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Why Does My Golden Retriever Stink So Bad

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Frequently Asked Questions On Do Goldendoodles Smell

Why Do Golden Retrievers smell Bad ?

Do Miniature Goldendoodles Smell?

Just like bigger Goldendoodles, Miniature Goldendoodles can also smell. Usually, it is easily treatable at home and with the help from your vet.

Do F1b Goldendoodles Smell?

Because an F1b Goldendoodle is a mix of 1/4 Golden Retriever and 3/4 Poodle, they naturally have a more Poodle-like coat typically more curly and very light or non-shedding. This also means that more dirt can get trapped in their coat. Therefore, F1b Goldendoodles might need more regular bath time to keep the smell at bay.

Why Does My Goldendoodle Smell Like Fish?

Fishy smell is usually a sign of anal gland issues. Adding some fiber to your Doodles diet might be helpful. Read more about anal gland problems in Goldendoodles.

Causes of Goldendoodle Bad Breath?

Bad breath can be caused by improper oral hygiene, digestive issues, bad diet, and eating garbage. However, bad breath may also indicate that a Doodle has an underlying medical issue. These include diabetes, kidney disease, and liver problems.

Why Does My Goldendoodle Smell?

Any one of the following issues could be the cause of your Doodles smell: ear infections, dental issues, If you havent been able to get rid of the stink on your own, make sure to visit your vet to find a solution.

In your experience, do Goldendoodles smell? Have you found a good solution to curing your Goldendoodles smelliness? Let us know in the comments below!

Tip 6 Cleaning Your Golden Retrievers Bedding

This is a great way to ensure that your dog is always in a clean environment at all times. Their bedding can be easily overlooked as it is simply where they sleep. However, you have to that dogs are constantly outside picking up things and eating things that they see on the street.

When they get home, all of that is marched right into the house and then into his/her bed before they take a nap. The best part about all of this is the fact that it can be fixed very easily. All you need to do is wash your dogs bedding more often and this should sort it out in no time.

I recommend washing it out with some hot water and vinegar or hot water and baking soda to kill any smells or bad odors. Make sure to avoid using any fabric softeners as this may irritate your dogs skin too. Even make sure to spray down any nonwashable items with a hose out in the backyard as this will ensure that everything is clean. Onto the next section for tip 7.

When A Bath Doesnt Solve The Problem

As much as we love our fur babies, we have to admit an inconvenient truth: Sometimes they smell. They are animals, after all, but past that, they occasionally do gross things like rifling through garbage, rolling around in garbage, and eating actual garbage. But when nothing like that has happened yet an odor still persists, whats going on? It could be a medical issue that needs attention right away. In fact, an abnormal smell is one of the big signs that your healthy dog is showing illness symptoms. Here are some of the conditions that could be causing your dogs unnaturally smelly breath, skin, or poop, as well as what you should do to remedy the situation ASAPnot just for the sake of your nose but for the health of your pet.

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Tip 8 Get Yourself An Air Deodorizer

When all else fails then you may need to simply get something that will cover up the smell of your pooch.

CAVEAT: you should not use any type of spray on your dogs coat or try to cover their smell by putting something on them.

Instead, you can get a professional deodorizer that is built for getting rid f bad odors such as shoes, pets & Cooking. This will guarantee to maintain a nice smelling environment even when your sog starts to stink a little from time to time.

The product that I recommend is what I believe to be the best on the market which is the Alpine Air Commercial Ozone Generator. This product will quickly remove any bad odors in the air whilst providing a nice cool air to breathe in your home.

What Causes Compacted Anal Glands

Why Does My Golden Retriever Stink? 7 Causes & 9 Solutions ...

In order to understand this, we cant avoid talking about your dogs poop. Firm, normal-size stools put pressure on the glands so they can secrete normally.

But if your dog has bathroom issues for a few days, such as a bout of diarrhea, the glands wont discharge and the result is a buildup in the glands. This causes pain and discomfort in your dog. You may find him seeking relief by scooting on his bottom.

If tummy issues and the eventual compacted glands are an ongoing thing with your dog, a change of diet is often the best remedy. There may be a filler ingredient, such as corn, that makes your dogs system overreact.

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Golden Retriever Bad Breath: Causes And Treatment

Humans are living longer and so are their DOGS. It stands to reason that mans best friend is living a longer life. But the extended lifespan has nothing to do with canines trying to mimic their masters. Veterinarian science is uncovering the mysteries of DOG health. Verisimilar to us homo sapiens, preventative medicine is making it possible for your DOG to live a long and fruitful life.

Veterinarians correlate a Golden retriever dogs health to its dental disorders. Since, most Golden retrievers with severe medical problems are dental problems; prevention of oral diseases is mission critical. Not to mention, dental health is leading health issue in Golden retriever dogs. Animal doctors advocate good dental care at the veterinarian as well as at home.

Here are below a review of the following oral issues and diseases face by golden retrievers:

Plaque While most Golden retriever dogs are not susceptible to cavities, may are vulnerable to excessive tartar build-up on the teeth and gum disease. Dormant food particles left behind after eating, form plaque along the gum-line. A bacterium collects and formulates making a golden retrievers teeth a cultivation area for plaque.

Three to five days after plaque lies dormant in the mouth is mineralized and forms tartar. Since tartar is an irritant to the gums, it induces an inflammation and disease referred to as gingivitis.

How Do You Prevent An Ear Infection

Preventing ear infections is key to a happy healthy pup and issomething you can easily do at home.

  • Keep your dogs ears clean You can clean your dogs ears with an over the counter ear cleaner or one recommended by your veterinarian. You should clean the ears after bathing or swimming, if your dog starts to scratch the ears or shake their head, or when you start seeing a buildup of wax in the ears. Some dogs require their ears to be cleaned on a regular basis to prevent an infection.
  • Keep your dogs ears dry This is often easier said than done. Regular cleaning is the best way to do this, make sure you dry them well when cleaning. You can also put cotton balls in their ears when giving a bath to prevent water from going down the ear canal.
  • Check your dogs ears regularly As part of your regular dog care, make sure to take a quick peek in your dogs ears regularly even if they arent showing signs of an infection. By doing regular checks, you will be able to catch an ear infection early, before it becomes a big infection that makes your dog uncomfortable. Make sure to check the ears often especially if your dog is prone to getting ear infections.

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How To Keep Your Goldendoodle Smelling Good

If youre asking why do Goldendoodles smell, youre also probably wondering how to keep a Goldendoodle from smelling bad. First, you need to figure out whats causing the smell. Often, it can be as simple as not bathing and grooming them enough. However, if the root of the issue isnt as straightforward, always contact your vet to get to the bottom of it.;

Second, make sure that you have a good hygiene regimen in place. This includes your Doodles oral hygiene, and hygiene of his ears, eyes, and coat. An all-round good hygiene routine can prevent bad smells and also more serious medical issues that are caused by bad bacteria.;

You should start with grooming and cleaning as soon as youve adopted your Goldendoodle. This way they can get used to it from early on.

Trim Your Golden Retrievers Fur

Golden Retriever Shedding: 14 Tips To Control It (And Keep Your House Clean)

As mentioned earlier, Golden Retriever has a double coat and feathers. Its important to trim your Goldies feathers every 45 days to prevent them from touching the ground. This can be done together with a full coat trim to tidy up the dogs look.

Many Golden Retriever owners can do the trim at home. But if you dont trust your skills, its best to pay a groomer to do this for you.

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Air Fresheners And Filters

Once the hair problem is under control you should see a big improvement in general Labrador body odor in your home. If youre still unhappy then you can try out a doggy deodorant* that you spray on your dogs fur .

Less offensive to your dog are natural charcoal air purifying bags*. You simply place these in the room and they help to absorb unpleasant smells.

Another option is to purchase a free-standing automatic release air freshener*. Or an air freshener that you plug into a socket* in the rooms that your dog spends the most time in.

And a final option, is an electric air filter*. I own one not for dog smells but because it helps to reduce dust and I have a dust mite allergy. But it leaves a room smelling very clean too.

Make An Appointment With Your Vet

Sometimes no matter how much you investigate, you cannot figure out why your dog is smelling like a fish.; Your vet can examine your dog and see if there is anything medically wrong with them, causing them to smell like a fish.; Your vet can also prescribe antibiotics to help with any infection that your dog may have caused them to smell.

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Other Solutions And Considerations

A dogs diet can also cause smelliness. For instance, if your dog has food allergies, his skin might react by producing more oils, emitting excess dandruff or developing itchy lesions. The wrong diet can also cause increased gassiness, a sign that should prompt you to change your dogs food formulations.;Dogs also have anal glands that emit a fishy smell if they become engorged or infected. These glands are located just below the anus and they need to be expressed by a vet if they are the source of smelliness.;Lastly, airing and cleaning your Golden Retrievers bedding is advisable as dirty sleeping areas may be the source of bad odor.;

Allergies/yeast Overgrowth And Smelly Dogs

Why Does My Golden Retriever Smell So Bad?

Often, allergic reactions cause dogs to smell bad. Much like human allergic reactions, canine allergy problems can be caused by a number of irritants. Pollen, dust, yeast overgrowth and fleas are just a few of the common causes of allergic reactions in dogs.

Food allergies often caused by the grain-based diet promoted by the major pet food companies are often the underlying cause.

The treatment for dog allergies varies depending on whats causing the allergic reaction. Often, anti-fungal shampoos can take care of the problem. Oatmeal baths may also help. Other times, vets may prescribe medication, though there are also often homeopathic options that are safer for your dog.

Other times, the solution is as simple as providing your dog the kind of diet that nature intended for her to have a diet made up of raw meat like FEED ME BEEF, or FEED ME TURKEY if your dog has food allergies and needs a nutritious hypoallergenic dog food.

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Tip 7 Wipe Down Your Dogs Ears

Ears are another area that can build up a lot of bad smell. You may find that you cant even find the root of the smell after thinking that you have checked their whole body. Ears can very easily in most cases be the culprit of the crime. Make sure you go and check those too. If you find that this is the case, then there are a few steps you can take to fix it.

Firstly, you will need a batch of wipes to wipe down your golden ears to ensure that there are no fungal bacteria building up behind or inside of his/her ears. For the inside of their ears or around the eyes, I recommend you use some warm water and cotton balls to gently wipe away any dirt or debris from the inside.

Be very careful with this and always make sure that your dog is relaxed as this could result in a bad reaction in his/her behavior. Onto tip number 8

Why Does My Golden Retriever Smell

It can be a very frustrating thing if your Golden Retriever smells bad. This post will show you common causes of them smelling bad and what you can do about it.

So, why does my Golden Retriever smell bad?

It could be because it has health problems such as bad breath, diseased teeth or gums, ear infections or excessive;flatulence or problems with the anal sacs. It could also be due to rolling in smelly things, a bad diet or having been in water.;

And, what can I do to make my Golden Retriever smell better?

The most effective way to get rid of your Golden Retrievers smell will depend largely on the cause of the bad smell.

Some general things that you can do are to take it to the vet, improve its teeth with dental cleanings, bathe it, check its ears regularly and to prevent them from getting wet as well as its fur and skin and to train it not to roll in smelly things.

Your Golden Retriever might smell bad for many reasons and it might be due to a combination of them. But, there are some things you can consider when figuring out the main reason and there are a number of things you can do about it.

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A Great Way To Avoid Problems With Smells

A great way to simply avoid this is to just make sure that your dog is regularly having a wash every so often depending on how active they are.;

Like I said I tend to go no longer than 6 weeks for my particular dog and I try to give her a bath on a regular basis every two weeks.

If you have a dog that is quite active then I suggest you keep them clean at regular intervals to avoid such problems in the future.

Common Reasons Why Golden Retrievers Smell In General

Train Your Golden Retriever To Stop Jumping (3 Easy Steps)

There are actually several possible reasons why a Golden Retriever may smell and these include the following:

Dental issues

All dog breeds will have bad breath when owners dont pay attention to proper dental hygiene. Goldens in particular put all sorts of stuff in their mouth and this makes them more prone to different oral problems.;

Plaque buildup will then occur over time that will turn into periodontal disease when not treated immediately. This will result to bad breath that smells like rotting garbage.

Ear infections

This breed is susceptible to ear infections. You can easily tell if your fur baby has one once you see dirt, red and warm patch in his ear. Bacteria and yeast alike can lead to ear infections in dogs and may give off a foul smell. Problems like these must be treated with proper medication. Once it repeats itself or turns into a chronic condition, it may indicate that your pet has an underactive thyroid gland or an allergy.

Enlarged anal glands

You will need to visit the vet if your Golden Retriever smells every time his tail is lifted. Infections may sometimes occur in the anal glands that can cause some funky odor.;

Food allergies

The diet of your pup may also be the reason why he tends to get a bit stinky. If your pup is allergic to certain food, his skin will produce more dandruff and oils that can cause odor and itchiness.


Natural secretions


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What Can I Give My Dog For Gas And An Upset Stomach

  • You can add a tablespoon of plain, unsweetened Greek yogurt to their food.;
  • You can add bananas, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin to their diet, it will help to settle their stomach.;
  • Give them plenty of potty breaks;
  • Keep your dog on a daily probiotic like yogurt, it will help minimize their digestive episodes;
  • You can use Pepto-Bismol

Reasons Some Dogs Smell

Some reasons for a dogs foul odor are obvious. Many dogs like to roll in poop and dead stuff and, yes, play with skunks. You may not witness the event but the smell is unmistakable. Usually, giving the dog a good bath will solve the problems associated with rolling in smelly things. For dogs who have encounters with skunks, there are several skunk sprays available, but a thorough bath to rinse the oils off the coat followed by some type of acidifying wash using diluted vinegar or tomato sauce can work. Be prepared for the scent to linger for a while, though; you may not want your best friend to sleep on the bed for a few weeks.

Then, of course, there can be other issues that are not as easy to identify. The basics behind an odor from a dogs skin or coat are pretty straightforward. There is generally some type of infection, a change in the skins composition or an alteration to the amount of secretions the skin produces. The difficulty is in trying to figure out exactly what the underlying disease process is thats causing these skin changes.

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