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Crate Size For Golden Retriever Puppy

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How Much Bigger Will A 6

my 8 week old golden retriever puppy goes to his crate for a nap/good crate training

Golden Retrievers typically grow to be about 2 feet tall at the shoulder, and weigh 50-90 pounds.Whereas all types of dogs mature quickly at first , they reach an age where their growth stops. Golden Retrievers typically stop growing around 18 months old. Older pets are still able to change/morph themselves due to fat loss or curves, so their size cant be estimated past this point very accurately!.

What Size Dog Crate Do You Need

It must be big enough to allow your dog ample room to move around without offering too much space.

Your dog needs to sit up straight without banging their head on the ceiling, be able to turn around with ease and lay down on their side with their paws stretched out without being cramped.

Possibly the biggest mistake people make when buying a crate is to buy one too large, thinking theyre doing their dogs a favor by buying them extra room.

But to use a crate for house training, to take advantage of the natural instinct to not soil their sleeping area, it mustnt be big enough for your dog to use one end as a bathroom and the other as a bedroom.

Also, If the crates too large it wont provide the feeling of safety and security that your older dog would enjoy in a properly sized crate. Theyll feel more like theyre rattling around in a big empty room. Again, this kind of misses the point of a crate.

So what size dog crate do you need? Before getting to that, theres one important money-saving tip we should discuss first.

How Big Will My Golden Retriever Puppy Get

Golden Retrievers are not classified as small dogs, but rather large breeds. Dogs of this size will typically grow to 55-77 pounds fully grown. For males that is 5 feet tall and for females it is 4.5 feet tall. We always recommend talking to your vet or veterinarian to get a better idea of their development because each dog is different!.

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Basic Rules To Crate Train A Golden Retriever Puppy

Crate training exists to answer a particular need of dogs to instinctively search for a small and safe place to burrow and to stay safe and warm in the wild thousands of years ago. This proves crate training to be an undoubtedly good thing and worth spending an effort and time teaching to your dog.

There are many benefits to crate train a Golden Retriever. Its a process where we introduce and teach without force to stay in a crate and make him realize that a crate is a special happy place where he can spend time alone, be at ease and sleep calmly.


Locking up your dog as a form of punishment will not remove unwanted behavior and only make things worse. So, after hours of being in the crate, its just fair to provide your dog with enough physical activities, training, and socialization especially developing puppies or with a newly adopted dog.

What To Look For In A Good Crate For Golden Retrievers

What Size Crate For Golden Retrievers (Plus Types, Prices ...

When you purchase a crate for your Golden Retriever, youll need to think about sizing and what kind of environment you live in.

Before purchasing anything, its a good idea to check whether or not the crate youre looking at comes in the size you need. Some crates may be specifically designed for the toy or small breeds while others are made for medium and large breeds like the Golden Retriever. Typically, crates designed for larger dogs tend to be sturdier and withstand more wear and tear.

Another thing to consider what kind of environment the crate will be in. If you plan to travel frequently with your Retriever, a lightweight plastic cage would be a much better choice than a bulky wire cage. However, if you live in an extremely hot climate, plastic cages dont provide much ventilation.

Safety is always the priority when crate shopping. You want to be sure, regardless of what kind of crate you buy, that your Retriever feels safe inside their crate. Many dogs consider their crates to be safe spaces or sanctuaries. Try looking for crates that employ safety measures so your Retriever cant slip out .


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Get A Crate For An Adult Dog And Get A Divider To Adjust The Size

If you buy a correctly sized crate for your Golden Retriever puppy, youll have to replace it after some time. You may have to make three to four replacements before they are full-grown adults. Thus, you will be wasting a lot of money if you did this.

Many brands provide dividers to be used with their dog crate. You can use them to reduce the space of the crate to suit a Golden Retriever puppys needs. The divider is a simple removable panel that you can place inside the crate to reduce the available space. If it isnt available for the crate you bought, you can just use a wooden board as an alternative.

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What Size Crate For Golden Retriever Puppy Vs Dog

The first thing to know about correctly sizing your Goldens dog crate is that more space isnt better for a dog crate.

You are aiming for a snug, comforting fit that mimics the den a wolf might find for himself in the wild.

So ideally, your Golden Retriever should be able to stand up and turn around fully inside the crate.

He will need a few spare inches of head and side room, but no more than that.

Wolf habitats state that wild wolf dens typically measure 40L x 50W x 20H.

The entranceway itself is about 18 inches across.

These dimensions are mirrored in the recommended crate size for an adult Golden Retriever dog.

For most dog crate manufacturers, the Golden Retriever will fit a large size crate.

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Now You Know What Size Crate You Need Which Style Should You Choose

The sheer number of different styles of dog crate on the market is quite startling. There are crates made of wire, plastic, wood, cloth and many more besides.

As explained on, each type comes with their own advantages and disadvantages, meaning not all types are a perfect fit for all dogs or all owners.

It will be useful for you to know the benefits and drawbacks of each type of crate so you are fully armed to make the correct buying decision, so Ill briefly discuss these now.

Which Dog Crate Is Best For My Puppy

Crate training my golden retriever puppy

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It was a rainy day on January 7th, 2005. I asked the sales associate at the pet store: which dog crate is best for my puppy?

Yep, Im talking about the day I rescued Linus from the Carson Animal Shelter.

I already knew I wanted to crate train Linus, but I had yet to research the different types and styles of crates.

Fast forward 13 yearsIve crate trained over a dozen service dog puppies using several different types of crates and today Im going to share with you my answer to the question: which dog crate is best for my puppy?

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Plastic Vs Wire Dog Crates

Ive used and owned both wire and plastic crates.

Which crate do I prefer for my puppies?

Wire Crates.


  • Easily Stored: If you have multiple crates like me or if you decide you dont want to use the crate anymore you might need to store your crate. Wire crates are collapsible and easier to store. The plastic crates Ive owned can be made into two half shells and stored, but they still take up more space then the wire crates.
  • Visibility: Every puppy is different. Some like to see out of the crate while others like it more dark and den-like. We like the wire crate because you can either have it open so your pup can see everything going on around him or we throw a blanket over the top so he cant see out which can be good for quiet time. Unfortunately, you dont have this options with a plastic molded crate since its mostly all closed up with limited visibility for your puppy.
  • Divider: Most wire crates weve come across also have a metal divider allowing you to adjust the size of the crate to fit your puppy as he grows. Weve yet to see a plastic molded-crate with a divider.
  • Plastic Tray: Our wire crates came with a plastic tray that is easy to slide in and out. If your puppy has a potty accident in his crate its easy to slide the tray out and clean up. Weve rarely had puppy pee or poop accidents in the crate, but we have had vomit and diarrhea that was easy to cleanup by sliding out our plastic tray.
  • Midwest Icrate Double Door Fold & Carry Dog Crate

    One issue that many Golden Retrievers run into is that, as their puppy grows, they end up buying multiple crates. Fortunately, that isnt a problem with the MidWest iCrate Double Door Fold & Carry Dog Crate. Since it has a divider panel, you can section off certain areas of the crate until your Golden Retriever is big enough to use them.

    Not only does this kennel also include two different doors for your Golden Retriever to walk in and out of, but the plastic handles make the crate easier to carry and transport over long distances.

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    Using A Dog Crate For Travel

    The second most popular use for dog crates is for travel, road trips, plane trips and more.

    If your puppy is traveling by air he MUST be contained in an airline-approved crate. Even car travel is safer if your pup isn’t loose in the car .

    When you’re traveling the size of the dog crate you use is still very important because if it’s too big, or too small, for your dog then he could get hurt or injured.

    Airlines are very specific about their dog crate size requirements, whether for in-cabin flight or when a dog travels as cargo.

    Is Crating A Golden Retriever Cruel

    How to Crate Train a Golden Retriever Puppy

    Everyone has their own opinions on this matter, but it all comes down to how your dog reacts. Every dog is different, so in short, no, crating your dog is not cruel as long as theyre comfortable, properly trained, have had a good amount of out-of-crate time, and have used the bathroom before being put into the crate.

    Early crate training can be invaluable if you plan on traveling with your Golden retriever by airplane or car in the future.

    If youre crate training at night, you might hear some whining, which you should ignore. Your dog might be uncomfortable and wants your attention, but as long as your dog has had a bathroom break, and a good amount of before bedtime exercise, dont worry too much about it. If the whining is making you uncomfortable, there are a few things you can do.

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    Why You Should Crate Train Your Golden Retriever

    Honestly, crate training can be very hard, so its important to know why youre doing it in the first place.

    Here are a few of the benefits of crate training:

    • It accelerates potty training
    • It keeps your house safe from them chewing things they shouldnt be chewing, like your shoes or furniture
    • It keeps them safe from swallowing things they shouldnt swallow, like socks, which can get lodged in their stomachs or throats, or poisonous things like grapes or chocolate
    • If they ever need to spend the night at an animal hospital, they will be placed in a crate, so its best if theyre used to it already
    • The safest way for them to travel is in a crate

    Some people think putting them in a crate is cruel, but in addition to all of the benefits above, dogs are naturally denning animals so theyll usually learn to love their crates.

    What Size Is A Golden Retriever Puppy Collar Size

    The general size for a golden retriever puppies collar is 6 to 9 inches for an 8 to a 10-week old puppy. Remember that your puppy grows fast, so this sized collar will not last for long but it will be great for the first few months. A good way to measure your puppies collar size is to use a good old fashioned tape measure. You may find that in some cases your dog does not fit within this sizing and that is pure because every dog is different, but this is a good average to go off.

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    How To Measure A Dog For A Crate

    First of all, ask your Golden into a sitting position and referring to the picture, take measurement A. Add 4 inches and this is the height of the crate you want to purchase so your Golden can comfortably sit or stand inside without hitting their head on the ceiling.

    Secondly, have your dog stand on all fours and referring to the picture, take measurement B, from the base of their tail to the tip of their nose.

    Again, add 4 inches and this is the perfect length of crate for your Golden to be able to lay down comfortably without being cramped.

    So to summarise, your Golden needs a crate of height A plus 4 inches, and of length B plus 4 inches.

    The width of the crate will always be in proportion to the previous 2 measurements so isnt something you need to consider.

    So now you will be able to get exactly the right size crate for your adult Golden Retriever. But how about buying a crate for a puppy?

    At What Age Is A Golden Retriever Considered Fully Grown

    How to Potty and Crate Train Golden Retrievers Puppies

    Your dog will likely get to their full height at 12 months, but this doesnt mean that they will be fully grown. They will likely continue to increase in weight for some time after that. The table above can give you some idea of what to expect along the way.

    If your puppy falls outside these ranges at any of the milestones, dont be too alarmed dogs differ. However, it may indicate that you need to make some changes in their diet, for instance. If they go significantly beyond these numbers, then you will need to consult your vet.

    Golden Retrievers make excellent family dogs. Not only are they smart and fun, but they are also wonderfully loving of their pack. As far as dogs go, they are a little on the larger side, so make sure you factor that in when deciding whether to get one. Hopefully, the information included here has proven useful in helping you to understand how big Golden Retrievers get and exactly how they grow.

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    Tips For Crate Training Golden Retrievers

    You might know what crate to buy for your Golden Retriever, but that doesnt mean you know how to correctly crate train your pup. Luckily, weve highlighted a few tips that may help make the process a little easier:

  • Use a command word to signal when you want your Golden Retriever to enter their crate. For instance, you could use kennel and point at the crate. Once our pup has entered, you can give them a treat.
  • Never use the crate as a form of punishment. Your Golden Retrievers crate should be their safe space, but they wont feel secure if they view spending time in the kennel as a bad thing.
  • You should never leave your Golden Retriever in their crate for too long. A dog who spends hours in a crate is not getting enough exercise or social interaction .
  • Once you can trust your Golden Retriever not to destroy the house while youre gone, allow them to use the kennel voluntarily.
  • Allow your Golden Retriever to explore the crate on his own. If you lock your Retriever in a new space, your pups first reaction may be to freak out. Before you leave your Retriever in the kennel, allow him to discover the crate.
  • Place the crate in a part of the house where people frequently hang out. Your Golden Retriever may be more likely to spend time in their crate if they dont feel isolated from their family. Areas like the living room or bedroom can be a good place to put the kennel.
  • Amount Of Time Spent In The Crate

    Soft-sided models are only advised for shorter periods of time, and only with the presence of the owner they are easily broken out of. Lots of owners use these at performance events, using them as temporary holding places between the dogs runs.

    On the other hand, leaving the pooch unattended for longer periods of time requires a purchase of a wire or plastic model. They are a much better choice if youd like to stop a determined pup from making an escape.

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    Can A Dog Crate Be Too Large

    A dog crate should not be too large as it can affect your dogs house training.

    For instance, they will be more likely to use it for other purposes, including as their bathroom.

    • According to biologists researching wolf habits, wolf dens typically measure 40x50x20 inches.
    • Therefore, based on the adult size of a Golden Retriever, look for an approximately 42 dog crate.

    Specifically, a dog crate with dimensions of 42x24x30 inches will normally be a good size for your adult Golden retriever.

    Crates designed for large-sized dogs are heavy-duty, sturdy, and durable.

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