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Do Golden Retrievers Drool

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Golden Retrievers Also Make Great Working Dogs

Do Golden Retrievers Drool

It’s not all fame and fortune for these pets. Many Golden Retrievers work as search and rescue dogs. Their tracking abilities and strong sense of smell help them find missing people. Perhaps the most well-known use of Golden Retrievers as rescue dogs was during 9/11, when a two-year-old trained rescue dog named Bretagne helped search for survivors. Bretagne went on to aid in the search and rescue efforts during Hurricanes Rita and Katrina as well.

How To Fix Common Behavior Problems Goldens May Have

There are no quick fixes for behavior problems.;

But if youâre consistent in helping rectify any behavior problems, they usually can be âfixedâ or managed in a successful manner.

We owe it to our goldens to do all that we can do to meet their natural needs.;

A bored, untrained, under-exercised, unsupervised golden is going to develop some problem behaviors.;

And heâs an unhappy golden because he wonât be leading the life he should lead and wonât be able to participate in activities that he enjoys.

Some of the tips below will even help your golden from developing any of the potential problems cited above.

I wrote the ways to help fix a problem separately from the problems because it will probably take more than one item to successfully change an unwanted behavior.

All of the favorable interactions we have with our goldens also help further our bond with them.

Objects Stuck In Mouth

Its no secret golden retrievers love to chew anything and everything. So its possible while chewing that tree branch, a piece of it has gotten stuck in between their teeth or in gums. I have experienced this with my golden he was having some drooling, and upon examing his mouth, we notice a piece of stick stuck in the roof of his mouth.

Its important to get a good look at your dogs mouth if they have started excessively drooling suddenly. Suppose they are acting normal and chew branches and other objects around the house. Make sure you check your goldens mouth carefully to see if there is anything that may be stuck.

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Normal Dog Behaviors Versus Abnormal Behaviors

Dogs naturally dig, bark, express fear in certain situations, mark territory, chase small animals, and jump.;

They may steal food. Or want to be with us all the time.

Goldens were bred to be sociable, high-energy dogs. Theyâre bred to retrieve.

So we shouldnât be surprised when they become pushy for attention or always have to carry something in their mouths.

My rescued golden Spencer almost always had to carry something in his mouth. So I made sure there were safe toys for him to happily tote around.

Unfortunately, many dogs are given up to shelters because of behaviors that can be modified.;;

Many people get a young golden and arenât aware of all thatâs involved in teaching him our rules.;

Goldens are high-energy hunting dogs who donât mature until theyâre three or four years old.

To have a great companion takes a lot of work, patience, and time.;

Itâs up to us, as dog owners, to be aware of our dogâs drives, personality, and needs. And to meet those needs.

This article wonât cover in detail abnormal canine behaviors.;

These should be dealt with by behavior specialists who can evaluate the individual dog and determine the best behavior modification plan.;

And itâs always important to have your dog get a full physical from a vet when dealing with any behavior problem.

These abnormal behaviors include aggression to those around the dog, obsessive-compulsive disorders, shutting down, and severe separation anxiety.

High Temperature/ Hot Surrounding

Why does my Golden Retriever drool?

It is a well-known fact that the Golden Retrievers are found in their best when the surrounding is cold. If you notice the unusual drooling in your Golden Retriever when the temperature has specifically increased in your surroundings, then it’s because it is too hot for your retriever to bear.

It is a hell of a task to keep the retrievers cool. If it’s hot out there, then it becomes necessary for you to take measures to control your Golden Retriever’s body temperature to control excessive drooling.


To cope with this issue, your retriever should have enough drinking water to maintain his body temperature. Don’t forget to groom your dog to make him lose fur free so that air gusts can be felt on his skin. You should also make sure to have an adequate shaded area for your retriever.

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Why Is My Dog Excessively Licking And Drooling

Dribbling can be a result of an issue with your dogs salivary glands, such as infection or blockage, but in some cases, drooling can also be a sign of Liver disease or sadly Kidney failure. In older pets, it is also possible that a growth inside the mouth which may be cancerous can also cause excessive drooling.

Dont Give Them Any Toxic Things

It is your responsibility as a dog owner to ensure that any tempting dangers such as food are stored out of reach.;

Put away any toxic things like laundry liquid in locked cupboards. You can get child locks that can easily be fitted to kitchen cabinets.;

Avoid toxic houseplants. There are many varieties of accessories you can get that are dog safe.;

If your Golden Retriever has access to the garden unsupervised, make sure any spaces where poisonous plants grow are blocked off.;

You can also teach your dog the leave command so you can stop them in the act.;

And if they are still a curious pup, distract them with lots of fun toys.;

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Children And Other Pets

The amiable Golden Retriever isn’t bothered by the noise and commotion of kids;;in fact, he thrives on it. He’s a large, strong dog, though, and he can easily knock over a small child by mistake.

As with every breed, you should always teach children how to approach and touch dogs, and always supervise any interactions between dogs and young children to prevent any biting or ear or tail pulling on the part of either party. Teach your child never to approach any dog while he’s eating or sleeping or to try to take the dog’s food away. No dog, no matter how friendly, should ever be left unsupervised with a child.

The Golden’s attitude toward other pets is the more the merrier. He enjoys the companionship of other dogs, and with proper introductions and training, can be trusted with cats, rabbits, and other animals.

Help Your Golden Retriever Stay Cool

11 Reasons Why Does My Golden Retriever Drool So Much!

If a dog is exposed to too much heat, its body cant keep up, and this can be fatal.;

Your Golden Retriever is double-coated, so it tends to heat up quicker than dogs with thinner coats. Keep them groomed so that stray hairs arent trapping the heat in.;

Suggested Best Dog Brush For Golden Retriever

Keep your retriever inside on hot summer days and put the air conditioner on.;

Only walk it in the cool of the morning or evening. Make sure your Golden has access to plenty of shade and fresh, clean drinking water.;

Never leave your Golden Retriever unattended in a car on a hot day. They can overheat and die in minutes.;

You could give your Golden Retriever some ice cubes to crunch or lick. This will provide relief from the heat, a drink, and interest for the jaws. Just make sure their teeth are in tip-top shape first.;

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Possible Treatments For Excessive Drooling

This will really depend on the cause, but do not assume this is going to be something that you will not be able to treat.

  • Remove a lodged stick or other foreign object from the mouth.
  • Extract an abscessed broken tooth.
  • Treat an infectious disease with antibiotics.
  • Remove a tumor from the mouth.

If your dog is drooling a lot and has behavioral changes, rabies has to be considered.

How Do I Stop My Golden Retriever From Drooling Too Much

Most cases of drooling in golden retrievers end up being anxiety-caused, food-motivated, or minor irritation. Even so, you shouldnt leave your poochs comfort and health to chance. The last thing you want is to jeopardize her well-being by sweeping aside the drooling as normal.

So, how do you prevent, minimize, or stop your dog from drooling?;

If a frothy, slobbering mouth is unusual for your golden retriever, it pays to take your dog to the vet for a full check-up. But that isnt the only solution; here are other suggestions that can help when it comes to dealing with drooling:

;; ;Stay on top of your dogs oral health:;Gum disease, injury to the mouth, gingivitis, and other dental issues can cause abnormal drooling. It may also indicate nerve damage in the brain or around the salivary gland. In either case, your dog must get proper dental work

.;;; ;Get a handle on anxiety:;you may use over-the-counter medication to treat separation anxiety and reduce fearfulness. Dog training and doggie daycare may also help, as well as using distraction methods like toys, dirty laundry, etc.

;; ;Protect your dog from overheating:;Make sure your dog stays well-hydrated, provide plenty of shaded areas, and groom her often to get rid of loose fur.

;; ;Put poisonous or toxic items out of your pets reach:;Also, use dog training to teach commands like leave it so she can know what not to lick, eat, or lap.

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More About This Breed

  • It’s no surprise that the Golden Retriever is one of the top ten most popular dogs in the U.S. It’s all good with the Golden: he’s highly intelligent, sociable, beautiful, and loyal.

    He’s also lively. The Golden is slow to mature and retains the silly, playful personality of a puppy until three to four years of age, which can be both delightful and annoying. Many keep their puppyish traits into old age.

    Originally bred for the physically demanding job of retrieving ducks and other fowl for hunters, the Golden needs daily exercise: a walk or jog, free time in the yard, a run at the beach or lake , or a game of fetch. And like other intelligent breeds who were bred to work, they need to have a job to do, such as retrieving the paper, waking up family members, or competing in dog sports. A tired Golden is a well-behaved Golden.

    As well as giving your Golden Retriever physical and mental exercise, you should also be prepared to include him in your family activities. The Golden Retriever is a family dog, and he needs to be with his “pack.” Don’t consider getting a Golden unless you’re willing to have him in the house with you, underfoot, every day.

    There’s one other potential drawback to the breed: He’s definitely not a watchdog. He might bark when strangers come around, but don’t count on it. Most likely, he’ll wag his tail and flash that characteristic Golden smile.

  • Gum And Dental Issues

    Why Do Golden Retrievers Drool

    ;If your old golden retriever has been drooling a lot, the odds are that she may be suffering from some sort of gum or dental issues. Perhaps she has sustained a hit, kick, or any other injury to her jaw, neck, or the general mouth region. This usually leads to bleeding, swollen, and painful gums, which, in turn, cause her to drool more than usual.More than that, if theres too much tartar in your dogs mouth, this can cause her teeth to rub against adjacent cheeks, resulting in excessive drooling. Pull her lips back in the directions of the ears to check for tartar buildup. Be on the lookout for bleeding, swelling, gum reddening, and brow decaying tooth, especially in the back of the mouth. Something may even be stuck between the dogs teeth.

    Other dental problems that can agitate the dogs mouth and cause excessive drooling include tooth fractures, tooth decay, and gingivitis.

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    Is Drooling A Sign Of Stress Of Golden Retrievers

    Golden Retrievers may drool when they are nervous and stressed. The changes in eyes and ears are the sign of stress in Golden Retrievers. Stressed Golden Retrievers may have wide-open and dilated pupils.

    You can notice your golden retriever blinking more rapidly. You should provide a friendly environment for your Golden Retriever to get rid of stress.

    When Is Drooling Excessive

    Drooling can be considered excessive when it begins to cause serious health issues. When a Golden Retriever has problems swallowing due to the amount of saliva in its mouth, or it begins to vomit-up spit, there is a medical issue that requires an immediate solution.

    Owners will become familiar with their pups normal level of drool, especially with a veterinarians help. Some dog breeds have larger, droopier jowls than others, allowing for more spit to gather in the folds of the mouth. This can cause drooling that is completely normal and harmless. Golden Retrievers can express this physical trait, making them a drool-friendly breed.

    Daily brushing can help owners become more familiar with their dogs oral health, helping them to notice broken or chipped teeth more quickly. Saliva that is foul-smelling, pink, or tinged with blood should be taken extremely seriously.;

    Golden Retrievers that exhibit drool with these symptoms often require urgent care. However, if your pup is drooling because theyre hungry or hot, a trip to the vet might be overkill.

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    Do Golden Retrievers Drool

    Drooling is very natural in Golden Retrievers and there are many reasons why they drool. In this article we will discuss reasons why your dog may be drooling and if they are serious or not. If it is a serious issue, we will discuss the signs to look for in your dogs behavior and the steps you should take to correct them.

    Keep Your Golden Retriever Cool:

    Why does my Golden Retriever drool? – Pet Dog Owner

    If you think that heat is causing your Golden Retriever to drool excessive, then you should take measures to keep them cool. It is a fact that Golden Retrievers prefer moderate temperatures.

    You can give it access to lots of water, giving it access to lots of shade, grooming it more often under the air conditioning temperature. You should avoid letting it be out in the sun for long.

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    Solutions To Prevent Your Golden Retriever From Excess Drooling

    Now once you know the actual cause behind your Golden Retrievers drooling, you can act upon it. If you cannot figure out that, Why is my Golden Retriever drooling, and its totally strange/unfamiliar to you, then I would recommend you to go to your vet for further help.

    However, the solutions stated below can help your Golden to drool a little less than before.

    Common Golden Retriever Behavior Problems And How To Fix Them

    This post may contain affiliate links. We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post.

    Golden retrievers are such great family dogs.

    Theyâre so smart, handsome, gentle, and friendly, itâs easy to overlook some of their behavior problems.

    But, like any dog, theyâre not perfect. And they tend to have some behavior problems because of their great characteristics.

    Most goldens want to be near their people. And they love to be petted and get attention.

    And, sometimes, theyâll seek that attention in ways we donât approve of.

    They may jump, grab our hand or arm, or engage in some destructive behaviors.

    In this article, Iâll deal with some common golden retriever behavior problems.

    Many of these are normal dog behaviors that can be modified through training and exercise.

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    Do Golden Retriever Drool Here Are 12 Reasons Why Its Drooling

    You must have noticed almost all dogs do similar things: They chew your furniture, clothes, they leave hair on your clothes, carpets and they drool. Specifically speaking about drool, it means drooping saliva uncontrollably from the mouth.

    I am aware of dogs drooling. One day, I was playing with my cousins Bulldog. It was drooling continuously. That Bulldog covered my body full of saliva.

    I am a Golden Retriever owner. My golden is playful and intelligent. So, if you ask, What kind of breed Golden Retrievers are? Well, Golden Retrievers is an even-tempered pet. Their tolerant attitude makes them a family pet, and intelligence makes them a brave working pet.

    First, lets answer the question, Do Golden Retrievers drool? I can honestly say my Golden Retriever doesnt drool. But my friend is also the Golden Retriever owner. She explained to me how often her Golden drool.

    Her experience with drooling Golden Retriever wondered me to research, Why do Golden Retrievers drool and what should we do to cure? Lets have a look at their causes and solutions.

    Ensure Proper Food And Water Amounts

    Why Do Golden Retrievers Drool

    Giving your Golden Retriever the proper amount of food and water can help with drooling. Each dog food comes with a recommended amount of food to be given. If the recommended amount doesnt seem to be working, they may need a little more or a little less of the food. Water should be readily available at all times to your dog.

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    Theres An Object Stuck In Its Mouth

    A Golden Retriever, or any other dog, drools when theres an object stuck in its mouth.

    Goldies have large powerful jaws and crush bones for fun. Tiny bone fragments can get lodged between the teeth, and if the dog cant get it out, it will start drooling excessively.

    Also, if a small fragment from a toy or whatever your doggy has been chewing on gets stuck between the teeth or causes some damage to the mouth, then your dog will drool.

    Why Do Golden Retrievers Drool

    Golden Retrievers will drool mostly over exciting food, the smell of exciting food, or even the thought of exciting food. They will also drool over a bad taste to flush the taste away. Drooling can also be caused by some medical conditions that make them unable to swallow the normal amounts of saliva or produce an excess of saliva.

    When it comes to getting a dog, drooling is simply a part of the package. Just like barking. However, while all dogs drool, not all dogs drool equally.

    Golden retrievers drool a very reasonable amount, especially when compared to breeds such as the bloodhound or Mastiff. The reason is that these breeds have head/lip conformations that simply cant retain the amount of drool they produce.

    These breeds have extra skin around the muzzle and lips that make it harder to close and give the saliva places to collect in the folds before dripping from the openings.

    This is not the case with Golden Retrievers, fortunately. Goldens almost never drool unless its for a reason, and this reason is mostly a delicious burger or a piece of steak.

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