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Are Golden Retrievers High Energy Dogs

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Quick Retriever Breed Facts And History

Training a High Energy Dog: A Golden Opportunity | Day #1

Labrador retrievers and Golden retrievers are always listed amongst the most popular dog breeds in the UK. Both retrievers share a common ancestor in the St. Johns Water Dog . This extinct breed originated in Canada and was exported from Newfoundland to the UK in the 19th century.

St. Johns Water Dogs were bred to help fishermen drag their nets across the ice. These retrieving traits have been passed down to the breeds modern day ancestors, making Goldens and labs powerful swimmers.

Is Your Golden Retriever Hyper Here Is What To Do

If you find that your Golden Retriever is hyper, there are some things can be done to manage the situation and restore peace and harmony.

First and foremost, keep yourself calm and try to maintain a relaxed attitude with minimal stress. This can be easier said than done but is essential. Whether it is during training and learning social skills or everyday life, a Golden Retriever can pick up on our emotions and the vibe we are giving off.

Be patient, and wait for them to do as you have commanded. How quickly they respond will depend on each dog and their training, but they should not be rewarded in any way until they follow the command.

It is essential not to get overly emotional or impatient as this can delay their calming down. Once they sit or stay, they should be rewarded with words of praise and treats as well by offering some affection.

It can also be very helpful to note the current environment your Golden Retriever and you are in. Are there numerous distractions? Is there a lot of chaos or stress? If necessary, remove the Golden Retriever from the immediate environment. This might include taking them away from people visiting during a party or whatever situation you find yourself in.

Removing them, and placing them in a separate room, crate, or another safe and quiet place can reduce distractions and stress and help them be calmer and focused.

How Much Should You Exercise An Elderly Golden Retriever

Some Golden retrievers suffer arthritis and other joint pains as they age. If this is the case with your dog, please speak to your vet and follow their advice. With some ailments exercise can make things worse and you do not want that for your dog.

Others may start to slow down once theyve hit their 8th birthday, whilst some may still be surprisingly active at their 12th year and beyond!

Like humans, dogs are individuals and age differently. Just be mindful of not asking too much of your elderly dog.

Theyre a breed that loves to please and if you ask too much of them they will do everything to oblige and you could really tire them out and perhaps do more harm than good.

Monitor your Golden and if they seem to have aches and pains, or get out of breath a lot quicker, or take a lot longer to recover, then its maybe time to allow them to slow down. They can still enjoy walking long distances and swimming, just avoid jumping hedges and chasing balls for an hour straight.

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Why Is My Golden Retriever Hyper

If your Golden Retriever has a tendency to act hyper then youre probably wondering why and what you can do about it. This post will show you common reasons why Golden Retrievers can be hyper and what you can do to calm it down.

So, why is my Golden Retriever hyper?

Common reasons would include not getting enough exercise, looking for attention and boredom.

Other possible reasons include being in a new location, you having encouraged it inadvertently with rewards, separation anxiety, a lack of training or feeding it the wrong foods.

And, how to get my Golden Retriever to calm down?

To get your Golden Retriever to stop being hyper you should make sure that it is getting lots of exercise if it is a healthy adult.

You should also take the time to give it lots of training so that it looks for your command before it does certain things.

You can also be calm yourself and avoid rewarding the behavior. In addition, you could try giving it things to be distracted with such as toys or even calming chews or bones.

It can actually help a lot to take the time to figure out why your Golden Retriever might be acting hyper since it will make stopping it much easier.

How To Care For A Golden Retriever

Golden retriever: Friendly, smart dog makes ideal pet for ...

A Golden Retriever puppy or adult dog may be friendly people-pleasers, but that doesnt make the breed low maintenance. They need daily exercise, regular brushing, and training. The good news is theyre so easy going, theyll adapt well to almost any home, especially homes with small children.

Golden Retrievers have a thick undercoat and long outer coat, but grooming is still relatively easy as long as you brush them consistently. They dont typically need a haircut for their flat coats, but they do need brushing every one to three days. Focus on the hind legs and the backs of the ears, where tangles and mats can develop quickly. While grooming needs dont vary for coat color, wavy-haired Retrievers are more prone to tangles than their straight-haired counterparts and may need a little more brushing.

A bit of mess comes standard with Golden Retrievers, so if you hate stray fur and dirt, look elsewhere for a canine companion. You can more or less make a new dog every week with the fur they shed, and they love to swim and get muddy. Just keep up with the regular grooming, being sure to rinse them off if they happen to take a dip in the water, and things wont get out of hand.

Of course, they have that mischievous side. So no matter how well-trained they are, youll still get an occasional moment when theyre more interested in goofing off. That just makes your Golden Retriever experience more fun!

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The Bark On Command Method

The goal of this method is to teach your Golden to bark until there is a response to the bark or the object of the bark disappears.

Follow these steps to train your dog to guard using this method:

  • Have the dog hear some suspicious noises without letting them notice where they are coming from. They could be noises of banging .
  • Command the dog to bark until you command them again to stop. Start the noises again and repeat the procedure until the Golden learns that they should bark every time the noise is heard.
  • Reward the Golden every time they initiate the barking when the noise is heard and when they stop when the noise is not audible.
  • You can couple the stop command with your appearance to make the Golden learn that it should stop barking when the owner responds to their call.
  • You can adapt the two methods to your situation as long as you keep the training goal in mind.

    Engage Your Golden With Both Physical And Mental Activities

    A Golden Retriever needs at least one hour of vigorous exercise a day. Be it a fun game-like Hide a Squirrel or playing fetch with a special tennis ball, a mentally and physically exercised dog is also a calm and happy dog:

    Research shows that 15 minutes of mental exercise a day is equivalent to 30 minutes of physical exercise. These activities can channel your dogs energy to something constructive while also wearing them out!

    Exploring a few boredom buster options as a way for them to exercise and interact with you can put these destructive behaviors to an end. A worn-out dog will tend to be relaxed and calm, making both your lives easier and more enjoyable.

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    Golden Retrievers Are Smaller

    When comparing the size difference of a Golden Retriever vs Labrador you will notice Goldens are slightly smaller on average.

    Both breeds are recognized as being medium sized, however if you measure a Golden vs Lab you will notice the Golden Retriever is an inch shorter.

    You can see the slight size variation in the table below which shows the average height and weight of both breeds:

    Golden Retriever
    Height 21 to 24
    55 to 75 55 to 80

    Female Golden Retrievers stand at 21 to 22 inches compared to female Labradors with a height of 21.5 to 23.5 inches.

    Male Goldens are slightly larger and stands at 22 to 24 inches in height compared to a male Lab standing at 22.5 to 24.5 inches.

    Female Goldens weigh between 55 to 70 pounds and female Labs weigh about the same as between 55 to 70 pounds.

    Male Golden Retrievers are slightly lighter at 66 to 75 pounds vs the male Labrador Retriever at 64 pounds to 80 pounds.

    The Labrador Retriever is larger than the Golden. However, the Golden Retriever is known to be slightly longer and has a longer snout too.

    Labradors have a more robust looking head shape.

    This is especially true for the English Labrador who are stockier and less athletic than the American Lab.

    Golden Retrievers Are High

    High Energy Dog Retrieving Troubles: A Golden Opportunity | Day #2

    Originally bred by Scottish elites for smallgame retrieval, Golden Retrievers are active, high-energy dogs that wont hesitate to protect you from an attacker.

    Premiere guard dogs need high energy in order to become effective at their jobs. If your dog is always lounging around on the couch with you, how do you expect the dog to catch an intruder?

    That being said, Golden Retrievers require at least an hour of daily exercise to be both mentally and physically stimulated. Fortunately, tracking a thief may make up part of the Goldens daily dose of exercise.

    Given the exercise needs and the purpose they were bred for, theres little surprise that theyre listed on AKCs list of 15 most active dog breeds. As such, our favorite activities for these dogs are fetch and swimming.

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    If Youre A Couch Potato Then This Dog Is Not For You

    Golden Retrievers have high energy levels and they need to burn this energy off. Give your dog one or two hours of exercise every day otherwise shell mess up your home. Theres plenty of activities you can do, as Goldens are great companions for walking, running, playing in the park, swimming, and even hiking.

    Besides running, Golden Retrievers need mental stimulation to thrive. You can teach her obedience training by yourself, as these dogs are known to be among the most obedient breeds. Other stimulating activities where Golden Retrievers register great results are canine freestyle and agility training.

    Golden Retrievers were bred to work, so they need to be active to stay happy. Furthermore, the lack of exercise will generate a series of medical problems, including obesity and other related issues, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, or problems with ligaments and tendons.

    Are They Good With Other Dogs

    Golden retrievers:

    Their good-naturedness doesnt end with people.

    Golden retrievers are great with other dogs.

    We did a study and found that 31.6% of golden retriever owners currently have more than one dog, and 57% of those people have a golden plus another breed.


    Like golden retrievers, labradors are known for being great with both people and dogs.

    If you have or want a home with multiple dogs, labs and goldens are great candidates to be one of those dogs.

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    Helpful Tips To Calm Down A Golden Retriever

    Unless you speak dog, youll never truly know your Golden Retrievers needs, so it helps to eliminate one issue at a time, until youve cracked it. Try the following:

    It may be more than one thing thats causing your dogs hyperactivity so dont give up! Training and stimulation while your Golden Retriever is still young will mean the crazy days will soon be a thing of the past and the result will be a steadfast companion.

    What Is Anxiety In Golden Retrievers

    Want to adopt an energetic dog as a pet? These are the ...

    Anxious dogs may display behavior that is synonymous with fear or stress. They may avert their face and eyes from the stress-inducing stimulus, or they may pin their ears back and down. Anxious dogs will tuck their tail between their legs and cower, and some will try to run away from the stressor.

    In humans, anxiety is a type of emotion that causes increased fear and alertness. It is useful in situations where fight or flight are necessary, but this emotion is unhealthy when chronically expressed. The same holds true for anxiety in dogs.

    Anxiety can also have a different appearance. There may be cases where a hyperactive and seemingly friendly dog is experiencing anxiety. These are dogs who may jump up and vocalize while also wagging their tail, which makes it easy to confuse with happy behavior. Even if the dog appears relaxed, they may engage in destructive chewing behaviors due to anxiety or boredom.

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    Is Hiking Good For Dogs

    Hiking carries a ton of benefits for your fluffy friend. It is a great form of physical and mental workout. 3 to 5 miles of physical activity helps to keep the canines weight in check. Moving on, the incredible sights, sounds, and scents in the wild promote mental stimulation. Generally, adventure eliminates boredom and keeps away behavioral issues.

    Golden Retriever Adoption And Rescue

    If you think a Golden Retriever might be the right choice for your family, look into Golden Retriever rescue groups before going to a Golden Retriever breeder.

    There are already many homeless dogs in this country looking for loving homes.

    Start your search with a visit to your local humane society or animal shelter.

    Let the staff know that you are looking for Golden Retriever or Golden Retriever mix.

    If you are open to other breeds and mixes, let them know that you are willing to meet dogs with Golden Retriever temperament traits.

    Ask to leave your phone number on file and be notified when eligible dogs become available.

    You can also search for adoptable Golden Retrievers online on websites such as Petfinder.com, Adoptapet.com and Getyourpet.com.

    There are even rescue groups dedicated exclusively to rescuing Golden Retrievers. Facebook and Google are good resources for finding Golden Retriever rescue groups.

    The Golden Retriever Club of America National Rescue Council is another great place to continue your search for the perfect dog.

    If you adopt through a rescue group or adoption center, the Golden Retriever price range will be between $75 and $200 depending on the organization. Dogs from these types of organizations will generally be spayed/neutered, vetted, vaccinated and microchipped prior to adoption.

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    Are Golden Retrievers Hyper Dogs

    Golden Retrievers are excellent family dogs because of their warmth, confidence, and sociability. A well-trained Golden Retriever can sit silently for hours despite their high energy levels. A Golden Retrievers great energy can be overwhelming if they are understimulated and not given enough space to let off steam. So, do Golden Retrievers have a high level of hyperactivity?

    Golden Retrievers are typically hyperactive dogs, particularly when they are young. Their ancestors and history as a sporting dog breed account for their strong energy. If your Golden is constantly jumpy and hyper, it suggests they have a lot of pent-up energy that needs to be released through mental and physical activity.

    Because a Golden Retrievers energetic demeanor can border on irritating at times, they will require some patience and understanding to return to their gentle placid nature. This article will discuss some of the reasons why your tiny ball of fur is unable to remain calm, as well as what you can do about it.

    Whats the Deal With My Hyper Golden Retriever Puppy?In any household, bringing a Golden Retriever home is a joyous occasion. For the pet, the owner, and the entire family, there is a lot of excitement.

    But what if your Golden puppy is overly enthusiastic? The small man is incapable of slowing down and taking a break. The only time he or she is still is when they are sleeping, and sleep time is getting shorter by the month!

    How Far Can You Walk A Golden Retriever

    Golden Retriever With High-Energy Gets Basic Obedience Training

    Well, it all depends on the age as well as the health status of the pooch. Nonetheless, retrievers are built to stay active throughout the day. A 45 to 60-minute walk at least once a day would be enough for your dog. As much as this breed will always ask for more, you need to proceed cautiously as excessive exercises are damaging to growth plates especially for a young pup. In the same light, deprived physical activity could culminate in behavioral problems alongside hyperactivity and other health problems.

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    Golden Retriever Vs English Springer Spaniel Comparison Which Dog Is Better Yellow Retriever Or Springer Spaniel

    “Find similarities and differences between Golden Retriever vs English Springer Spaniel”

    Comparison Criteria
    Yellow Retriever, Golden Flat Coat Springer Spaniel
    Recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1925 as a Sporting breed. Recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1910 as a Sporting breed.
    FCI Group Recognized by FCI in the Retrievers – Flushing Dogs – Water Dogs group, in the Retrievers section. Recognized by FCI in the Retrievers – Flushing Dogs – Water Dogs group, in the Flushing Dogs section.
    Breed Recognition Dog Registry of America Inc.Federation Cynologique InternationaleKennel Club of Great BritainNorth American Purebred Registry, Inc.American Canine Association, Inc. Dog Registry of America Inc.Federation Cynologique InternationaleKennel Club of Great BritainNorth American Purebred Registry, Inc.American Canine Association, Inc.

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