breed dogs regulate their growth.

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Golden Retriever Calorie Requirements

Golden Retrievers generally range in weight between 55 and 75 pounds. Based on the average weight of this breed, the National Research Council of the National Academies recommends between 989 and 1,272 calories daily for sedentary Golden Retrievers and between 1,353 and 1,740 calories per day for active Goldens.

Pregnant and nursing Goldens may require 2 to 4 times the calories of a normal healthy adult Golden as the mothers energy requirements increase after delivery and during lactation.

Golden Retriever Feeding Guide For Seniors

What Vitamins Should I Give My Golden Retriever

As your Goldie gets older he will become less active and will need fewer calories to stay on his ideal weight. Your pooch will be considered a senior when he is eight years old, so make sure to tweak his diet around this age.

An older Golden Retriever will need around 900 calories per day served in two equally spaced meals. However, if your senior dog needs to lose some weight, you will have to put him on a diet and lower his calorie intake.

You should talk with your vet and see if there is a need to transition your pooch to senior dog food at this point or not. Food for older dogs has fewer calories and is supplemented with glucosamine and vitamins that are beneficial for older dogs. However, many seniors continue to eat regular food without any side effects, but you should check just in case you need to change his diet.

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Best Dog Food For Puppies

The nutritional needs of dogs vary throughout their life. Puppies have different nutritional needs than adult dogs, and senior dogs have their own nutritional considerations. Most dog food companies carry specially formulated puppy foods for each stage of a dogs life, making it easier to narrow down your choices. If you are concerned about which is the best dog food for your dogs life stage, consult your veterinarian to see what stage food is appropriate for your dog.

Your puppy requires a different nutrient balance than an adult dog. This is especially true for large breeds. Feeding a large breed puppy food can help, as their growth needs to be monitored carefully to prevent bone and joint problems. Other puppies do well on both puppy food and food labeled for all life stages. The best food for your puppy depends on your puppys size and breed. Always consult your veterinarian for recommendations on puppy feeding, and advice on how to switch puppies to adult dog food.

Eukanuba Senior Large Breed Dog Food

Eukanuba Senior Large Breed Dog Food is also recommended by our staff veterinarians. It is formulated to fuel your active Golden Retrievers daily activities with optimal levels of fat and carbohydrates. It also helps maintain their natural defenses with guaranteed antioxidant levels for older dogs.

Below is a feeding chart for Eukanuba Senior Large Breed dog food.

Eukanuba Senior Large Breed Feeding Chart

4 5/8- 6 Cups Per Day
110 lbs. 5 ½- 7 1/8 Cups Per Day

Eukanuba is like Royal Canin in that it provides precise amounts of food for your aging Golden Retriever. The range of amounts is based on the activity of your Golden for the day, either low, moderate, or high level of activity.

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What Is The Underlining Personality Trait Of A Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is the perfect family companion. You get an obedient, intelligent, playful, well-mannered dog who is not just wonderful with kids but kind with strangers too.

They fail to make good guard dogs as they are friendly with strangers as well. Golden retrievers are highly obedient and great sports lovers. They are reliable bird dogs hence, great for hunting and their keen interest in smell makes them ideal narcotics sniffing dogs.

Best Dog Food For Golden Retriever Puppies With Food Allergies

While reputable breeders make every effort to guard against puppy food allergies, you just cant completely control a puppys luck.

Identifying which ingredients trigger a pups food allergies can be a lengthy process of trial, error and elimination.

Your vet is likely to recommend that you start by adjusting your puppy to a limited ingredient diet.

These simple recipes are as gentle as possible on your puppys digestive and immune systems.

They can also be a good bet for stressed new puppies that are experiencing temporary tummy troubles.

The Happy Cat Handbook A unique guide to understanding and enjoying your cat!

Best Overall Puppy Food: Purina Proplan Large Breed Puppy Food

This puppy food has added minerals such as calcium and phosphorus to build strong bones and teeth. It includes other natural sources of glucosamine to supplement joint and cartilage health.

Top Ingredients:

Firstly Know How Much And How Often To Feed Golden Retriever

Iams Proactive Health Large Breed


Primary Ingredients: Chicken, Ground Whole Grain Barley, Ground Whole Grain Corn

IAMS has been a leading brand in the dog food industry for yearsand for a good reason. They produce high-quality dog food for your Golden Retriever at an affordable price. Veterinarians recommend IAMS Proactive Health because it uses ingredients like animal protein and antioxidant-rich veggies to nourish your dog and meet their complete health needs.

Customer Review: I have two larger breeds, and this has been really good for them and cheaper than what I have fed before. Highly recommend it. Good for maintaining a decent weight too.

Rating: 4.7/5

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Foods That Fulfill Your Golden Retrievers Nutritional Requirement

Although, commercial food claims its benefits. Yet, some kitchen foods can be the best to ensure that your Golden Retriever is getting all essential nutrients in its diet. However, just mix these foods in your pals regular diet plan, and you will for sure notice a difference in its health.

Core Nutrients
Spinach, carrots, liver, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, fish oil, turnip greens, eggs 20%

What Is The Ideal Weight For Your Golden Retriever?

Generally, the ideal weight of your Golden Retriever depends on various influencing factors from age, type of breed, sex, and environmental condition. Furthermore, Goldendoodles weigh lesser than the English breeds a typical Golden Retriever. Thus, ideal weight in different growing stages varies a lot as per the breed type.

However, the ideal weight of a typical Golden Retriever is as follows:

Raw Feeding A Golden Retriever Puppy

If you dont prefer commercial foods for your pup, raw feeding is possible for a Golden Retriever puppy, so long as you consult your vet and adhere to guidelines. Make sure that the raw food, especially meat and other perishables, are handled properly.

Furthermore, a balanced meal should be observed. Throw in a mix of meat, veggies, liver, organs, bones, and the like from the wet market or grocery store, which will help with their protein and nutrient intake.

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Genetic Diseases Reduce The Lifespan Of The Golden Retriever:

There are many different factors that play a role in the development of cancer in golden retrievers, including genetics where Dr. Jeffrey Levy, a veterinarian in New York City: Some dogs often get cancer, but golden retrievers are less likely to develop cancer than other dog breeds but they are more susceptible to lymphoma.

Of course, there are many other factors that also contribute to the Golden Retriever lifespan.

I Was Told That Dogs Cannot Digest Carbohydrates Is This True

To meet their energy needs, dogs have evolved to use proteins and fats as their primary energy sources, but they can also use carbohydrates for energy. The fact that the dogs digestive system produces enzymes that are specific for digesting starches and sugars shows that they are capable of digesting carbohydrates. However, complex carbohydrates such as grains are more digestible when they are cooked.

So How Do You Choose The Best Food For Your Golden Retriever

In a recent 2019 FDA dog food update about grain-free dog food that contained legume seeds, lentils, potatoes or peas as main ingredients, dilated cardiomyopathy in dogs was linked to grain-free dog food formulas.

Dilated cardiomyopathy is becoming more common in dogs on grain-free diets that as a breed are not predisposed to DCM. This includes the Golden Retriever!

How Can You See If Your Golden Is Doing Well With Their Food

Its not hard to tell if your dog is flourishing in its diet. Signs to watch out for are,

How To Select The Right Dog Food Formula For Your Golden Retriever

How Much Food Should I Feed My Golden Retriever?

Image Credit: Pixaby

All dog food formulas are regulated by the FDA and the U.S. This provides protection to pet parents and pooch. A high-quality dog food depends on the ingredients within the dog food.

Today, dog food formulas are always changing so as to update current formulas with new research. There are also numerous high-quality dog food formulas to choose from, which makes it all the more difficult for pet parents.

There are also many alternative meat options for protein-focused nutrition that offer duck, alligator, venison, rabbit and boar supplemented with chickpeas, sweet potatoes or lentils.

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Eagle Pack Chicken And Pork Adult Large And Giant Breed

Primary Ingredients: Chicken Meal, Pork Meal, Ground Brown Rice, Oatmeal, Rice, Dehulled Barley

Eagle Packs dry food is exclusively for large to giant breed dogs, made with a blend of chicken and pork. Its combination of proteins and whole grains support your Golden Retrievers bone health and improve their digestion. The exclusive formula also increases energy levels!

Customer Review: It has everything they need and nothing they dont. We tried another brand, and it caused all kinds of allergic reactions. We went back to Eagle Pack, and all is right again. Great product!

Rating: 4.4/5

How Often To Feed A Golden Retriever

Puppies: Pet experts advise dog owners to adopt the concept of timing and ration. They believe that dogs up to six months old go through phases similar to human infancy and adolescence, being born with poor digestive function and four months of rapid growth with high nutritional and caloric requirements. Trainers and experts agree that Golden Retrievers should be fed three meals a day. In general, dogs start losing their teeth around 3 to 6 months of age. First, the dogs baby teeth slowly fall out, followed by new permanent teeth. The whole process lasts until the dog is eight to ten months old, and thats when its all over. During the transition, your dogs teeth will be itchy and he likes to chew on things all the time. Choose a bone or a molar snack to grind your dogs teeth

Adult dogs: As for adult dogs, pet experts believe that if you do not eat when it is time to eat, stomach acid will still secrete, which in the long run can lead to gastrointestinal diseases such as ulcers. Therefore, it is recommended to eat two meals a day, and it should be regularly fixed. But dog trainers believe that one meal a day is enough. They believe that dogs and humans are fundamentally different. Wild dogs can eat only once every three days or once a week and still remain energetic.

In general: three months ago Golden Retriever, fed four times a day Three to six months of puppies fed 3 times a day, six months after feeding 2 times a day, adult Golden Retrievers fed 1-2 times a day.

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Diet Plan For Senior Golden Retriever

Like humans, the functions of organs start declining, and your pal becomes more inactive and ill as it grows older. Besides this, senior dogs are also susceptible to several health issues like eye diseases, cancer, thyroid disorders, joint problems, cancer, ear infections, etc.

Therefore, as your pal gets older, it needs a lesser amount of food. So, you need to cut down fats, proteins, and fibers from your dogs diet after it is two years old. Further, you should give more emphasis on wet dog foods, milk, and water.

Along with this, you can also prepare the meal by mixing chicken broth with pumpkin, carrots, green beans, and fish oil for your senior dog. Dont try to overfeed or starve your pet. So, include foods that are easy to digest and filled with vitamins and minerals in your senior Golden Retriever diet plan.

Moreover, as explained earlier, your dogs needs vary according to its age. So, what might be the food requirement of your Golden Retriever?

What Should You Add To Kibble


In most cases, wet puppy food is not designed to provide complete and balanced nutrition in the same way as with dry kibble puppy food.

However, there can be some cases where feeding wet puppy food is advisable, either as a kibble topper or on its own.

One such case might be if your puppy is recovering from an illness or a procedure and doesnt have much appetite.

Wet food is quite palatable.

Wet food can also add more moisture to your puppys diet to make sure she stays well-hydrated.

Wet puppy food can be a tasty treat to liven up mealtimes. Weve reviewed our favorite dry and wet foods for Golden Retriever puppies here.

You can also add scraps such as meat, scrambled organic eggs, organic vegetables and fruits, canned pumpkin for healthy digestion, or probiotics such as yogurt.

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Diet Plan For Adolescent Golden Retriever

Usually, once a Golden Retriever puppy grows above 12 weeks of age, it reaches its adolescence stage and teething. So, in this stage, you should start giving your pal some healthy chewing options like fish skin, chicken bones, etc.

Furthermore, start giving your pal dry food mixed with an enormous amount of water. Besides this, you can also use wet foods for your Golden Retriever. In addition, try adding some vegetables to the dog food while preparing your pets meal to ensure that the meal has all the essential nutrients.

However, be careful that your pals food is not too dry. Thus, always maintain a run-in consistency.

Take Them To The Vet When Needed

During the pregnancy, youll be taking your dog to the vet at least once before the birth. At this appointment, the vet will be able to check for any infections or diseases, or any physical abnormalities with the puppies.

  • Your vet will be able to perform x-rays to find out how many puppies the mother is carrying.
  • If the mother has any signs of illness or experiences vaginal bleeding before the birth, make sure to bring her to the vet asap.
  • Talk to your vet about getting your dog spayed after giving birth if the pregnancy was accidental.
  • Ask your vet about what to do in case of emergencies. Sometimes complications can happen with the pregnancy or birth, and its always good to know what to do in case something unexpected happens.

Its easy to overlook symptoms of illness in a dog since they usually get better within a day, but its especially important to be vigilant during their pregnancy. Any sort of infection, injury, or disease can be life-threatening to the puppies and the mother.

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