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Best Dental Chews For Golden Retrievers

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Best Chew Toys For Golden Retriever Puppies

Top 10 Best Teeth Dog Breeds

Golden retrievers are some of the most playful, fun and loyal canine companions around, but if they have one tiny fault, its that they can be very heavy chewers.

As retrieving dogs, they love carrying things around in their mouths and while its in there they might as well have a good chew on it!

With so much playful energy, their heavy chewing can sometimes border on destructive. Theres no rawhide or chew toy to hand, your shoes, furniture and curtains might turn up totally battered in a matter of hours.

Thats why investing in a really high quality, durable chew toy will be one of the best decisions you make as the owner of a golden retriever. Not only will it quell any destructive chewing, but it will also provide the mental and physical stimulation your pup needs to expend their energy and have a great time doing so.

Theres a huge amount of chew toys on the market and its easy to get overwhelmed by choice. Heres what you need to consider before you buy.

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What Makes A Good Chew Toy

There are two major things to make sure of when choosing a chew toy:

  • The toy is safe
    • Are too big to be swallowed or choked on
    • Dont have movable parts that can be broken off
    • Are tough enough to not be torn apart quickly
    • Are made of non-toxic materials

    And heres another note on safety

    If you see that your puppy is about to start breaking little pieces off a toy, just get rid of it.

    No toys are indestructible and its best to take it away before they start breaking off pieces and swallowing them.

    Routine Care Diet And Exercise

    Build her routine care into your schedule to help your Golden live longer, stay healthier, and be happier during her lifetime. We cannot overemphasize the importance of a proper diet and exercise routine.

    • Supervise your pet as you would a toddler. Keep doors closed, pick up after yourself, and block off rooms as necessary. This will keep her out of trouble and away from objects she shouldnt put in her mouth.
    • She needs a thorough brushing at least weekly most of the year. Twice a year she blows her coat and loses crazy amounts of hair; daily brushing is recommended during this time.
    • Golden Retrievers generally have good teeth, and you can keep them perfect by brushing them at least twice a week!
    • Clean her ears weekly, even as a puppy. Dont worrywell show you how!
    • She’s a smart dog with lots of energy, so keep her mind and body active, or she’ll get bored. That’s when the naughty stuff starts.
    • She excels at dog sports like flyball, agility, dock diving, and obedience events.
    • She has a passion for water, and swimming is a perfect form of exercise for this water retriever.
    • Keep your dogs diet consistent and dont give her people food.
    • Feed a high-quality diet appropriate for her age.
    • Exercise your dog regularly, but dont overdo it at first.

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    Dangers Of Canine Periodontal Disease

    I have spoken to pet owners who specifically refuse to brush their dogs teeth, citing that this is not something that they do naturally in the wild, and therefore it is not something that their dog needs. While this is true, we need to remember that while wolves and wild dogs normally live for around five years, domestic dogs live for between 10 and 15 years. This means that their teeth need to last two to three times as long. Whereas, unlike wild dogs, your pooch is unlikely to starve if they lose some of their teeth, and dental problems can cause them a considerable amount of pain.

    Dental disease, also known as periodontal disease, can put your dogs life at risk as the bacteria that causes their bad breath and plaque can migrate to the heart causing potentially fatal heart disease. Moreover, the bacteria that forms in plaque and tartar that can cause tooth loss can also do damage to the surrounding bone if left untreated, which is a much more serious issue.

    Signs that your dogwho should have 48 adult teeth after shedding their 28 baby teeth at around four to six monthsmay be suffering with periodontal issues include:

    • Bad breath
    • Reluctance to eat
    • Leaving blood on their bowl or toys

    Smaller breeds are more likely to be affected by dental issues than larger breeds, as their teeth and usually closer together which provides more opportunity for food and bacteria to get caught between teeth and start causing problems.

    C Types Of Retriever Chew Toys

    Best Dental Chews for Dogs  Roundup, Review and Buying ...

    There are several good toys for golden retriever puppies. You have to select the right one according to the interest of your furry friend.

    1. Balls

    Do you have a dog who loves to fetch? Well, this is one of the best retriever toys designed for such dogs. Ball toys are availed in a range of types from a basic tennis ball and a rubber ball to the flashing-light balls and glow-in-the-dark balls. Also, some of these balls include holes that allow the user to stuff them with treats while others are basic bouncers meant to support retrieving games.

    When picking such a ball, take note of the size and ensure that you get a ball that is large enough to let your dog carry it around without swallowing it accidentally. For instance, you can pick a basic tennis ball size for medium-sized dogs, and extra-large balls for the giant-sized dogs.

    On the other hand, do not leave the balls around so that dogs can chew on them since the material on most balls can result in choking, obstruction of the gastrointestinal system, or wearing of the teeth.

    2. Discs

    Designed to work in a similar manner as balls, discs are designed for use by dogs who love games of fetch. In fact, if you are looking for retrieval toys, discs are a versatile form of fetching since you can vary the speed and even change the direction of the disc so that you can challenge your dog.

    3. Rope toys

    4. Plush Toys

    5. Squeakies

    6. Food/Treat dispensing toys

    7. Floating toys

    8. Interactive Toys

    9. Tug Toys

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    Power Chew Bacon Dog Chew Toy

    Check on amazon

    If you are a pet lover, I believe that you know that dogs are chewers by nature. In fact, dogs need mental and physical stimulation which if not provided adequately, you are likely to note them creating it themselves by chewing your belonging. To avoid such destruction, here comes one of the best chew toys for Golden Retrievers; Nylabone dura chew double bone.

    Made using tough and durable nylon ends, the toy serves as an excellent choice for powerful chewers. In fact, you can expect it to withstand the challenge posed by aggressive chewers, which assures you of getting a chew toy that is designed to last.

    Asides from keeping chewers busy, this toy plays a role in cleaning a dogs teeth. The reason is the raised bristles that help to clean the teeth while controlling tartar and plaque.

    Nylabone Power Chew toy features a delicious bacon flavor that dogs love which means that you can be sure to have an easy time when introducing it to pets. This toy is medium-sized, and therefore suitable for use on dogs up to 35 pounds.

    Using Dental Chews Safely

    Once you have selected your dental chew, it is not a simple matter of just giving one to your dog every day. Dogs should always be monitored while using a dental chew to guard against them breaking off pieces which they may swallow, causing obstructions.

    The amount of saliva that your dog can produce while using a dental chew can also be problematic, and you should always have fresh water available for your dog while they are using a dental chew.

    Remember that unlike chew toys, dental chews are not meant to occupy your pooch for hours on end, and they should only have access to their dental chew for around 30 minutes at a time.

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    Nootie Salami Dog Treat

    If you want to feed your dog some chew treat but not the hard ones, buy Nootie! It is perfect when your dog is teething and boosts the immunity and health, but soft on puppy teeth. It is a healthy snack to curb mid-meal;hunger. Regular consumption help to remove tartar and reduces bad breath. It doesnt fall in the category of best dog treats but is good for rotation of treats, so your dog does not get bored of the same treats.

    Purepet is known for its dog food and one of the best dog treats manufacturing company. These 100% vegetarian crunchy biscuits help in the dental health of your dog. It promotes lustrous skin and coat. It is fortified with vitamins and minerals that keep your pet active and healthy. It has the vegetarian version along with the chicken, mutton, and milk flavor. It is a baked goodie that is good for rewarding your pet.

    The 16 Best Dental Chews For Dogs

    5 Best Toys For Golden Retriever Puppies

    Dogs want something to chew on at all times if possible. Now, you should supply your dog with enough toys that he doesnt start attacking your furniture out of frustration.

    What can you do if he still seems like he cant get enough stimulation and hes still looking for something more than his regular bone?

    Well, thats where dental chews for dogs come in.

    But thats not the best thing. Sure, dog chews stop your dog from going tonto with the chairs and couch, but these treats come with additional benefits

    The best dog chews stop plaque and tartar building up on your dogs teeth meaning better overall dental health.

    And, as an added kicker, these chews will typically freshen up your dogs breath so you get blast of mint in place of doggie breath.

    Now, buying the best dental dog chews is fairly straightforward. As with any buying decision, though, being informed of a few salient pointers can save you a great deal of time, money and frustration.

    Here are some things you should consider when youre looking for dog treats

    Ok, with that basic framework in place, its time for the main event. Well give you some brief, no-nonsense reviews so you can compare these dog chews and see which would make the best fit for your pooch.

    Lets get right down to business!

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    In This Article:

    • Some dogs might struggle to digest these treats

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    Greenies Dental Treats For Dogs

    Greenies Dental Treats come backed by the VOHC , meaning your dog is in safe hands.

    The formula contains no grains at all, relying instead on potatoes for carb content. This is ideal if your dog has allergies or sensitivities.

    The unique texture of these chews helps them to clean right down to Rovers gumline for a comprehensive blitzing after hes finished his food. While this is no substitute for brushing your dogs teeth regularly, the right dental chews make a great addition to your canines routine.

    As well as helping to reduce the buildup of plaque and tartar, these chews will also help to eliminate the stench of doggie breath that can make you gag.

    The treats are also laced with vitamins and minerals, so youll be loading Fido up with all the nutrients he needs for whole-body health.

    The treats are made in the USA, allowing you to buy with complete confidence. Despite some isolated complaints about problems with digestion, user testimony concerning these dental chews is predominantly positive.

    Things We Like

    These Virbac Veggiedent chews are designed with the needs of medium-sized dogs in mind. They also come in X-Small, Small, and Large so youre spoiled for choice.

    The chews boast the VOHC seal of approval, so you know theyll deliver as promised.

    The manufacturer suggests a weight range of 22 to 66 pounds for these medium-sized chews, giving you plenty of latitude.

    Things We Like

    Overall, these chews are great for dinky dogs too lazy to chew properly.

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    Golden Retrievers capture the hearts of families. ;CBS news reports the breed holds the number three spot for most popular dogs in the United States, while cities such as Seattle favor the dog with designation of second most popular dog in Seattle.

    With all of this attention, the breed has been studied thoroughly to gain a better understanding of diseases and conditions most often affecting these dogs.

    Dental problems are not often listed in discussion of this breeds most serious congenital concerns, but the American Veterinary Dental College reports most dogs experience symptoms indicative of periodontal disease by the age of three.

    These under-treated symptoms damage not only your dogs pearly whites, but, left untreated, seriously damage internal organs.Because Goldens arent known for bad teeth or inherited dental issues, you may not consider preventative dentistry especially important.

    Dental health affects your dogs whole body health, though, and utilizing products such as the best dental chews for Golden Retrievers can add extra layers of protection that improve more than your dogs breath.

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    Best Calming Treats For Hyper Dogs

    Sometimes dogs can be overly excitable, at which point channeling that energy into an activity, sport, walk, or play session is best. If a dog is overly excitable, work in conjunction with a veterinarian and/or positive reinforcement behaviorist in addition to adding in a calming treat for hyper dogs.;

    Hyper dogs who are food motivated will find extra pleasure in these calming treats. In a clinical trial at the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, over 80 percent of participating dogs showed significant or dramatic improvement while using products from ElleVet Sciences.


    • ElleVet products contain less than .3% THC, which will not cause a psychoactive effect.
    • Ideal to have on hand for situational hyper behavior such as nail trims, grooming visits, meeting new people or being in a new environment.;
    • Designed to provide situational support within 45 minutes.
    • Cannabinoid concentration of 46 mg per chew.
    • Completely organic product.;

    Start Brushing Their Teeth

    Pin on Puppy Most Loved Products!

    Time for the brushing and you need to remember to start slow and gentle.

    If you are using the finger brush, stick your finger under their gum and start brushing gently and lightly.

    Make sure you are getting the brush all the way to the back of their teeth.

    If you are using the toothbrush, it will be pretty simple too. Start brushing their teeth gently and stick it all the way back under their gums, the toothbrush should be inclined at 45 degrees to the teeth and brush in a circular motion.

    You dont have to rub it in because the toothpaste gets smeared all over their teeth on its own.

    Looking for more instructions? follow the steps in this video:

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    Should I Get My Dog Dental Treats

    Puppy kisses are great dog breath is not. While regular brushing is the best way to keep your dogs gums and teeth free of plaque, dental treats can help tone down your dogs breath and clean their teeth. Dental treats can help remove some plaque buildup and can be a valuable addition to your at-home oral health care for your dog, Morrison noted.

    Best Chew Toy: Arm & Hammer Ora

    Key Ingredients:;Baking soda | Calories:;N/A | VOHC Seal:;N/A | Quantity: 1 | Food Form: Chew toy | Life Stage: All | Breed Size: All

    • Baking soda helps fight bad breath

    • Affordable

    • Only suitable for smaller dogs

    One of the downsides of dental chews is that you need to feed them to your dog regularlytypically on a daily basisfor maximum effectiveness, which means youll go through them very quickly. The Arm & Hammer Ora-Play Dental Chew Toy is a longer-lasting alternative, as its a hard chew toy that has nubs and scrubbing grooves to help clean your dogs teeth as they chew on it.;

    This dental chew toy is best for dogs under 35 pounds, and it has a peanut butter flavor to encourage chewing. Its infused with baking soda to fight bad breath, and its made from tough nylon that can stand up to even the most enthusiastic chewers.

    The Virbac C.E.T. VeggieDent Fr3sh Tartar Control Dog Chews are a great choice for most dogs, as they come in a variety of sizes, are VOHC approved, and have a plant-based formula. For a longer-lasting option, consider the Arm & Hammer Ora-Play Dental Chew Toy , a hard toy with nubs and grooves that will help to clean your dog’s teeth. Plus, because its not ingested, you dont have to worry about your dog consuming extra calories.;

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    In1 Twist Dental Sticks

    The 8in1 Twist Dental stick consists of rawhide twisted around a dried chicken core in a bizarre take on a candy cane. This treat got Pogs attention straight away, and indeed Amazon reviews show the chicken filling makes the 8in1 product attractive to dogs that rarely go for rawhide alone.

    This product is also free from artificial flavours and colours, and is low-fat.

    Review And Comparison Chart On The Best Dental Chews For Dogs

    5 Best Dog Food For Golden Retriever in 2020.


    All chews are a potential choking hazard. Sadly there are some reports of fatalities or serious choking episodes as a result of swallowing chews.

    We would advise against leaving any dog unsupervised with a chew, and always remove the chew once it reaches a swallow able size.

    Now lets dig down and look at each product in detail.

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