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Best Raincoat For Golden Retriever

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Hotumn Dog Raincoat Waterproof Pet Raining Jacket

Golden Retriever and Labrador – which is best for you? | Retriever Planet

Want a light dog coat, that your Golden Retriever can wear during those light showers or constant drizzles, with good protection from the rain that covers your Golden Retrievers entire back? Look no further than Hotumns waterproof dog raincoat.

Hotumns dog raincoat fastens securely using only a single velcro strap, so it is a simple raincoat for your Golden Retriever to just walk into. But if you want a more secure fit, use the single tail elastic to hold the whole coat securely in place.

If you need to adjust the size to make this coat more secure or keep it loose the velcro straps help you to easily and quickly adjust this doggy raincoats size so that it can fit your Golden Retriever perfectly.

Sometimes when you put the hood up on some other raincoats for pooches, your Golden Retrievers vision would get blocked. This creates a hazard because it is difficult for your Golden Retriever to see where they are going. They may walk into an obstacle, or even walk right out onto the road.

But with Hotumns waterproof dog raincoat, the transparent EVA cap on the rim of the coats hood means that your Golden Retriever will have a full range of vision, and be able to clearly see where they are going.

Not only this when you are done with the coat, usually you have to put the wet object into your pocket or bag to carry it all the way home. But with Hotumns coat, you simply fold it up into the small pocket on the coats back.

Rc Pet Products Venture Outerwear Waterproof Dog Coat

About: The Venture Outerwear Waterproof Coat is a no-nonsense, high-quality coat designed to keep your dog dry, warm and visible while strolling in inclement weather.

Thanks to the unique, dual-strap, open-chest design the Venture Outerwear Coat is designed to provide an optimal fit.

Sizes: Available in 12 different numbered sizes. See sizing chart for details.Our Rating:

Features: The Venture Outerwear Dog Coat features a waterproof, rip-stop nylon shell to keep your pooch dry and a fleece lining to keep him warm and comfortable. It is available in seven different colors , each of which feature a reflective 3M honeycomb logo to provide improved visibility in low light conditions. The collar is made with a leash-access point, making it easy to attach to the leash to the collar without removing the coat.


Most owners like the Venture Outerwear Coat, and report that it keeps their dog warm and reasonably dry, despite its streamlined shape. Many owners like the aesthetics of the coat and there are only a handful of dogs that object to wearing it.


A few owners were disappointed that while the coat provides easy collar access, it doesnt provide a good way to attach your dogs leash to a harness. Sizing problems are somewhat common, as occurs with many other raincoats, so be sure to review the manufacturers sizing chart carefully.

Hde Dog Raincoat Hooded Poncho

The HDE dog raincoat is a super-portable coat that is perfect even for heavy rain. With great- quality fabric that has a special waterproof coating, it will keep your golden retriever dry even in heavy rain or long rainy walks.

Aside from quality, my favorite thing about this product is the range of available colors and patterns .

For a golden retriever, make sure to order the largest size available, as this product can run a bit small.


Great waterproof fabric: the coat is made of waterproof fabric with an additional waterproof coating to guarantee complete protection from the rain. It also has an adjustable, built-in hood.

  • Adjustable: velcro straps make it easy to adjust the raincoat to the size of your dog.
  • Safe: reflective strip around the waist and on the hood provides additional visibility, even on dark days. convenient: easy to fold and carry around, even in a small handbag.
  • Great color options: comes in a wide range of colors and patterns, including gray, blue, pink, purple, red, yellow, camouflage, red plaid, yellow plaid, duck pattern, and flowery pattern.
  • Best for: Heavy rain and carrying around in case of unexpected downfalls.

Durability: 3/5

  • Easy to put on and take off good for heavy rains
  • Very easy to carry around with you


  • Not as breathable as some other options, so it might be better for cold days
  • The hood can come off during walks
  • The coating can come off over time


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Thinkpet Outdoor Adventure Winter Dog Jacket

The ThinkPet Winter Dog Jacket is available in nine sizes and 13 colours, including four options made with heat-reflecting material to keep your dog extra warm. Designed to keep your dogs tummy dry, so ideal in snowy or very wet conditions, this dog raincoat has an outer waterproof, windproof layer and an inner padded layer for warmth.

Adjusting this raincoat is easy with elastic and hook and loop fastenings. Simple to take on and off, and quick to dry, it scores highly for convenience. It also has reflective piping to make your dog more visible in low light or bad weather conditions.

  • Available in 9 sizes and 13 colours
  • Heat-reflecting fabric options are available

Q: Is There A Leash Hole On Raincoat For A Dog Harness

My golden retriever puppy Henry in a yellow raincoat ...

A: It is important that the dog raincoat has a hole for a leash and harness unless you dont mind walking your pet in the rain without its leash. It is equally important that this hole has a flap or covering mechanism to help prevent rainwater from gaining access into your pets body.

Read in-depth our ultimate guide on the Best Socks for Dogs.

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Didog Reflective Dog Raincoat

This sleek and sporty design seems like it would be good for the rain or just a chilly fall day. Either way, your dog will be ready to hang out with all the cool kids in this stylish piece from Didog. This specific raincoat is only meant for medium and large dogs, which is one of the reasons that it is so low on this list.

Also, this isnt a waterproof raincoat, merely water-resistant. It can serve you well in light rain, but if things get a bit heavier, you and your companion might have to start running for home! The hood can be a bit too small, as its almost entirely for fashion.

On the plus side, this product is easy to put on your pet. One simple Velcro strap secured under the chest, and theyre good to go! There are reflective strips, which make it good for taking walks at night. A decent-sized pocket on the back means that you can bring as many treats as you think your dog will need on the walk .

Those who have purchased this item seem to be happy with it. Again, it is not recommended for heavy rain storms, but its good protection from light elements. However, this product runs small.

This raincoat is for big dogs. The design is as simple as it gets, and considering the size and the price, that makes sense.

  • Not very durable

Dog Helios Hurricanine Full

Waterproofbut make it fashion! The outer shell windbreaker will keep your pup nice and dry, while the inner liner reflects your doggys body heat to keep them warm and comfy. Zippers at the belly and fasteners at the leg help further protect your dog from the elements. Bonus? This jumpsuit, if you will, is available in four shiny hues and five sizes.

Dog Helios Hurricanine Full-Body Dog Coat

While other raincoats only cover a portion of a dogs body, this waterproof jumpsuit will keep your dogs entire body dry and warm.

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Best Raincoat For Small Dogs Pick: Gooby Padded Cold Weather Vest For Small Dogs With Safe Fur Guard Zipper Closure

The Gooby Padded Cold Weather Vest for Small Dogs with Safe Fur Guard Zipper Closure has a water resistant nylon cover with a padded warm lining that will be perfect for colder walks in the rain. The zipper is placed along the back of your dog and will therefore be much easier for you to see and less likely for you to catch fur or skin while putting this sweater on.

The neck of this jacket is a lower cut design to allow room for your dogs collar and leash but youll also have use of the two metal hooks that are placed along this sweaters back, converting the jacket into a harness. The hooks are placed on either side of the zipper and are reinforced to add to their durability.

With over 800 customer review on Amazon, this raincoat has an overall rating of 4.6 stars. That alone should make you take a hard look at this raincoat, but reading some of those reviews will go even further to convince you.

Gooby Padded Cold Weather Vest for Small Dogs Key Features:

  • 5 size choices

RUFFWEAR Overcoat, Abrasion-Resistant Insulated Jacket for Dogs has an exterior thats made of a strong and recycled polyester fabric thats meant to keep your pup dry. Its lined with a warm fleece so that not only will he be dry, hell also be warm. The exterior fabric is also abrasion resistant so no matter how hard your dog is on clothing, it wont tear.

RUFFWEAR Overcoat, Abrasion-Resistant Insulated Jacket for Dogs Key Features:

Our Pick: Weatherbeeta 300d Deluxe Reflective Parka

Top 10 Golden Retrievers are the most popular on Tiktok.

*At the time of publishing, the price was $40.

The WeatherBeeta 300D Deluxe Reflective Parka is the best jacket for walks up to an hour in freezing temperatures, longer jaunts in the 40s and 50s, and rain thats heavy enough to make you put the hood up on your own raincoat. Well-insulated and durable, its easy to put on a variety of dog shapes, and it stays in place. Even though it isnt the warmest coat we tested, its quality and insulation are on a par with those of jackets costing almost twice as much.

The WeatherBeeta will keep your dog comfortable for several hours outdoors, and it will cover more of your dog than any of the other coats save for the Hurtta models. Its length allowed it to keep our dogs warm from neck to tail, something that many of the other coats we tested failed to do. It did well in our insulation tests, retaining heat better than more than half the jackets we tested. It doesnt match the insulation levels of the Hurtta Summit Parka, but its warmth is more than enough for most peoples dogs, especially at about half the usual price of our upgrade pick, and most dogs wont be spending eight hours straight in near-freezing weather. For example, the WeatherBeeta has kept senior staff writer Nick Guys 45-pound pit bull Jerry warm and dry on their jaunts outdoors for the past two winters. I think its holding up well weve been very happy with it, he said.

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How To Fit Your Dog For A Raincoat

Dogs come in so many different shapes and sizes that fitting one for a raincoat can be a lengthy process of trial and error. Since there’s no such thing as universal sizing, what one brand considers a small could easily be considered large by a competitor. So what’s the best way to get the right fit? Grab a measuring tape and follow our instructions.

Length: The primary dimension used to determine the size of a raincoat is the length of a dog’s back. Measure your dog from top of tail to shoulder blades while they are standing in a relaxed position. If your measurement falls between sizes, size up. Some brands may recommend a specific size for certain breeds. This may be helpful, but don’t go by their suggestions alone as sizes can vary among a single breed.

Chest girth: Dog raincoats are also commonly measured by chest girth. This is an important figure to get right because many jackets are not adjustable around the chest. That’s doubly true if you have a broad- or barrel-chested pup. To get this figure, measure the circumference of your dog’s chest while they are standing in a relaxed position, wrapping the tape right behind the legs at the chest’s widest point. If your dog’s chest girth falls between sizes, choose the larger option, especially if your dog does a lot of running and jumping. A highly active dog may benefit from a jacket that is an inch or two wider than their actual measurement because it will allow their front legs more freedom of movement.

The Hurtta Monsoon Coat Provides Full Coverage And Freedom Of Movement For All

Pros: Waterproof, significant belly coverage, reflective trim for visibility, three points of adjustability, many sizes, machine washable

Cons: Limited color options

Sizes: Adjustable: Colors: Care:

Hurtta’s Monsoon Coat will keep weekend warriors comfortable and dry no matter what the weather has in store. The brand is expert at producing jackets that won’t compromise movement or weigh down an athletic pup.

The Monsoon Coat has the most coverage of any of the raincoats we tested, with the exception of the brand’s Rain Blocker, and the collar is built with a flexible rain trap that prevents water from seeping in. Drawstrings adjust the fit at the collar, shoulders, and hips. The wraparound buckle design allows adjustment around the belly and elastic leg loops at the back end hold the jacket in place. While getting the jacket properly fitted can be a bit of a hassle, De Santos said it’s worth it for the great coverage.

This jacket has reflective accents from head to tail and a covered loop for attaching a leash to a harness worn underneath. It did a good job repelling mud and cleaned up well with machine washing and air-drying. It also comes in four colors, including an ECO version made from soft recycled material.

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What Else We Considered

With the help of the professional dog walkers we consulted, we narrowed down the crowded field of dog raincoats to to 11 options. Here’s why six of them failed to make the cut:

RC Pets Packable Rain Poncho: Fontaine likes pairing this affordable, lightweight rain poncho with a doggy sweater for cool, wet weather. It performed well in our tests, drying more quickly and collecting mud less easily than most other brands. It was its lack of belly coverage, that kept it from the top spot in our budget raincoat category.

Pepper Pet Wear Basset Hound Dog Raincoat: This customizable rain jacket is meant for dogs with unique proportions such as long bodies and broad chests. The custom design and high-quality fabrics made this one of the two most expensive jackets we tested. Unfortunately, the jacket didn’t quite fit when it arrived, but the brand will make additional alterations free of charge.

Wildebeest All Weather Dog Jacket: Although attractively designed and lined with soft microfleece, this jacket was not completely waterproof and had minimal belly coverage. In our soak test, water seeped through a strip of webbing that runs along the spine and moistened the interior lining.

Kurgo Portsmouth Foul Weather Rain Jacket: I liked the design of Kurgo’s rain jacket which, like Ruffwear’s Sun Shower, is a vest style with buckles on either side of the belly. But by the end of the testing period this jacket had gone from looking brand new to shabby.

Hurtta Monsoon Dog Raincoat

5 Best Raincoats For Golden Retrievers (Hoods &  Harnesses ...

The Monsoon coat by Hurtta is 100% waterproof to ensure your dog stays dry during the heaviest downpours. The coat shown above is the ECO version, meaning the shell fabric, lining, and belt are made from 100% recycled material.

The great feature of this coat is its high collar. The seams are vertical, allowing the collar to be taped to ensure it is fully waterproof. An additional rain trap collar is on the inside that can be fully adjusted to fit your dog, therefore no water can get inside.

This raincoat is lightweight, breathable, and fully adjustable at the collar, waist and back length.

The reflective print on the rear of this coat along with 3M reflective piping will make your dog visible during low light conditions like rain.

Your dog will be protected during rainy and muddy conditions, and there will be less mud and wetness to clean up after your walks. This coat provides ample coverage underneath with its wide belly flap.

Rear leg loops keep it securely in place during windy walks, and the harness hole opening on the back allows your dog to wear a harness underneath.

It is important to pay attention to the back length measurement of this coat. According to Hurttas size guide most Golden Retrievers will fit a 55-60cm coat, but be sure to measure your dog properly.

Quick Features:

  • It is pricey, but worth every penny, this coat will last a long time.
  • Some dogs might be bothered by the high neck design.

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Ethical Pet Dog Raincoat

Its sporty and wipes easily. Thats what you are actually getting with the Ethical Pet dog rain gear.

The Ethical Pet is constructed of smooth and comfortable polyester on the inside and a fully waterproofed exterior made of durable yet flexible PVC. This combination gives your pooch the kind of comfort that it needs while protecting its body from the cold rain.

Its vibrant yellow color helps increase its visibility even from afar and in low light conditions. Its reflective stripes, however, are what make it highly visible in the night.

The Ethical Pet comes in 6 different sizes which make it a lot easier to pick one thats perfectly sized for your mutt. Adding to the comfort fit is a belly strap that can be easily adjusted. Also included is an ergonomic hood to help protect your poochs head from drizzle or heavy downpour.

Reflective strips for high visibility at night


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