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Golden Retriever Cocker Spaniel Mix Rescue

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Petsafe Front Clip Dog Harness

Cocker Spaniel/Golden Retriever Puppy Gets Groomed!

The Petsafe Front Clip Dog Harness helps reduce pulling for dogs and makes the walk or jog more pleasant not only for the owner, but also the dog.

The harness is recommended for medium and large breeds. It features a soft padded chest plate with a quick release buckle, which allows you to effortlessly put the harness on your dog. This type of harness helps prevent trachea damage when your pet pulls and tugs on their leash.

The harness has an ergonomic design that fits snugly against your dogs body without restricting movement or comfort. It has two adjustment points on both sides so that it can be adjusted to fit most sizes of dogs. The chest plate is made from nylon fabric with a reflective stripe for visibility at night or in low light conditions.

Along with exercise, mental stimulation is also important when it comes to keeping your Golden Cocker Spaniel happy and healthy. For this reason, you might also consider investing in puzzle toys and playing games with your dog that helps him use his intelligent mind.

Puzzle toys are a great way to keep your Golden Cocker Spaniel entertained while also challenging his brain. There are many different types of puzzle toys available at pet stores, but some of the best include treat-dispensing toys, food puzzles and play-based puzzles where dogs have to figure out how to get a ball out of a tube or through an obstacle course.

Golden Cocker Retriever Rescue

As with any dog that goes through a bit of a fad, abandonment may be an issue, especially due to the forever puppy idea. Unscrupulous owners might get rid of these dogs when they grow into full-grown dogs.

Given this risk, its possible that some Golden Cocker Retrievers will end up in rescue centers.

Adopting rescue dogs can be a great thing to do, and I know many people with lovely rescue dogs that have become part of their family.

That being said, these dogs can sometimes be traumatized and quite difficult to handle due to neglect. Make sure that you go through a responsible rescue center that has assessed the dog thoroughly and will provide back up support if and when you need it.

Rescuing a dog is an awesome and noble thing to do. It can be really hard work, but its almost always worth it. There will probably be a rescue shelter nearby to you, so you could drop in and see if any of the dogs could be your new furry friend.

So lets look at everything weve learned to answer the most important question:

Tips On Training And Socializing A Golden Cocker Retriever

Golden Cocker Spaniels are easy and fun to train, though they can be stubborn.

As we discussed briefly above, the Golden Cocker Retriever dog is highly intelligent. He comes from two-parent breeds that are famous for their problem-solving abilities, so youll want to stay on top of training and socializing with this mix to ensure all their needs are met.

If left to become bored or if not properly trained, this mix can become problematic and develop behavioral issues like destructive behaviors, marking, barking, and chewing.

When it comes to training, we suggest you start as early as possible, ideally during puppyhood. Of course, thats not to suggest it is ever too late to train a dog!

Begin with basic commands such as sit, down, stay, come and heel. These are the basic queues that will help form the foundation for the rest of your Golden cocker Retriever dogs training.

When you are training your Golden Cocker Retriever, its important to use positive reinforcement training techniques as opposed to aversive training methods like scolding or force.

Because most dogs are highly food motivated, we suggest using quality training treats during training sessions to help hold your dogs attention and keep him motivated.

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Cocker Spaniel Golden Retriever Mix

This mix is a very intelligent, devoted and loyal companion. Both of these dogs are very friendly and loving dogs. This is going to be an active dog that will probably be comfortable in the water. If you are couch potato or dont like to be active this isnt the breed for you. She is calm, intelligent, confident and eager to please. While friendly she is wary of strangers and alert making a good watchdog. She gets along well with everyone and is quite a well mannered dog! She loves to have fun and play too and will need some outdoor space to do this in. She is loving, reliable, brave and warm.

How Much Exercise Does The Golden Cocker Retriever Need

Meet The Golden Cocker Retriever: The Forever Puppy

The Golden Cocker Spaniel requires daily exercise to stay happy and healthy.

The Golden Cocker Retriever is an active and intelligent dog, and he will require routine physical and mental exercise each and every day to ensure he stays happy and healthy. Without enough exercise, the Golden Cocker Retriever can become destructive, unruly, and even aggressive.

While the Golden Cocker Retriever is not a high-energy breed like some of his hunting counterparts, he still needs plenty of physical activity every day to stay healthy. A walk around the block or a game of fetch in the backyard isnt enough this dog needs extended periods of playtime or structured training sessions to keep him happy and healthy.

If youre looking for an easy-going companion who will follow you around all day while you go about your business, then this is not the dog for you. The Golden Cocker Retriever needs a job whether it be hunting, tracking or agility training or else he will find something else to occupy his time with .

The Golden Cocker Retriever needs at least one hour per day of vigorous exercise in order to stay healthy and happy. If possible, give him two hours per day either in one long walk or several shorter walks throughout the day.

The Golden Cocker Retriever can get distracted easily by squirrels or other dogs during his walks, which can lead to trouble if he decides to chase them off into traffic or deeper into unfamiliar territory.

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Golden Cocker Retriever Activity Requirements

As we mentioned above, the golden cocker retriever is a highly energetic dog, so they need at least 60 minutes of daily activity. Moreover, these dogs most liable actions are running with a friend or owner, fetching, and swimming.

In addition to 60 minutes of physical activity or exercise, two long-distance walks also suggest keeping the dogs mind healthy, fresh, and energetic. If you are a golden cocker retriever owner, you must have a clear idea about the dog-friendly living environment. Golden cocker retriever is most likely to live in rural areas or homes.

More About This Breed

  • Highlights:
  • The Golden Cocker Retriever is a mixed breed dog. They are not purebreds like their Golden Retriever or Cocker Spaniel parents.
  • The Golden Cocker Retrievers coat usually comes in shades of either black or light brown.
  • The mixed breed does shed, so aim to brush the coat daily if possible, being on the lookout for any potential mats.
  • Youll need to be able to commit to providing at least an hour of outdoor walks and play sessions every dayand ideally this should be split up into two separate sessions.
  • Golden Cocker Retrievers usually have no problems getting along with kids. This is a gentle and playful mixed breed that will happily become play buddies with your children
  • This is not a dog who does well being left alone for long periods of the day. Theyll always want to accompany you on long walks.
  • Remember that this is also a smart dogso youll want to incorporate fetch and obedience tasks into their daily routine to keep their smarts up.
  • Size:The Golden Cocker Retriever is a medium-sized dog. As is always the case with newer mixed dog breeds, exact size standards might vary.Most weigh in at 30 to 45 pounds and range in height from 20 to 24 inches.
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Entropion
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    Golden Cocker Retriever Rescue Organizations In All States

    A cross between the Cocker Spaniel and the Golden Retriever, the Golden Cocker Retriever is a friendly, gentle, and intelligent breed. This sweet and social breed is a great companion for children and other dogs. Their high intelligence makes them easily trainable. The Golden Cocker Retriever is a loyal breed and will make a great watchdog – alerting their owners when there is an intruder present. However, their friendly disposition will have them greeting the stranger rather than scaring them off. This breed needs a fair amount of exercise but will undeniably make a wonderful family companion.

    Theres A Toy Version Too But Theres A Catch

    Mini Golden Retriever: Golden Retriever Cocker Spaniel Purebreed Mix Designer Breed Puppies for Sale

    Heres a quick reality check: the term forever puppy is relative and subjective.

    What if your mix is 75% Golden Retriever and 25% Cocker Spaniel?

    For owners who really want a teacup-sized Golden Cocker Retriever, there are some toy ones on the market.

    This happens when a Cocker Spaniel is mixed with a mini Golden Retriever, which is a mix of the Golden Retriever, Cocker Spaniel, and Poodle.

    So you kinda make a Golden Retriever smaller by mixing it with Cocker Spaniel and Poodle. And then you mix it once again with Cocker Spaniel to get an even smaller dog.

    According to breeders, the end result should have 50% 75% Golden Retriever genes, just in a smaller package.

    Sadly, theres a second way to create a mini Golden Retriever that might make you want to think twice about buying one.

    Theres a chance these lab-made dogs will suffer from dwarfism, which is a skeletal defect.

    A dog with dwarfism may look cute and small but it causes them a lot of pain throughout their entire lives.

    So, before you go shopping for a toy Golden Cocker Retriever, keep in mind that it may have this genetic/medical defect.

    Do you really want to keep a dog knowing that its in agony? Come on, thats just cruel.

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    Is The Golden Cocker A Family

    A Golden Cocker Retriever will do just fine with children and other pets you may have in the house. However, its best to socialize your dog as early as puppyhood to avoid getting problems in adulthood when it comes to discipline and obedience. Since the dog is still from the hunting class, its not a good pet for homes with birds or rodents.

    This mixed breed is going to do well with kids if you are looking for a family pet. As long as they receive proper training respect from all members of the family, your Golden Cocker Retriever will grow to be a loving companion.

    Food & Diet Requirements

    This playful pup can eat up to four cups of dry food per day. The meals are best broken up between morning and night and can consist of whatever recipe tempts your pets palette. That being said, a canine that is on the high end of the energy scale should be fed a balanced diet that promotes their lifestyle.

    Meals should have plenty of protein to support their muscles, fat to keep their energy high, and fiber to help their digestion. They should also be given food that has antioxidants, probiotics, omega fatty acids, and other vitamins and minerals. You should aim for all-natural meals with low carbohydrates, sugar, salt, and artificial ingredients. Fillers and protein boosters are also not great.

    When picking out their snacks, you should go for products that are nutritious and healthy. Your Cogol should be given a few table scraps, but you can supplement their meals with good treats. Not only do they thoroughly enjoy them, but they help with training and will create a bond between the two of you, as well.

    Your pets diet will also change as they age. You should speak to your vet about the best diet for your dogs age, weight, and health. They may recommend specific brands or formulas that will promote the overall well-being of your Golden Cocker Retriever.

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    Are These Dogs Good For Families

    It is pretty clear how the Golden Cocker Retriever feels about family! They are at home with large and boisterous people who are active and love having a four-legged friend around. They are also great for kids of all ages. They love the exuberance of children, and they will be ready to get down and dirty with them in the backyard. Games, tricks, and even wrestling matches are on the agenda.

    Due to their sensitive and sweet disposition, the Cogol is better at handling small kids than most canines. As they are devoted to their family, they will quickly take on the persona of a parent and follow behind the kids. They have even been known to whine when they know the child is doing something or going somewhere they shouldnt.

    This breed is also a good companion for a single-person home. Under these circumstances, it is better if you work from home or can take your pup with you. They are not going to tolerate long absences well.

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    Our Puppy Immune Support

    Golden retriever cocker spaniel mix.

    To assure your Mini Golden puppy gets off to the right start, they have been enjoying NuVet Plus every day as a treat . Continuing this daily regimen is the easiest and best way to keep your pet on the path to perfect health! NuVet Plus is a lifetime product to help support their immune system and provide assistance to their optimal health. A strong immune system will protect them from environmental and food toxins such as back yard pesticides, hormones, germs from public places, and even toxic formaldehyde in furniture and carpeting. NuVet Plus is a full spectrum, immune system support supplement that contains over 30 different nutrient dense ingredients that well better equip puppies to get and stay healthy.

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    How To Find A Healthy Golden Cocker Retriever Puppy Or Rescue Dog

    Remember to go through reputable sources when looking for your puppy or rescue dog.

    Have you decided that the Golden Cocker Retriever is the right dog for you? Congratulations! We would like to help you find the healthiest Golden Cocker Retriever puppy or rescue dog possible by offering the following tips.

    The first step in finding a healthy Golden Cocker Retriever puppy or rescue dog is to find a reputable breeder or rescue group, as we discussed above.

    Once youve found a breeder or rescue group that meets your standards, schedule an appointment with them to meet your potential new pet. Bring along all members of your family so they can meet each other as well as get a feel for how well-socialized your potential dog is with people and other animals. Make sure everyone gets along well if not, consider another dog.

    Next, take a look at the parents of any puppies available for sale do they look healthy? Ask questions about their diet, vaccinations and worming schedules so you can determine if the breeder is doing everything possible to protect their dogs from disease.

    If youre looking for a rescue dog, check with your local shelter or animal control agency. They often have dogs up for adoption that are waiting to be adopted. Some shelters even have websites where you can search by breed or age and gender.

    So, what do you think of the Golden Cocker Retriever dog? Share your thoughts with us below in the comment section.

    Golden Retriever And Cocker Spaniel Mix


    A Golden Retriever and Cocker Spaniel mix, sometimes called a hybrid, is a dog that is the result of mating two different breeds. Also the Golden Retriever is gladly crossed with the most different other dog breeds, whereby already numerous hybrids were created. In some cases, these hybrids have become so popular that they have even been deliberately bred.

    The Golden Retriever was chosen as a crossbreeding partner, either to bring his characteristics into the mix, or to draw visual advantages from his appearance the golden and long coat.

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    Golden Cocker Retriever Golden Retriever And Cocker Spaniel Mix

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, SpockTheDog may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page.

    A Golden Cocker Retriever is a dog breed that is considered mixed, meaning that two different purebreds have been used to achieve this new breed. In this case, the two breeds that were used are the Golden Retriever and the Cocker Spaniel, both very popular breeds and with recognized advantages and disadvantages. Mixed breed dogs are also known as hybrids or mutts, but no matter what their name is, they can be just as intelligent and well behaved as a purebred.

    As its usually the case, a dog that has parents from two different breeds is an unknown quantity at first, and there is no real way to know how he will look when hes an adult, or what his other traits might be. It can take on traits from both parents, and thats how were going to approach this mixed breed below. Well do a comparison of both breeds, where they are the same, and where they are different, so you know what you can get from it.

    English Cocker Spaniel Golden Retriever Mix Personality

    Adorable golden cocker spaniel puppy

    The English Cocker Spaniel and the Golden Retriever are known for being courageous and protective. They are also very loving dogs. This dog will require a very strong and firm owner who makes sure to assert that they are the alpha and not the dog. They are cautious, yet non-threatening with strangers, and are affectionate towards family and children. Early socialization helps take care of any bad habits that could develop. She responds well to positive reinforcement, like all dogs. She should be rather affectionate and enjoy spending lots of time with you. Dont plan on leaving her alone for long periods as he wont do well alone. She wants to be with the pack.

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