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Where Can I Find A Golden Retriever Puppy

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But They Will Love You Best

Playing hide and seek with my dog. Can my Golden Retriever puppy find me?

Again, the loyalty of a Golden Retriever pup cannot be stressed enough it is strong.

Golden Retriever puppies are some of the most popular dogs in the United States, and its easy to see why. At the end of the day, your athletic, big-pawed, adventurous, silly, and loving Golden pup will only have eyes for you.

Remember, you can find just about any breed of dog you are looking for at a shelter or rescue. You can even check DogTimes adoption page to search for shelter dogs of any breed in your area.

Would you adopt a Golden Retriever puppy? Do you have any tips for raising a Golden pup? Let us know in the comments below!

Adopting Golden Retriever Puppies

According to the AKC, most breed rescues report that a majority of their rescue dogs come from individual owner surrender, with the most common reasons being a change in lifestyle or the breed not being a good fit. This means that there may be many dogs and puppies out there that are looking for a new forever home.

The main difference between a breeder and a rescue is that a rescue may not always have young puppies to choose from. The benefit, however, is that most are mandated to only adopt out dogs that have been microchipped and spayed/neutered. This means you may end up with a dog thats already been housebroken, and doesnt need these common medical procedures. You may also find a golden retriever mix that has all the traits you want from the breed, but with a little extra thrown in.

Finding a golden retriever rescue can be as simple as searching the internet. The AKC also has an excellent list of golden retriever rescues on their site.

Why Should I Get My Puppy From A Trusted Breeder

  • 1A good breeder will be focused on helping you, not making money. This means that youll have an experts opinion on everything from training, to socializing, to the health of your new golden. Oftentimes, the breeders support and expert knowledge will be available to you throughout your dogs life. A responsible breeder will have your puppys entire family history available, and they will have used that history to breed a dog that is as healthy as possible and the best possible representation of the breed.XResearch source
  • Your puppy will likely have a health guarantee. This means that if your puppy inherits an illness, the breeder will offer a refund.
  • Youll likely be introduced to your puppys parents.
  • Your breeder will know their litters well. They’ll advise you on your choice, depending on your needs and behavioral preferences.
  • If something were to go wrong and you could no longer keep your puppy, it would likely have a safe home with its breeder.
  • All in all, trustworthy breeders will have taken every necessary step to ensure each puppy is happy and healthy.
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    Getting A Golden Retriever

    Do plenty of research before you get a Golden Retriever. Make sure you have the knowledge and dedication to give to these sweet natured dogs to keep them happy and the time and space to exercise them. While they make great family pets, make sure you are absolutely ready to take on the commitment of getting a dog first.

    Golden Retriever Rescues By State

    It can take awhile to find the perfect pillow!
  • More Golden Retriever Info:
  • Are you looking for a Golden Retriever rescue near you? Youve come to the right place. Well help you find the closest Golden Retriever rescues so you can adopt a Golden of your own. Or maybe youre trying to find a rescue to send a Golden Retriever to. Either way, these rescues are there for you. If your area doesnt have any Golden Retriever rescues, you may need to look at nearby states.

    Below, we break down all the Golden Retriever rescues in the US, state by state. Some states dont have any Golden Retriever rescues. Fortunately, some of the Golden Retriever rescues listed cover areas of more than one state.

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    Finding A Golden Retriever Breeder

    The first step is to do your research. Sadly, there are many puppy mills posing as reputable breeders along with plenty of online scams. Be aware, and reach out to different online forums for conversations about getting your future furry family member.

    Be sure to ask questions, make arrangements to meet the parent dogs or mother, and follow your gut. If something seems wrong at a breeder you visit, or the golden retriever puppy seems too good to be true, theres likely something sketchy going on. The AKC also offers resources for finding a breeder, with fairly strict guidelines on who they let participate.

    Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale Near Me

    Their puppy-like energy is maintained throughout adulthood, and theyre fairly easy to train. Goldens make a wonderful family pet and are fiercely loyal to their humans. They love companionship and will not do well when left alone for long hours. Golden retrievers shed moderately on a somewhat frequent basis.

    Are golden retriever puppies difficult?

    new Golden Retriever puppy can be difficult

    Are golden retrievers the nicest dogs?

    one of the most gentle and kind dog breeds

    Should I get a female or male Golden Retriever?

    Male golden retrievers

    Are Golden Retriever easy to potty train?

    retrievers are very intelligent and should be relatively easy to potty train

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    Puppy Advice And Puppy List

    Puppy News



    Criminals continue to take advantage of the coronavirus pandemic to commit fraud, as a scam involving the purchase of pets, such as puppies and kittens, continues to be reported to Action Fraud.

    So far, 669 people have lost a combined total of £282,686 in March and April 2020, after putting down deposits for pets they have seen advertised online. The adverts that victims have responded to were posted on social media, general online selling platforms and also specific pet selling platforms.

    The criminals posting these ads never have any animals to sell and will ask victims to put down a deposit for the pet to secure the purchase. They use the outbreak of COVID-19 and the current lockdown restrictions as a reason why the victim cannot come and see the animal first, or pick it up. After the initial payment more and more funds will be requested to cover insurance, vaccinations and even delivery of the pet.

    To help protect yourself from scams like this:

    Do your research Before purchasing anything online, including pets, look up reviews for the site, or person, you are buying from. If youre still not sure, ask a trusted friend or family member for their advice.


    Buying a Puppy

    Caring for your new puppy.

    The First Night.

    What You Should Expect To Pay For A Golden Retriever

    10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Getting A Golden Retriever Puppy (This Could Save Their Life!)

    The price of a golden retriever varies depending on where you live, what the dogs are bred for, and other factors.

    Most golden retriever puppies go for $500-3,000.

    If a puppy is close to either of those end ranges, youll definitely want to ask why.

    For instance, why are the puppies $500?

    Is it because the breeder is inexperienced and just trying to get started?

    Are they skimping out on vet bills or feeding their dogs cheap food?

    Or why are the puppies $3,000?

    Is it because they come from champion bloodlines?

    Is the breeder is experienced and takes their time to properly care for the mother, socialize and stimulate the puppies, feed them the best food, and take them to the best veterinarian?

    Or is it because the breeder is a good salesman and can charge a premium for their puppies?

    No matter what the price is, its a good idea to understand why the puppies are priced the way they are.

    Check out this article to learn more about how much golden retrievers cost.

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    Common Health Problems In Golden Retrievers

    Like any purebred dog, Golden Retrievers may encounter some breed-related health problems throughout their lives. Often, Breed Clubs will also be able to provide advice on what tests your breed may need and where to get these done. Make sure the parents of your puppy have had the relevant health screening to reduce the chances of your puppy being affected by these upsetting conditions.

    Golden Retrievers are amongst a group of breeds classed as Category Two by The Kennel Club. These are breeds of dog that have been highlighted as having points of concern visible features which, if exaggerated, might potentially affect the breed in the future and cause health and welfare concerns. For Golden Retrievers, this is because they can have short legs in proportion to their body and a tendency to become overweight.

    Some of the conditions Golden Retrievers are more prone to developing include:

  • Ichthyosis a skin disease that causes thickening of the footpads and makes other areas of skin rough and covered with thick, greasy flakes that stick to the hair.
  • American Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals

    There is a database of dogs looking for a new home on the ASPCAs website. The search engine is easy to use , and there are thousands of dogs available for adoption at any given time. If you live in New York City, you could also take a quick look at the dogs available at the ASPCAs adoption center.

    See if there is any Golden Retriever available on the ASPCAs website now .

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    Getting A Golden Retriever Puppy

    Choosing to adopt or go through a breeder for your new golden retriever puppy is a personal choice that requires research. Thankfully, there are many resources out there to help you find a rescue or breeder that offers healthy, ethically-sourced golden retriever puppies.

    Knowing what youre in for when you get a golden retriever puppy is an important step in being a responsible pet owner. Whether you find a responsible breeder or are planning on adopting, its up to you to be prepared for an energetic and friendly addition to your household.

    How To Find Reputable Golden Retriever Breeders

    Where Can I Buy A Golden Retriever Puppy

    It is essential to get your dog from a reputable breeder and avoid puppy mills and greedy backyard breeders at all costs. Although very low prices should always be a huge red flag, even the most expensive puppies could come from bad sellers, and price only is not a sign of quality. Breeders registered with a kennel club tend to be more serious, but again, it is not enough to decide whether a breeder is trustworthy or not. Along the same lines, an unregistered breeder could be excellent.

    Here are the characteristics of good breeders:

    Small scale operations

    • Usually only sell one or two breeds, dont have puppies available all the time, and have experience.
    • Raise puppies in their home since birth and show love toward their dogs.
    • Make sure puppies are handled by different people to be comfortable with humans.
    • Knowledgeable about the breed , answer your questions.


    • Encourage you to meet them, visit their kennel , and see the breeding dogs and puppies . Good breeders tend to only sell puppies to people they have met in person.
    • Willing to share information about their breeding process. Good breeders dont start breeding dogs under 18 months old and usually stop after 3 to 6 litters.
    • Will ask you to pick up the puppy at the kennel or at least to bring it to you themselves .
    • Will make sure you will be a good fit for their dog and will most likely make you sign a contract spelling out your responsibilities .



    Sellers to avoid

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    What Questions Should You Ask A Breeder

  • 1Ask questions about your puppy, its parents, and the breeder’s operations. To get a sense of the trustworthiness of your breeder, your puppys health and personality, and what you can expect from the contract you have with your breeder, youll need to make sure youve gotten all the information you need through informed questions. For instance, you may want to ask for references, vaccine information, certifications for your puppys parents, health information on the rest of the litter, and information on your puppys veterinarian visits.XResearch source
  • Have the puppies been dewormed, spayed, and socialized? The answer to all three questions should be “yes.”
  • What guarantee do they provide along with the puppies? This refers to whether or not you will be compensated if the puppy falls ill.
  • Do they belong to a breed club? This way, you can speak to their club as you would a reference.
  • What have they been feeding the litter? It’ll be crucial that you keep the puppy on the same diet for a few days after it’s brought home.
  • Do they offer support to the new owners of their puppies? It’ll be helpful to know how much assistance your breeder offers with training and health concerns as the puppy grows up.
  • Final Thoughts: Golden Retriever Breeders

    This article is a must-read for anyone looking to own a golden retriever. It will point you towards reputable breeders who work with healthy, well-tempered dogs. To find a good breeder, its important to do your research on the breed and its temperament. This article will give you a list of things to look for in a breeder, so you can find the best one in your area.

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    Cuidados Com A Sade Do Golden Retriever

    Para ficar ainda mais por dentro de tudo sobre Golden Retriever, é importante saber que todas as raças possuem predisposição a certas doenças devido a suas caracterÃsticas morfológicas. No caso do Golden, catarata, atrofia progressiva da retina, displasia do cotovelo e displasia da anca são problemas comuns.

    Mas, com um bom acompanhamento veterinário e seguindo os cuidados necessários, seu pet continuará bem saudável e disposto como sempre.

    Questions To Ask About The Puppies

    3 Types of Golden Retrievers and How to Identify Them?

    How do you socialize the puppies?

    Theres a lot of handling and exposure to different things in the world that breeders can do to help raise a well-socialized puppy. A good breeder will be able to talk to you about this.

    Where are the puppies born and raised?

    Are they raised in the home, or out back in the shed?

    Will they be examined by a vet before they go home?

    The answer should be yes.

    What are the puppies bred for?

    This may include being bred for companions , or show, sport, or hunting.

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    O Companheiro Ideal Para Diverso

    CBKC – Grupo 08

    São cães de grande porte, amáveis e muito brincalhões

    O cachorro Golden Retriever possui um grande porte, é muito forte e peludo e seus olhos escuros transmitem a doçura de seu temperamento. Suas orelhinhas caÃdas e a semelhança de sua boca a um sorriso são caracterÃsticas irresistÃveis para quem ama pet.

    Why Buy A Puppy From A Kennel

    Among people considering getting a golden retriever puppy, buying from a professional breeder is the most popular option, and its easy to see why. Firstly, health and temperament are inherited.

    When you buy a golden retriever puppy from a reputable breeder, you can see the puppys parents and understand how the puppy will look and behave in the future. Professional breeders also place great importance on veterinary check-ups.

    A breeder can tell which health conditions are common in the puppys breed line.

    Furthermore, responsible breeders take steps to prevent the development of certain health conditions in their dogs by avoiding inbreeding and making genetic lab tests.

    Secondly, trustworthy breeders take responsibility for their puppies. If anything goes wrong, a good breeder will advise the owners on solutions to the problem, provide a refund, or replace the puppy.

    Lastly, socialization is vital for golden retriever temperament.

    Sure, friendliness and devotion are rooted in golden retriever genetics, but a dog may be afraid of people or aggressive without socialization. The right time to socialize golden retrievers is when theyre still puppies.

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    Shampoo Massage & Blow Dry

    Regular bathing keeps your pet`s skin healthy and his coat clean and shiny. It also helps to remove loose hair and your pet smells fresh. Pets should be brushed thoroughly before bathing, and shampoos that are specially designed for dogs should be used. Human shampoos have a pH level that can be harmful to your pet.

    Through our state-of-the-art facilities and our experienced, compassionate veterinary team, we offer world-class healthcare for your animal companion. We provide: Urgent Care Wellness Services Advanced Care Other services including behavior consultations We will provide you and your dog or puppy the highest level of veterinary care

    Questions To Ask A Golden Retriever Breeder

    Dallas: Golden Retriever puppy for sale near Columbus, Ohio.

    When looking for a golden retriever breeder, it is important to ask questions to ensure you are getting a healthy, well-socialized puppy. Some questions to ask include:

  • What health tests have been performed on the parents of your puppies?
  • Are the puppies raised in a home environment, and are they well socialized?
  • What guarantee do you offer for the health of your puppies?
  • How much experience do you have breeding golden retrievers?
  • How will I be able to get in contact with you should I have any questions?
  • What type of training will your puppy be receiving?
  • How much food and boarding will my puppy require in the early weeks of its life?
  • Are there any other animals in the home where my puppy is being raised?
  • A responsible golden retriever breeder will ask you a lot of questions about your home and lifestyle before agreeing to sell you a puppy. They will want to make sure that the puppy is going to a good home where it will be loved and well-cared for. Some of the questions a breeder might ask include:

  • Are you prepared to commit to a golden retriever for the next 10-12 years? If so, are you prepared to have this dog for life?
  • This is a question that comes up because of the nature of golden retrievers. They are a large breed that can live an average of 15-20 years. If youre not willing to commit to the golden retriever, they may recommend that you try a smaller breed such as a Labrador Retriever or beagle.

  • Do you have the funds to purchase a canine companion?
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