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Where Can You Find Golden Retrievers

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Top Golden Retriever Claims

Can your Golden Retriever sleep with You on Your Bed?

The ASPCA Pet Health Insurance program receives many claims from customers with Golden Retrievers, but these are the most common.* Its not surprising that there is a lot of overlap with the list of common health issues for this breed.

  • Ear Issues
  • Vomiting
  • Hypothyroidism
  • *Pre-existing conditions are not covered. Waiting periods, annual deductible, co-insurance, benefit limits and exclusions may apply. For all terms and conditions visit Preventive and Wellness Care reimbursements are based on a schedule. Complete Coverage reimbursements are based on the invoice. Levels 1-4 reimbursements are based on usual and customary eligible costs. Products, schedules, and rates may vary and are subject to change. Discounts may vary and are subject to change. More information available at checkout.

    The ASPCA® is not an insurer and is not engaged in the business of insurance. Products are underwritten by United States Fire Insurance Company , produced and administered by C& F Insurance Agency, Inc. , a Crum & Forster company. Through a licensing agreement, the ASPCA receives a royalty fee that is in exchange for use of the ASPCAs marks and is not a charitable contribution. C& F and Crum & Forster are registered trademarks of United States Fire Insurance Company. Crum & Forster Pet Insurance Group is a trademark of United States Fire Insurance Company. The Crum & Forster group of companies is rated A by AM Best Company 2020.

    How To Find A Golden Retriever Breeder Near Me

    If you are looking for a Golden Retriever breeder near you, there are a few things you can do to get started.

    • The first step is to do a Google search for Golden Retriever breeders near me. This will give you a list of breeders in your area. Once you have a list of breeders, you can start narrowing it down by doing some research on each breeder. For example, you can check the breeders website for references and ratings from other people who have purchased a dog from that breeder.

    How To Spot A Backyard Breeder

    Be aware of warning signs when choosing a puppy. There are nine unmistakable ways how to spot a backyard breeder. First, such breeders tend to be too salesy, perceiving dogs as a business rather than living creatures.

    The breeder may say they have the best goldens in the world or that their goldens have a rare, exclusive color.

    Second, backyard breeders always have puppies available. Third, they sell puppies on Craiglist, eBay, and similar marketplaces. Responsible breeders get their customers through kennel clubs, personal websites, or referrals.

    Third, they dont ask you questions and seem to not care about the puppys well-being. Fourth, they dont provide you with a contract, documents, and health clearances of the puppys parents.

    Fifth, they dont let you see the sire and dam and the puppys living conditions. A refusal to show the premises may indicate that the puppies are raised in inhumane conditions.

    Sixth, they never participate in dog shows or sports competitions. Seventh, they prioritize the look over temperament and health. Eighth, they specialize in multiple breeds this isnt necessarily a red flag but worth looking into.

    Lastly, they sell puppies for a too low or too high price. If the puppies cost $500 or over $3,000, ask the breeder why. Breeders selling puppies too low may be sparing on documents and health checks.

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    How To Spot A Scam Golden Retriever Breeder

    When looking for a reputable breeder, it is important to be able to spot a scam. Some unscrupulous breeders will attempt to scam potential buyers by claiming to be reputable breeders when they are not.

    There are a few things you can look for to help you spot a scam breeder:

    • One sign that a breeder may not be reputable is if they do not have a website or if their website is outdated. If you happen to come across a breeder who does not have a website, ask them where they are located and how much you can expect to pay for their puppies.
    • Another sign that a breeder may not be reputable is if they do not have any litters registered with the AKC. Even if the breeder tells you that they have a litter in progress or has bred within the last year, check their history to make sure that they are legitimate.
    • Another sign that a breeder may not be reputable is if they are asking for several thousand dollars upfront. This is an expensive breed and you may find that their prices are too good to be true.

    Warning Signs Of An Irresponsible Golden Retriever Breeder

    The Cost to Buy a Golden Retriever: Facts, Figure, and 4 Places You Can ...

    Here are ten warning signs of an irresponsible breeder:

  • Theyre too salesy
  • They always have puppies available
  • They dont ask you questions
  • There is no contract
  • They have no references
  • They dont allow you to visit their premises or meet the parents or other dogs they own
  • They dont health clearances on their dogs
  • They dont participate in dog sports, shows or other activities
  • They prioritize other elements over health and temperament
  • They specialize in more than one breed
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    What To Look For In A Golden Retriever Breeder

    When looking for a Golden Retriever breeder, it is important to find someone who is reputable and knowledgeable about the breed. The breeder should have healthy dogs with good temperaments.

    While some of the traits in this breed will change over time, you should feel confident that the dogs you buy have been bred for health and temperament. A good breeder should have breeding records for the Golden Retriever dogs they breed.

    This allows you to examine the health and temperament of the breeders dogs. You should also look for a breeder who provides you with some basic information about the Golden Retriever breed. You should be able to find out how the dogs are raised, how many litters they have whelped, and how many puppies were available for sale.

    It is important to take this information and look into the other aspects of the breed. This includes their average lifespan, behavior, grooming requirements, and structure of their homes.

    The lifespan of Golden Retriever

    The lifespan of the Golden Retriever can vary depending on the type of environment in which they are raised. Their lifespan is approximately 13 to 15 years. The Golden Retriever has a high amount of genetic diversity and this is why the lifespan of this breed is rather variable.

    The life expectancy of a Golden Retriever is between 10 and 15 years. Its not uncommon for some Golden Retrievers to live beyond the average lifespan of 15 years.

    The Behavior of Golden Retriever

    Grooming Requirements for Golden Retriever

    Where To Find A Good Breeder

    You can find professional dog breeders in many different ways. One of the best ways to find them is by going to a dog show. Once there, you will find breeders and also find loads of information about different breeds and dogs in general. Youre going to see the dogs that the owners have bred in action and get to meet them. You can also see the puppies being socialized at the show.

    Another way to find reputable Golden Retriever breeders is by going on to the AKC registry and breed-specific clubs. You can also look on the AKC website for Breeders of Merit, Breeders of the Year, and Breeders of H.E.A.R.T. These are the breeders that have been recognized by the AKC as breeders that only breed for the betterment of their breed. Many breed-specific dog clubs also give out awards to outstanding breeders who have proven to better the breed.

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    Please Do Not Look To Puppy Mills To Find Beautiful Golden Retriever Dogs For Sale

    And now over to Oprah for the final word on puppy mills..

    oLearn about the dog breed and the costs involved. Do you have the time to devote to your new family member? Choose your Golden Retriever breeders carefully and responsibly to ensure a happy and healthy dog.If you are looking for Golden Retriever dogs for sale, choosing and caring for them is a big commitment, so take your time and do your research.

    When you find your own Golden to love, visit our page on Golden Retriever names and let us help you choose an awesome name for your new best friend!

    Golden China Rescue Update

    9 Things you MUST KNOW Before Getting a Golden Retriever!

    This is Golden. Hes an 8 year old saved from a slaughterhouse in China on January 20th. Half of his right ear was cut off to make dog ear soup. This dog has been through a lot and was rescued in a joint effort with China Rescue Dogs. When he arrived on May 12 in the United States, he was rushed to the emergency animal hospital with pneumonia and was nursed back to near full strength. He took a turn for the worse and it was discovered he has cancer and most likely needs a bone marrow transplant. At this point, he was too ill to fly in a regular jet and a private corporate jet needed to be found to fly him to our rescue and his waiting to adopt family in Ohio. Even if it is for a few hours, a few days, or a few weeks we all wanted him to be with his true meant to be family. Thank God for non-profit Pilots N Paws who scheduled three different pilots and planes to bring GOLDEN to his family on May 29th.

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    Ear Cleaning / Plucking

    The ears of a dog are very sensitive and susceptible to infection, excessive wax buildup and parasite infestation. A gentle cleaning with the proper products will eliminate most problems, but if constant itching, scratching or odor persists, you should see a veterinarian.

    Our caring professionals offer several packages that include ear cleaning/plucking, as well as the stand alone service. As a drop-in or by appointment, this stand alone service can usually be performed in less than 30 minutes.

    A Lasting Golden Legacy

    A legacy today provides a lifetime of tomorrows for our retrievers.

    As we celebrate our 30th anniversary, we ask that you celebrate both our past and our future with us in one of two ways.

    1. Consider gifting GRRMF either in your will or as part of a living trust. Known as a charitable bequest, this gift serves as a lasting legacy in your name, in your honor and is easy to set up. Simply name GRRMF as a beneficiary as you would a person and let your estate planning advisor assist you when preparing your will or trust.

    2. Because 2021 is our own Golden Legacy Year, we ask that you consider making a special Legacy donation in honor of our medical/behavioral programs, our new Hearts of Gold program or our forever home Sanctuary program to see your donation dollars at work.

    Historically, and on current trend again this year, we invest over $200,000 in medical and behavior support care for dogs arriving in our rescue. We would not be able to achieve the rehabilitation success of these precious dogs without your support.

    Our Hearts of Gold Therapy team,launched in 2019 as another GRRMF community service program, visit such diverse facilities as schools and universities, seniors residences and nursing homes, providing gentle support to anyone in need of comfort and reassurance.

    Please use our legal name, address and federal tax ID number:Golden Retriever Rescue of Mid-Florida, Inc.P.O. Box 1449


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    Help Us When You Shop

    Sign up for Krogers Community Club Rewards and help us everytime you shop! It costs you nothing and greatly helps our medical expenses.

    Contact Golden Retriever Rescue Resource

    Waterville, Ohio 43566

    GRRR Event Updates

    Ever wonder why your friend knows about our events before you do? Learn how you can be the one of the first to receive our latest news, great dog rescue stories and information on our special events.

    Play on Facebook, Instagram

    This is where youll find updates on new dogs for adoption as well as our GRRR special events.

    Golden VIP Sponsor

    Discover how you can help our golden retriever dogs, every month. Its a golden opportunity for our golden retrievers. Learn more...

    Have Any Questions About Health In Your Breed

    14 Things You Need To Know About Golden Retrievers

    If you have any concerns about a particular health condition in your breed then you may wish to speak to your vet or you could contact your breed health co-ordinator.Breed health co-ordinators are individuals working on behalf of breed clubs and councils who are advocates for the health and welfare of their chosen breed. They acts as a spokesperson on matters of health and will collaborate with The Kennel Club on any health concerns the breed may have.To contact your breed health co-ordinator please email:

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    Can Golden Retrievers Be Left Alone

    Golden retrievers are very social dogs and they dont like to be left alone for long periods of time.

    They are also highly intelligent, which means they are smart enough to get into trouble if you leave them with nothing to do for hours on end.

    Every golden is different, but as a general rule, they should only be left alone for a maximum of eight hours at a time.

    Introduction To Golden Retriever Breeders

    Golden Retriever Breeders are people who raise and care for Golden Retrievers. They are responsible for breeding healthy dogs and placing them in good homes. A breeder provides their dogs with top-quality care so they can pass this quality of life on to their puppies.

    When you look for a Golden Retriever breeder, you can find them from all walks of life. There are those that live in suburban communities and those that run large-scale breeding kennels.

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    My Golden Retriever Puppies Millersburg Oh

    Between the cities of Cleveland and Columbus, a group of experienced golden retriever breeders has come together to form My Golden Retriever Puppies. And, the resultant golden retriever pups exceed all expectations. All puppies come with a one-year, genetic health guarantee.

    The fact that My Golden Retriever Puppies will deliver your new family member anywhere in the United States, except Hawaii, distinguishes this breeder from many of the boutique outfits that operate across the country.

    Check Your Dogs Ancestry

    Two Week Old Golden Retriever Puppy Can’t Find Mom

    When thinking about why your dog has shorter hair, its worth checking the ancestry of the dog to check that it isnt the reason for your dogs slightly shorter fur.

    There are some ways that you can do this.

    • Ask for the dogs parents documents and then manually check the lineage.
    • If the above action is not an option then you can also conduct a DNA test on your dog.

    It can be very helpful to do both of these things just to double-check.

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    Getting A Golden Retriever

    Getting a Golden Retriever is simple, but its important to be prepared. If youre buying a Golden Retriever puppy, youll spend plenty of time on basic obedience training, socializing the puppy to other people and dogs, and teaching important skills like sleeping through the night and going to the bathroom in the right spot.

    Finding a Golden Retriever puppy or adult dog can be as easy as an internet search, but be careful of puppy mills and internet scams. Do your research and ask around about reputable breeders, visit before committing to payment, and trust your gut.

    Golden Retrievers Also Make Great Working Dogs

    It’s not all fame and fortune for these pets. Many Golden Retrievers work as search and rescue dogs. Their tracking abilities and strong sense of smell help them find missing people. Perhaps the most well-known use of Golden Retrievers as rescue dogs was during 9/11, when a two-year-old trained rescue dog named Bretagne helped search for survivors. Bretagne went on to aid in the search and rescue efforts during Hurricanes Rita and Katrina as well.

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    Flying S Retrievers Custer South Dakota

    Flying S Retrievers has Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers for adoption. They provide high-quality family companions or hunting or working dogs to families. The breeder gets the dogs health checked and registers them with the AKC. In addition, they begin socializing and training the puppies as early as possible. So you can be sure youll receive a happy, healthy pup from them.

    Did He Have A Short Haired Golden Retriever

    Can you help this teenage cancer patient find a Golden Retriever ...

    Take a look at the clip below and watch his cute, short-haired, adorable and lanky appearance.

    It turns out that its not a lab or the short-haired golden retriever.

    Hes a normal golden retriever, with a shorter coat in comparison to other goldens .

    And Im extremely grateful his coat isnt too long because there isnt a lot of shed!

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    United Kennel Club Breeders

    The United Kennel Club is the second most popular kennel club in the US. The AKC is more focused on conformation to breed standards, where the UKC is more performance-oriented. On their website, there is a tool where you can search for breeders that have litters or have previously registered litters. Its possible to search by breed and state.

    Find UKC Golden Retriever breeders .

    Red Golden Retriever Puppies Louisiana

    Many dog owners in Louisiana recommend Golden Puppies as the best red Golden Retriever breeder in the state. This seems to be the go-to place for this amazing dog breed.

    This breeder started their family-owned business in 2004 and since then has produced dozens of litters consisting of only top-quality dogs.

    They have a strict breeding program and aim to pair dogs with only the best features possible to create a perfect Golden Retriever, no matter the color.

    Not just that, but they also offer boarding, grooming, and training programs. They are veterans in the field and offer various help to aspiring dog owners or Golden owners who might need some help handling their puppies. They will even train an older dog!

    They state that the joy of pairing clients with the best possible dogs for them is what keeps them going. In fact, theyll do their best to ensure you go home with a new puppy that is entirely fit for your lifestyle!

    Other than Golden Retrievers, they also breed Goldendoodles and have a pair of Shih Tzus, so they occasionally have these small dogs for sale as well.

    Website:Golden Puppies

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