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What To Expect With A Golden Retriever Puppy

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Do Golden Retrievers Overheat Easily

KeenDog Golden Retriever Puppy Training: What To Expect

Yes, Golden Retrievers are prone to overheating because of their double coat. Their outer hair is long and feather while the inner layer is thick. Thats why heat easily gets trapped in their inner coat and stays there, which makes them overheat more often than other breeds.

But that doesnt mean that you can trim their coat!

If you trim down your goldies coat, it will increase the chances of sunburn, mosquito bites, dryness, skin irritation, plus their coat wouldnt grow the same again.

So rather than comforting them, youre actually just harming them more if you cut their hair.

Stage : Sleep Feed Repeat

Newborn Golden Retriever puppies are extremely small and dont know much about whats happening around them or the world.

During their first weeks of their lives, the Golden Retriever puppies just like to sleep and feed. This goes on in a loop.

Apart from that

The tiny puppies cant see, hear or smell anything as the sense organs havent developed yet.

What to expect?

Golden Retriever puppies start opening their eyes, responding to light, during this stage. They also try to crawl closer to their mum, push their littermates here and there, and just sleep.

You can really just expect the newborns to just cuddle, eat and sleep all day and all night long.

Nothing fancy, folks!

Puppy Development Stages Week By Week

This is your window into the world of puppy growth and development.

Lets start with your puppys development inside the womb

Beginning the puppy development stages before birth

Amazingly, in a way the puppy development stages begin before your dog is even born.

But there isnt much to see at this point!

Your puppy spends approximately 9 weeks developing inside his Mom. The mother dog has a womb or uterus, that has two long tubes, and the puppies grow in a row along each tube rather like peas in a pod.

The puppies are joined to their mother by a placenta which provides all the nourishment they need for those few weeks

To begin with, the puppies have plenty of room to move but they grow fast and as the time for birth draws near they are packed in quite tightly.

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Golden Retriever Puppies: The Stages Of Puppyhood

KeenDog Golden Retriever Puppy Training: What To Expect ...

Have you seen Golden Retriever puppies in real life?

If you have then you know how extremely adorable these little guys are. They can steal your heart in a matter of seconds without even trying!

Isnt that true?

Now, the thing with Golden Retriever puppiesor puppies in general is that they grow up and become even more adorable doggys. But, the path from puppyhood to doghood isnt an easy one.

Each and every puppy goes through this transition.

The stages are all the same for every breed, of course, but there are a few things that differ from breed to breed.

Lets talk!

Puppyhood to Doghood: Life at a Glance

  • Critical period for social adjustment
  • Learning something new everyday

Heres the deal.

Different dog breeds develop differently. And, with Golden Retriever puppies this means that the growth isnt justlinearit happens in spurts.

So no, theres nothing wrong with your puppy.

Now that weve cleared that out, lets begin!

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Taking Your Puppy To The Bathroom Spot

In a perfect world, you would take your puppy to their designated spot, where they would empty themselves quickly and completely on command, and be ready to move on. This can be a reality , provided you follow these tips when using the bathroom spot.

Use a cue word. When you bring your pup to their designated bathroom spot, you should always use a cue word that will help them know whats expected of them. When your pup is young, you should use the cue word whenever they use the toilet in the proper spot. When they are older and understand the word or phrase, you can say it when you want them to do their business, which will lead to faster results.

Keep your puppy on a leash when toileting. You want to make sure your pup is focusing on the task at hand, and the best way to do this is to keep them leashed so they cant wander.

Dont speak until your puppy starts to go. Young puppies are easily distracted, and if youre talking to them, they wont do their business. Be boring, and just hold the leash until they start to go.

When they start to go, say your cue word quietly, and dont be distracting. If you get too excited when using your cue word, your puppy might not finish, and will end up emptying inside your home. Say the cue word once, and stand still while they finish up.

How To Train A Golden Retriever Puppy To Walk On A Leash

Walking on a leash is not a natural ability in puppies ;they need to learn it, but its easier than you may think!

To train a Golden Retriever puppy to walk on a leash, practice at home first by introducing him to a collar and/or harness. Teach a leash cue, and start very short walks. If the pup pulls, dont yank or drag the leash, stand fast, and wait for him to come back to you. Reward with a treat and praise.

;Review the following steps:

  • Introduce your Golden Retriever puppy to a harness and/or collar and leash by first allowing him to get used to it gradually. You can do this by letting him wear them for a few minutes inside the house or yard. I find the best harnesses to be front-attached as they discourage pulling, such as the;Walk Your Dog With Love No-Pull Harness. I use this one as it gives you more control, is inexpensive, and comes in various colors and styles.
  • Teach a leash cue to call your puppys attention when you want to put the leash on. It could be a come while holding the leash, but most dogs will soon learn to associate the sound of you picking up his leash and collar with a walk. Give a treat when your dog obeys the command.
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    What About Training Courses

    You can also get a start on training by enrolling your Golden puppy into a training course.

    These are available in person, but also online. You could attend a group class, or hire a personal dog trainer to work with you individually.

    There are plenty of books and resources available for all dog owners to buy, too.

    Take a look at Pippa Mattinsons online training courses here.

    These are a great way for you to learn the best training methods whilst your dog is learning all of the key commands to keep him safe and happy.

    Raising A Golden Retriever Puppy Settling In Time

    All About Our Golden Retriever Puppy And What To Expect When Getting A New Puppy!

    It could take a while for your puppy to settle in properly to your home. It can be stressful for puppies.

    After all, theyre leaving their mother, siblings, and the only home theyve known to come and live somewhere completely new and unknown.

    You can help your puppy settle in faster by keeping them by your side so they arent ever alone and scared, and showing them how great their new life is.

    It can also help to follow a routine for a while. This will include feeding your Golden puppy, training them, and socializing them.

    Some common problems that new puppy owners face in those first few weeks include: biting, potty training accidents, waking at night, and over-excitement.

    So, lets take a look at each of these issues next, and the best ways to establish a routine.

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    The Charming Personality: Golden Retriever Puppies

    Theres a reason why the Golden Retriever is one of the most popular dog breed in the United States. And, its got to do something with the personality as well.

    After all, its the personality that counts, right?

    But, heres the thing.

    Every one of the Golden Retriever puppies is a different individual. Just like youve got a different personality than your mom or dad, the same way one puppy may have a completely different personality than they other.

    And, its all okay and completely normal.

    Ive got a list of the basic behavior traits of the Golden Retriever puppies. But, I promise you that your puppy isnt weird if hes different.

    Lets begin!

    Best Golden Retriever Training Guide

    Golden Retriever training may seem daunting now that you have a rambunctious pup; dont despair. This guide has the best golden retriever puppy training tips, step-by-step exercises and so much information you will feel like an expert very soon. From potty training to obedience, you wont have time to get bored.;

    The golden retriever dog is among the 10 most popular and intelligent dog breeds. They are handsome and charming; with the right amount of training, exercise and social interaction they can become friendly, playful and very social dogs. It is no wonder then, that they are a favorite breed as pet companions, guide dogs for the blind, therapy dogs, drug sniffing and search and rescue, among others. Training a golden retriever requires a little bit of patience, a variety of treats and toys, and a fun attitude. So, gather those up and lets get started. This article is divided into life stages, and what you should focus on each one of them:

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    Stage : Hello Anxiety My Old Friend

    The Golden Retriever puppies start exploring more. And guess what it brings along?

    Anxiety and nervousness.

    And thats very normal. The Golden Retriever puppies may be scared of a wide variety of stuff! From loud noises to strangers.

    So, your job is to resolve these issues without causing any damage.

    What does this mean for you?

    Well, for starters, dont be very strict with these little puppies as theyre already very nervous. After all, theyre tiny pups in this big world!

    Ive got a good news.

    During Stage 4, the Golden retriever puppies gain control of their bowel movements and bladder. This means that theyll sleep through the night and have fewer accidents.

    This means you can start toilet training your little Goldies.

    Speaking of training

    Golden Retriever puppies can be taught the basic command during this stage. But, be very gentle with these little ones or they may develop behavioral issues later.

    You can even start leash training during this phase!

    Lets see what Stage 5 has to offer, shall we?

    Where To Get Help And Advice

    The First Year of a Puppies Life

    Puppies are great fun, but they can also be hard work. At times youll benefit greatly from the support of other new puppy parents.

    We used to be able to help new puppy parents by answering questions in the comments on this website. But there are now so many that we needed a better way.

    Do check out our support forum. Youre welcome to simply browse and read the answers to other peoples questions. Or you can join in and ask your own.

    Its free and wed love to see you there!

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    Puppy Proof The Confined Area

    Are there toys that your puppy can easily pull apart and choke on? Are there items that, if swallowed, could cause poisoning or stomach issues? Can he be cut or get entangled in anything? Can he snag an ear, paw, or tail?;

    If youre using puppy pads, will your Golden puppy chew and swallow them? Are there electrical cords within the puppys reach that are chewable and that could pose a shocking hazard?;;

    You get the picture!

    Whether opting to use a crate or confined area, make sure the place you have chosen for your Golden puppy is safe and free of hazards. Look at it from your puppys point of view to pinpoint any potential safety issues.;

    What To Feed Your Puppy When Its Born

    Your Golden Retrievers personality will mature by the time he/she reaches puberty. He/she will become a trusted friend. Your Goldie is energetic and will require lots of exercise. Swimming and running are two of their favorite activities. Your puppy will probably do well at training school. They are happy to take treats or cuddles.

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    Raising A Golden Retriever Puppy When You Work

    We all lead busy lives. And most of us dont have the luxury of being at home all day. One of the most common questions we are asked is how long can I leave my dog alone.

    Many new puppy parents take time off work when they bring their puppy home. But it isnt uncommon for people to think its okay to simply leave their puppy alone in the house all day when they return to work.

    This is rarely successful. Young dogs left alone for long periods tend to get up to mischief and some become distressed, destructive, or both.

    And you cannot successfully house train a puppy if there is no-one there to let the puppy outside. Raising a puppy while you work full time is possible, but it takes planning and thought.

    You cant leave a puppy shut in a crate all day so youll have to get help in the form of a doggy day care placement, or a professional dog walker, or a friend or relative willing to babysit your puppy for a few hours each day.

    Check out this article Doggy daycare choosing and using a carer for your puppy and join the forum to talk to other puppy parents that have juggled work and puppies successfully.

    How To Crate Train A Golden Retriever Puppy Pethelpful

    Adopting a Golden Retriever? | What to Expect

    Apr 19, 2021 Some Basic Guidelines to Housebreaking a Puppy. If the Golden Retriever puppy is less than 8 weeks old, it will not have any bladder control. It is;

    We will take you from puppy training, adolescent training, and reinforcement expect to begin training as soon as you pick up your 8-week-old golden retriever!

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    Bone And Joint Problems

    A number of different musculoskeletal problems have been reported in Golden Retrievers. While it may seem overwhelming, each condition can be diagnosed and treated to prevent undue pain and suffering. With diligent observation at home and knowledge about the diseases that may affect your friend’s bones, joints, or muscles, you will be able to take great care of him throughout his life.

    • Both hips and elbows are at risk for dysplasia, an inherited disease that causes the joints to develop improperly and results in arthritis. Stiffness in your Golden’s elbows or hips may become a problem for him, especially as he matures. You may notice that he begins to show lameness in his legs or has difficulty getting up from lying down. We can treat the arthritisthe sooner the betterto minimize discomfort and pain. Well take X-rays of your dogs bones to identify issues as early as possible. Surgery is also sometimes a good option in severe and life-limiting cases. And keep in mind that overweight dogs may develop arthritis years earlier than those of normal weight, causing undue pain and suffering!

    Golden Retriever Potty Training

    This may seem obvious but potty training problems are one of the main reasons dogs are surrendered at shelters. The most important concept you need to understand is that puppies cant hold their bladders too long, so you will need to be attentive until puppy gets it. This link will take you to a step-by-step guide on potty training and crate training a golden retriever puppy.

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    Who Is The Best Human For A Golden Retriever

    Golden retrievers are a tried and true family dog. They love swimming , running, and playing in a big backyard. Theyre highly social, so a large and active family household works well for them. They also need plenty of affection and snuggles. Due to their hunting heritage, they love to play fetch! Looking to please you, theyre relatively easy to train.

    Theyre great with children and seniors alike. Golden retrievers do best with plenty of companionship, and so despite their activity level, often do very well with retirees who can devote plenty of time to them.

    How Much Should A 6 Month Old Golden Retriever Weigh

    Like most dog breeds, golden retriever puppies are expected to hit varying weight goals as they age. So, how much should your 6 months old golden retriever puppy weigh? Well, if he is a girl, expect her to weigh between 29 and 72 lbs. Male Goldens tend to reach a higher overall weight, so expect your male puppy to weigh between 38 and 75 lbs.

    However, the weight of your puppy will also depend on a few factors, including:

    • Size of the Parents: The size of your puppys parents should be a good indicator of whether your puppy will be below or average size.
    • Whether They Are Bred For Work or Show: Dogs bred for show tend to be heavier. So, if your puppy is a working breed, expect his weight to be near the lower end of the mentioned weight ranges.
    • Health: If your puppy is suffering from an underlying medical issue, his weight and natural growth may be compromised.

    Putting too much weight or growing too fast isnt healthy for your dog either. Besides obesity, too much weight can leave your puppy with a host of health issues, including hip dysplasia, skeletal abnormalities, and;osteochondrosis among others.

    At 6 months, your puppy may also manifest certain weird physical characteristics, including:

    • Unusually long legs and tail
    • Nose and ears may grow out
    • Front legs may appear shorter than hind legs

    But all these growth irregularities are normal and will normalize soon.

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