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What Size Collar Does A Golden Retriever Puppy Need

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Golden Retrievers & Dog Clothes

13 Things You Need For Your New Golden Retriever Puppy

Unlike some other dogs and pets, Golden Retrievers have a coat that adapts according to the weather. You see Golden Retrievers are primarily a winter dog this means that they have the natural ability to adapt to cold temperatures. However, given the rapidly changing environment, if you feel that the weather is colder than what the Golden Retriever can bear, you should buy clothes for your Golden Retriever so that it stays warm.

If you want to buy clothes for the Golden Retriever so that it stands out in a crowd and adds a sense of style to the elegance that it already possesses, then there is a variety available which will ensure that the dog does not feel uneasy wearing them and it looks good on them too.

Buying clothes to make a Golden Retriever feel warm should be on your to-do list, but it should not define the clothes you choose for them, especially if you live in areas with a more temperate climate.

Here is a list of types of clothes that you can buy.

American Vs Canadian Vs British Golden Retriever

There are three recognized breeds of golden retriever: American, Canadian, and British.

  • American Golden Retriever: This breed is usually less muscular and lankier than the other types. Their coats are normally darker and they come in shades of gold with feathering. They have a smooth gait.
  • Canadian Golden Retriever: The Canadian golden retrievers are normally taller and leaner than the other breeds. They are the tallest type of golden retriever that you can get. Their coat is usually darker and their eyes are more triangular than round.
  • British Golden Retriever: The British retriever is more muscular than the other varieties. They have thicker coats and normally weigh more. Their coat is lighter in color and sometimes is so light, that they are a soft cream color and even look white.These are still golden retrievers, though in American they are specially called English Cream golden retrievers. They are not commonly red or mahogany like the other breeds. They also have round dark eyes, which is a little different than other varieties. They are desired because of their happy temperament.

Choosing The Right Collar For Your Retriever

Purchase a collar made from leather for its longevity and durability. You will need it for training and taking them for walks. A 1 Inch wide leather collar is the best choice for a Golden Retriever who has long hair, as the narrower collar will prevent matting. A 1.5 Inch wide leather collar is best for Labrador retrievers. The added width will help disperse the pressure around their neck as they pull on the leash.

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How To Draw Dogs

Everybody loves looking at cute animals.Dogs are especially cute because their body language can be very human-like and expressive.Lets look at how to draw dogs, using a simple combination of shapes.

This time around, well be using the ever-popular golden retriever as an example.

The golden retriever is a popular breed due to its large size, gentle nature, and loyalty. They have gentle eyes that make you smile, adorable droopy ears, and a rich coat of fur.

Dangers Of Stunted Or Accelerated Growth

High Quality Big Size/Large Dog Collar Brief Pattern Pet ...

It is easy to worry about whether your golden retriever is growing too quickly or not quickly enough. Looking at a growth chart, you are seeing average growth rates that might not apply specifically to your puppy.

The dangers of stunted or accelerated growth are rare. Generally, puppies can experience stunted growth if they are malnourished during important phases of growth. If they have an illness or worms, they also might experience stunted growth.

Accelerated growth does not happen to the bones of the dog, but instead his weight. This is preventable because it is caused by overfeeding.

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How To Take Care Of A 8 Week Old Golden Retriever

This article will show you some tips on how to take care of your Golden Retriever puppy as soon as he gets home at around 8 weeks old. FEEDING HUMAN FOODS IS A NO NO! Choosing good quality food for your dog is vital for his health and well-being. Dogs also need certain nutrition requirements, especially when they are growing at a young age.

Choose The Correct Width And Weight For Your Dog’s Size

Collars are available in different widths, so you’ll want to make sure your dog is wearing a width appropriate for their neck size. For example, a Chihuahua will be more comfortable in a 3/8″ width while a Beagle will do better with a 3/4″ width. And larger breeds will need at least a 1″ width of collar. The width of the collar also determines how heavy that collar may be, so be aware of what material you’re choosing for your dog’s collar. Leather will be heavier, while nylon and biothane collars are lighter.

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How To Keep Your Golden Retriever In Shape

Just like humans, your dog also needs to stay in shape to be healthy and grow properly, hitting all the necessary milestones when it comes to weight.

Developed originally as a sporting breed, the Golden Retriever was able to go through an entire day of hunting with no issues. This means that your dogs exercise habits should show the same sort of energy.

When it comes to exercising regularly, your dog should be consistently exercising around 20-30 minutes, twice per day. This can help not only keep your pup healthy but help them expend any excess energy they may have pent up.

Golden Retriever Size Chart

How To Potty Train Your Golden Retriever Puppy (5 Easy Steps)

To help you evaluate your Golden Retrievers growth process, weve included this chart down below, separating the growing stages of both the male and the female Golden Retriever.

If youre a first-time Golden Retriever owner, youll want to make sure youre using the chart correctly, to be able to check whether or not your pup is hitting the average weight according to their ageor at the very least, hitting the minimum sizes.

On the left side of the chart, youll find the column dictating the age of your Golden Retriever, which can be measured in weeks.

Since the first seven weeks of your pups life are pretty standard and unpredictable in growing times, the chart first starts at this week number, where they should be reaching the standardized sizes.

At seven weeks, a Golden Retriever male puppy should be weighing at the very least 4 lb, whereas the female puppy actually has a bigger stature at a 5-pound minimum.

As the weeks progress, youll notice the minimum weight going up just a few pounds to even as much as almost 20 pounds at certain stages!

We would recommend consulting with your veterinarian about any particular questions you may have about your specific puppys size.

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Are Personalized Dog Collars Safe

Some pet parents really like the idea of having their dogs name written clearly on the surface of the collar. But others feel that this is a dangerous thing to do. The concern in the past has been that knowing a dogs name might make him an easy target for thieves. But most dogs are always supervised when outdoors, and many dogs are also microchipped so proof of ownership is more easily accomplished.

Unless your dog is very friendly and spends time outdoors on his own, having his name on his collar is unlikely to put him at risk.

Prong And Choke Collars

Prong collars are designed with metal or plastic prongs that rest on the dogs neck. These are aversive type collars that depend on the pressure and pain they inflict on the dog when the dog pulls on their leash. While most of these look quite intimidating with their shiny metal prongs, there are “prong lite” collars that don’t look as scary but work using the same aversive methods, such as the Starmark collar.

Choke collars are metal chains that fit loosely around the dogs neck but will tighten when the leash is pulled, causing it to choke and constrict around the dogs neck. Like prong collars, choke chains rely on the pressure and discomfort they inflict on the dog when the dog pulls on their leash to make them stop pulling. Choke collars are especially dangerous in that there is no stopping point for the tightening noose around your dog’s neck.

I, and many other pet health, training, and safety organizations, strongly advise against using prong collars and choke chains. They cause pain and discomfort and are unnecessary tools that teach using negative reinforcement and positive punishment a combination that can undermine your relationship with your dog, as well as your training goals. They can also cause neck injuries and breathing problems, as well as multiple types of training fallout . For your puppys sake, and for yours, just dont go there. You can read more about why aversive training tools should be avoided in dog training here.

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Why Is It Imperative To Keep Your Golden Retriever Puppy On A Leash

First of all, you should know that this is required in public places.

But it will be necessary mostly for his own safety as soon as you take him out of your home. Indeed, by keeping him on a leash, you will prevent him from getting lost or crossing an avenue full of cars You will protect him from any danger.

And since walking at a pace following his master is not at all natural for a puppy, it will be necessary to educate him gradually in order to teach him to walk at your pace calmly, without pulling, without getting angry

Should Your Golden Retriever Have A Flat Or Rolled Collar

Buy Labrador / Golden Retriever Leather Dog Collar with ...

When it comes to regular snap or buckle collars which we believe are the best, safest and most humane option for your canine companion there are two main types: flat and rolled. So, which one is best for a golden retriever? The jurys out on this one, but well go through the arguments.

Some people claim that rolled collars are the best option for long-coated dogs, because flat collars can rub long fur and cause breakage. The more collar in contact with the coat, the higher the chance for fur breakage.

However, other people use flat collars on long-coated dogs and report no rubbing away or breaking of fur whatsoever.

If youre planning on having your golden wear their collar all day, wed recommend going with a rolled collar, to minimize the chance of damage to their fur.

On the other hand, if your dog only wears their collar when out on walks, its unlikely a flat collar will break their fur. In which case, choose whichever variety you prefer.

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Easy To See Day And Night

This is another safety-related matter for your four-legged friend!

Harnesses that have highly reflective strips are excellent to use at night time or early in the morning.

People who live in the tropical region often prefer to walk with their puppies either at night or early in the morning due to high temperatures.

Thats where the high contrast and high visibility of the harness help them to keep their puppy and adult dog safe from misfortune.

So whether you pick a dual-clip, step-in, overhead, or adjustable harness, just make sure it has highly reflective straps for added safety.

How Do I Measure My Dogs Girth

Your dogs girth is measured from just around his shoulders to the deepest part of his chest. This is usually just behind his elbows. Simply take a tape measure the circumference of its chest from the withers and around the ribcage at the most extended point.

This means starting at the end of the tape at the top of the shoulders and circling the tape around the largest portion of the ribcage to where it meets at the shoulders again.

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Sizing A Dog Collar: The Two

After you receive your collar, youll always want to double-check that the collar fits your dog comfortably and securely. You can do this with the two-finger test. After securing the collar around your dogs neck, make sure it has enough room to move around. The collar should not be pressing into your dogs skin that means the collar is too tight.

Place two fingers between the collar and your dogs neck. The collar is fitting correctly if it feels snug. If you have to force your fingers underneath the collar, the collar is too tight. If there is a lot of extra room between the dogs neck and collar, it is too loose.

You should also ensure that the collar cannot slip over your pups head. If the collar can be slipped past your dogs ears, it is too loose and should be tightened accordingly.

Other Benefits Of Crate Training Dogs

Golden Retriever Puppy First Week Home – Professional Dog Training Tips

There are many benefits for crate training a young Golden Retriever puppy. Using a crate will cut puppy potty training time in half. In addition, using a crate when the dog is not immediately supervised will prevent the puppy from eating or chewing on anything dangerous.

Valuable household furniture and childrens toys will be spared from the dogs incessant need to chew! The dog will learn which toys are his faster because he will associate them with his crate. Crates can also be used in the car, keeping the dog safe during road trips. Driving is much safer when a curious puppy is kept from jumping on the drivers lap!

This article is accurate and true to the best of the authors knowledge. It is not meant to substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, or formal and individualized advice from a veterinary medical professional. Animals exhibiting signs and symptoms of distress should be seen by a veterinarian immediately.

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How Much Does It Cost To Own A Golden Retriever

With the upfront cost of a Golden Retriever being around $500-$2,000 from a breeder, you can expect to pay that price for the original purchase of your new dog.

However, this price may vary depending on where you get your dog fromwhich can vary if from a pet store or home breeder without AKC documentation.

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Which Labrador Collar Style

We recommend that you buy your Labrador a flat collar with a buckle fastener. We dont recommend metal choke chain collars or even half check . Leather ones, like this Traditional Leather Collar* are fine, but so are many strong man-made fabric collars.

You can choose one to suit your taste and wallet. Leather and fabric collars are great, but they can get a bit smelly as they age. Especially if your Lab likes to swim.

You can buy waterproof collars made from synthetic polyurethane type materials. Waterproof collars tend to resist odor and are easy to clean. They often come in striking bright colors we love them and think they look cool! We have a review of the best collars and leashes for large breeds like Labs to give you more general ideas. For specific collar types check out our collar collections.

How Soon Should I Get A Collar

10 Best Collars For Golden Retrievers 2021: Unbiased Review

Many people want to have a collar to hand to put on their puppy as soon as they arrive at their new home. Its a good idea to get your puppy used to wearing a collar from day one. It is the law that all dogs must wear a collar with identification. Ideally, the sooner your puppy starts wearing a collar, the quicker s/he will get used to it. So that means getting a collar for your puppy before s/he arrives home and before youve had a chance to measure her/him!

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What Size Collar For My Dog

We get asked which size collar would be best for a particular dog breed or types. So here we have compiled a list of dog breeds and their usual neck measurements – and recommended collars.

Hindquarters dog collars are available in sizes from XS to Large. XS dog collars fit necks between 18 and 30cm or 7-12 inches. Small collars fit 25-40cm or 10-16 inches. Medium between 35-50cm. And Large dog collars are 42-66cm.

  • Airedale: 41-56cm – we would recommend a comfy Hindquarters large size green or brown fabric cotton dog collar. Brighter colours, like a red dog collar, would work well too.

  • Basset Hound: 41-56cm – we would recommend a Hindquarters large size brown or khaki soft cotton fabric dog collar.

  • Beagle: 36-46cm – we would advise a medium sized dog collar in strong but soft and comfy cotton fabric weave, bright colours like red and purple work well.

  • Bichon Frise: 36-46cm – a small size comfy dog collar would probably be best, perhaps red or blue. Or a small size adjustable harness.

  • Border Collie: 40-46cm – an adjustable medium size comfy cotton collar would work well, perhaps black or grey.

  • Border Terrier: 26-36cm – we advise a small size collar made from strong but soft cotton fabric weave, bright purple would work well or khaki for a muted look.

  • Boston Terrier: 31-42cm – a Hindquarters small size comfy collar would work well, perhaps in red or black. Or a medium size collar would fit too, for a chunkier look.


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