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Everything To Know About Golden Retrievers

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How Much Does A Golden Retriever Cost

GOLDEN RETRIEVER 101 – Everything You Need To Know About Owning A Golden Retriever Puppy

Owning a Golden Retriever can be expensive, initially costing between $700-$2000.

When it comes to buying a puppy, be very careful. Only buy from a reputable breeder. Sadly, some breeders take advantage of the Golden Retrievers popularity while neglecting important health and temperament issues. For similar reasons, it may be hard to find trustworthy adoption options. Rescue Me is a great resource for all potential pet parents.

Be prepared: During the first year, youll spend near $3,200 to get your new friend vaccinated, groomed, and covered with a pet insurance plan. This price drops to around $1,900 for each year following to cover check-ups, food, and grooming appointments.

On average, Golden Retrievers cost owners around $23,000 over their lifetime. But if you plan on spaying/neutering your dog, hiring a dog walker, and boarding your pup once a year, expect to pay anywhere from $70,000 to $200,000 over their lifetime.

Yellow Retriever Or Russian Tracker

Russian Trackers look very much like a Golden. They share the same glamorous coat and build. This extinct pooch was much larger, though, weighing in at 100 lbs or more and standing at 30 inches .

Legend has it that these sheepdogs were so capable that they kept wolves at bay. They also didnt need human intervention and were able to take care of their flock independently.

Where Do Golden Retrievers Come From

Golden Retrievers have been bred in Scotland since the middle of the nineteenth century. They are descended from breeds brought over from England including the Bloodhound, which is still evident today. There seems to be some debate as to whether they were first bred for their golden coats or their intelligence but what we do know is that this breed has lived up to both expectations.

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Are There Different Types Of Golden Retrievers

You might have heard that there are three types of Golden Retrievers

But is it really true?

Well, there are gold Goldens, white Goldens, red Goldens, and all sorts of shades in between.

So it would make sense that there are different types

But according to the Golden Retriever Club of America, there is just one breed of Golden your regular ol Golden Retriever.

That being said, there are several styles of Golden.

The articles below will explain all the different styles for you:

Dont let their sweet smile or goofy play style fool you.

Golden Retrievers are very smart.

According to canine psychologist, Dr. Stanley Coren, Golden Retrievers are the fourth smartest dog breed .

The only dogs smarter than Goldens were Border Collies, Poodles, and German Shepherds.

This can be an advantage when it comes to training them, but it is also something to watch out for, as their intelligence can lead to mischievousness.

To avoid common Golden Retriever behavior problems , youll need to give them lots of mental challenges, like puzzle toys and training.

Things You Should Know Before Owning A Golden Retriever

10+ Glorious Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about ...

With silky coats, wagging tails and welcoming smiles, its no wonder why the Golden Retriever ranks as one of the most popular dog breeds in America. These adorable animals look just as great in their older years as they do when theyre puppies and are friendly to all types of people. Though the dogs do shed more than other breeds, they are more affectionate and are great around both adults and kids. The breed does well around the elderly too.

Golden Retrievers need quite a bit of exercise and prefer long walks and play sessions. They are generally friendly around cats and do especially well with other dogs. Even if you have older dogs who dont like change, a new Goldie will make itself right at home alongside that dog. Goldies are also fairly useful as guard dogs because they arent as welcoming of strangers as you might think. Your new dog can alert you of any stranger at your door or outside.

Bringing a new dog into your home is a commitment that requires the help of everyone living there. Before you pick up a Golden Retriever, you need to make sure that you understand this breed and what it takes to raise one. Youll likely find that the time you spend training and grooming that dog is worth the companion that you get in return. Looking at the 10 things you should know before owning a Golden Retriever is a good way to make sure that you know this breed.

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Size Of Golden Retriever

This dog breed stands between 21 to 24 inches at the shoulder and weighs about 55 to 75 pounds. Females are generally smaller than males as they stand between 20 to 23 inches and weigh from 50 to 65 pounds.

Males also have a bigger head, a wider chest, and a longer muzzle compared with females who tend to be slightly more athletic. Golden Retrievers have a weather-resistant double coat which is water repellent very thick, moderately long, and somewhat wavy, allowing them to do well in cold weather conditions where they need extra insulation.

A flat or wavy coat represents disqualification in shows while all other markings are taken into account only when deciding championships or obedience titles. Their most common color is golden but some may show up with brown, cream, or red coats that are rather light to dark. Their coat color is genetically controlled by recessive genes so it will be the same for both the parents and their puppies under normal conditions.

Golden Retriever Puppy Facts

Also known as Americas Sweetheart, golden retrievers are playful, loyal, and carry their puppy-like personality well into adulthood. Golden retriever puppies may be friendly, but they do need plenty of socialization and training to help prepare them for a well-mannered adulthoodwhen theyre much bigger, but still want to sit on your lap.

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Fresh2o Large Stainless Steel Water Bowls

These stainless steel bowls are great if you want something that is sturdy enough to withstand being knocked over by an excitable puppy who forgets to use his doggy manners. The interior of the bowl has been specially designed to prevent bacteria from growing, plus the wide lip makes it easy for dogs to drink or eat out of.

What Do You Need For A New Puppy

10 Things You Didn’t Know About: Golden Retrievers

Now that youve chosen a breeder and we assume you have a puppy on the way, its time to start getting everything you need.

This article about Golden Retriever puppy supplies will show you everything youll need for your new pup, which is a mix of:

  • Basic items
  • And other important things, like a crate and pee cleaner.

Its important that you get these things before you bring your new puppy home.

You dont want to be waiting on Amazon to deliver the pee cleaner after your puppy has already peed on the floor, and you dont want to be frantically running around running errands and shopping with a brand new puppy.

You want all of your focus to be on them and making sure theyre getting comfortable in their new home.

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Barks Barksmith 100% Cotton Beds

Warm and Cozy with No Crinkling Noise This cotton bed is excellent for older dogs who have trouble climbing onto hardwood floors to go to the bathroom at night. It provides soft cushioning for pets as they try to go about their business but it wont crinkle loudly beneath them as they move around- something that could wake you up depending on how late it is! In addition, the solid fabric provides a bit of privacy for your dog as well as offers a little bit of concealment from other pets or people walking past the room.

Owning A Goldie Takes Money

Though Golden Retrievers are great dogs for many different people, theyre not the best breed for those on a budget. It can cost at least $500 to buy a Goldie from a breeder who owns the dogs and more than $3,000 to buy a registered pup. Some of the top breeders in the country show Golden Retrievers at American Kennel Club and other shows. They take those same dogs and breed them before selling their puppies. Some breeders will take the time to register those puppies or to provide you with the paperwork that you need to register your new pet. This can save you some time and gives you a registered puppy that you can show yourself.

The cost of buying and raising a Goldie includes much more than what you pay upfront though. It can take a few hundred dollars to cover its first vet appointment and a few hundred dollars more for the vaccinations and check-ups that it needs in the future. Youll also spend at least $100 a month on food and even more for the grooming that a Goldie needs, including nail trimming and teeth brushing.

Golden Retrievers that suffer from serious health conditions will require more money out of your pocket too. The cost of treating CID can easily cost $1,000 or more. Those with thyroid conditions may require expensive treatments too. Its really important that you consider the cost of ownership before deciding that a Golden Retriever is the best dog for you.

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Golden Retrievers Want To Play

The breed was meant to fetch the hunted fowl from the lake to their owner. This genetic tuning has now turned into an urge to play a game of fetch. A golden instinctively will bring back a dog toy to you when it is as young as 4 or 5 months. This is one thing you dont have to train your pooch. However, this also means, it will pester you to play whenever it feels like. A golden retriever will get you a toy and want you to play fetch with it silly until it is tired and exhausted.

They Are Not Aware Of Their Size

10+ Glorious Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about ...

Adult Golden Retrievers typically weigh between 5575 lbs, but don’t tell them that. And while Golden Retrievers are seemingly unaware of their actual size, for people, the combination of their size, enthusiasm, playfulness, and desire to be very close to their owners makes them seem larger than they are.

Be prepared for your full-grown Golden to think they are a lapdog.

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The Golden Retriever Guide: Food Personality Exercise And More

Year after year, the golden retriever ranks among the top three most popular dog breeds in the U.S. and its not exactly hard to figure out why. Known for their friendly and people-loving personalities, goldens are as famous for being the perfect family pet as they are for their picture-perfect looks.

The typical golden is SO friendly, SO easygoing, and SO adorable that they can give the impression that theyre a low-maintenance dog. But, like any breed, they demand ample mental stimulation, exercise, and training. Goldens can be pretty chill compared to some breeds but most wont be content to laze the day away on the couch.

Read on to learn the basics about golden retrievers and golden retriever mixes, and insight from owners and experts to help you live the happiest possible life with this sunny companion.

Basic golden retriever breed facts

Golden retrievers are medium-to-large sized, sturdy, and muscular in build but with broad heads, short ears, and friendly, intelligent eyes. What really makes these dogs stand out, however, is that lustrous golden coat.

As the name suggests, golden retrievers always have a golden coat, though it can range in color from a light cream-colored gold to a dark reddish gold . Dogs of this breed often exhibit a thick ruff around the neck along with feathering on the legs, stomach, and tail. Some goldens have slightly wavy fur while others have completely straight coats.

Typical golden personality profile


Home environment


Golden Retriever Girl Temperament

A lot of new owners ask whether there is any difference between male vs. female golden retrievers when it comes to temperament and behavior.

You may have heard that male goldens are more affectionate, or that females are calmer or easier to train. However, thats simply not true!

There is no evidence that gender plays any role in determining the temperament and personality of any dog.

As a breed, golden retrievers are people-oriented, active, intelligent, and highly trainable dogs with amazing working skills. Both male and female dogs are bred to possess the same temperamental traits, which make them a great choice for first-time owners and families with children.

Still, you may come across an extremely affectionate female and others that are more independent, but the same can be said for male goldens. Ultimately, regardless of their gender, all golden retrievers are individuals that can exhibit unique personality traits.

One thing to keep in mind is that females mature mentally faster than males and are usually out of the puppy stage when they turn one year old. Male goldens, however, need more time to grow up and tend to be in the puppy phase until they are two years of age.

Due to this, training female puppies tends to be easier, and they generally learn commands more quickly than males. However, with positive reinforcement training and consistency, both males and females show the same level of obedience when they are adults.

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Why Are Golden Retrievers So Smelly

Golden Retrievers are usually very clean dogs. They are adapted to living in the water, so they love baths. However, some of them have a fishy smell that might get on your clothes if youre not careful while cuddling with your dog. The best way to prevent this is by having him checked regularly for ear infections.

You can also take your dog to a vet, in case you see any changes in his skin or hair. Your pet might have developed an allergy to something and its important that you get medical advice, especially if he is licking his paws too much.

Dont forget about their diet! If you feed them with cheap food full of artificial preservatives and additives they can smell really bad. These foods dont contain all the nutrients your pet needs, so make sure you consult a veterinarian or nutritionist to find out what would be best for their health and lifestyle.

Dont Expect Your Golden To Guard Your Home


Goldens are much too friendly to be guard dogs! But if you like active outdoor activities like duck hunting, swimming, hiking, cycling, and going for long walks, a Golden Retriever makes a great workout and adventure buddy. Like all dogs, Goldens love to spend time with their people.

Because they were bred originally to hunt fowl, Goldens also like to be useful, so be sure to have your Golden learn to do little doggy jobs like bringing in the paper and fetching your slippers! Whenever your Golden pleases you, be sure to praise, praise, praise!

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Everything You Need To Know Before You Get A Golden Retriever

Great, youve decided to get a Golden retriever !

Heres what well cover in this next section:

Now, will you rescue an adult Golden Retriever, or get a puppy from a breeder?

If you decide to rescue one, heres a list of Golden Retriever rescues by state.

If you decide to get a puppy, this next section is key.

Do Golden Retrievers Like To Cuddle

Golden Retrievers love to cuddle with their loved ones, especially when they get home from a hard day at work. These animals have a lot of energy so they have a high need for human contact in order to release all the steam accumulated during the day. If you dont spend enough time with your pet, hell get confused and even depressed.

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Training Your Golden Retriever Puppy

Training your golden retriever puppy is one of the best things you can do both for them and with them.

  • Itll help the two of you bond and communicate
  • It will give them confidence as you challenge them and they overcome those challenges
  • It will mentally wear them out
  • Itll help them learn whats appropriate and whats not, and everyone will be happier for it
  • Itll give them more freedom as you learn they can be trusted

Puppies are surprisingly smart and you can start training them as soon as you bring them home.

They have short attention spans and like to have fun, so short training sessions and training games work best.

Theres a lot that goes into training that we cant cover in this article, but you can read more about training your golden retriever puppy here.

P.S. A lot of people think that training is just obedience training, like sit and stay, but it also includes life skills like crate training, potty training, how to not jump on people or bite them, and how to not pull on the leash.

Golden Retriever Facts 40 Amazing Things You Never Knew

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Golden ...

How many Golden Retriever facts do you know?

Are you a Retriever whizz or trailing at the back of the pack? Lets find out!

Weve got 40 amazing Goldie nuggets of information right here for you.

Including a fabulous Fact vs Fiction bonus section at the end!

From the side-splitting to the deadly serious, lets take a plunge into the wonderful world of the gorgeous Golden Retriever.

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