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Best Insurance For Golden Retriever

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Is Pet Insurance Worth It

WORST Mistakes I Made Raising my First Golden Retriever

Golden retrievers are prone to illnesses, and unexpected issues such as accidents can arise. All these occurrences can add up to hefty vet bills. According to a CNBC report, the cost of emergency veterinary care for pets ranges from $800 to $1,500 per incident.

As with humans, pet insurance can help to protect you from unexpected medical bills that are more than what you can afford. This makes pet insurance to be a great hedge against financial risks associated with dog health. Therefore, pet insurance is worth every penny.

What Are Common Golden Retriever Health Issues

To you decide if this breed is for you, we wanted to share some health problems you might run into. We hope you never see your dog go through these. But if you do, its always a good idea to be prepared and know the signs.

Before we get into some common health problems your pup might encounter, a quick reminder that Lemonade is a stellar pet insurance company that offers reimbursements to keep your Retriever happy and healthy. You can get a quote in just a few minutesits quick, simple, and even a little fun

Epilepsy is an inherited condition that causes seizures. Goldens will usually show signs of this disease during their first few years of life. If your dog is seizing, make sure to prevent them from injuring themselves and call the vet immediately.

Hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia are common in many breeds. If your dog goes untreated, these diseases could cost you $1,500 to $6,000. Since these conditions are inherited, we recommend asking your breeder for certifications from the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals.

Goldens are at risk of several heart and lung conditions. Subvalvular aortic stenosis is rare, but one of the most dangerous. This heart problem happens when your dogs aorta narrows or blockage builds up. If you notice lethargy, fainting, or weakness, check with your vet immediately.

The Pet Insurance Process And Timeline

When shopping for pet insurance, most companies provide instant quotes online after answering a few questions. Once you’ve found the policy and options that work best for you, you’ll approve the quote and submit payment to purchase the policy.

Once your application is approved and payment is made, you must wait for the coverage to begin. Each company’s waiting period for illness and accidents vary, but it is typical to have to wait 14 days for coverage to begin. If your pet has an eligible pre-existing condition, you may have to wait 180 days after the last treatment or symptom before coverage begins for that condition.

When your pet needs veterinary care, visit your eligible veterinarian to receive service. Most policies allow you to choose your own vet. Since most pet insurance plans reimburse you for eligible treatments, you’ll need to pay the vet bill, then submit your receipts for reimbursement. The insurance company will then process your claim and send a check to your home or electronic deposit to your bank for your pet’s covered treatments.

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When Should You Buy Pet Insurance

Like most insurance policies, it can be very expensive when you try to buy coverage after an injury or illness strikes. In most cases, the application won’t be approved or the injury or illness that you’re trying to get covered will be excluded. For this reason, it is best to buy pet insurance as soon as possible. This will offer financial protection and peace of mind for a fixed price in case of an emergency or illness.

Additionally, some policies won’t cover pets once they reach a certain age. Because of this, buying pet insurance when your pet is young will increase the chances that their insurance application will be approved.

Check Whether Your Pet Is Eligible

14 Funny Pictures Of Golden Retrievers To Make You Laugh ...

Puppies and kittens typically must be from 6 to 10 weeks old to be insured, depending on the company. Senior pets may not be eligible for first-time enrollment with some companies, or may qualify for accident coverage only. Once the pet is enrolled, though, most plans will offer coverage for life as long as you continue paying the premiums.

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Golden Retrievers In Pop Culture

If youve ever seen Air Bud, you know how talented Retrievers can be. This movie follows Buddy, a doggy basketball star who rarely misses a shot. Buddy isnt the only famous Golden Retriever in Hollywood. Dug, from the Disney classic, Up, shows his fun-loving spirit on his journey to help his human-friend, Carl. Throughout the movie, Dug uses a special collar that turns his barks into english.

Washington D.C. has its fair share of presidential Goldens. President Ford and Reagan were proud owners of their adorable dogs, Liberty and Victory.

Stuffed Golden Retriever Cute Toys Your Dog Will Love

Does your gentle golden retriever love to play with plush toys? If your pooch likes to cuddle, snuggle, and carry soft toys in their mouth, you cant go wrong by getting them the best golden retriever plush. Alternatively, maybe you just enjoy buying cute golden retriever toys for your own collection. Either way, there are many adorable plush golden retrievers for you to choose from!

While there are many other soft toys you can choose for you or your golden, why not get a plush version of your dog? Not only will your pooch look extremely cute while playing with their lookalike toy, but theyll be fun to watch, too!

Whether you are looking for a cute stuffed golden retriever toy for your pooch or as a gift for a friend, Ive got you covered! Keep on reading to find out the five best golden retriever plush toys for dogs, children, and adults alike.


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Best For Routine Care: Petfirst

  • Coverage types: Accident and illness, preventative
  • Starting price: $125 per year
  • Deductible: $250

PetFirsts wellness rider gives the best value for routine care with flexible benefits that can be tailored to your average annual expenditure.

  • Wellness benefits available from $125 to $575 annually

  • Deductible of just $250

  • Accident coverage begins the day after enrollment

  • Online resource center

  • Each preventive treatment has its own individual limit

  • Accident and injury limits max out at $10,000 per year

  • Doesnt offer an accident-only plan

PetFirst offers a single insurance policy that provides coverage for pet injuries, illnesses, and related treatments, including:

  • Hospitalizations
  • Alternative therapies
  • Emergency care

You can begin using the accident coverage just one day after your enrollment begins, but you have to wait 14 days before using the coverage for illnesses.

Pet owners also have the option to add PetFirsts Routine Rider Coverage, which pays for the cost of your pets annual vet exam, vaccines, behavioral training, microchipping, and more. This rider is available in five tiers, with $125 to $575 in annual coverage.

PetFirsts accident and injury pet insurance plan has a fixed deductible of $250. You can get a personalized insurance quote through the website, but these are the starting premiums for accident and illness coverage:

  • Dog insurance: $15 per month
  • Cat insurance: $9 per month

Take Care Of Them Like Family

Cancer in Golden Retrievers and Post-Pancreatitis Diets

At MetLife Pet Insurance1, we get it Pets are like family. We know how difficult it can be when a member of the family becomes sick or injured. When you and your pet need us most, we will be there with comprehensive plans, robust coverage and a team of caring and passionate pet advocates, many who are pet parents themselves, to help should you need us.

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Understanding Dog Insurance Costs

Pet insurance is relatively affordable, especially when you have the option to customize your plan to your dog’s current health needs. Besides the type and amount of coverage you select, the estimated cost of dog insurance can also depend on your furry friend’s breed, age, and location. For example, you can pick up a comprehensive accident and illness insurance plan for a small breed dog through Progressive for $239.76 $574.56 per year.

Best Pet Insurance In Florida

Whether you live in Tampa or Miami, a Florida pet insurance policy can prevent you from paying expensive vet bills and get treatment for your pet when it has an accident. Read our review of the top pet insurance companies in the Sunshine State and pick a pet insurance plan thats best for you and your furry friend.

Taking your pet to the vet when it comes down with a fever or breaks a bone is never cheap. In fact, simple procedures or exams can cost thousands of dollars out of pocket unless you have pet health insurance.

The This Old House Reviews team received sample quotes, researched policies, and read customer reviews of the best pet insurance companies in Florida to help you find a provider thats right for you and your pet.

We included sample quotes for plans with a $500 deductible for various breeds of cats and dogs living in Miami. However, we ultimately recommend getting your own quotes to compare prices since premiums can vary depending on your pets age, breed, and location within the state.

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Pet Insurance For Golden Retrievers: Is It Worth It

Pet insurance for golden retrievers can be relatively cheap if coverage is obtained when the puppy is still young but could be much more costly if you wait until your dog is a senior.

Many or all of the companies featured provide compensation to LendEDU. These commissions are how we maintain our free service for consumers. Compensation, along with hours of in-depth editorial research, determines where & how companies appear on our site.

Golden retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds for Americans. These friendly dogs are good with children and other animals, easy to train, and typically live around ten to 12 years.

Unfortunately, while generally a healthy breed, golden retrievers can be at risk of serious and expensive health issues. Their inquisitive nature means foreign body ingestion is a common complaint necessitating a trip to the vet that could cost around $1,500 on average in vet bills, according to data from Trupanion.

Long soft ears could also lead to ear infections, at an average cost of $200 per vet visit, while lameness and limping, vomiting and diarrhea, and masses are also top reasons for vet visits and run an average of $900, $600, and $1,100 respectively.

You want to make sure your animal companion has the best care possible, so buying pet insurance for your golden retriever may well be worth it given that their common health problems can be so costly.

Do Most Vets In Florida Take Pet Insurance

Searching for Perfect Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds

While pet insurance works differently than health insurance for humans, your insurer should be able to reimburse you for qualifying vet bills no matter where you go. Many companies specify that you see official licensed veterinarians, but there typically isnt a dedicated provider network like there is with health insurance.

Rather than paying for your vet bill at the clinic, your pet insurance provider will reimburse you up to your agreed reimbursement rate after you file a claim and have already paid the vet bill.

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Average Cost Of Medical Treatments For Pets

If you’re trying to decide whether pet insurance is worth it, you should consider the cost of treatments without insurance. To help you calculate whether pet insurance is a good investment for you, compare treatment costs for the top 10 dog and cat ailments for an uninsured pet.

According to data based on average claims from PetFirst holders, the most common dog treatments cost $253 on average, while the most common cat treatments cost $267.

Even some of the more common issues, such as treating parvo in puppies, can be quite expensive the average claim is over $900. And serious conditions like cancer are rarer, but treatment is also much more costly chemotherapy alone can cost $5,000 to $10,000.


Is It Worth It

$4000 – $7000. This is a lot of money. Is it worth it? It is for me

Brenda is pretty healthy. She had many ear infections, so those would be considered a pre-existing condition and no pet insurance company covers that. But ear infections are pretty cheap to treat and are not the reason I am buying pet insurance. Itâs chronic and life-threatening expensive to treat illnesses that I am concerned about. The biggest scare I had so far was infection she got from a tick bite. She had a very high fever and was hospitalised for two days. The infection is more common on the east coast and it took many tests, including MRI , to figure it out. Brendaâs blood work was sent to a university on the east coast to confirm diagnosis. Luckily, it was successfully treated with antibiotics and Brenda was back to being her cheerful self in 3 days. The total bill was about $2000 and I paid it out of pocket because I still was not sure what kind of pet insurance I wanted.

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Golden Retriever: One Of The Most Popular Family Dogs

To keep the lights on, we receive affiliate commissions via some of our links. Our review process.

The Golden Retriever is known for being one of the most popular family dog breeds, but what puts this breed in such high demand? Our experts look at what distinguishes this breed from others, including their intelligence level and trainability. Learn more about this lovable dog and what it takes to have one in your home.

Best Pet Insurance Of 2022

bringing home my 8 week old golden retriever puppy! (first days)

We’ve looked at reimbursement policies, coverage & helped over 4 million pet parents make informed decisions about pet insurance.

  • Up to 90% reimbursement on eligible vet bills
  • 24/7 veterinarian helpline, 10% multiple pet discount, and more
  • Exclusive training content from world-renowned behaviorists
  • Visit any U.S. licensed veterinarian or specialist
  • Accident, illness, and optional preventive care coverage available
  • Free Pet Insurance Quote in 30 Seconds
  • The most comprehensive pet insurance coverage in the industry. Includes what other providers charge extra for or dont cover at all.
  • Recommended by The Dodo, the #1 animal brand in the world
  • Sign up for FREE. No add-on fees. Cancel anytime.
  • Works with any licensed vet in the U.S. and Canada
  • Tailored insights and topical recommendations to keep your pet healthy.
  • Up to 90% reimbursement on eligible vet bills
  • 24/7 veterinarian helpline, 10% multiple pet discount, and more
  • Exclusive training content from world-renowned behaviorists
  • Visit any U.S. licensed veterinarian or specialist
  • Accident, illness, and optional preventive care coverage available
  • Free Pet Insurance Quote in 30 Seconds
  • Chosen most often by visitors who get a quote or buy
  • #1 company for customer satisfaction
  • Top-rated choice by both LA Times & Seattle Times
  • A+ BBB – accredited with over 97 out of 100 rating
  • Comprehensive illness and accident coverage
  • Unlimited lifetime benefits + no claim caps!
  • Annual deductible

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Types Of Pet Insurance

When comparing pet insurance options, there are three categories of policies â accident only, accident & illness, and comprehensive coverage.

  • Accident only. Covers your pet for harm or injuries due to accidents.
  • Accident & illness. Includes accidents plus illness caused by sickness or disease.
  • Comprehensive coverage. Covers accidents, illness, and routine care, which usually includes vaccinations, worming treatments, de-sexing, microchipping, and dental.

Petplan: Best Holistic Coverage

Petplan scored a 91.5 out of 100 in our review, and we recommend it to pet owners in California who want extensive coverage on holistic therapies recommended by a veterinarian. Its standard policy includes coverage for stem cell therapy, acupuncture, homeotherapy, hydrotherapy, chiropractic care, and up to $1,000 for behavioral therapies for your dog or cat.

Pros & Cons of Petplan Pet Insurance

â Features a website chat for customer serviceâ Covers vacation cancellation fees related to your petâs accident or illnessâ Doesnât deny coverage for older pets

â Doesnât offer a multi-pet discountâ Doesnât provide any preventative care or wellness coverage plans

Petplan Plans and Coverage

Petplan offers one plan for coverage on accidents and illnesses at $5,000, $15,000, or unlimited maximum payouts per year. It covers cancer treatments, surgeries, rehabilitation, emergency care, hospitalization, and virtual vet visits related to accidents, illnesses, and other conditions like cancer, hip dysplasia, and chronic conditions.

It doesnât cover conditions your pet had before or during the 15-day waiting period after you sign up for a policy.

Petplan also includes some extra reimbursements that most providers donât cover, such as vacation cancellation fees if your plans change due to your petâs covered condition, boarding fees if youâre ever in the hospital for more than four days, and advertising and reward money if your pet becomes lost.

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What Are The Common Medical Issues Faced By Golden Retrievers

There are several medical issues that Golden Retrievers face. These include: Lymphoma Glaucoma, Epilepsy, Hypothyroidism, Hip Dysplasia, Eye Problems, Heart health, Cancer, Cataracts, Numerous Skin Issues, Fleas and Ticks, Ear Infections, Allergies.

The most common of these, is cancer. This can be in the form of lymphoma, tumors or cancer of the blood. If your Golden Retriever is diagnosed with cancer, you will likely have to start them on chemotherapy treatments. So, it is important that you keep this in mind when choosing a supplement for them.

Latest News On Pet Insurance

Best Pet Insurance for Golden Retrievers (2020) â Golden ...

To learn more about pet insurance, we’ve come up with a handy step-by-step guide on how to buy pet insurance, including coverage costs and the decisions and complications you might face during the purchase process.

You can also read all about why selecting a high deductible might be the best option for you in our article on Choosing a High Pet Insurance Deductible Can Pay Off. Here we break down deductible types and options per pet insurance provider.

And if you are looking to expand on the coverage options that make up your pet’s policy, read our guide on What Does Pet Insurance Cover to find a list of pros and cons for each and specific illnesses and incidents that may or may not be covered.

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