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Chew Toys For Golden Retriever Puppies

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Why Do Golden Retrievers Need Chew Toys

Cute golden retriever puppy dances for new chew toy

The intent Golden Retrievers show while chewing can at times, border on destructive. Therefore, the durability of the toy is one thing that you must ensure. However, it is imperative to train the dog even after you give it a chew toy because there are likelihoods for the dog to fancy chewing when it sees something remotely similar to its chew toy.

Every dog behaves and plays differently. Since not all toys have the same features, it is essential to monitor the playtime of the Golden Retriever closely. Close supervision of the playtime will help you in assessing the toy and your Golden Retriever preference for it.

Once pieces of the toy whither off, it is always safe to remove the toy from playtime and replace it with a better version regardless of how good a toy is, your dogs safety should be your top priority.


Benebone Wishbone Durable Dog Chew Toy For Aggressive Chewers Real Bacon Made In Usa Large

as of 24/03/2022 02:33


  • DURABLE, LONG-LASTING Super chewer? Bring it on. Benebones are tougher than real bones and last for weeks.
  • REAL BACON! We use only 100% REAL BACON for flavor. Trust us, dogs can tell the difference.
  • EASY TO PICK UP AND CHEW The Wishbone is curved for a paw-friendly grip so your pup can quickly grab it and get a good chew going. Think about it: dogs dont have thumbs.
  • USA MADE We make and source everything in the USA.
  • HAPPINESS, GUARANTEED Have an issue? Want to chat? Reach out to us directly and youll get a real person whose sole job is to make you and your pup happy.

Softest Plush Toys For Golden Retrievers

Who doesnt love soft plush toys, I mean I still have a favorite plush toy, they are fluffy, soft, and so huggable and every dog needs one to keep them company.

Outward Hound Hide-A- Squirrel squeaky puzzle plush dog toy.

Probably the softest toy Ive touched, so much so that I think I may love it more than my dogs, but my dogs are the ones that get to play with it the most. Word of advice if you have kids, keep them away from this one as they will want to have it for themselves instead of leaving it to the dog.

Its gentle on their teeth and gums, its a great toy for puppies and adult goldens.

You can take them wherever you go due to their size, its great for games such as fetch, hide and seek, and you can make puzzle games out of them.

If they do destroy it then you will need to replace it immediately.

Multipet duckworth plush dog toy 13

This toy is so huggable and most dogs use it as a pillow due to its soft feeling and fluffiness.

Its easy to wash and the squeaker will still work after washing it. Also, its a tough toy so if your dog likes to play rough then this toy is perfect for your pup.

Its soft and gentle for their gums and teeth, you can play fetch and hide and seek with it.

Chuckit! Indoor ball for small dogs and puppies dog toy

Its safe for all dogs, its lightweight so its great for playing fetch, it creates a great bond between you and your dog.

goDog Gators with chew guard technology tough plush dog toy.

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Best Natural Chew Toy: Best Bully Sticks

Our puppies love Bully Sticks! However, if you dont already know

Q: What is a Bully Stick?

A: Bully Stick = Beef Pizzle = Bull Penis


Made with only 100% beef pizzle, this bully stick is high in protein, low in fat, and is a safe alternative to rawhide treats! Not only will your pup enjoy chomping down on this protein-rich treat, but it will also naturally help remove tartar and build-up, promoting healthy gums, teeth, and overall dental health. Watch your pal chew to his hearts content on a treat you both can feel good about! Chewy.com


This is our favorite natural chew toy for puppies. We discovered bully sticks way back when we got our first puppy, Linus.

We usually get 6 or 12-inch Bully Sticks which can last quite a while with the smaller puppies. As your pup reaches adulthood they will consume these chews much more quickly.

The biggest drawback weve found is the smell. I wont lie. These things stink! However, you can find some that arent as stinky.

Weve found that the Best Bully Sticks advertised as odorless are the best . However, they too have a strong odor once your puppy starts chomping away.


  • Can entertain your puppy for long periods.
  • Relieves your puppys need to teeth/chew.
  • Natural product made from real beef pizzle.


  • Can be a choking hazard when it gets too small.
  • Even though Best Bully Sticks advertise odor free they do have an odor. However, not nearly as bad as some others weve tried.

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Petstages Dogwood Tough Dog Toy

Golden Retriever Puppy Reacts to New Chew Toys
  • Great for Golden Retrievers that chew.
  • Smells like real natural wood.
  • Made with non-toxic materials.

Many doggos love a stick, but many owners do not. They can be messy and problematic for your pooches teeth and gums. And this is where this chew toy comes in. Its a stick-shaped chew that combines real wood and durable synthetic material to create a stronger and safer stick.

Chewing is doggy behavior. Rubbery chew toys are an absolute requirement when your puppy is teething. Chewing reduces stress and stimulates their brain. Theres also the added benefit of preventing digging and as well as boredom. It is designed in various sizes for different life stages and dog sizes.

With its durable material, natural scent, and texture, it will allow your dog to chew for hours. Without creating a mountain of splinters on your rug. The shape of it also means it can be used for fetch. Plus, it floats for the Golden Retriever that likes water and games combined. Made in the USA, it is a great safe alternative to real wood.

We love that it floats like a real stick for an added play dimension. And most dogs will love it because it is simple and effective.

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Nylabone Dura Chew Power Chew Textured Bone


  • Can be too hard for some dogs

The Nylabone Dura Chew Power Chew Textured Bone is a low-cost chew toy manufactured in the USA and comes in a delicious chicken flavor that your Golden Retriever is sure to love.

This Nylabone is one of our favorite budgets chew toys. The cost is minimal, but these chew toys will give your Golden chewing hours of pleasure. These chewers are ideally suited to dogs who like to gnaw but are a bit less aggressive.

We like Nylabone not just for a low price, but because its made in the USA and has a delicious chicken taste that your Golden Retriever will love. This feature lets your dog associate a chewing toy, which can help keep it entertained longer.

Nylabones also have grooves and bumps built to assist with your dogs dental hygiene. Many vets recommend these dental toys along with brushing your pupas teeth, so if safe gums or fresher breathing are a concern for your Golden, we recommend looking at this product.

Best Budget Chew Toy: Leather Fox Dog Toy

We got a few of these leather toys when Archer was a puppy. We love the leather texture, but its lifespan left a lot to be desired.


The Dura-Fused Leather Fox Dog Toy is strong enough to withstand regular playtimes while soft enough for your pup to curl up within his downtime. This durable toy fuses real leather and jute together to create two layers for added strength. The seams are then double stitched with a heavy-duty thread for extra protection against tough chewers. Chewy.com


We like this toy because its a different texture for our puppies. It works well with the young ones .

Okay, folks. At the time of this writing, the leather fox is only $1.22. Lower your expectations. This is not a durable toy. If you have a light chewer or a young puppy then this might be a good toy for your pup.

UPDATE 11/15/2020: When updating this post for 2021 we noticed that this product was out of stock. Weve seen this often on Chewy site and will check back. If our budget toy is still out of stock well make an update to our list. Thanks!


  • Stitching unravels rather quickly even with our small pups.


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Best Toys For Golden Retrievers Cuddly Nature

With their loving nature, snuggling is just as important for Golden Retrievers as any other form of quality time. A study conducted with 60 Golden Retrievers in 2017 concluded that they display contact-seeking behavior. In effect, they literally love to be petted.

In between snuggles with their favorite humans, having a soft toy to pal around with and cuddle up with for a nap is important for Goldens.

Here is our favorite double-duty tug and cuddle toy:

Best Toy For Tugging: Mammoth Flossy Chews Cottonblend Color 3

Cute golden retriever puppy chews plush toy at dad’s feet

The perfect toy for teething puppies and strong chewers. The Mammoth rope toy is 100% natural cotton, built for chewing while the rope fibers floss your dog’s teeth.

Sometimes the simplest dog toys can bring a surprising amount of pleasure to both pups and their human parents. The Mammoth Rope Toy is a perfect example of such a toy and rope toys are among the best chewing toys for retrievers.

The rope comes in several different sizes and thicknesses and is suitable for every dog, from teething puppies to the biggest, strongest doggos. It’s crafted from a tough, durable denim and offers one more little added extra as dogs play and pull the fibers clean their teeth, gently but effectively, meaning that all the fun pups have with this tug toy is actually great for their teeth too

Those who have purchased the Mammoth Rope Toy were seriously impressed with just how tough it is, reporting that it’s able to stand up to even the most aggressive play. Many were also impressed with how thick and well made the rope is, especially as a thin flimsy rope is no fun to play with at all!

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Indestructible Dog Chew Toys For Aggressive Chewers Tikaton Real Beef Flavor Durable Dog Teething Chew Toys Bones For Large / Medium / Small Puppies


  • Nylon dog toy provides safer alternative to real sticks, satisfies the natural urge to chew.
  • Real-looking bone makes it easy for you pet to recognize, creats positive association with toys for dogs and reduces their anxiety and boredom.
  • Built to withstand hours of playtime, safe non-toxic, tough and durable
  • Features a tempting beef scent to peak your dog’s interest and deliver chewing satisfaction. Your dog must love it !
  • Indestructible dog chew toys for medium dogs up to 25 pounds

How To Use Puppy Toys Safely

The two biggest things to watch out for with toys are your puppy choking on them or swallowing them.

If a toy is swallowed and causes a blockage in their stomach, itll probably need to be surgically removed, although it could be fatal, as well as choking on a toy.

So how do you prevent these accidents from happening?


Always supervise your puppy with toys, especially if theyre new.

Some toys will be shred apart by your puppy in minutes and there will be lots of little pieces that need to be taken away before theyre swallowed or choked on.

Choosing the right size toy

Golden retriever puppies arent exactly tiny puppies, and they grow quickly.

Make sure that whatever toy you give your puppy is big enough to not get stuck in their mouths or swallowed.

Choosing durable toys

Cheap toys, toys with lots of moving parts, or plush toys are prone to be broken or ripped into smaller pieces.

These are the toys you want to be especially careful with because these smaller pieces can be choking or swallowing hazards.

Talk to your veterinarian for more information about safety and toys.

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How To Get A Golden Retriever To Stop Chewing

First of all, chewing is a natural behavior of dogs. You should be concerned when this behavior turns to excess chewing.

Give your golden retriever a safe chew toy. This way, your dog wont damage household items like clothes, shoes, carpets, etc.

The lack of attention by the owner is one of the reasons why dogs become chewer. So, give your golden all the love and attention it needs.

The lack of training is another reason. Train your canine not to chew anything it comes across.

Last but not least, provide regular exercise. As golden retrievers are active, they require moderate-intense exercise regularly. In the absence of enough exercise, they can become destructive and aggressive chewer.

Best For Heavy Chewers: Wenxuan Pineapple Dog Chew Toys For Aggressive Chewers

S/XL Squeak Chew Pet Toys For Golden Retriever Large Dogs ...

If your pup has chewed through everything youve tossed at them, not to mention secretly gnawed off the legs of the kitchen chair and destroyed all the shoelaces in your house, youve got a heavy chewer on your hand. Satisfy that urge to chew with this hearty pineapple-shaped toy.

This pick is made of non-toxic food grade rubber thats flexible, so it wont harm pups teeth. It can be stuffed with treats or peanut butterwhen playtime is over, you can toss it in the dishwasher for a thorough cleaning. The toy is available in different sizes so that you can find the right one for your furball.

Though it can be tempting to toss your curious new pup one of your kids’ old stuffed animals to use as a chew toy, thats a mistake that could be deadly. How? If any pieces like eyes, clothing or other embellishments fall off, your puppy could swallow it and potentially choke.

That doesnt mean plush toys are off-limits, just look for one thats specifically made for dogs, like this adorable alpaca chew toy. Bonus: It has a squeaker inside that will keep puppy captivated as he munches and chews.

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Wobble Wag Giggle Ball

Wobble Wag Giggle Ball is perfect for Golden Retrievers of every age and size. Besides this, the six clutch pockets of these toys make it easy for your Golden Retriever to pick them up while playing. Furthermore, these toys make enticing noises that excite your pal.

Moreover, these toys have a perfect size and roll around. Hence, they are undoubtedly the best toy for playing, exercise, and training your Golden Retriever.

Dog Chew Toy Made For Aggressive Chewers

Nylabone is a safer yet long-lasting dog chews alternative to the toys which are basically wood, plastic, and natural bone all of which are unsafe and could cause serious problems if your pet happens to be chewing on them without supervision and swallows a large piece of the splinter.

Nylabone Dura Chew Power is made of nylon and provides long-lasting chewing sessions for extreme chewers like Angel! It has ribs and dots on the surface which helps in massaging the gums and cleaning the teeth too. Moreover, unlike other dog chew toys, Nylabone Dura Chew offers long-lasting yummy flavors so that your dog doesnt lose interest in the dog chew toy for a long time.

Nylabone Dura Chew Power is available in Original, Bacon, Chicken, Peanut Butter flavors. Although costlier than many other dog chew toys, it still works out to be cumulatively cheaper considering how long it lasts and the safety it provides. That said, it is imperative to quote that all dog toys need to be supervised at all times.

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Nylanbone Power Chew Flavored Textured Dog Chew Bone

This is another best chew bone for a golden retriever dog. It is built especially for aggressive chewers. It is made in such a way to last longer. Thus, you do not have to replace it very often.

Like the Benebone Wishbone toy, this one is also available in three flavors Bacon, Chicken, and Peanut. You can select the one your canine is good with.

If your golden is destroying various household items due to higher chewing instincts, get this toy. This bone toy will discourage the destructive chewing habit of your canine.

Besides this, it will improve dental health as well. It is designed in such a way that tartar and plaque can be avoided.


  • It could be hard on teeth

Which Dog Toys Are Best For Cleaning Teeth


Most toys designed with groove and massaging numbs with help scrape plaque away from your canines teeth and gums. Rope toys are also one of our favorites for this use, as the fibers can work similarly to the bristles on your toothbrush if your dog chews them enough. You can rub a small amount of appetizing dog toothpaste on a rope toy to encourage chewing for cleaner teeth.

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This Indestructible Dog Chew Toy Is Best For Aggressive Chewers

We purchased a new dog chew toy for Angel, my golden retriever. Angel had chewed up many of her toys and she is an aggressive chewer and had destroyed many of her chew toys. We were searching for a chew toy that is reasonably strong and delicious too so that Angel can be kept engaged from her destructive chewing. We figured out that Nylabone Dura Chew Souper Bacon Flavored Bone is a long-lasting dog chew and purchased it right away. She had gotten bored with various old chew toys and bones, so she needed a new toy.

She has since been enjoying chewing one of the most durable dog chew toys. Nylabone Dura Chew is the second biggest in the series and is suitable for golden retrievers like Angel who are aggressive chewers and need indestructible dog chew toys. This one hopefully will last her long enough without losing her interest in it.

Angel has always loved to chew on to something or the other when she is extremely active . Hence, presenting her with her favorite dog chew toys help her chewing desires as well as helps keep her focused on more the dog bone instead of turning her attention towards furniture or household items.

Without a doubt, any puppy or dog needs to be supervised while they are chewing on hard chew bones and toys being careful not to allow them to swallow pieces of the toy.

Nylabone Dog Chew Toys

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