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When Does A Golden Retriever Go Into Heat

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Be Mindful Of Your Dogs Discharge

Two Golden Retriever First Heat

The best indicator of when your Golden Retrievers ovulation phase happens is the consistency of your dogs vaginal fluid. As a rule of thumb, it is best to have your Golden Retriever mate with a male dog when the discharge is runny or watery. This is the time period where she will have the best chances of getting pregnant.

Golden Retrievers Heat Cycle Explained

You just got your first golden retriever and its a girl! Shes adorable, playful and comes from a great line of golden retrievers.

An important event in a female golden retriever’s life is their heat cycle. It is important to know when your golden will go into heat and how long their heat will last.

Well, most female pups will not enter their heat cycles until around 6 months . Golden retrievers are more likely to have their first heat cycle at about 10 to 14 months with giant breeds starting at 18 to 24 months.

Keep in mind, these are ranges and it could be earlier or later as every dog is different. It is important to track when your dog has their first heat cycle. For the most part, their timing should become regular after the first cycle.

How Old Is A 15 Year Old Golden Retriever

15 + Golden Retriever. A 15-year-old Golden Retriever is now the equivalent of a 110-year-old and reaching the end of his life. Signs that your dog is dying include extreme fatigue, loss of appetite, incontinence, vomiting, twitching and loss of interest in his surroundings.

Signs your dog is aging include: Many of these changes are normal in an aging dog. However, be careful not to write them off, as some may be symptoms of a health condition requiring veterinary treatment. Your elderly Golden Retriever will require certain lifestyle changes as he follows the path into old age.

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What Is Spaying And Neutering

Spaying and neutering refer to the surgical procedures used to sterilize your pup. In other words, making them incapable of reproducing and having puppies. Spaying is the term used to describe removing the reproductive organs of a female dog. Neutering is the term used to describe removing the testicles of a male dog.

Stages Of The Golden Retriever Heat Cycle Explained

When Do Golden Retrievers Go into Heat?

It is important to know when your Golden is coming into heat and going out of heat.Some of the signs are clear and there are some subtle clues. Pay attention to your own female and learn her behavior. This will help in understanding whats going on when she does come into heat.

Proestrus Stage for a Golden Retriever

This stage of the female heat cycle can last from 4-20 days. The average is usually 7-10 days. There are 4 common signs for a Golden Retriever in heat during this stage:

  • Swollen Vulva: This is one of the better ways to spot the start of a Golden Retrievers heat cycle. Her vulva may become 3-4 times its regular size. You will notice the swelling is a significant difference over the normal appearance of her vulva. Her teats may also swell slightly, but this is can be hard to spot.
  • Discharge: Your female Golden Retriever may begin spending a lot of time licking to clean herself. Golden Retrievers are usually good at keeping themselves clean. If in doubt about the discharge color take a tissue and wipe her vulva. If you notice red discharge, and her vulva is swollen, that is a pretty good indicator that she is definitely coming into heat. It is important to check for this, because timing is everything when it comes to a pregnancy. The first day you notice the bloody discharge is DAY 1. It is best to mark it down some place like on your calendar.
  • Estrus Stage for a Golden Retriever

    Diestrus Stage for Golden Retrievers

    Anestrus Stage for Golden Retrievers

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    Keeping Your Dog Comfortable While In Heat

    Being in heat for the first time can be a confusing experience for your girl. Shes going to need extra love and attention.

    • Pups tend to get quite snuggly during this time, so set aside some extra slots for lots of cuddles. Maybe consider a lap desk so you can work and snuggle simultaneously.
    • Offer a safe, chew resistant toy that she can nudge up against. This too will provide a sense of security.
    • Never scold your pup if she happens to make a bloody mess, just calmly reassure her while you clean it up.
    • Make sure shes eating well and drinking plenty of water.
    • Provide extra potty breaks, as there is a lot going on down there and she may feel the urge to relieve herself more often.

    Give Your Golden Retriever A Job To Do

    Your golden can only be doing one thing at a time.

    For example, they cant chew up your shoe and chew on a chew toy at once.

    So if your golden is doing something you dont want them to do, give them something else to do that you do want them to do.

    This is called redirection.

    If theyre barking, get them to chew on a chew toy.

    If theyre jumping on you, ask them to .

    If theyre biting your fingers, give them a plush toy to bite.

    When they do do the behavior youre asking for, make sure to praise them and let them know theyre doing a great job.

    And heres a bonus tip: get them to do something you want them to do before they do the thing you dont want them to do.

    Eventually, theyll stop their bad habit and do something that theyre rewarded for.

    Now, no matter how much you exercise your golden, or how often you redirect them, if youre positively reinforcing the bad behavior, things just might get worse

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    Male Dogs Are Coming Around More Often

    Because your Golden retriever is in heat, she is giving off pheromones to attract other dogs. Male dogs can smell your dog at this time from a mile or more away and wont hesitate to track her down.

    Make sure you stay with your dog while she is outside during her heat. There is no barricade high enough to keep a determined male from making it into your yard if he knows your dog is in heat. Its better to be safe than sorry.

    When Do Golden Retrievers Go Into Heat For The First Time

    Female Golden Retriever in Heat

    Golden Retrievers go into heat around the age of 10-14 months. You may expect her to have a period of heat every six-nine months, lasting around two to three weeks. The 4 Stages of the Heat Cycle are Proestrus, Estrus, Diestrus, and Anestrus.

    During her heat cycle, your Golden Retriever will go through certain physical and behavioral changes. Knowing what to anticipate will make things much simpler for both you and your dog.

    The first heat of your dog will most likely be like any other. Youll notice some bleeding right away, as well as additional attention from any male dogs in the house. When the signs appear, it shouldnt be difficult to tell if shes in heat or not.

    The first heat of your Golden Retriever may be erratic. There are instances when the initial heat is more of a quiet one, with fewer symptoms. This has no bearing on their fertility.

    Its also possible that your puppy will have irregular heat for the first time. She may stop bleeding for a while and then resume a few weeks later. Her body is only now becoming used to the process of puberty.

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    She Is Licking Herself A Lot

    This is your dog attempting to keep herself clean during her heat cycle. Most Golden retrievers are very good at keeping themselves clean, which limits how much you have to worry about cleaning up after them.

    However, if your golden retriever is older , you may benefit from picking up some doggy diapers to keep from having to do a lot of extra laundry over those 3 weeks.

    Should Your Goldendoodle In Heat Breed

    Experts say you shouldnt breed female dogs during their first few estrus periods, as they are too young. There are often significant problems when female dogs produce too early. This includes not just potential physical problems but also behavioral ones. Overly young canine mothers are more likely to neglect their puppies. This can even result in a dangerous situation.

    If your female Goldendoodle has not yet had at least three heats, she is too young to breed. You should be especially careful to keep her away from non-neutered males. If your dog is old enough to produce and you want her to have puppies, you should think carefully and do your research before deciding.

    If your Goldendoodle breeds, you will end up with a litter of puppies. Litter sizes vary, but it will probably include at least three puppies. There may even be as many as eight. Finding homes for every pup is a time-consuming process and must be done responsibly. Puppies must stay with the mother for a minimum of eight to ten weeks.

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    Caring For Female Golden Retrievers

    While most new owners think that caring for a golden girl involves brushing her coat and giving her a bath a few times a year, proper care isnt just grooming your dog. Caring for your dog means that you will have to maintain every part of her body in pristine condition.

    Golden retrievers have a long, dense coat that sheds moderately all year round and goes through a heavy shed during spring and fall. You will have to brush your golden girl three or four times a week to keep her coat clean and prevent mats and tangles from forming.

    Your golden will also need a bath every six weeks, or less often depending on your dogs activity level and tendency to get dirty.

    Furthermore, you will need to trim your girls nails every 10 or 12 weeks depending on how quickly they grow. You will know that its time to trim your dogs nails when you hear them clicking on the floor.

    Goldens have floppy ears, which means that dirt and moisture easily get trapped inside, which can lead to painful ear infections. Hence, you will need to check your girls ears daily and clean them once a week or as necessary with an ear cleaning solution.

    Lastly, dont neglect your dogs oral health, since dogs like people can suffer from gum disease, rotten teeth, plaque, and tartar buildup. Ideally, brush your goldens teeth every day, or at least four times a week, using dog toothpaste and toothbrush.

    What Are Heat Diapers

    When Do Golden Retrievers Go Into Heat  Retriever Pets

    Similar to typical baby diapers, heat diapers are absorbent diapers with a hole in the back for the tail heat diapers are meant to absorb discharges and blood during heat and prevent leakage.

    Heat Diapers can also be a method of preventing your dog from getting pregnant during heat cycles and masking their scent to a certain extent.

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    How Long Do Labs Bleed In Heat

    Most female Labradors bleed for anywhere from 7 to 10 days while in heat. Despite common beliefs, dogs dont actually bleed a lot, and you may not even realize your Lab is bleeding in the first place unless youre paying close attention.

    Even if you do notice she is bleeding, chances are youll only ever spot a few drops of blood near your dogs bed or on the floor.

    Is The Estrus Cycle A Lifetime Thing

    Once the estrus begins, it takes a while for the cycles to become regular.

    For some dogs, it can take up to eighteen months until their cycle gets regular. Keeping a record of the cycle during the early days is a good idea. Once the cycle becomes regular, your dog will get into heat once every six months on an average.

    Your Golden Retriever will get estrus throughout her life.

    However, the time between two heat cycles increases as she ages. It is best to get your dog spayed to avoid unwanted litters. Spaying can also help reduce the risk of mammary cancer and other conditions as well.

    Contact your vet for more information.

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    Signs Your Golden Retriever Is In Heat

    As your golden retriever grows close to the age of her first heat, its a good idea to start watching out for the signs that its beginning.

    The first time your dog is in the heat is not a good time for her to get pregnant, as shes still young, so you need to keep her away from any unwanted attention during this time.

    The following signs and symptoms can alert you that your dog is in heat.

    Stages Of A Golden’s Heat Cycle

    When They First Meet, Female Dog Leads Golden Retriever To Visit His Home

    It is important to know your goldens behavior and signs as she goes in and out of heat. This will help you know what stage she may be in, what is going on with her physically and how to address her needs during each phase.

    Remember every golden is different so the time ranges may vary from dog to dog, as well as, the behavior.

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    Dont Be Concerned About Your Dogs Heat

    The heat cycle is the most natural thing your dog can experience. While it may be a trying time for both you and your Golden retriever, it will always pass. Its important to take good care of her during these stressful times. Shes just as annoyed as you are, we promise.

    Remember these common signs that your Golden retriever is in the heat:

    • Bleeding and Discharge

    Taking Care Of A Golden Retriever In Heat

    Taking care of your Golden Retriever while she is in heat is a full-time job. Any male in the vicinity will know that she is in heat and will do everything in his power to get in with your female.

    We woke up one morning to the most awful noise you have ever heard coming from the backyard.

    When I went back there, I found a neighbors Blue Heeler with his feet stuck between the slats of our fence. He was unable to get them out and was barking and hollering for all he was worth.

    Every time I reached to lift him out, he snapped at me. Eventually, I got a shovel and lifted him out of the slats and over the fence.

    He had jumped the fence to be with our female Labrador that was in heat. Luckily we had put her up in the kennel with a top on it and he could not get in.

    One thing that you can do to both protect your house and your dog is put her in a doggy diaper.

    People like these modern conveniences because they keep your dog from bleeding on your new carpet. At the same time, these will act as a chastity belt for your little princess.

    As long as the diaper is in place, no male will be able to mate with her.

    According to reviews on Chewy.com, the Pet Parents Washable diapers are the most popular. They come in one of five sizes. They have an elastic hole for your dogs tail to make them totally leak-proof.

    Check this link to see what the diapers are going for right now. I prefer these to the mountains of disposable diapers that spend most of the years taking up space in the closet.

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    How Long Does The Heat Cycle Last

    Well, this can be given as an average count of weeks. Normally, the heat cycle lasts between 2 and 4 weeks. Again, it depends on the dog and its breed. A Golden Retriever also falls under the same category.

    You must learn the signs that the dog can show and you must start learning from those signs to be prepared. Ideally, there are 6 signs that you can watch out for. You must watch out for the signs and keep a track of it so that you can predict the next cycle effectively.

    When Does A Golden Retriever Go Into Heat

    When Do Golden Retrievers Go Into Heat?

    Well, most female puppies will not enter their heat cycles until six months or so . Golden retrievers are more likely to have their first heat period at around 10 to 14 months, with giant breeds beginning at 18 to 24 months. Bear in mind, these are ranges, and they may be sooner or later, as every dog is different.

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    When Is A Female Golden Retrievers First Heat Cycle

    This will vary, depending on if they are a small, medium, or large breed dog. For Golden Retrievers, this typically occurs before they are one year of age.

    Most veterinarians recommended spaying before your pup is 6 months of age. However, for Golden Retrievers, this recommendation has now changed to 18 months.

    Signs Your Golden Retriever Is Going Into Heat

  • Swelling of the Vulva
  • Usually, this is the first sign that your dog is going into heat is vulva will swell 3 to 4 times its normal size due to the change in hormones. This shift isnt unpleasant, and its not anything you have to worry about.

  • A bleed or a discharge
  • When your dog goes into heat, youll most likely notice bleeding initially. When it comes to the amount, color, and consistency of their discharge, each dog is unique. Theres no way of knowing how long their discharge will last.

    Its generally an indication that their heat is nearing an end when bleeding and discharge stop. You will become accustomed to how this sign manifests itself as your dog grows older and you witness more of her heat cycles.

  • Excessive licking of the genital region
  • During her heat cycle, your dog is attempting to keep herself clean. Most Golden retrievers are excellent at keeping themselves clean, reducing the amount of time you have to spend cleaning up after them.

    If your golden retriever is older , you might want to consider getting some doggie diapers.

  • Urination on a regular basis
  • When your dog is in heat, Shes physiologically predisposed to try to entice male dogs to her neighborhood. Urinating more often is an excellent method to achieve it. She is making her mark and letting male canines know its that time again.

    If your dog has more accidents or has to be taken out more during her heat cycle, dont be irritated. Its perfectly normal and will go away once shes no longer in heat.

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