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Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix Puppy

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Fun Facts About The Australian Retriever

MEET MY DOG CHIP! : Australian Shepherd & Golden Retriever Mix
  • It is believed that this that mix first originated in 2007.
  • Many Australian Shepherd and Golden Retrievers are used as guide dogs to help the visually impaired.
  • These dogs make great watchdogs since they are protective over their people.
  • Although the Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever mix is not recognized by the AKC they are recognized by the Canine Hybrid Club.
  • These dogs would be great as farmhands and herding dogs because of their high herding and protective drive.
  • The Golden Retriever Australian Shepherd Mix Gets Along With Everyone

    Kids, other dogs, strangers on the street the Aussie Golden mix will be friendly to everyone it encounters. Having inherited its parents devoted, loving traits, the Australian Retriever is one of the least aggressive dogs youll ever meet.

    This crossbreed is affectionate and loving, and it tends to quickly form bonds with its family. Its patient even with young kids, and it rarely barks all these qualities make the Australian Retriever an excellent choice for a family dog.

    The Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever mix will be so attached to his human pack that the only time hell bark is when hes feeling possessive of his toys and his family. Dont worry this problematic behavior is something you can remove through training.

    The Golden Retriever-Aussie cross might be the perfect pet for you if you have young kids or other dogs at home.

    Weight Of An Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix

    The majority of male Australian Shepherds weigh between 25 and 32kg whilst the females weigh around 16 to 25kg.

    Generally, Golden Retrievers weigh between 25 and 34 kg, of course, there are differences between the weights of male and female golden retrievers. As such, this mix will typically weigh between 50 and 65 pounds.

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    Australian Retriever: 5 Reasons This Dog Breed Is The Best

    The Australian Retriever is probably one of the cutest dogs around. A mix between the Australian Shepherd and the Golden Retriever, this dog retains most of its positive demeanor from its Golden lineage and the Australian Shepherd’s loyalty and smarts. Indeed, this dog truly embodies the best of both its parent breeds.

    Even though it might be rarer in the United States, if you’re thinking about adopting a dog, you owe it to yourself to check out the Australian Retriever as it makes a beautiful family pet. Here are the top five reasons this dog is awesome!

    Grooming: Do Australian Retrievers Shed

    Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix Puppies For Sale ...

    Yes. And as moderate to heavy shedders, brushing twice a week is usually sufficient. You can always brush them more frequently to reduce shedding. But you should NEVER shave this dog.

    Remember that double coat we mentioned earlier, right? This second layer of hair protects your Golden Aussie dog from the elements and helps her regulate her body temperature.

    Shaving reduces the coats ability to do its function and can cause discomfort and harm to your dog.

    Keeping that double coat in top condition will ensure that your Golden Aussie will rarely need a bath.

    We know it sounds counterintuitive, but save full-on baths for when its necessary. Thats the best way to preserve the natural oils in their fur.

    If youre already cringing at the thought of dirty dog hair, dont fret. When your pup brings the outdoors in, use a brush or wet wipe to clean them up. If theyre incredibly filthy and weather permits, hose them off outside. Just dont use shampoo!

    The rest of the Australian Golden Retrievers beauty routine is less time-consuming. Once a day or so, youll want to check those adorable fuzzy ears for signs of pests or debris.

    Dont forget to brush her teeth daily and trim her nails every other week.

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    What Is An Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix

    The Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix is a medium to large sized dog with a well-built physique and long coat.

    Also known as an Australian Retriever, these dogs are used for herding on the farm or as a loyal companion for the family.

    They are devoted to their owners and form strong bonds with not only them but every member of the family.

    These pooches are very energetic and need an owner who has enough time and the appropriate space to be able to get their energy out.

    You can expect a lean tough working dog that embodies that idea of the wild west.

    • Overview: Mixed Breed .
    • Purpose: Companion.
    • Temperament: Energetic, affectionate, and intelligent .

    Australian Shepherd Goldendoodle Mix Personality & Temperament

    There are quite literally hundreds of purebred dog breeds in the world today. And now there are more and more hybrid dog breeds as well.

    But this is a great thing because each of these dogs has a unique personality and temperament that can make one breed a better fit for you than all the others.

    In this section, we investigate what your Australian Shepherd Goldendoodles personality and temperament is likely to be like.

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    Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix Adoption

    Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix adoption is a program that does what it states it will do. You can search for a dog you want or possibly a family that has an animal you are interested in. If the person does not have another dog that they would like to adopt or if the dog is for a family with children, then you might be on the right track.

    The dogs are young and do not yet know the boundaries of the house or yard. Many times there are a few that are still training and there is a lot of patience required. It is best to bring the dog home and do some house training before you bring the puppy home to your home. The people who come out to your house want their dog to have a loving, secure, and comfortable environment and this is the way to accomplish that. The dog that is not familiar with house training and has not had a lot of training already will be miserable and maybe a bad candidate for the Goldie and the Australian Shepherd mix.

    Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix is a breed that has received excellent attention from many dog owners and trainers. Although some of the breeds qualities have already been noted as being superior to most standard breeds, these dogs are truly unique in the way they interact with their human companions.

    There are a lot of puppy homes available for these dogs. The puppies are healthy and ready to be adopted. Just make sure that you get yourself a qualified breeder.

    Dietary Requirements Of The Aussie Retriever

    Puppies Playing – Golden Retriever and Australian Shepherd Mix (Week 6)

    When you are choosing the diet for any hybrid dog there are a few things that you have to keep in mind and they are

    • Age
    • Metabolism
    • Activity level

    Consider all the above factors when you are choosing what food to give your Australian Retriever. You should also keep in mind that some of them may also be choosy eaters.

    Avoid foods that have fillers and choose a diet that is high on proteins for building and repairing their muscles.

    Seek the advice of your local vet to know what the best diet for your Golden Retriever Australian Shepherd mix is.

    2 or 3 cups of high-quality kibble should be enough for you to feed this hybrid dog. You should space the time between one meal and the other well to avoid issues with bloat.

    Daily calories

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    Raising An Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix Puppy

    Like all breeds, bringing home an Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever mix puppy is an expensive, time consuming commitment.

    Check out our guides on puppy care and training your puppy for lots of support and troubleshooting tips along the way.

    These guides cover areas such as feeding your puppy and how to stop a puppy from biting.

    What Class Of Animal Does An Australian Retriever Belong To

    The Australian retriever belongs to the Mammalian class as it has the ability to give birth to young ones. The Australian retriever is not a pure breed. It was when breeders started mating Australian shepherds with golden retrievers that this new breed was created. Their appearance and size completely depend upon that of their parent breeds.

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    Coat Care Requirements And Grooming Needs

    This mixed breed tends to have a coat that is wavy and coarse to touch, however, it will need to be groomed regularly to ensure that it doesnt become matted.

    Failing to pay attention to your dogs care needs is likely to result in a rather costly visit to the groomers to rectify the issue.

    When bathing your dog, it is recommended that you use a gentle shampoo that isnt going to be too harsh on its often sensitive skin. Ideally, you should bathe your dog around every 8 weeks.

    Their additional care demands are pretty much the same as any other breed. Alongside bathing and grooming your Australian Retriever, you will need to dedicate sufficient time to cleaning its eyes and ears, trimming its nails, and also brushing its teeth.

    Because this breed has a coarse coat, it is pretty adaptable to both warm and cold climates, however, if the temperatures drop quite significantly, you may choose to put a coat on your dog before taking it outdoors.

    Are Golden Aussies Easy To Train

    Simba, Golden Retriever Australian Shepherd mix

    Golden Aussies are intelligent and very easy to train. You can promote certain naturally-inherited skills such as herding or fetch in this breed, even if to different extents.

    Training should start as soon as possible and given their high energy levels, you shouldnt be afraid to combine training-play time in a few full hours each day.

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    Online Search For Aussie Mixes

    The next logical step is to do an online search for Australian Shepherd mix breeders. You may not be able to find a breeder with this method, but its always good to check.

    Another great idea is to search for your mix pup on dog adoption sites, which are filled with mutt dogs. Id recommend Pet Finder and Puppy Finder. And while youre at it, make sure to check out Adopt a Pet too.

    Training Your Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix

    In the study of 56 dog breeds, both the Australian Shepherd and the Golden Retriever were easier to potty train than most of the other breeds.

    You can capitalize on their natural good instincts with our detailed potty training guides.

    The Golden Retriever also demonstrated a greater ability to pick up obedience training than many other breeds.

    Australian shepherds show this tendency too.

    Both the Golden Retriever and the Australian Shepherd are intelligent breeds, which may be the reason they are easy to train.

    Our puppy training guides will help you harness that intelligence and get training off to a flying start.

    A useful guide on crate training a puppy can be found here.

    As with all breeds, early socializing is important for your Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever mix.

    This will help prevent behavioral issues towards people, environments and other dogs when your puppy gets older.

    According to The Kennel Club, a puppy needs 5 minutes exercise for each month of its life.

    They need an opportunity to exercise twice a day. As the puppy gets older, the amount of exercise can be increased.

    You can read more about puppies exercise requirements here.

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    Australian Retrievers Tend To Be Healthy

    Owing in large part to their Golden Retriever and Australian Shepherd genes, the Australian Retriever tends to be quite a healthy animal. While this breed can have some of the same problems that its genetic ancestors have, you shouldn’t expect to have too many vet bills with this breed.

    With that said, this particular breed can have a few inherited disorders, including hip and elbow dysplasia, eye issues including cataracts, as well as certain forms of cancer. Therefore, please be on the lookout for these issues if you do get one of these dogs.

    Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mixed Breed: Everything You Need To Know

    Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix Puppy

    Mix dogs breeds have become a popular option for families that are looking for canine companions. A mix breed dog is a result of combining different dog breeds together. Although, there are many mix breed dogs that promise fun, loyalty, and obedience, a recent, popular choice has become the Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix.

    Both Australian Shepherds and Golden Retrievers are dogs that can serve as pets or workers, which is why the mix of both is something that is highly sought after. However, before welcoming a dog like this into your house, it is important to have knowledge about it. Here is everything you need to know about an Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix.

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    Do Golden Australian Shepherds Have Health Issues

    Like all breeds, Aussie Golden Retrievers are susceptible to certain health conditions.

    Its the part of dog ownership that none of us likes to think about. But the more you know about your dogs risk factors, the easier itll be to spot potential health problems.

    With Golden Aussies, you want to look out for signs of eye problems, like cataracts and colobomas. Theres also underactive thyroid, allergies, bloat, and hip dysplasia.

    Your Australian Retriever could also inherit breed-specific health issues. Golden Retrievers are sadly notorious for developing cancer, while Multidrug Sensitivity is common in Australian Shepherds.

    Fortunately, even with certain health risks, Aussie Goldens live a long time. With regular vet visits and proper care, Australian Retrievers enjoy a lifespan of 12 to 15 years.

    Australian Shepherds: The Powerhouse Pooch

    Despite the locale in their name, modern Australian Shepherds didnt come from the Land Down Under.

    Their recent ancestors originated in Basque Country in Europe, but the breed was refined and made popular in the US.

    Bred to herd livestock, Aussies are working dogs to the core.

    Known for their work ethic and intelligence, the Australian Shepherd is a shoo-in for all sorts of canine jobs, from search and rescue to therapy.

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    Training An Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix

    This dog needs a consistent and firm leader and that is why training is very important.

    But the good thing is that this pooch is eager to please and intelligent which makes him highly trainable. Being highly trainable does not, however, make the work any easier because they can also be a bit stubborn.

    Although these canines pick up tricks and commands easily you will still need to be consistent and patient with training.

    Positive reinforcement and reward-based training work best on this dog. This is because he learns through the consequence of his behaviors and is likely to repeat something if there is a positive outcome.

    And although they are friendly doggos they still need to be socialized at an early age.

    You can do this by introducing to different environments, people, and as many animals as possible. This will prevent him from chasing or barking at a moving vehicle.

    How Much Does A Golden Retriever Australian Shepherd Mix Cost

    My rescue dog. German shepherd/ retriever mix # ...

    As with most designer pups, their cost varies greatly depending on where you are in the country and the subsequent supply and demand. If you are buying from a respectable breeder, you should expect to pay somewhere between $300 and $900 per pup.

    You may also find some of these desirable pups looking for homes in a local shelter, so be sure to call around these shelters as your first option.

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    Origins Of The Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever

    Golden Retrievers originated from Scotland. In the 1800s, Lord Tweedmouth bred these dogs in his Inverness-Shire estate. Initially used as retrieving and guard dogs, Golden Retrievers soon came to be the ultimate family dog.

    Despite what their name suggests, Australian Shepherds originated from Europe. Pyrenean Shepherds in the Pyrenees Mountains bred the Australian Shepherd. This dog breed was known for its herding skills, work ethic, and content nature, which is why they were taken along everywhere. They were taken to Australia by the Basque people, and later, they were taken to America.

    How Big Is A Full

    Based on their parent breeds growth charts, your Aussie Golden should reach their full size between 12 to 16 months of age. Adults will generally weigh between 30 to 60 pounds and stand 19 to 23 inches tall.

    Prefer something closer to lap-size? A Mini Golden Aussie is possible if one or both parents consists of the Miniature American Shepherd and Miniature Golden Retriever.

    Even though neither variation of the Australian Retriever is particularly huge, this breed is not meant for apartment living. With their go-getter spirits, these canines thrive in homes with large, fenced yards.

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    What Is An Aussie Lab

    Australian shepherd Lab mixes go by several names, including

    • Aussiedor
    • Aussie Lab
    • Sheprador.

    Being a designer breed, this mix isnt officially recognized by the American Kennel Club. However, Aussie Labs can be registered with:

    • Dog Registry of America Club
    • American Canine Hybrid Club
    • Designer Dogs Kennel Club

    How To Use A Deshedding Tool For Your Golden Aussie

    Golden retriever/Australian Shepherd Mix Puppies

    You need to use a deshedding tool at least 2 times per week with your Golden Aussie. A tool such as the Furminator Undercoat Deshedding tool proves ideal in making this process easier. It features an ergonomic handle and it releases hair at a push of a button.

    The role of this deshedding tool is to remove loose topcoat as well as loose undercoat hair. You only need to gently brush your Golden Aussies coat starting from the head in the direction of hair growth.

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