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Dog Crate Size For Golden Retriever

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What Size Crate Does A Golden Retriever Need

How to Potty and Crate Train Golden Retrievers Puppies

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Golden Retrievers are considered a medium-sized dog breed. If ever you are wondering what size crate does a golden retriever needs, the short answer is 42 inches. but is it really what golden retrievers need? Actually, even if I gave the exact measurement, it is more complicated than you think. The is just the safest possible answer. Obviously, you will need a crate size that is appropriate to your dogs size.

That said, if you are on a hunt of finding the right crate and ideal size for your golden retriever, I have something for you to offer. This article will examine what sized crate does a golden retriever need that has an adequate size and also reviews some of the best crates for your furry friend.


Metal Heavy Duty Dog Crates

Best match: destructive doggos

For all the doggy parents dealing with destructive dogs, I sympathize with you and hereby offer you a solution! These crates are intended for the heavy chewers, diggers, and talented escape artists. Huskies, we are looking at you

Heavy duty dog crates can be expensive, and they arent the most beautiful, but they are certainly worth it if your dog has these naughty habits. By buying one that cant be destroyed, youll be saving yourself a lot of money and stress!

Some of these models are also approved for airline travel, so you dont have to worry about your dog getting up to no good while youre in the air. Plus, if she already uses this crate at home, she will be accustomed to it and more relaxed while traveling.

Pros of Heavy Duty Crates:

  • Very durable – can contain most destructive or escape artist-type dogs
  • Some are approved for airline travel if your dog is already used to the crate that will make travel easier

Cons of Heavy Duty Crates:

  • Expensive
  • Not the most attractive – but your dog will sure look tough in front of her friends!

> > For our pick of the best heavy-duty dog crates, please click here.

Final Thoughts What Size Crate Does A Golden Retriever Need

To answer again, the consensus is 42 inches but some poet owners insist its 36 inches. Either way, the important thing is to measure first your furry friend. That way, you are able to know the specific measurement so that you can have the accurate size for your ideal dog crate.

Also, dog crates are great for training your golden retriever to be responsible and become more disciplined by the time he reaches adulthood. The only issue dog crates have is if you will going to use them as a cruel punishment for your dog. And that is a big no-no and you can even send to jail.

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A Comparison Of Wire Plastic Soft

The style and type of crate you choose for your Golden Retriever will depend on how you intend to use it, whether or not you are looking for a more stylish option to suit your home decor, how destructive your Golden is and their particular preference for being closed in or having some visibility.

With all this in mind I am going to discuss the pros and cons of the 4 following types of dog crate:

  • Wire crates
  • Wooden / custom-made stylish dog crates
  • Plastic crates
  • Soft walled / cloth sided crates
  • What Kind Of Dog Bed Is Best For Golden Retriever

    What Size Crate For Golden Retrievers (Plus Types, Prices ...

    Dogs, just like people, need proper sleep to optimally function. According to the American Kennel Club, golden retrievers need between 12 to 18 hours of sleep daily to feel and be their best. Thats about double the amount that humans need! Since dogs are wildly active creatures, its no surprise that they need lots of sleep.

    Though your dog may have no problem sleeping on the bed, couch, or rug, a proper dog bed is important for their well-being. Dogs need their own space, just like we do. This allows them to get the rest they need without interruption. This can be a crate or standard dog bed. For your golden retriever, a proper dog bed is important since they are prone to hip dysplasia.

    Hip dysplasia is a genetic deformity of the hip ball and socket. When your golden retriever is a puppy, the hip joint doesnt properly grow into the socket, which causes a deformity. While dogs with hip dysplasia go on to live happy, long, and full lives, it can impact their mobility. Thats why a proper dog bed is important for this breed! Rest and recovery are the most important tools against hip dysplasia.

    A good dog bed helps your dog get better sleep and supports their joints. Dogs need quality sleep just like people do. Getting your golden retriever set up for quality sleep will help them function to the best of their ability!

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    Golden Retriever Size Predictions By Age

    Friendly, intelligent, and devoted, Golden Retrievers, despite holding on to their puppyish ways long after theyre full-grown, make incredible work dogs and especially excellent service animals. They are extremely bright, easy to train, and are real people pleasers.

    Golden Retrievers are great with kids of all ages from 0 to 92. They love being around their people this is when they are at their happiest. All they ask in return is lovely long daily walks, a nice garden to enjoy, opportunities to swim , and plenty of love and affection.

    As Golden Retrievers are a fairly old and established breed, we know a fair bit about their appearance and characteristics, as well as about their size and growth patterns. Every dog is different, but Goldies tends to hit the same milestones at roughly the same time.

    Heres what to expect from your pup in their first year:

    20 24 inches 21 24 inches

    *Keep in mind that a dogs height is measured to its withers. This is the space between the shoulder blades.

    When it comes to your Golden Retrievers weight, they will reach around 30% at three months, 60% at six months, and 93% at a year old. In terms of height, this will go a little faster. They will likely have exceeded 50% of their adult size before 3 months, and although they will have reached their adult height at 12 months, they will continue to increase in weight until around 16 months.

    Frisco Indoor & Outdoor Soft Dog Crate

    Whether your Golden Retriever is a rambunctious puppy or a mature adult, the Frisco Indoor & Outdoor Soft Dog Crate comes in a variety of different sizes to pick from. Unlike some other choices, you dont need to spend hours trying to set the crate upits easy to assemble and designed to be convenient.

    Although it includes durable mesh panels so that your Golden Retriever receives all the ventilation he needs, not even the sneakiest escape artists could slip out of this kennel. In addition to three zippered doors, theres also locking mechanisms to make sure your pup is secure.

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    What About Golden Retriever Puppies

    So what about small puppies? Do i need to buy a dog crate as my pooch grows through every stage?

    Most dog crates feature divider panels that you can use to section the crate to fit your pooch well, based on their size.

    As they grow you can go on adjusting the divider position until they fit the whole dog crate.

    Crate Size For Golden Retriever

    my 8 week old golden retriever puppy goes to his crate for a nap/good crate training

    For air travel, you will require a crate thats qualified for use on the carrier youre flying with. Take into account the size the dog will be when its full-grown and purchase a crate for this size. If you buy a crate thats a few inches bigger, it shouldnt matter. Dog crates are available in many distinct packages, and each has its own set of benefits and pitfalls.

    Crate training ought to be started while the puppy is 8-10 weeks old. Furthermore, its important to understand how to create training during the puppy stages. The very first thing you ought to see whenever youre contemplating golden retriever crate training is it is not cruel and never ought to be put to use as a punishment to send a puppy to if theyve just chewed your new leather shoes.

    Crates come in a range of sizes, styles, and materials. This crate also includes a slide-out removable pan for effortless cleaning. To avoid purchasing another crate down the street, a large-sized crate will be appropriate for your Golden retriever.

    You may produce the crate smaller by utilizing the divider and since they get bigger remove the divider. You wish to be sure the crate is the appropriate dimensions and that its constructed securely. Wire crates are the absolute most popular of all types offered and for very good explanations. Crate Size For Golden Retriever.

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    The Labrador Site Founder

    Pippa Mattinson is the best selling author of The Happy Puppy Handbook, the Labrador Handbook, Choosing The Perfect Puppy, and Total Recall.

    She is also the founder of the Gundog Trust and the Dogsnet Online Training Program

    Pippa’s online training courses were launched in 2019 and you can find the latest course dates on the Dogsnet website

    How To Size Your Dog Crate

    Weve discussed the different variables to consider when selecting a dog crate based on measurements , but once you have your crate, how do you know that it is really the right size for your dog? Here are a few ways to know:

  • Your dog should be able to stand up comfortably and turn around.
  • There shouldnt be too much additional space in the crate. Dogs prefer a small space that feels secure and safe. Using a puppy divider can help ensure that your dogs crate is the appropriate size as your dog grows. When house-training, its important that the crate is not too large as your pup may be tempted to potty in the corner of their crate.
  • If your dogs head is touching the top of the crate and you expect them to grow taller, the crate size is likely too short.
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    When To Expect From Puppy Bathroom Breaks

  • A young Golden Retriever puppy will need to urinate when he wakes up, so every puppy should be taken outside immediately after waking from a nap.
  • Within 30 minutes of eating a meal, most puppies will need to take a potty break. The food in the dog’s stomach places pressure on the bowels and bladder.
  • If a very young puppy has gone more than an hour between bathroom breaks, take the puppy outside to an area already marked with the scent of his urine. This will encourage him to go potty. In addition, it is a good idea to use the same command whenever he goes to the bathroom: say “potty” or another appropriate phrase, then reward the puppy when he performs.
  • A 9-week-old Golden Retriever puppy going outside for a bathroom break.

    Leah Lefler, 2011

    Collardirect Nylon Dog Collar With Buckle Tribal Pattern

    What Size Crate For Golden Retrievers (Plus Types, Prices ...

    CollarDirect Dog Collar

    If you are looking or something stylish then this collar will probably be at the top of the list as it is made with elegance and style. There is a lovely golden buckle with a beautiful design that is made to look good and ensure safety.

    You can get this collar in sizes from 7 to 11 ranging all the way up to 18 to 26. So no matter what size your puppy is currently at then there will most likely be a size that will fit for you.

    You can also get hold of a matching leash that comes 5ft in length and is made with the same materials and patterns as the collar. Just based on looks this will be a good option but it also has a very secure fastening with good support for your puppy to.

    Dont take my word for it, go and check it out for yourself.

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    Amount Of Time Spent In The Crate

    Soft-sided models are only advised for shorter periods of time, and only with the presence of the owner they are easily broken out of. Lots of owners use these at performance events, using them as temporary holding places between the dogs runs.

    On the other hand, leaving the pooch unattended for longer periods of time requires a purchase of a wire or plastic model. They are a much better choice if youd like to stop a determined pup from making an escape.

    Best Budget Crate: Petmate Provalu Dog Crate

    Best Budget

    If you are on a budget go with the PetmateProValu Dog Crate. However, as of the writing of this article you would only save about $5 when purchasing this over the MidWest Homes Crate, so be sure to check prices.

    As stated above, this crate is almost the same as the MidWest Homes crate, but it uses thinner wire. The wire is still adequate, so going with this crate is still a great option, but if you have the money, an upgrade is worth the small fee.

    Key Features:

    • Slide bolt latches for safety
    • Folds Flat
    • Comes with divider panels for a puppy
    • Removable plastic tray

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    Measure Your Dog For The Crate

    Many dog crates are returned after the purchase because the owner didn’t pick the right size and they likely only used the dog crate size chart or the grouping of dog crate sizes by breed. Don’t make the mistake of relying on those charts alone.

    You absolutely need to measure your dog for the crate. Knowing your dog’s height, width and length at the time of crate purchase is the only way to find a perfect fit. Remember that the above dog crate size chart is only a very rough estimate of what may be an appropriate size, and the same applies to the dog crate sizes by breed chart.

    Why are accurate dog crate sizes and dog’s measurements that important?

    A dog crate that is too small will confine your pet and make them uncomfortable. This will cause him to dislike his pet crate, and it’s likely that you’ll have trouble getting him to climb into the cage willingly when you need him to. Crate training won’t work either.

    A dog crate that is too large will cause problems as well. If your dog is not house trained, he may be able to use the bathroom in one corner of the crate and sleep in another. This will hinder the house training process, and it will also be quite an annoyance for you to clean the pet crate every day.

    If you have a puppy, you’ll need to estimate the full grown size of your dog. It’ll take some effort on your part. For example, do you have a friend with the same breed? Do some research online to find the average breed height and length of your pup.

    Get A Crate For An Adult Dog And Get A Divider To Adjust The Size

    Golden Retriever Male Female Puppies Available For Sale at ARM Dog Kennel

    If you buy a correctly sized crate for your Golden Retriever puppy, youll have to replace it after some time. You may have to make three to four replacements before they are full-grown adults. Thus, you will be wasting a lot of money if you did this.

    Many brands provide dividers to be used with their dog crate. You can use them to reduce the space of the crate to suit a Golden Retriever puppys needs. The divider is a simple removable panel that you can place inside the crate to reduce the available space. If it isnt available for the crate you bought, you can just use a wooden board as an alternative.

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    How Big Is A Dogs Crate Supposed To Be

    One of the most common mistakes people make when buying a crate is to think that: Bigger is better.

    It wont offer the cosy, safe and secure feeling a dogs looking for in a den if they are literally rattling around inside of a big open space. They wont learn to love it half as much as they should and could.

    And if during house training you want to take advantage of a dogs natural instincts to keep their den clean, then it mustnt be so big that they can use one end to sleep in and the other end as a toilet.

    A crate should be just big enough for your dog to stand up without hitting their head, to turn around comfortably and provide room to lay on their side with their paws stretched out before them.

    Any smaller would be uncomfortable, but it shouldnt be any larger for the reasons given above.

    Now, if were going to follow the rules discussed, they will need a different size crate when a puppy compared to an adolescent, and a different size again as an adult.

    This could get expensive, so heres a money-saving tip:

    What Can You Use To Predict Your Puppys Size

    Here are a couple of rule-of-thumb guides to predict your pups adult weight.

    Firstly, if your dog had puppies, an average newborn doubles their birthweight by one week of age. After that, their weight gain is a cumulative 5 10 % increase day on day.

    But by six weeks of age, small and big dogs gain weight very differently. Small breeds tend to gain 5 oz. a week, with larger breeds gaining nearly six times this at around 2lb 5 oz. a week.

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